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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Small Brain

1. Capitalism is an idea to be a Nation of Wealth and it is practiced since 16th century. The idea of market and merchant, buyer and seller were twine deeply and the idea of capitalism was really work in a right manner. The idea of capitalism encourages people to produce products and offer them to the society. The European and the west established a term “free market” and some of the scholars reject tariff, excise and tax.

2. Capitalism introduced labor and income so that there is wealth share mechanism between employer and employee. People are paid based on their ability to work and their handwork. Therefore, the industrial term existed as the labor market was plentiful. Some were shifted from Africa to work in estates and factories. People start to live in prosperity and at the same time people are divided into classes and caste. A lot of countries developed tremendously due to industrial revolution and international trade. Vast of products have been produced to be distributed to the humankind regardless consumable and non consumable product.

3. Monopoly is one of the best ways introduced by capitalist to gain wealth and market dominance. Fried Chicken was introduced in Kentucky and now you can find American fried chicken (KFC) all over the place in the world. In the modern world, those who dominate and control the commodity, trade currency and the technology are the monopoly.

4. Many nations embraced capitalism and some embrace socialism to run their country. American and European countries used capitalism as a tool to expand their business worldwide. Some used war as a way to find new oil field and many people died because of it.

5. The banking system was pattern in such a way to allow high interest to be charged to the people. Only those who are highly paid can own big houses, expensive cars, jewelries, money and other wealth. The banks earn a lot from interest that is based on government policy.

6. The low wages societies live in poverty and they cannot entitle for any loan. Therefore, many of them find other solution to supply for their need. Some do day and night job to pay bills and household expenses. Some are using illegal money lender to get money for their children education.

7. There is a government agencies assigned to give loan for students but then some work very hard to get it paid. Why? Because the wage scale for fresh graduate is around RM 1000-RM1200.

8. According to Alan Smith, capitalism is about wealth sharing. In Malaysia wealth is dominated by political party through government mega projects and tenders. Tenders and projects are awarded to the individuals that come from dominant party.

9. There is open tender system to uphold transparencies and good governance but then, those who are awarded the big project are not publicized. Most of the tenders are awarded to the politician families and cronies. We now can enjoy lost from PKFZ and Bakun.

10. We have several GLC (Government Link Companies) and most of them are controlled by politician buy putting their family members as directors and chairman. That is why PERWAJA and MAS are badly hit by bandits and thieves. Maybe they are bankrupts because of taxes they have to pay to the government.

11. Government has a policy to ensure wealth is well distributed to those who do not know how to manage business but it doesn’t serve it purpose because the policy is used to abuse the people who should benefited from it.

12. We will never see an “economic harmony” in our country as long as our statesmen and stateswomen are corrupted. There will always be a barrier between the rich and the poor even though we are aiming a total zero poverty. What ever system that is apply to distribute equal wealth and good living; it will never work if there are people who abuse it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Kids in Town

1. I heard a "rumors" that "Makkal Sakhti" is now registered legally and going to join ruling coalition soon. Najib was so very exited to adopt another new breed in coalition and claimed that it is a 1 Malaysia concept. Somehow, how many Indians will going to join the new force. Are they forgetting an old man in Sungai Siput who fought for the Indian right? Now, how is MCA? Will it be a symbol of hatred to the Indians. I see the Indians have no intention to be as what they claimed. United Indian or Indian League. I see Indian in MCA and UMNO as well. Not my fault, it 1 Malaysia concept actually. The concept really work well.

2. I heard Adit is going to form new kind of "party" after years of frustration and erection of power. It is called "Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia" party and the number of new members is yet to be known. I see it as another place to hide by Tiong if he join the "pakatan" and forever Tiong is a man of scandal. Whatever scandals they are, Tiong is still a corrupted Kuala Dimensi's CEO. I get to understand now that SPDP was fed by corrupted money. Whatever they are. Money is money and it does not concern with where it comes from as long as it knows where to go.

3. The Dayak has not yet awaken by the way they behave and think. There are political leaders and millionaire among them but yet there is still cloud of sick and sorrow in the state ruled by Jabu and his dayak fellows. Whoever join the new party they are still cannot resist money politics, corruption, greedy, gluttony and other sins. We have seen several downfall of the Dayak politic. Maybe, the new party will unite the Dayak and the others but Masing does not love Larry and that is why PRS is kicking their own ball. The new party? We better wait and see.

4. "Change we must". I see them in Dayak Weblogs. Well, I would like to say "Think before we Change" We cannot change if we are lazy to think and taking thing for granted. Whatever they are. Let us welcome the new kids in town.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Short and Simple

Since we have heard and read a lot of issues regarding on many thing. Let me simplify them into a very short one.

Penan Girls are raped and even delivered babies of the rappers. Reports have been made but no action has been made until “Suhakam” & “NGOs” visit the villages and asked if the girls are raped or not. No further investigation and outcome from the “report” by the two monkeys. Jabu should resign immediately they said. I don’t think that Jabu raped those girls because he is very old to rape those girls. Why should he resign? Who fault? Idris Jala has no portfolio!! Gaji buta what?? Assign him to be another minister of Anti-rape Minister to save the weak and poor. I heard that he is quiet religious and therefore he is better than Jacob Sagan. On next election, please vote for more rapist and do the same thing again. Lodge report and accuse Jabu. What a poor Sarawakians.

Bloggers are talking about land custody, NCR, Naim, CMS, Taib, Sons, Family, money were siphoned out of the state and many other grievances regarding on political of bully and marginalization. Hey, common and wake up. It the old same story from generation to other generation. Ask your YB to resign from BN or stop vote for BN. What RM 5.00 can do for you? 2 boxes of cigarettes can cause lung cancer and girls can spread STD or HIV. Ask your YB to talk to BN regarding your grievances and struggles. If he cannot does that expel him. Just as simple as that. We have the some skeletons for most 2 to 3 period of lost in our constituencies. Please replace with at least a grass eater monkey as monkey can move but skeleton cannot.

I think those two simple statements are enough since my workload is overdue. I have to work as well as you do. I cannot wait for the YB to feed my family and build my house. They have their own thing to do like spread lies and talk cock.