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Monday, March 17, 2008

Last Poll on the Bidayuh Perception of the Current Bidayuh Leaders Carisma

I was out from Labuan with my brother to Sabah last weekend. Four hours driving was quite tiring but we managed to get our energy after we enjoy the green rain forest and fresh air from the jungle. That is why my blog is hibernating. Nevertheless, thank you for continuing to visit this blog and you are most welcome to give your comments.

The last poll on the bidayuh acceptance of the current leadership was to make a survey either the current leadership is still relevance or not. It was not to provoke or to condemn the current leadership but to review the previous achievement by the bidayuh leadership and governance under the Barisan Nasional. The sense of urgency is the main purpose of the poll after we have seen several progress that bidayuh leaders performed in their respective constituency.

The next step is that the Bidayuh acceptance on the current leadership of our MP's and ADUN's. We have to admit that the current leadership is still relevance since all of them (BN only) won their constituency with large majority. The fact is that we still need them to rule over us since the mandate has been given to rule or to minister us to the utmost.

We will see what is the next progress for us and we will decide again in the next two years to come.


Jackson Mangan said...

We’ll give them ample time to prove their “innocent” and work very hard to provide the people of P.198 Mambong with basic necessities.

At the same time, we should gear up our “arsenal” too! You bila lagi mao register sebagai pengundi beregister ni, mat?! Kempen-kempen lah “No BN” to your friends and family. Old folks payah sikit lah mao explain itu ini… It’s time for change!

One more thing – kasi kempen juga kat kampong-kampong macamana cara mao pangkah undi dengan betol bagi mengelakkan kejadian “undi rosak”… Heh!

Unknown said...

Ya. By next month bila pulang I will register.