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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hungry Coyote on The Hill

It has been 47 year of famine in a coyote territory when they decided to join force with a group of skunks at the other land. Before the alliance of these animal kingdom, skunks and coyotes are not really close to each other because they dominated by a group of chameleon from far-far away. Chameleon are very clever and they manage to rule the animal kingdom for many generations. But, they cannot stay too long in the animal kingdom as they suppose to go back to the king of chameleon.

When coyotes agree to join membership with skunks, the whole animal kingdom seemed to be very happy and dream of a plentiful food such as rabbits, hoppers and termites. Coyotes like rabbits and hoppers are just a appetizer to them. Skunks promised to the coyotes that they will never hungry of rabbit meat and hopper.

Years after years, the number of rabbits are getting lesser and skunks also demand a amount of rabbit from the coyote. Now, coyote have to hunt rabbit to feed the skunks. The kingdom is tarnished and coyotes are struggling for rabbits.

Everyday, a group of coyotes will howl on a hilltop to call all the coyotes to maintain their loyalty to the skunks even though the rabbits and hoppers are all gone. Now, they have no choice but to eat termites in order to sustain the progeny. Some of the coyotes have to fight for a little termite. What a poor coyotes on the hilltop.