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Saturday, June 28, 2008

One Man Election in Zimbabwe

Mugabe and Pak Lah - The Blues Brothers

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Widespread voter intimidation and low turnout marked Zimbabwe’s one-candidate presidential runoff Friday, further damaging the vote designed to bolster longtime President Robert Mugabe’s credibility.

Residents said they were forced to vote, threatened by violence, arson or roving bands of government supporters searching for those without an ink-stained finger.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who withdrew from the runoff citing a campaign of state-sponsored violence, said the results would “reflect only the fear of the people.”

“What is happening today is not an election. It is an exercise in mass intimidation,” he said at a news conference.

Dozens of opposition supporters have been killed and thousands of people injured prior to Friday’s vote, which is expected only to deepen the nation’s political and economic crisis.

Fear and intimidation contrasted with the excitement and hope for change that marked the first round of voting in March. Reporters and independent observers saw low turnout Friday. As polls closed at 7 p.m., officials at one Harare station said they hadn’t seen a voter for several hours.

Voting to be safe

Paramilitary police in riot gear deployed in a central Harare park, then began patrolling the city. Militant Mugabe supporters roamed the streets, singing revolutionary songs, heckling people and asking why they were not voting.

“I’ve got no option but to go and vote so that I can be safe,” explained a young woman selling tomatoes.



Jake Mugabe

Elwood Badawi

The whole world is eying on Zimbabwe’s one man election day where as it seem to be a deadly poll for the people. “We have to vote to be safe” said a voter. The democracy policy was raped as Mugabe used intimidation to warn his opposition. Last few weeks, he told the people that there might be civil war if opposition leaders continue their campaign. What makes Mugabe that strong? Mugabe is supported by regime as it is normal political scenario in Africa. In fact, during the Congo civil war, Mugabe has sent his troop to support the regime.

Mugabe was blamed for Zimbabwe's participation in the Second Congo War in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At a time when the Zimbabwean economy was struggling, Zimbabwe responded to a call by the Southern African Development Community to help the struggling regime in Kinshasa. The Democratic Republic of the Congo had been invaded by Rwanda and Uganda, both of which claimed that their civilians, and regional stability, were under constant threat of attack by various terrorist groups based in the Congo.However, the Congolese government, as well as international commentators, charged that the motive for the invasion was to grab the rich mineral resources of eastern Congo.The war raised accusations of corruption, with officials alleged to be plundering the Congo's mineral reserves. Mugabe's defence minister Moven Mahachi said, "Instead of our army in the DRC burdening the treasury for more resources, which are not available, it embarks on viable projects for the sake of generating the necessary revenue". More references here…

The way democracy is practice in Malaysia and Zimbabwe is similar. There are two way to get support from the people. One is through intimidation, and another one is through money or any form of persuasion. As for Mugabe, gun is used in his political campaign but Malaysia uses money and title to get in the politic arena. Last few weeks, SAPP was intimidated with disciplinary action towards Yong Teck Lee and his clans. It was said that he was offered a “senator” post to get him in the Barisan Nasional dacing in order to make it balance. This few days we see the “government” is doing general cleaning in Sabah regarding on the illegal immigrant issue. Why only now? I believe that UMNO has enough support from “Project IC” which was launched legally by the “government”. “Now everybody can stay” is the best idiom to those who have IMM13 document though they are making money as a refugee.

Pak Lah should accept the no-confidence vote from SAPP as a motivation to lead Malaysia as whole. Hence, he should react by resigning from his post since Barisan Nasional has lost 5 states during the political tsunami. He failed to ensure the economic stability of the country. That is why we should never ask an art graduate to do accounting because money will go to somewhere else. The re-structure of oil subsidy is just to reduce the small group of diesel smuggler instead of to help the people with RM 150.00 fuel rebate per year. Fortunately, this is an under control country where there is no permit to be given for peace assembly or else some may get wet with by chemical water canon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pick of The Week

" This is not wisdom after the event. I had actually told a Government Minister not to float the Ringgit three years ago. But of course I am not an expert, certainly I know little about the international financial regimes."

Oil Price

Taken From dr-chedet blog

The price of crude oil has increased by 400 percent in the last three years. It follows that the price of products must increase, sooner or later. In other countries petrol prices had already increased. In the United Kingdom one litre of petrol sells for more than one pound sterling or RM7. In the United States it is about RM5.
That the price in neighbouring countries has gone up is shown by the rush to fill up by Thai and to a lesser extent Singapore vehicles.
The Government has now announced an increase in petrol price by 78 sen to RM2.70 per litre, an increase of more than 40 per cent.
I may be mistaken but there seems to be less vehicles on the road today. But obviously that is not all that will happen. All other consumer goods, services and luxury goods would increase in price.
The cost of living must go up. Put another way there will be inflation and the standard of living will go down.
Obviously our increase in petrol price is far less than in the United Kingdom or the United States. But our per capita income is about one-third of theirs. In purchasing power terms our increase is more than in the UK or the US.
The increase hurts but the pain is greater not just because of the increase percentage-wise is higher than in developed countries but because of the manner the increase is made.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thought for the Day

If you were given the chance or had the opportunity to defend your love and relationship, do not hesitate to pursue it. Otherwise, you may never have the same opportunity ever again. Love never gives up nor gives in. It should not be. Be strong and firm.. Surely God will bless you.

Baket Ngayon Kalang?

DBNA has been unfairly blamed’
By Churchill Edward, The Borneo Post Press ( Wednesday, 25th June 2008)

KUCHING: The Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) has been unfairly blamed for not being strong enough in getting Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki to remain in the federal cabinet, an official of the association said yesterday.

Its vice-president Jameson Ahip Nawie told The Borneo Post this when asked to elaborate on a certain statement contained in a DBNA press release issued here yesterday.

“The community has blamed us (DBNA) for not being strong enough to support Dr Tiki. But how can we say much on the appointment when we are just volunteers (NGO)?” he said when contacted.

(Appointment of members of the federal cabinet is the prerogative of the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi following recommendations by political parties forming the government.)

Ahip clarified that the press statement did not suggest what he personally thought of Dr Tiki but disclosed what the Bidayuh community had thought about DBNA over the community’s non-representation in the federal cabinet.

He also rejected the suggestion that Abdullah was annoyed with DBNA to the extent that he dropped Dr Tiki from his cabinet.



DBNA should work fully as non-political and non-government organization. Mawan must have a very right and reasonable answers of Tiki’s dismiss since Tiki blindly joined this “party”. I may say that Tiki’s action to join SPDP as a stupid political career as he should know that SPDP has noting to do with the Bidayuh future. Baya, the State Secretary is just one of the Barisan Nasiional Political gimmick to draw the Bidayuh attention.

Why must DBNA to be blamed on this issue? Well, as we may know, DBNA has lost it vision to be the non-political movement. In fact, DBNA has been made to be the proxy for PBB and other “parties” since many years. I believe that Bidayuh could ever accept DBNA because they are helpless economically and politically. Most of the MP’s had risen up from the DBNA maybe was a secretary or president. They are many examples and the readers should know it better.

DBNA also was use to separate the Bidayuh into group of parties since they are scattered by various political party. Tanyuh for example, was a DBNA someone but now has to let the “organization” in suffer because he was or he is with SUPP (bisina). Most of the DBNA members now are PBB members and this is a very good sign to win the Bidayuh vote on the next State Election.

I was told by two CM cronies (both are Bidayuh) that the only way to support party is with money. Last few years, CM gave these two guys timbers license and contracts to support PBB. Well, why should we be in DBNA if it does not help us? In fact, DBNA and PBB are two same entities. DBNA cannot work with SPDP because DBNA is own by PBB. Somehow, financially, this “non-political” association is supported by PBB in order to run it better and not by SUPP or PRS or SPDP. The organization interest seems to be as “pengampu” to the CM and to work for the Bidayuh’s interest.

DBNA should work as the Bidayuh hope and dream and not as the political supporters. If DBNA wishes to be a political entity, it must be the only political party for the Bidayuh as what UMNO, MCA and MIC did. Now, I am ready to get blasted by the DBNA members.

Monday, June 23, 2008

SPDP and PRS “Mutaah” Marriage?

SUPP welcomes merger: Sim
By Lim How Pim

The Borneo Post Press ( Monday, 23th June 2008)

SPDP-PRS entity expected to enhance cooperation among BN component parties

KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) welcomes the merger of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) although the enlarged entity will certainly dislodge it (SUPP) from its position as the second largest party in the state.

“Whether SUPP is No. 2 or No.3 is not that important. In the Barisan Nasional the equal rights of every component party is what matters most,” SUPP secretary-general Senator Datuk Sim Kheng Hui told reporters here yesterday.

Sim asserted that BN component parties must be “friendly” and respect each other since each (party) represented its own people or racial group.

“I don’t think being No. 2 is that important. Moreover, such status cannot last long. It has taken some time for SPDP and PRS to discuss the merger, which SUPP views with an open mind.”



Khairy Jamaludin describe Pakatan Rakyat as “mutaah” marriage when DAP, Keadilan Rakyat and PAS intended to work as an opposition team on the last pre-election. Well, its proven that political “mutaah” was really worked and Kahiry could no resist it. Even the Prime Minister constituency is felled down to opposition. Barisan Nasional has been a “bad husband” to UMNO and let all those kids playing at the ground until the dark. Whenever the child cry for food or water, the parent (BN and UMNO) will react like a lovely father. Somehow, the family has never live in such a harmony way because the father has all the properties and did dot inherit them to his children equally. MCA and MIC is two big brothers in Barisan Nasional while Gerakan and PPP are adopted brothers. GERAKAN is a running puppy under MCA and so to PPP.

In Sabah, UMNO was made by Tun Mustapha to be a bad father to the state. The downfall of Berjaya and other aborigines parties in Sabah has opened a wide door to bandits from Peninsular to rule in Sabah like a Pirate of South East Chinese Sea. That was the time when PBS was called “opposition”. Sabah lives under struggle though the CM is alternate according to race. The only different is that Musa Aman who is from UMNO has not step down yet. UMNO made Sabahan as “slave on their very own mother land. They are landless and have no identity as Malay (Muslim) is spreading tremendously. Nevertheless, these UMNO “legitimate son” has been threat as the force labor under minimum wages. It is like the old labor where they were paid RM 5 to RM 7 per day. PBS, UPKO, SAPP and UMNO were working under disputes where distribution of power is unequal to those parties. Will those non UMNO merge to form a strong party?

Sarawak has shown its serial of several downfalls from their merging party. The strongest coalition of tribes is PBB under Pehin Sri. What is the quality of this party actually? Should it be the quality of leadership or other matter? To me, it is the effectiveness of leadership approached practices by the president. “Dictatorship democracy” seems to be effective to rule the divided clans in Sarawak. What is the best so called merged SDPD and PRS can do for the Dayak in general? Will this be the political awakening to the Dayak after SNAP and PBDS have proven us failure? Should we expect separation in few years to come? Let say for 2 or three terms? Hope to see that the Dayak is united under one political party since the multi-racial parties had failed us.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

When The Rooster Crows VII

The Political of Hatred - Welcome to Hotel UMNO!!

Yong Teck Lee is going to be investigated by Anticorruption Agency regarding on his statement to give vote of no confident to Pak Lah. Who gives the bribe? Can it be Lim Kit Siang or Nik Aziz? SAPP is now being manipulated by media, UMNO (Pak :Lah, Najib, Tengku Adnan) and not Nasional Barisan as whole. Yong Teck Lee is considered as “kacang lupakan kulit” or out of control because some of the high council members do not agree with him. Now, I have two assumptions. One, all those “high councils” had been bribed by UMNO to lie to the media. Two, Yong Teck Lee is bribed by Pakatan Rakyat to get out from UMNO dominated coalition. Somehow, it is up to them to figure out the Sabahan fate under corrupted UMNO in Sabah. If ACA has to investigate Yong Teck Lee, they must first investigate Musa Aman on the logging concession and Aman’s family business in Sabah.

Hanifah Aman has shown his dissatisfaction to Pak Lah by rejecting his ministerial post in the cabinet. The Kalabakan MP had gaven Pak Lah his red card but Pak Lah did not know that his leadership is under test or undermined. Richard Riot has his gut by sparking a rumor to bring the Bidayuh in Serian to get out of SUPP but thing change as money is much valuable. Tun Mahathir has proven his dissatisfaction to the leadership of Pak Lah by quitting from UMNO. How are we going to comprehend such party where Barisan Nasional has lost five states and some of the Barisan Nasional feel that UMNO is no more relevant to rule the Barisan?

Last few days Pak Lah said that there will be no action going to be taken to SAPP and it councils. What is the motive of his statement? Today’s Borneo Post Press stated that action will be taken against SAPP MPs if they support no-confident vote said Najib. Now, who should we listen to? Pak Lah or Najib? It is said that Yong is being bribed with “senator” post to allow him to withdraw his no-confident vote to prime Minister. Senator of what? How much his salary then? How about those Sabahan in Likas, Tawau and Sepanggar?

Criticizing the leadership of BN clan is like a son telling his father to stop smoking. There is no right for a son to tell his father that smoking is harmful because it is disrespect to the father. The father may tell his son that he is too young to advice him. Pak Lah practices the same attitude in his Barisan Nasional families where there must be nobody allow speaking their thought in Barisan Nasional. To me, it is a “dictatorship democracy” where we are forced to agree with those weak leaders in UMNO.

The Eagle, Hotel California said “You can check-in whenever you like, but you can’t ever leave” is the best illustration to the today’s Barisan Nasional political game. PBDS was released without counseling from Tun and now they are in trouble. The same story happened to SNAP and PBS few years back where these two parties are dumped by UMNO and not BN as a whole. It is easy to get into Barisan Nasional as long as quantity is concern. Hence, the quality of the coalition members has never been measured and this has brought to “imbalance” political practice in Barisan Nasional. I believe there is no harmony is Barisan Nasional as there are so many unsettle issue especially to MCA and MIC. The physical evidences are the lost of those five states due to political tsunami, marginalization of the Indian, Chinese, Kadazan and Dayak.

SAPP should stand firm in their decision making as the father is now seems to be drunken by the insincere support from those BN members. He (Pak Lah) should figure out his resignation due to his ineffective to sustain the price of fuel, goods and commodity which has become a heavy burden to the people. Good job to SAPP to tell Pak Lah that he must wake up early to prepare breakfast to the people and not waking up late.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yong Teck Lee Brings SAPP Out of The Toilet!!

SAPP to leave BN today?
The Borneo Post Press ( Wednesday, 18th June 2008)

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee is expected to make “a very important announcement” today that may influence the country’s political landscape.

According to a senior party official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the announcement to be made had been well thought out with the interests of the state and the people in mind.

However, he declined to divulge more details on the matter, saying “you just wait for the announcement tomorrow (today)”.

He claimed that the party would not be the ‘Lone Ranger’ in this case.

Yesterday, SAPP deputy president Datuk Raymond Tan denied that the party would leave the Barisan Nasional (BN).

He said the party had not discussed the matter and gave the assurance that SAPP would remain a BN component party.

On Sunday, Gua Musang Member of Parliament, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah of Umno, hinted that a BN party from East Malaysia might leave the coalition before the end of the month.

Meanwhile, a political observer said the purported announcement by SAPP today was probably just a rumour and it was left to be seen.

Gathering of The Toilet Dwellers


Other Reference...


Its time for Yong Teck Lee to put the interest of the rakyat ahead of the Barisan Nasional agenda. What is the point to stick with Barisan Nasional if the people of Sabah are marginalized and exploited? UPKO and USNO should work together as an aborigine’s party to get the UMNO out of Sabah or else the people will remain in struggle politically and economically. I believe that Yong has the rakyat interest and not personal interest as per Pak Lah personal affirmation.

In fact, they don’t have to say their lost confident vote to Pak Lah. Why should they shoot a rabbit where there are group of deer. It may not become a warning sign for UMNO Sabah but it is needed to tell Pak Lah that he has lied to the Sabahan. Pak Lah not only lied to the Sabahan but to the whole Malaysian especially on the raising price of commodities such as fuel and food.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Change your Lifestyle?

Posted by Mrs. TBSBIDAYUH

I’ve been reading Malaysia Today and other blogs regarding on the recent oil price hikes. So, basically various kinds of writings and responses from the bloggers and the people at large had been exposed to my simple mind. What I found interesting was that government keep on telling us to change our lifestyle, they even ‘help’ us by giving the civil servants their salary twice a month, which they said to ‘help them manage their expenses wisely’. Not only that, it had come to my understanding that these days RM 3,000.00 per month salary will not be enough to cover our increasing expenditures and costs. I’m very afraid someday; we really had to eat tapioca or potato as substitutes for rice – as if we are ruled by the Japanese.

Now, let me tell you my lifestyle and my spending for one month. For introduction, my husband and I live with my parents in kampong. As you all know, my husband just came back from Labuan last month, and just ended his job hunting last week after he was offered a job in a small IT company. Yet he had given up the job, due to another attractive offer. So basically, he had not yet received his salary and will only receive half month salary by the end of this month. My salary this month, after all the minuses will not reach RM 1,000.00. And to add up to the worries is that another new member of the family will be added next month after I give birth to our first baby.

Since we are living with my parents, we have not yet needed to pay for mortgages. However, we need to pay for petrol everyday. My husband is currently riding his father’s old Honda EX, which can make one laugh and cry at the same time when one see him sweating while starting the engine every morning. As for me, since I ‘carry’ another person with me, I will follow my niece with her second hand Kelisa. Basically, I will help her pay RM 15.00 every two days for the petrol. Before the oil price hikes, it’s RM 10.00 every two days. (These are just the average amount I had to pay, sometimes more, sometimes less)

As for food, once again I am thankful that we live in kampong. My parents had kebun lada and they plant cangkok manis and tapioca leaves. Since we live near the river, though heavily polluted, we can still find some fish to be our food. Once a while, my father will go to Serian to buy food we cannot rear or find by ourselves. Everyday, when my husband and I go to work, we will bring food from home as our lunch so we can save money on lunch. Sometimes, I do buy lunch from outside especially when I felt the great urge inside me. (Maybe coming from the baby, maybe from my own self)

I just purchased my first insurance policy this year, which cost me RM 120.00++ every month. My husband had two insurance policies which cost him around RM 100.00++. As for study loan with PTPTN, I just started to pay RM 100.00 per month for the month of March and April. Last month, I failed to pay the loan due to insufficient amount of money. The loan however is not decreasing yet increasing due to the administrative fees I had to pay back every month. Hopefully, the PTPTN promise to look into the administrative fees can find a way to decrease it. Imagine RM 45++ per month! It’s too much. My husband also had his own study loans and other debts which he need to cater.

Oh my God! Can we still live adequately or at least survive with this kind of situation. Yesterday, my father sold his black pepper for RM 200++. The money finished the same day, after he bought 100 pieces of brick stone to extend our house. The brick stone cost him RM1 per piece. After buying some dried food and groceries, nothing was left for some saving. Maybe he saved some, but I didn’t bother to ask. Besides, it’s his money.

Before this, I told my mother to stop planting paddy this year. However, after the announcement of the rising price of rice, we changed our minds. They will plant paddy again this year, so hopefully they will gain a lot of harvest so that we don’t need to buy rice. (Sigh)

Tell me, please. How can I change my lifestyle? I just hope for better job after this. Hopefully, both of us can pass our KPLI exam and can pursue to become a teacher. Well, despite our criticism against the Father and Son Government, we still need to get job as a civil servant because it’s more promising and secure.

PM’s last visit had promised another extra RM 1 billion for rural development purposes. I hope James Dawos will not forget to upgrade all the roads to Padawan, up until the last kampong should enjoy tarred road. Until today, I haven’t reached my husband’s kampong in Padawan due to the stony road and also because of my own conditions. I really hope the rural people can enjoy water and electricity as soon as possible. To James Dawos, Richard Riot, and all those BN leaders who were voted by the people in the rural area, please don’t forget them. They may be naive, or don’t have enough strength and sources to go against you, but you shouldn’t take them for granted. If you want us to change our lifestyles, please change yours too. Good leaders lead by example, mind you. I heard one MP go to clubbing one night and ended up drinking too much until he vomit and ‘berak’ at the same time. Please, YBs. Change if you love the people, change if you love the country. And for us fellow citizens, don’t be afraid to 'change'. Just change!

Thank you to World Class Medical Service!!

I was riding my motorbike to Serian Hospital to do my pre-employment medical check-up. As I step into the outpatient section, hell, there were many people compare to those who were in the post office to get their fuel rebate. I show the letter of instruction from my employer and told them my purpose of visit. Then, the “counter man” shows me a long list of appointment and that means I only can get my pre-employment medical check-up in middle of July. Somehow, I need to report in tomorrow with my medical report. I suppose to make it at the private clinic but I cannot afford as it will cost me RM 120.00. What a poor jobless man can do with it?

I went to Charles Brooke Hospital and show my letter. “There is no medical check-up service here. Please go to Klinik Kota Sentosa to get it done” said the counter lady. “Ok. Thank you. I will go there” I replied. I rushed to Kota Sentosa Clinic and go to the counter. I met with an old counter man and gave my letter. “You cannot do it here. Please go to private to clinic”. I asked why it cannot be done in there. He said it will take time and they cannot do it today. So, I went to laboratory without register and put my letter into the basket and then my name was called. I get in the lab and the lady asked me to go to room 7A to ask for advice. I went to Room 7A and asked a man if I can do my medical check-up at that clinic. He told me that they cannot produce an immediate result. It will take about 6 weeks for them to release the result. He advises me to go to private clinic to do the medical check-up. I thanked him for a good service and instruction. I went to Gill Clinic and ask how much I have to pay for my medical check-up. RM 120.00 is the exact cost and no less. I have only RM100.00 in my purse and it is not enough at all.

As I kept on thinking, I thought that the best I can do is to go to RSAT which is a clinic for army in the army camp. It is quite weird for a civilian to go to army clinic to get treatment and medical check-up. I have no choice because I do not have enough money. I went to the counter and tell them my situation and problems. “Army is generous and willing to help at any time” said a Sergeant. I started with blood and urine test which took me about 10 minutes as they have all the equipment ready. After that I went to a room for eyes sight test which took me about 5 minutes. Finally, I have to go for chest x-ray scan but sadly, the x-ray house is full with a long list and I only can do it on next Monday. I told the nice and friendly army nurse that I am going to Timberland Medical Centre to get my X-Ray done and I paid for RM 25.00.

What amazed me was that why I cannot do my medical check-up at public clinic as a citizen of Malaysia and civilian and not army. Are they out of staff or the workers in the government clinic are lazy. It indicated that the Ministry of Health has not delivered their good service as what is stated in their mission and vision statement. Why should I go to army clinic to get this thing done while there are many government clinics around? Shall we call for Dr. Chua Soi Liek to reinstate and fix those blunders? Yes, you cannot expect much because it is a free of charge service. Excuse me?? Who pays their salary? Are they paid to do nothing? Are they lack of staff? Well, we educated many students and let them to be jobless. The funds are use in such a corrupted way and we are out of money to pay for chemist, radiologist and specialist. We are not lack of doctors or chemist bet lack of money to pay them. Where is the money? You know it as I found that is is better to have medical treatment in the army camp rather than in the public clinic.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pick of The Week

Surat terbuka untuk PM/ Warkah Buat Perdana Menteri
Taken from

Kepada Pak Lah, Perdana Menteri Malaysia Boleh.......Blah

Hari nie tah hari berapa Pak Lah jadi PM kami
Memang dari dulu kami sokong sampai lani
Tapi hari nie, buka mata, senak perut anak bini......
Tengok Pak Lah habag minyak naik lagi

Memang kami tak tau pasai ekonomi
Yang tau semua Pak Lah ngan kroni
Tapi sampai bila nak jadi lagu nie
Dapat gaji habis tak berbaki

Pak Lah habag tak boleh buat apa
Nie semua ekonomi dunia
Kalau tak naik nanti dunia kata apa
Habis tu yang rakyat dok menderita, tak pa ka

Dulu Pak Lah kata nak jaga rakyat
Kunun Pak lah nak kerja sama sama dengan rakyat......
Nie dok nampak macam nak telan kederat
Dok nampak kami yang nak melarat

Pak Lah kata masalah rakyat nak ambik berat
Kunun tak mau tengok rakyat hidup melarat
Tapi kalau macam nie punya sarat
Darah rakyat pun boleh sejat

Kerajaan ada kata rakyat manja subsidi
Kunun asyik kerajaan saja dok bagi
Sapa kata kami rakyat tak pernah bagi
Tu...yang lima tahun sekali tu....sapa bagi??


Web Hosting Job Vacancy

Dear Readers in Kuching,

After a month being a jobless creep, I got this job as a web hosting administrator. Due to better offer at the other place, I am resigning my post effective today. If there is anyone who is interested to apply for this post, kindly email me your resume at . Fresh graduates are encourage to apply. Be hurry as time is crucial.


1. HTML, PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop
2. Able to work Smart and willing to learn
3. Able to converse in English & Bahasa
4. Diploma or Degree in Computer Science

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Aborigines Must Be Restored, Not Awarded

PM assures Bidayuhs will be rewarded
By Samuel Aubrey,
The Borneo Post Press ( Wednesday, 11th June 2008)

TEBEDU: The people in Serian are assured that their strong support for the Barisan Nasional in the last parliamentary election will be rewarded.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gave this assurance yesterday, saying that rural projects in Serian would be given priority under the redistribution of projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

“The great support rendered to BN will not be futile, as this will be responded by more developments for Serian. Problems relating to funds that are still ‘hanging’ will also be looked into and solved.

“For this, officers from the agencies under the Prime Minister’s Department and Economic Planning Unit (EPU) will be sent to Serian and also Tebedu to study the situation faced here,” he said at a meet-the-people session at Bandar Mutiara here.
Among the pledges the prime minister made was for the RM60 million SMK Tebedu, expected to be completed in 2010, to have hostel facilities although this was not included in earlier approved plan, and to extend electricity, treated water supply and tarsealed roads to villages in Serian.

“This will be solved as soon as possible. Good schools are vital in stimulating higher academic achievements. (But) in Sarawak, the many schools in the state’s rural areas are in need of electricity, treated water and other supporting facilities,” he said.

Soldiers die and awarded a medal of honor by the King. After that the government pays outstanding compensation, insurance and gives the family of the decease a national flag. The soldier died with honor in a battlefield and the family is awarded with so many things. After a while, the family is forgettable to the army and fellow friend.

The Aborigines have been “bought” by Barisan Nasional for many years. It started with award from Parti Perikatan by Tunku Abdul Rahman for joining The Federation of Malaysia. The awards were security and “equal” economic distribution among those states under Malaysia. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman was then awarded Sabah with aborigines’ minister who lived for short. In fact, these two “parentless” states are always being lullaby whenever they are crying for milk.

Tun Jugah was awarded hectares of timber concession and that is why he never works with SNAP but with PBB. The “award” must have it own return to the giver. Stephen Kalong Ningkan has been awarded by the Malay to give way to Rahman Yakub to capture power. The RM 1 billion of award will never benefit the aborigines but those individuals and cronies.

What do we really wanted from Pak Lah? It is not about money at all. Money will vanish but dignity and status never ever vanish. RM 1 billion has never equaled to the oil and timber royalty that have been steal for centuries. This is just a bottle of milk to be given to the “baby” politician to strengthen Barisan Nasional. It is a must to give both Sarawak and Sabah a full revenue of oil and timber. Pak Lah should include aborigines into his cabinet line and not someone like Pandikar Amin, Bung Moktar, Muhammad Taib, Sulaiman Taib and those primay one ministers. He should award the aborigines by including the aborigines in the parliament. Therefore the aborigines are well recognizing for their royalty and not to buy it.

The Native Customary Land title must be given to the aborigines since every inch of land are belong to the “state government”. We need the land to plant crops to supply our needs and to sell our agriculture’s products. We are planting on an illegal “state” land and the worst case was our longhouse was demolished though it is on our ancestor’s land. The lands are awarded to those politicians for timber and plantation. We are always between the two fighting elephants for protecting our right. I saw many villages are struggling with SALCRA farm since they are no more working in there but the hired illegal immigrants. We lost our land because it is claimed as “government” land and was promised to be remunerated.

The aborigines also must enjoy same privileges with the other bumiputera as there must be no special right to the Malay bumiputera. The government contracts must be distributed equally and should not through Chief Minister and his cronies. RM 1 billion has nothing to do with the aborigines since we are struggling under Parti Bersatu Bumiputera which is headed by a greedy and ruthless old man. Why should we share a cup of black of coffee when there must be a jug should be given to us? Pak Lah keeps the national wealth and give a small piece of cake to Taib to share with the aborigines, Malay and Chinese in Sarawak. Will Taib share the small piece of the cake? He will swallow it and burp the smell to the rest. Or worst give his stool to the Dayak.

Sarawak has plenty of money but somehow, it is not distributed equally since thee are many families and fiends need to be satisfied. Would it be the RM 1 billion is laundering money from Pak Lah and family business? Or Pak Lah raises the oil price and gives that money to begging for support from the aborigines? Cunning man does cunning thing to feed those ignorance and greed.

Monday, June 9, 2008

When The Rooster Crows VI

A liter of Oil, A Bunch of Riders.

Everyone is affected by the fuel price increment and so to the motorists. I paid RM 5 for 1.77 liter of fuel for my old Honda EX5 motorcycle. I have to spend RM 10.00 to travel to town and back home. It is equal to driving a Perodua Kancil with that amount of fuel from home to town in last month. That means I have to pay more and get wet by the rain as now is the rainy season. Nevertheless, it is worth enough because Barisan Nasional has paid us the best price for our votes.

The story goes like this. I drove my friend’s car to town to send her son back to their home in town. On the way back to kampung, we saw a bunch of riders (pemandu and pembonceng) on a motorcycle. I was stunned as I have never seen such thing happening in town ever before. I should have my digital camera to post the picture here in the blog. Hope to get one. I am working very hard and waiting for Raja to send one for me. There were four of them on the bike and I believe that they are a family. The youngest son was sitting down in front of his dad and the eldest one was between the father and the mother. The mother was sitting with her leg hanging and not on the foot races. It was not happening on the kampung road but on the urban road where cars are plenty. I was looking at them until the traffic light turn into green.

What they have done was a very dangerous ride and if they get accident, someone or all of them maybe in trouble or die. How can there are four people riding on a motorcycle in such a dangerous way? What if they get into accident and one or two of them die? Will it worth for a RM 2.96 per liter of fuel? The answer is in us to think and analyze. Yes, it is wrong to have more than two persons on a motorcycle and there must be no tattoo show on the public road. But, I believe that they cannot afford to have at least a Kancil or used car as they cannot afford for a high price of fuel.

On our journey heading to town, I saw a Mercedes Benz car with QSG plate number and that is Sarawak Government vehicle. I started to play with the driver by slowing down at the right lane. The driver gave me signal to turn to the slow lane but I refused until he found a chance to overtake me from the left lane. It was not because I disrespect the driver or the Dato’ inside the car but I was upset with their business. We pay them everything but they gave us hell and it is not fair. As a result, he does not deserve respect from the people which they are enslaving. Why should we say greeting to bandits who are on the way to rob your belonging?

From what I have experienced, I have seen two different things. One was the poor family on one motorbike and one man in a one big government car with free fuel. Maybe some may call me communist because I may say that there must be no rich and poor, slave and master or capitalist and “toilers” in this very state. But the thing is that we are paying more while the bandits are smiling and enjoying free fuel from the people. What will happen if the country keeps those greedy ministers and government servant? The price of everything will increase because we are having “primary one” minister in the cabinet which most of them are from Barisan Nasional or “Budak Nakal”.

Why should we thank Pak Lah and Najib allowance deduction while the others are enjoying luxury lives from the people’s contribution? Those who have a personal jet and million worth boat must be gunned down so that we have enough money to help the people. We must deduct Taib’s “allowance” too so that the Sarawakians have enough money to develop the state. So it must apply to Khairy “the richest jobless” and the rest of the ministers too. Sell those mansions in New Zealand and Australia to get money to help the people and that is the most sacred and holy sacrifice to the Malaysians.

I don’t think that we have to follow the global price of oil while we are producing our own fuel. In fact, Petronas had never declared loss as what MAS had done. Petronas has plenty of rigs and many of them are in Middle East region as what we know about Oil for Food business. Who is benefiting from the crude oil price increment? Petronas will declare millions Ringgit of profit this year and I believe that SCOMI will get something big too. Why should we help Petronas and SCOMI if these two “taukey” cannot help us? Or we have no choice because we need to work for fuel or else we will get hungry. We are not consuming fuel but food. Therefore, though there is no fuel in the pump station, we can still be alive because we have food in the shops.

We must fight against corruption and that is the best answer to the hiking price of goods and fuel “jihadly” and let it be the first command of the Islam Hadhari. It is not Haram to have some beer but it is a “Big Haram” if we practice “protected” corruptions. We are out of money because someone is building or buying something outside the country. How can a minister who earns RM 30K or less build a mansion oversea and having his personal jet? Yes, I know that it is a commission from somebody else due to good business deal, but corruption is still considered wrong. In fact, Mr. Clean has now become Mr. Unclean and I believe that the corridors are not going to be built because we have less investors due to the high price of materials and fuel.

I just don’t believe that the restructure plan of fuel subsidy is to increase the price and not to prevent those who smuggled fuel to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia through fuel subsidy. And this is the beauty work of a bunch of “primary one” ministers to absorb the people money. Are we out of money to build those corridors? Maybe because we have a family of businessmen in our cabinet and he just cannot let it down for the sake of the country. Those who are weak must pay more to those who are strong and that is a common low in gangsterism.

Behold!! There come the goddess of Barang Naik

S’wak expects Gawai goodies
The Borneo Post Press ( Monday, 9th June 2008)

Sarawakians hope the surprises are similar to those announced by the prime minister for Sabahans last week.

KUALA LUMPUR: Sarawakians are hoping for some pleasant surprises from Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he makes a one-day visit to the Land of the Hornbill on Tuesday.
They hope the ‘Gawai goodies’ are similar to those announced by the prime minister for Sabahans during the Kaamatan festival last week.
Santubong MP Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar who is also Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker said: “We are expecting nothing less that what Sabah gets. It is only natural that we are hoping to get about the same. We are not going to ask what he is going to give but what he is going to offer to Sarawak.”
His colleague from Bintulu and also Barisan Nasional Backbencher Club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said he hoped Abdullah would address the lack of funds for infrastructure projects in rural areas.


Pak Lah's Check List:
Things That Pak Lah should Bring to Sarawak Tomorrow

1. Ask Taib to step down from "too long" CM Post
2. Two barrels of Primax 50 fuel
3. NCR Land titles to the Aborigines
4. Two sachets of Rice
5. 20% oil and timber revenue
6. List of corrupted state ministers
7. Wife, in case of pretty women around the table.

Back to The Past.

After almost 7 years I have left Kuching, finally I made my very first trip riding a public transport after I gone with own transport. It was a great ride though it was just four kilometers ride with Sarawak Transport Company, KR 3948Q bus. Fuel price, it’s all because of fuel price. I miss the roaring diesel engine bus for many years and I have had it finally. This is a destiny that I have to face but somehow it will remind me back to my youngster’s time where buses were my main transportation. The roaring engine is the best memory when I was in from one to form five. The rest of the time, I was staying in town and most of the time traveling by motorbike or Van “sapu”.

I used to drive my Proton Savvy where I can fill full tank for two weeks ride. Now I have to be sacrificial as money is always insufficient for me and my family. I sacrificed my fuel expenses by traveling with public transport and motorbike. I sold my Proton Savvy last month due to financial constraint and thank God, I made my decision earlier than Pak Lah. Though I still miss the car with “Microsoft” sticker on the win shield, it is not going to be an assurance for my financial status. There are many things to cater. PTPTN loan need to pay, household daily expenses and my brother is in ILP and needs money too. My mother is always asking for money by the end of the month. I feel that life is good without car at this moment of time as the fuel price is very expensive. Why should I pump petrol while I can pay less for public transport?
What’s next? Do I have to sell my old Honda EX5 motorbike and rear a horse to travel to town? Yes, Raja Petra is right though. It’s not Pak Lah fault, it the voters fault. Will government get bankrupt if they help the people by not increasing the fuel price? Maybe yes because they will earn less by giving subsidy to the right people. OPAC has nothing to do with our economy and so to United State oil price. Why should we follow those people and make the people suffer? Does Pak Lah have to pay for petrol? Or have we ever seen Pak Lah get down from his car and top up fuel? No. The people give Pak Lah everything. He gets free of charge from his food until his underwear. Somehow, this is the real issue that we have to face actually. Be patient with the Barisan Nasional idiocy and keep on voting them. That is why we do not have to vote for the “primary five standard ministers” to govern us because they do not know basic economic but like to talk rubbish.

How about the low wages like me and the others? Will RM 1000.00 per month going to be enough for the whole month? How I wish to join the peaceful protest in town to show my regret to Barisan Nasional. I know there is subsidy and the price of the other goods is not going to hike as what is promised. But think about its logic first. You need a truck to deliver goods to any places. Let say, I am supplying biscuits to every villages. Before this, my fuel cost was RM 1000.00 per month but this month I will have to spend RM 2000.00 for the fuel. Should I sell a pack of biscuit for RM 2.00 per packet as before and loose my money to fuel? NO. I should sell a pack of biscuit RM 2.50 per pack so that I have enough money to pay for the fuel. Therefore, the prices of goods are going to increase too. Right? I don’t have to be an economist to have a brain as what RPK said is his no hold barred column. I started to plant vegetable and rear chicken too. Last few days, my father brought me to his ponds and we cleared them in order to make them ready for the next raw fish project. The field is ready for us to plant paddy too. The past is coming to present where agriculture and poultry are the best answer to control my daily expenses. In fact, it is not a right time to buy food at this moment of time but rather produce our own supply so that there will be less worry on the money matters.

Everyone is looking for land for paddy planting as the new season is going to start soon after Gawai. The youngsters are working very hard at the construction sites to cater their motorbike installment and fuel. I saw the struggle at the face of the folks when it's time to go down to town to buy dried foods and groceries. I asked a chartered van’s fare from Serian to Baki which is about 4 kilometer, and I was shocked when he mentioned to me that it is RM 8.00!! I know that he is desperate for money to buy diesel. Someone has to be sacrificed in order to uphold the government’s policy. The people have to work hard to make sure that their vehicles are moving well while the ministers have transportation allowances. Pity to those who drives vehicles which are more than 2000cc.

This is called the “Economic Tsunamii” as per mentioned by Dominic Ng and I believe that it is a strike back by the Prime Minister on the Political Tsunami. Thing changes too fast but the people could not adapt to it. After this we will have our “Tariff Twister” as the utilities cost maybe hiking. The punishment to those who oppose Barisan Nasional has to be bear by all and not those in the five states. Once, The Minister of Tourism has withdrawn the contract with the Penang State Government and now Pak Lah gives us a much taught lesson.
What say Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim on this matter? Will Sarawak and Sabah get 20% oil royalty as the global oil price is increasing almost every week? What is his agenda to help the citizen who have to pay a lot while there is an alternative? Or the whole world has to accept the fact that we are running out of crude oil? Let's pay more and give less to our household as this is a pleasing sacrifice to Barisan Nasional. Next, the crime will hike too as the living cost is rising.

Like The Old Time Ride

I rode my old Honda EX5 motorbike along the Padawan Road heading to my village. It was a great ride on the gravel and dusty road though sometime I ramped some of the shallow muddy holes. I was lucky because there were fewer cars since the Padawanians use to travel using the Borneo Highland Resort asphalt road. It recalled my schooling time when we used to travel by bus from my village to Kuching. Padawan Road has changed a little bit where asphalt road can be found at several villages. The rest of it, I have to ride carefully. As I ride on the road, I said to myself, “It’s an old time riding as the memories are recalled.”

Borneo Highland Resort road was built for a better access to Borneo Highland Resort, Annah Rais Longhouse and any other places at Padawan area. Somehow, I purposely travel along the old Padawan Road to recall my memory when I was 13 to 16 years old as I was a college student in Kolej Tun Abdul Razak. The gravel road from Kampung Begu to my very own village made me ride slowly and carefully. I broke my shield guard knocked by small stone.

At Annah Rais, I found two piles of gravel stones and a pile of asphalt were used for the land breaking ceremony by Taib Mahmud. I got to understand that it was the third phase of the road construction for Jalan Padawan. The first phase was done from Tapah Baazar to Simpok at about 10 Kilometers length. The second phase is from Simpok until Teng Bukap and Kampung Begu. Padawan Road is changing and hopes to change faster. In fact, there were demand arose few years back but the government were out of money which I could not understand.
Sadly, Link Road, from Semeru to Bisira Rayang is still the same. I asked my elder sister who has she voted for during last election. “Barisan Nasional” she answered me. One night, we had a Gawai Dinner at my friend’s house. We talked about the Link Road and Padawan Road condition as Link Road has never changed since it first construction. I asked them who they have voted for. The same answer they have given with my sister’s one. Barang Naik (BN). The best answer I ever heard is all the old folks are giving their full trust to the “poor” state government. Somehow, there are many CMS quarry at Padawan area such as Beratok Quarry, Panquarry, Akud Quarry and others. Where are the state resources? Why should we ride on the gravel road when there are many quarries and asphalt? Are the stones and asphalt going to be used to build the corrupted politicians grave?

I saw one by one hill is being ruined to harvest granite stone but the Aborigines’ area is still undeveloped. It was a mistake made by the Padawanian to vote the cruel government. We are still riding on the dusty gravel road while the others are riding on a very nice asphalt road. However, I never feel sad to ride on the gravel road because the Aborigines had given their full “support” to those they like and to stand for their rights and demands.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Blogger Shouldn't Stay outside the Town!!

It is great to be back on the net again. What?? Fuel Price is up again? I told a motorist to vote for opposition but he replied me " All the same lah. Perentah (government) and opposition are the same. I have nothing to say because he like the government's business.

What I need to say? Oh ya. Few days in the jungle was a great time with my old mum and family members. Went to town this morning to get my inbox. 125 unread messages. What a long time to read and publish comments in the blog. Sorry for the late publishing. Will write more soon. Had a good time with Tiyung Dayak. Thank you for the kolok mee and B**r. There are more articles to come. But sadly, no pictures taken because I do not have my digicam.

Thank you for your visit. You can call me anything and there will be more to come. I promise you. Someone may get mad too. Sorry for that. SMK Padawan is still the same. All the time. Oh yes, there was a group of people asked my blog url too. Some asked me to print out the content since there is no internet in the Kampung. People are hungry of information!!

Good to see your comments here. That all for now. God Bless you. Good to hear that the PM and the DPM allowance will be deducted too. Thank you to Pak Lah and Najib. May the goddess of oil and rice bless both of you.