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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Coming Sarawak State Election

1. We are yet to experience a new kind of spirit in this coming state election. It might be mixed (sour and spicy) or feling as usual.  There might be new faces a BN or opposition side or the same recycled YBs.

2. What really makes this coming election funny is that the chief minister has announced that he is resigning from politic but when Najib came with goodies and money, he decided to stand at Balingian. What makes he re-consider? Money and money and money. This old man never tired of stealing and "greeding".

3. SNAP and other opposition parties are grumbling around on the seat allocation. SNAP is said to be with opposition but who is working behind SNAP? We are yet to figure out if SNAP win all their contested seats.

4. Will SNAP or PKR be the Dayak companions if they rule over BN? It might be yes but I am pretty sure that No can be an answer. SNAP was de-registered because of Dayak greed of power and idiocy. The history will repeated again if the Dayak in SNAP still behave the same; every Dayak wanted to be a chief minister and rich.

5. PKR is looking for more seats so that Anwar can be in Putrajaya but if Anwar Ibrahim become a PM, what will PKR do for Sarawakian? Another colony after BN?

6. The Dayak are in dilemma because PKR and SNAP are proclaiming themselves to be the Dayak savior but will they keep their words after they win the election?

7. I used to be exited when it comes to politic stuff, but when thing is not done as it is promised, I rather focusing on how to earn a living.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Started A Joke

 The Way I See It.

The Dayak fate is yet to be challenge again in this coming state election. Most of the rural constituencies are Dayak's seat and they never lost them to BN except during PBDS and STAR era. The Dayak made almost half of the Sarawak Population but yet they are used by a minority to fool and marginalized them. I do not have any idea or philosophic method to figure out why this happened to them as they are willing to be colonized and marginalized.

During the Dayak era; Tun Jugah and Stephen Kalong Ningkan, the Dayak are the ruler and government of Sarawak. They governed only because Abdul Rahman wanted to form the Federation. Soon after the federation was born, then The Datak was kicked out of the office and the new kid came to seize power. Rahman Yaakub then try to get help from Dayak to oust Taib from the office but somehow he failed because Taib canceled some of the Rahman timber projects.

Well, that is not the story but my big question is that why the majority Dayak cannot make themselves as the ruler of the state. A bunch of wolf are defeated by a group of turtles and that is the funny thing that happened since 1963 until now. PBDS was form once SNAP was split up. Then PBDS managed to get attention from the federal government but not that long because the Iban still practicing head hunting during that time. So PBDS wad de-registered  by ROS in 2003 and then PRS and SPDP were form as the "Dayak" party.

I believe that this scenario has been a great lesson to the Dayak on their disunity, greed of power and selfish have made the Dayak as scavengers in an abundance land. Somehow, they ignore the history and moving on into the deep dark future and destruction. Now, the Dayak are splitting into millions parties and this is the advantage for the minority to continue to overrule and depress them. They have no voice in the house of representative or state assembly because they are minority in all political party. Dayak cannot speak-up their demand in SUPP because SUPP majority are chinese. In PBB only Taib and the Malay rule because Jabu and Manyin are two against hundreds.

Are the Dayak getting sick by their idiocy? In fact, they are getting happier and happier. Tomorrow will will see another dayak new political party. Or we can name is Parti Dayak Bersatu or Parti Dayak Baru or Parti Original Dayak. The Dayak did realized that the Taib way of rule is really work. Split and rule. If the Dayak unite in one party, then their party will be de-registered because they are playing with racial issue. That is why Dayak are everywhere either in PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS, MCA, MIC, PKR, DAP, UMNO, PBS, Pasok and and UPKO.

The advantages to be in various parties are various. One, Dayak leader can build their own wealth without sharing with other fellow Dayak. So, Dayak politicians can harvest wealth with their associate parties. Two, if Dayak are in various parties, the whole world will praise them because they portrayed their nationalism spirit by working together with other races. Three, the Dayak politicians can live on their own and nobody will distract them.The Dayak in SUPP will not have to worry about Dayak villagers because the other Dayak form PBB or UPKO can take care of the villagers. So the easy life politician can give more time to their business and personal life.

Is it wrong to be unity? No. MCA is a Chinese based party and Ibrahim Ali is not eligible to join them. So to MIC where Chua Soi Lek is not eligible to join as well. Somehow, UMNO open it door to other races but to be with the team, you must be converted to muslim. Only few Sabahan joined UNMO but only those natives in the rural Sabah who does not know their race and religion. What made PBDS weak was intimidation and selfish dayak.Taib only work with those who joined him and that is the great fear to the Dayak. So, many of them defunct to PBB, SUPP and SNAP and continue their legacy. Those who are tired, resign from politic and live their own life. Those who are still demanding, formed two sub parties and continue to scavenging for life. They are PRS and SPDP. These two party even cannot work together for better Dayak as well and sometime they quarrel to get a piece of rotten meat. The fed-up Dayak then join opposition such as PKR.

If we look a the whole picture, the Dayak are like star in the sky but to a milky way. I don't know if there is any previous Dayak proposed a single party for a better majority voice like MCA, MIC and UMNO. But, the requirement to be in BN component is the party must be multiracial. Now, the Dayak only united under their associations such as SADIA, DBNA and some other non-profit organizations. It will be a threat for Taib if the Dayak unite together because the has successfully divided the Dayak into sub-minor parties. To continue to rule them, Taib uses the most brutal approach; intimidation. 

Will the Dayak re-unite again? No. They will not. Although there is a lot of attempts to reunite the Dayak but it failed due to their own attitude and idiocy. The Dayak cannot work together because they are thought to be selfish, arrogant and a better follower. No any political party or individual can reunite the Dayak too because different individual has different message to the Dayak which are message of wealth, fame and power. As long as the Dayak are not educated, poor and weak, they will continue to be marginalized, depressed and fool by the others and their own leaders.           

Sunday, March 6, 2011

James Dawos- Politik Pada Nama Bukan Pada Bangsa

Penduduk belum ada jalan, elektrik rugi jika memilih pembangkang
Utusan SarawakPosted on March 5, 2011, Saturday

KUCHING: Penduduk kampung dalam kawasan Parlimen Mambong yang masih belum menikmati jalan baik dan bekalan elektrik akan kerugian jika mereka memilih pembangkang dalam pilihan raya negeri akan datang.
Ahli Parlimen Mambong Datuk Dr James Dawos berkata walaupun beliau sudah ada senarai kampung-kampung dan projek yang telah diluluskan, ia (projek) amat sukar dilaksanakan, jika kawasan berkenaan dipegang pembangkang.
Ini kerana katanya beliau tidak dapat bekerjasama dengan barisan pembangkang.
“Saya  ada senarai kampung-kampung yang masih belum menikmati sistem jalan raya yang baik begitu juga bekalan elektrik dan projek itu telah diluluskan.
“Bagaimanapun, projek-projek ini tidak dilaksanakan jika pembangkang menang.
“Saya tidak boleh bekerjasama dengan mereka,” tegasnya.
Beliau berkata demikian pada majlis prapelancaran pejabat daerah kecil Padawan di Kampung Bayur, di Jalan Puncak Borneo dekat sini, semalam.
Dawos yang juga timbalan menteri pelancongan menambah jalan dari Kampung Kambug dan Sepit telah diluluskan dan hanya menunggu masa untuk dilaksanakan.

 Satu perkara yang paling membangakan orang masyarakat Bidayuh ialah manjadi YB. Apabila seorang Bidayuh menjadi ahli politik sama ada di sebelah Barisan Nasional mahupun sebelah Pakatan Rakyat, perangai dan lagaknya adalah serupa. Apabila orang Bidayuh menjadi YB maka dia akan menjadi teladan dan contoh kepada suku kaumnya dan dilihat sebagai pemimpin yang mampu membawa suku Bidayuh kepada masa depan yang lebih baik.

YB bidayuh biasanya kaya dan mempunyai kereta besar, rumah besar dan banyak "girlfriend". Kemana saja dia pergi mesti ada tempat "persinggahan" dan inilah merupakan keseronokan menjadi YB. Selain itu, YB juga banyak kawan-kawan yang sekepala dengan dia untuk memperolehi projek-projek kecil seperti menurap jalan-jalan kampung, potong rumput, korek parit dan mengecat sekolah-sekolah.  

Namun begitu, setelah sekian lamanya orang Bidayuh mempunyai YB, mereka tidak ubah seperti dubuk berebut bangkai. Apabila musim pilihanraya tiba, ketua dubuk (hyena) akan membaling secebis bangkai ke kawasan yang diwakilinya dan berebutlah dubuk-dubuk itu sehingga bangkai menjadi barang pergaduhan segerombolan dubuk. Perkara ini akan berlaku setiap kali tiba musim pilihanraya dan ketua dubuk tidak pernah serik-serik membaling bangkai kepada kawanan dubuk-dubuk lapar.

Sebelum pilihanraya, YB akan memeritahu projek-projek pembangunan yang telah "diluluskan" dan sekiranya kampung tersebut mengundi BN maka projek yang telah diluluskan akan dilaksanakan. Namun sekiranya kampung tersebut tidak mengundi BN, maka projek yang telah diluluskan akan ditarik balik. Saya tak pasti apa projek yang telah diluluskan tetapi biasanya, selepas pilihanraya, YB ghaib dan mencari tempat untuk "mengawan." Inilah sikap YB-YB Bidayuh yang menjadi motivasi kepada generasi seterusnya yang bercita-cita manjadi YB.

Memang telah diakui bahawa P198, Mambong telah banyak megalami arus pembangunan seperti Kilang Simen milik Taib dan keluarga, tapak pengurusan sisa buangan milik Treniken, Borneo Highland Resort, Empangan air mentah milik Lembaga Air Kuching dan Komplek Penjara Negeri. Hasil daripada pembangunan ini masyarakat Bidayuh telah berjaya meletakkan diri mereka di paras paling bawah garis kemiskinan. Saya juga akui P198 merupakan kawasan parlimen  paling miskin di Malaysia dimana pendapatan seisi rumah ialah  kira-kira RM 100.00 setahun.

Disamping itu projek mega empangan air Bengoh yang telah mengubah hidup 5 buah kampung Bidayuh. Kampung-kampung tersebut ialah, Semban, Rejoi, Sait, Pain dan Bengoh. Kesemua penduduk dikampung tersebut belum lagi mendapat pampasan tanah, kebun dan pokok-pokok buah namum projek empangan sedang ligat berjalan. James Dawos pula buat-buat tak tahu dan adiknya Jerip pula kata payah nak dapatkan pampasan untuk orang-orang di kawasan terlibat. Saya rasa pampasan sukar diperolehi dalam masa terdekat kerana kerajaan negeri sedang mambayar habis kos pembinaan kepada Naim Cendera dan kemudiankan wang pampasan penduduk kampung. Naim Cendera ini merupakan pemaju projek dan ia milik keluarga Taib Mahmud.

Sungguhpun perbuatan menindas di siang hari ini sedang berlaku, James Dawos terus menerus mengugut orang-orang bidayuh di kawasan parlimennya. Politik pembangunannya selalunya menjadi "projek pakai buang". Ada projek jalan kampung yang turapnya hanya setebal 2 inci dan bila sekumpulan ayam kampung melintas, makas ranaplah jalan tersebut. Projek pelupusan sampahnya di Kampung Sadir juga tidak digunakan kerana orang kampung tidak mempunyai sisa pepejal tetapi sisa biologi saja. Maka tapak itu sekarang menjadi rumah hantu kerana tiada sampah pepejal untuk dibuang. orang kampung bungkus nasi pakai daun dan bukan tin aluminium.  Banyak juga projek-projek pembangunan desa yang terbenglakai seperti projek balai raya kampung dan rumah-rumah PPRT yang tidak sempurna sepertimana yang dikehendaki oleh kerajaan pusat.

Semua perbuatan konco-konco James Dawos, Jerip dan Sagah tidak disiasat sebab Tiga Abdul ni memang licik untuk menakut nakutkan pegawai daerah, JKKK dan ketua-ketua kampung. Boleh dikatakan mereka bertiga ini samseng di gunung yang tahu menghalau beruk. Maka setiap projek yang dibuat adalah hanya untuk mendapatkan dana yang telah diperuntukan oleh kerajaan pusat atau kerajaan negeri.

Saya juga merasakan James Dawos ini bukan ahli politik pada bangsa tapi politik pada nama. Dia hanya menjadi YB untuk dirinya dan bukan untuk P198 Mambong.Dia telah meletakkan Bidayuh pada garis terbawah dari segi ekonomi, pendidikan, pembangunan infrastruktur. Bidayuh hari ini masih lagi berada paling bawah dalam hirarki masyarakat Malaysia dan mereka juga antara 40% masyarakat termiskin di Malaysia. Namun apa yang menghairankan, mereka mempunyai semua ahi Parlimen dan DUN dibawah Barisan Nasional.Ianya bukan lagi misteri tetapi realiti bahawa orang Bidayuh telah memberi mandat kepada YB-YB untuk terus menipu, mencuri dan mangadai demi kepentingan diri mereka.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Dream a Republic of Sarawak - Part II

1. I am admired by Ms. Julia Gillard statement during her interview with Mr. David Frost. " I hope to tell Her Majesty (Elezabeth II) one day that we want a Republic Australia.". It's might sound impossible but I think the Aussies deserve to govern their own country without monarchy system.

2. I do not know if the England monarchy system will soon collapse but to me one day the people of England and it's colonized territories will have to re-consider monarchy system.

3. We have seen so many fallen monarchs before the 19th Century and the mindset of the people has changed tremendously and their strong desire to have a republican country has brought to revolution. Indonesia, Iran, Russia, China and some other countries have release themselves from monarchy system and form a republic people's government.

4. I believe that monarchy is only applicable during the dark ages to the pre-revolution era. During those time, there were least scholars and patriot and people need monarchy to protect them form nearby enemies. Since King has a enormous amount of army unit  then it is applicable for the people to endorse the monarchy system for protection. In return, citizens have to pay taxes to the king.

5. As time changed, the people have to accept the fact that they must be a part of the government. The king could not govern a country alone and therefore, republic is the most suitable idea in this time.

6. Somehow, some the republic countries also embraced regime system or autocracy. Indonesia was one lived under the ion fist of Mr. Sukarno and do did the Philippine under Mr. Marcos. These two countries have put their sacrifices to bring the country to revolution and release the people from regimes.

7. Sarawak, also need to be a republic as there are many issues that the Federal government has neglected:

8. Under the 18 point of agreement; Point 12: Special position of indigenous races
In principle, the indigenous races of Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) should enjoy special rights analogous to those enjoyed by Malays in Malaya, but the present Malays’ formula in this regard is not necessarily applicable in Borneo(Sarawak & Sabah)

9. Under the Federal Constitution, Malays are the supreme race and therefore no other races could questioned their position and supremacy either they are bumiputera or non-bumiputera. Those who dare to do so will be persecuted under the emergency laws.

10. Therefore, due to the Malay extreme racism and obsession, some other bumiputera are living under-privilege although they should have the same portion as the Malay do under the law. These under-privileges are the Sarawak and Sabah bumiputera.

11. The federal government also recognized Sabah and Sarawak as the colonized territories. There is no less development fund allocated to these two states although they are contributed 60% or more to the Federal. This is a classical colonization that suited the Sabah and Sarawak for more than 40 years.       

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Dream a Republic of Sarawak - Part I

1. Every morning when I wake up, I see myself as a puny ant in a huge anthill. To be an ant I have to be very diligent and prepared myself to be at least army and not a labor. The day seems to be more and more challenging but as a puny ant I have to strive to survive.

2. This is a democracy state where you have right and privilege to earn, to multiply, to plant, to harvest, to share and to give. The laws are made for us to be a most privileged citizen compared to the immigrants who even live a better live in here.

3. I see streets are empty; no more hawkers, shops are silent; no more buyers, buses getting lest; worst public transport. When I go back to my tiny hometown, people are harnessing basket of grain. It's harvesting season. We planted crops on the ancestor's land which we never have. Soon, we will lost those land and the trees will be cut down.

4. I earn RM 1500.00 per month as an engineers while my colleagues earn RM 4000.00 per month at peninsular. The fish price is RM 13.00 per Kg while in peninsular my colleagues can buy it for RM 5.00 per Kg. I bought onion for RM 4.80 per Kg few months ago but now I have to pay RM 18.00 per Kg. Life is getting hard in here but nobody cares. This is survival law and everyone must adapt.

5. I saw few PPRT and community hall projects at several kampungs. Some are built with timber instead of concrete. RM 40K could be a better house in Kampung but still there is not electricity in those PPRT houses. Some community halls are abandoned and there is no sign of the job completion. Why there is no investigation form kampung headmans and district authorities?   

6. Is this a better state for the struggle and marginalized? We voted our representative but he is busy with concubines and business. Should we regret? I do but not to the rest of the people. Politics drew them into delusion to ignore their rights and privileges. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Fundamental of Democracy

1. According to Mr. Mahathir ( Malaysia Former PM) the basic of democracy is election. The people will vote a person to be their representative in the government.

2. The democratic government must be form in a way that the majority will be the government. At least 2/3 of the contested constituencies.Somehow, the minority will be the opposition and they will not govern the country.

3. Our challenge today is the have a total democracy, which mean no opportunist and manipulator. Few years back political parties were established by the true nationalist such as teachers, scholars and farmers.

4. Nowadays, political parties are sponsored by capitalist and opportunist. The reason it happens is that those capitalist need the government to protect and preserve their interest in the countries.

5. UMNO high council members are those who are rich. The reason why UMNO is still a strong political party today because it members. They are the capitalist. UMNO owns country largest media, government billion worth project and properties. Eg. government-link companies and banks.

6. In Sarawak, PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS are the political parties that have a lot of money as well. PBB president has billion dolar worth of properties from government project, timber and lands. SUPP is maintained by gangsters in order to survive . SPDP is Rimbunan Hijau sponsored party where the Chinese tycoon uses the party to get land for plantation and timber. PRS also sponsored by Chinese, Mr. Sng to do family business.

7. It's obvious that democracy today is form by the opportunist and capitalist. There is no government of the people, by the people for the people as the people has a limited right under the disparity constitutions. The government cannot be too transparency because it might fail the people. The corruption rate hike as the opportunist and capitalist have to work with the government to achieve their demand and interest. 

8. The greatest challenge for the people nowadays is to change their mind and perception towards a government. They have failed to form a government that can serve, protect and assist them. In fact, they have form a government that depressed them and steal form them. They have lost a lot to the government but they get nothing in return.

9. Should be form a democratic republic and reject constitutional monarchy? I think this is a modern though that might spark misunderstanding to the Malay in peninsular. They need monarchy to protect their "interest and right" to govern and to maintain their supremacy as the greatest race in the country. The monarchy must be maintained and only then Barisan Nasional will ever rule. We have seen someone undress his dagger because some one has "insult" the king.

10. How long do we need monarchy if they cannot serve the whole citizens? When I look at Norodom Sihanouk nowadays, he is nothing different from a toy in the supermarket. He is now a king for nothing and doing nothing. That's is why Burma is the most corrupted country in the world.

11. I think, the best for Sarawak and Sabah is the be independent and form a republic country as we are just a member of the Malaysia and not as part of the country. Sabah and Sarawak contributed the most to the federal but they get the least. In fact, Sabah and Sarawak are not the part of Malaysia but as a colonized territories of the Malaya.