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Friday, August 29, 2008

Yesterday in Malaysia

When the Rooster Crows - X

Sarawak- Negeri Bumi Katak

Hornbills yes; not frogs: Masing
The Borneo Post Press, Friday (29th August 2008)

KUCHING: Sarawak is the land of the hornbills; not the land of frogs.

This was what Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Dato Sri Dr James Masing had to say to Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on the latter’s claim that the opposition leader would form the Pakatan Rakyat government by Sept 16.

Nonetheless, Masing said, Anwar was entitled to his own opinion, but he (Masing) strongly felt that the newly elected Permatang Pauh MP’s quest to attract MPs from East Malaysia was nothing more than a dream.

“I think dreaming is not a privilege for only those who are asleep. Dreaming can also be for those wide awake,” he told reporters after opening a management talk at a hotel here yesterday.

He said while the voters’ wish in the Permatang Pauh by-election should be respected, Anwar too, should also respect the voters’ decision to have Barisan National as the ruling government during the March 8 election.


It’s time for the Sarawakians to review their participation in Barisan Nansional under the greatest order of UMNO. Since 45 years under Malaya governance, Sarawak is yet to adopt Malaya style of governance which is full with discrimination and corruption. The Dayak were marginalized under NEP which since The Dayak Political leaders were sacked from their office. We have seen serial downfalls of the Dayak political game under Barisan Nasional.

SNAP leader’ Stephen Kalong Ningkan was whacked due to his strong alliance with the Chinese. He was a great leader but somehow, he is not needed to lead the Dayak because he is not Malay. Then, Rahman Yakub came to lead the Sarawakian under UMNO order. The Dayak. At that time, the Dayak are required to convert to Muslim in order to be developed. There are some people said that Rahman wished to be a Sultan of Sarawak in stead of Chief Minister.

What do we get from Malaya so far? Sarawak is the largest state with much kind of resources. We are rich of timber and oil but yet we are the third poorest state. The Dayak are divided into many sort of political parties instead of one party. PBDS stood for two weeks and collapsed by the Ming Court clown show. Who should we blame then? Tun Mahathir should has a good answer for this issue because he was the BN boss at that time. Maybe, PBDS has been a great terror for PBB and Taib bought many frogs from that party.

The Dayak has no agenda to be united but to divide themselves into SUPP, PBB, PRS, SPDP, STAR, SNAP, PKR, PAS and Pasok. The cause is firm. Poverty!! The political leaders are form long houses, small kampung and never resist seeing RM 2.00 under the table. Ever since, they consumed tapioca, smoked cat fish, preserved pork and fish and durian paste. When they come to town, they forget of their people in the village. You can see what I wrote in “NEP and The Hardcore Poor”. Therefore, they can contest for opposition party or independent and then put their price tag for bidding.

The Land of Hornbill has to change their mentality. 51 years should be enough to bow down to UMNO. It is time to bargain with Pehin Seri, Dato Seri and many Seri’s that can listen to our grieves. All this while, politic has only beneficial for UMNO, Taib and his cronies. It is time to review the 20-points of memorandum, Native Customary Right and so forth. If Pakatan Rakyat can bid bigger, why should we stay in poor and marginalized?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Dawn in Permatang Pauh

Collective Program with “Minister”.

Yesterday, I was invited to attend a program at TV1008 studio to discuss on the Permatang Pauh post election. Here are the interview details:

Host : Good evening “Dato Seri”. How are you doing?

“Dato Seri” : I have two feeling right now. One, I am happy because we are going to celebrate out 51st Independent Anniversary on this coming Sunday and what depressed me is that BN has lost Permatang Pauh.

Host : What do you think of Permatang Pauh election?

“Dato Seri” :
Well, it shows that Election Commission is always transparent and fair to every political party regardless National Front or Pakatan Rakyat. Anwar Ibraim should lose this constituency but somehow we have to bear the fact that people of Permatang Pauh never appreciate RM 0.20 oil price reduced by Barisan Nasional. I believe that sodomise case and some kind of oaths seem to be ineffective to fish vote.

Host :
“Dato Seri”, I believe that Barisan Nasional should put Koh Tsu Koon or Samy Vellu to contest at Permatang Pauh, instead of putting Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah who is very new. What do you think?

“Dato Seri” :
Nobody should face Anwar Ibrahim. You see, we sent Sabery Chik to debate with him on that day. And he spoke very well. What if we send someone “better”? Definetely we will get ashame. The same case with Permatang Pauh too. If we send Koh Tsu Koon and he lost, then GERAKAN will get shame and at the same time BN will ashame too. Samy Vellu?? Nop! There will be more crack flyovers if he wins the parliamentary. Therefore, we play joke with Anwar Ibrahim as what we did in 1999. Isn’t that funny?

Host : There were an attempt to give you vote of no confident from SAPP due to Barisan Nasional negletience on Sabah. I might believe that the Sarawakian do “feel” something wiered yesterday. Can you please comment?

“Dato Seri” :
Yong Teck Lee is a nut. That is my comment. We have been independent for 51 years and Sabah is developing well. We cleaned Kota Kinabalu from illegal immigrant; we brought UMNO to ensure the Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Rungus and other races to reveive the same portion of wealth from the state resources. There is nothing that the Sabahan should complain. They should thank the 5% oil and timber revenue from the federal government. Musa Aman is the UMNO leader in Sabah and he told me that the Sabahans have no problem with UMNO. PBS and UPKO are the two best friends in BN and we take care all of the Sabahan. For Sarawak case, I was convinced very much with Pehin Seri’s speech during the Sarawak 45th Years Grow in Malaysia function in Kuching. Though SPDP and PRS are about to merge to form a “strong” multi-racial party, we still have PBB as our stronghold in Land of Hornbil. I do not have any doubt that the Sabahan and Sarawakian will query the Barisan Nasional performance.

Host :
Politic influence the economy performance. Do you agree?

“Dato Seri” :
It applicable sometime. On the 8th March our composite index crumpled due to Nargis Storm at Rangoon and earthquake at China. The global economic was affected by “cold” US market ad currency. Our economic has nothing to do with politic. In fact, we have several foreign investors such as Nikko and Halliburton. We will recover soon after this coming 2009 Budget Presentation.

Host :
What is the next step to strengthen Barisan Nasional then?

“Dato Seri” :
We have used moral issue to to be our propaganda and gave many oats to convince the people but it seems doesn’t work. DNA will be the best issue to give Anwar Ibrahim vote of no confident soon.

Host : Have you read The Malay Dilemma written by Tun mahathir? What do you think of that book?

“Dato Seri” : I have no comment. I have no time to read.

Host : Ladies and gentleman, thank for wahtching The Dawn in Permatang Pauh with our Minister. Thank you “Dato Seri” for spending your time with us.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Fear of Frog ( Another New Series)

MPs jumping ship not possible, says Nyarok

By Samuel Aubrey
The Borneo Post Press, Wednesday (27th August 2008)

KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) deputy president Datuk Peter Nyarok reiterated yesterday that none of the State Barisan Nasional (BN) elected representatives, especially its members of parliament, will cross over to the opposition.

Commenting on yesterday’s Permatang Pauh by-election, he said the crossovers will not happen even if Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim wins the seat.

“This is not possible. The claims of MPs jumping ship to enable the opposition to form the new government in Malaysia will not materialise. To the opposition, ‘jangan banyak cakap’ (don’t talk too much),” he said when launching a seminar on cooperatives organised by Maktab Kerjasama Malaysia, Sarawak Branch here yesterday.

Nyarok, who is Assistant Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture (Farmers’ Organisations and Co-operatives), also informed his audience that he had just returned yesterday morning from four days of campaigning for BN in Permatang Pauh, Penang.

Nyarok believes that although Pakatan Rakyat (PR) hopes to form a new government under Anwar, this would not materialise even if Anwar wins the by-election.

Is that possibe for SPDP to merge with PRS to merge and continue to be a runnig dog for Barisan Nasional? What is clear is that the people are now hve lost their trust to Barisan Nasional. On 8th March, the whole Malaysian hve shown their struggle and grief by voting BN out in five states. I could understand why Sarawak and Sabah still want to be a running dog for BN. Yes, we got extra 3 billion ringgt from Badawi to develop the state. But, what it means? It is a “presuasion” fun to forbid frog in Barisan Nasional. Yes, may be there is no Frog MP but there might be frog voter on this coming state election.



Frog always be a fearful creature in Politic

Let get back to the merging proposal of the both SPDP and PRS to form a strog “multi-racial” party. One, Larry is not needed in PRS and that is mean PRS does not believe in “multi-racial” concept in that party. SPDP? No body should critize but to thank every order or act of the party leaders to bring someone down. Tiki’s position in parliament was buried by brining some up from PBB in order to obey the Lord of War. Who are PRS and SPDP? They are sub-party of PBB. The different is that these two parties are from because it members were exile from SNAP and PBDS. Well, why merge if we coud not eat and drink on one table.

As a BN componen party in Sarawak, SPDP and PRS must review their role in Barisan Nasional which is much controlled by UMNO (the great tribe). It is not hard to merge but the hardest part in merging is to accept each others ego and ability. We should know why Moggie left PBS to the cock fighters and why Taib rules too long. Because, we have no gut to talk but have gut to critize our oen self and others ( like what I always do). The fact is that, Anwar victory in Permatang Pauh do not mean that he is great but the people has tone or lost their trust in Barisan Nasional. Why wait untill 2010 to resign since the people do not need his leadership? I believe that 2 years of Barisan Nasional’ recovering phase is a failure guarantee. Give him vote of no confident before there will be more sodomize cases and series of oath to be made.

To jump ship or not, it is much depend of how far the MP (BN Mps) love Barisan Nasional. Money politic always work in every country and it is proven true. If Anwar can pay more than what BN can pay for froggy MP, why stay poor and sorry? Right??

Permatang Pauh and The "Sodom" City.

What will happen in Permatang Pauh is that there will be more “sodomize” case and more oughts to be heard in the mousques. Anwar Ibrahim will sodomize as many men as he can to make sure that the BN MPs will give him vote of no confident in the parliament soon.

The people of permatag Pauh have choosed a wrong candidate. They should give full support to UMNO and BN. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s leadership must be appraciated and to do so the people of permatang pauh must vote for BN.

This is another political typhoon that swept Permatang Pauh. The wind of “sodom” has blown up all the oaths to pull Anwar Ibrahim onto the lowest ground. Maybe Anwar is now happy with the support of people of Permatang Pauh but what is BN doing to gun dim down? After this, Anwar Ibrahim will be accused for bribing Election Commision to make him a winner.

The democracy is now much more understood by the people and not the political leaders. the way mainstream media were used by the government showed that there is no democracy education for the people. Barisan Nasional must urge Pak Lah to resign as the Prime Minister and re-structure his cabinet line.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permatang Pauh and The TVs.

My comment on the going on Permatang Pauh small election is that it’s might be another “little tsunami” for Barisan Nasional under Pak Lah. There were many strategies used by both group especially sodomize case of Anuar Ibrahim and Altantuya murder case which was said linked with Najib. Two good game but merely not applicable at this moment of time as democracy has nothing to do with mind exploitations by the media. The campaign to be more for Barisan Nasional as the “National Pimp” as in TVs, Radio and Newspaper.

Will it be the another victory or shame for UMNO?

Saiful, Anuar victim, has given his oath in the name of Allah to accuse Anuar Ibrahim. While, Najib swore in the same name telling that he does not know the beautiful lady. Now, it seems to me that there are many strategies to bring Anwar down including bring him into the jail.

The Barisan Nasional should use media not to manipulate the people but to persuade the people to support their candidate. By doing so, we are not conned by false information by the mainstream media. The government must use media as their advantage and not to poison the mind of the people by telling “truth” out of the truth. How do we know Najib does not have any connection with Altantuya murder case since C4 is a prohibited explosive? How do we know that Saiful is sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim since there is no piece of evident? Will it be the DNA that can be found in Saiful’s anus or the damage of his anus that might be itchy and he scrubbed it?

At first, we saw a terrible or horrible debate between elephant and cow to broadcast the sins of Anwar Ibrahim but at the same time the information minister never realize that he was naked on the stage. What was happened between Koh Tsu Koon and Guan Eng? I do not have any interest to watch since it was a childish act of the Barisan Nasional. There are many things that government can say to gain support from the people of Permatang Pauh such as reducing the corruption rate, freedom of religion, NEP and so forth. Since, Lim Kit Siang said the same issue in the parliament, why don’t BN try to clear those said things to convince the people.

The TVs should broadcast more on our National Day advertisement since it benefits all the people instead of talking a lot about Permatang Pauh. We forgot 31st August and will remember 26th August as the most shameful day of the nation.

To me, the strategy must be strengthening to wind the people and not to create hatred of the people. Albar must play his role to ensure the community piece and freedom.

Monday, August 25, 2008

It’s Not a Good Sound Sir,

Developing S’wak without losing our voice: Taib

KUCHING: The following is the last of three historic speeches extracted from the official Sarawak 45th anniversary souvenir book, ‘Perayaan 45 tahun Sarawak maju dalam Malaysia, 1963 – 2008’.

The speech was delivered by Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who was then Minister for Communications and Works, in seconding a Council Negri motion in 1963.

It was as follows:

“Mr Speaker, Sir, the subject matter that is contained in the motion before this House is undoubtedly a national one.

In fact, there were honourable members who referred to themselves as nationalists when arguing on the motion today. Such an approach to this motion is very commendable in that it shows that most of us here have some love for Sarawak.

I for one prefer such an approach because I love Sarawak as much as those others who are concerned with the question of Malaysia.

This motion is raised in such a way that it may tempt us to think along the narrow line of supporting Malaysia or opposing it. I would like, in arguing before this House, to rephrase the meaning of this motion in such a way that every nationalist should support it.

The implication of this motion can be summarised thus: Have we got the desire as Sarawakians to bestow all our love on Sarawak? Now, if we have this desire, have we got the ambition to build a free Sarawak? And if we have that, have we got also the desire to preserve that freedom by showing the courage to defend our country, while at the same time to pour most of our resources on economic development? If we have those comprehensive desires, let us at once realise that those desires are very expensive ones when undertaken together.



Musa Aman and Taib is two good friends which think about what is the best for “themselves” in stead of their state struggles under Malaya governance or better to say under Pak Lah supervision. I saw Musa Aman at Permatang pauh saying that Anwar Ibrahim will never get his people on the line (crossover) due to his “morality” issue. Well, it’s sad to say that Musa Aman has never been a good partner to SAPP and PBS. In facts, Musa Aman should step down from CM position because his term in invalid. What is the point to support UMNO if the Sabahan in under struggle and marginalization. He has no intention to unite the Sabahan but to dig as much as he can to get rich from timber and plantation. He could not answer the IC project issue and illegal immigrantd that flooded Sabah for centuries. There is no different between Tun Mustapha, Haris Saleh and Musa Aman. They are the destroyer of the Sabahan unity and race freedom. The support fully project IC launched by UMNO to gain more support from illegal immigrants from Philippine and Indonesia.

Taib, the eldest politician should think what is the best for the Sarawakian instead of beig “puppetize” by UMNO. I was shock to hear that there is a UMNO branch in Kuching. It true!! One of my friends is a Puteri UMNO member. As far as I know there is no any UMNO in Sarawak unless it is another alternative when uncle Taib die and Sulaiman could not stand for his father. So, it seems to me that Sarawak will follow Sabah’s foot print soon. Auction will start soon with a lot of money from UMNO.

Taib must realize that Sarawak in a very poor state and his part is to develop the state well by stopping CMS to be the main contractor and asking Global Upline to be the “sub-contractor” of every state’s development project. Look at 20- points of memorandum where Sarawak has been raped lustily by the Malaya. In fact, there are many issue need to be settle before we talk about adopting sovereignty from Malaya which never benefited Sabah and Sarawak so far. Yes, we cannot afford for defense, but we must put Sarawak and Sabah in win-win situation especially on the timber and oil loyalty. I do think that British way of colonialism is far better than how the Malaya colonized us. At least we can speak English fluently and have a British education standard, British technology and currency. We are colonized yet developing further than Malaya itself.

Taib will never be the saluted leader of the Sarawakian since he failed the Sarawakains for decades and reap greedily for his family and cronies.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Same Celebration with Different Feelings

Dear Tun Mahathir,

Re: Perpaduan Asas Kejayaan

" 5. Rakyat berbilang kaum tidak bermusuh sesama mereka walaupun tidaklah berharmoni seperti yang diharapkan. Namun tiap kali pilihanraya diadakan majoriti pengundi memberi kepercayaan kepada Kerajaan Barisan Nasional kerana beranggapan segala-gala yang dinikmati adalah hasil pemerintahan Kerajaan-Kerajaan BN. Biasanya mereka memberi kemenangan lebih 2/3 daripada kerusi Parlimen.

6. Rakyat Malaysia yang pergi ke negara asing berasa bangga kerana Malaysia dikagumi dan dihormati oleh siapa sahaja yang mereka bertemu apabila sahaja orang asing mengetahui yang mereka dari Malaysia. "

The Lost Aborigine


I do feel what Tun Mahathir feels right now as what he wrote in his blog. This morning I heard the theme song of our Merdeka (independence) day where it said there is harmony within the races and unity is the foundation of success. I think again what the song is all about. What is the foundation of national success with its multi-racial and multi-religion citizen?

The political tsunami spoke to us that the unity to fight from corruption is a genuine grief of the people. We have seen several rallies (called illegal assembly) last few quarters happening in Peninsular. What a peaceful time? The people as never feel their “independency” from the work of discrimination, corruption made by the present government. Police is used not to uphold security but to protect those from law and judgement. The police are used by individual to murder, exploit and destroy the freedom of the people. Altantuya was murdered by the police to cover the person personal affair.

For security or for UMNO?

Before the election, we were terrified by the Hindraf Rally which show us the awaken Indian against their marginalization in Barisan Nasional. Before, the lawyers marched on the street regarding on the Lingam Tape issue. There are many to say about them all but let me write what do I feel in this month of August.

The patriotism spirit is now fades in the heart of Malaysian people. I don't know how is the merdeka spirit in Kuala Lumpur at this moment because in Kuching I have not seen any national flag erected either at schools, offices and on the cars roof. I miss those time when I was in secondary school where we started celebrate “Merdeka” on the first day of August until 31st day. During at that time, we have debate, patriotic song competition, poets and so forth. On the Merdeka day, there were sports, party and some sort of activities like historical exhibition. Car crawled with flags, not two but all around the roof. In Labuan, some of the village like Kampung Sungai Lada and Sungai Labu have parade and Jalur Gemilang competition. You can see every houses erect two flags at their compound, National flag and Federal territory flag. It was really great feeling at that time. I remember when we cried of proud when we sing “Negaraku” at that long time. We were thought to be patriotism as how the soldiers are thought to defence the county.

Before: We celebrated merdeka in Stadium This Year: We celebrate Merdeka on the street.

Now, the people are questioning the sovereignty of the country. People are free to protest on the street and to form riot including the university students. Some are living in fear due to hiking criminal rate. Children are no more free to play in the playground and schools. Mr. Jazlin will never feel independence from the ghost that feared his family. Mr. Saaribu will never say that Malaysia is a good country as it used to be like before. Indonesia will never trust Maybank scandals which brought a great shame to the national business.

What ave we done to this lady as a Sovereign Country? Can Rais Yatim clear this tense?

People will remember these days as the darkest day of the country. People will celebrate Merdeka on the street this year with tear gas and water canon. We will sing a new version and tune of Negaraku, some sing it as the song of disunity, discrimination, corruption and injustice.

Let sing "Smoke Underwater!!!"

Shall we blame Prime Minister on this matter? Well, it is up to us to measure the length of our patriotism for this beloved Malaysia. We allow terrorist to rule us and that is why we blown someone who “threatened” us. We sacked someone who is telling truth with no mercy and humanity. We “sodomise” those who say out our wrong doing and acts. We scattered those who stay in their motherland to benefit those individuals.

To the Malaysians, this is our country and we are responsible for it. The fall and the victory of the country are much determine by us, the citizen. We have loved this country by obeying every single of laws to ensure it sovereignty and peace. We do not want to see Malaysia to be like Angola and Rwanda where brothers fight against themselves. Indonesia racist tense has been a great lesson to us that Muslim and non-Muslim shall never spark any kind of issue to make war.

Happy Merdeka and God Bless Malaysia.

Message of "Deliver Us"

Where is The Promise Land??

We Love Malaysia and Not Disrespect
( Picture deleted due to National Sovereignty Purpose)

Monday, August 18, 2008

When The Rooster Crows - IX

45th Independence Day – Shall we happy of it??

Yesterday, we were praying for our beloved nation, Malaysia as we are now 51 years old in indepencent governance. We sang this song too:

“Now is the time

For you to visit Malaysia

Speak Your mercy…”


“Sekaranglah waktunya,

Kau lawat Malaysia

Nyatakan belas kasihMu Tuhan….”

As we pray, the pastor brinngs us to pray for the peace and freedom of the nation, the leadership and the ruling government. Though we are a very small congregation in Serian Good News Fellowship church, we pray for our nation every week. There was an evangelist from New Zealand preached yesterday. She stated that we must pray for our nation because it is our responsibility to bless our nation in prayer.

It’s the 51st independent anniversary for Tanah Melayu and the 45th for Sarawak. I am glad to be in such a harmony and peaceful country, Malaysia. It’s my 26th years to be in an independent country that has been mould by the greatest leaders and fellow ministers. As a small boy in my village, I feel very happy to see such a developing country with twin tower, F1-circuit, big airport, Proton Saga and Perodua Nautica and so much more. I believe that the hard works of our government has now producing fruits. Thank you to the leaders and ministers who worked days and night to ensure that we are developing well and balance.

Somehow, there is some lack that should never neglect which is the welfare of the aborigines despite Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban, Bidayuh, Murut, Dusun, Kelabit, Kenyah and other tribes. These are the struggling tribe under the governance of the Malay, Chinese and Indian. Though there are quite much kind of policies to ensure that those aborigines are well preserved, we are still living under uncertainties and marginalization. We have NCR land but we could not develop them due to some issue concerning to the government policies. We have opened our land to SALCRA and FELCRA to plant oil palm on it, but now there are occupied with Indonesian workers. In Sabah, you might find Bajau and Philippines or Timorese in the oil palm estate.

Great Lost under NCR Policy

Last Saturday, on my return from college to home I saw a convoy of flag bearers with big bikes. It was fun to see them on the road with the flag they bear. How I wish to be in that convoy with my old noisy Honda EX5 motorbike in the midst of the Virago and Harley Davidson big bikes. In my heart, I persuaded my regret by waving to them as one by one of the riders passing by. I could not horn my bike since the horn system is faulty due to flatted battery.

Great Nation with Great Discrimination

What is theses nation in the heart of the Aborigines? We see independent day celebration on TV with great speech and firework show. Leaders spent million at Puterajaya and somewhere else to celebrate Malaysia Day and the next morning we have to toil all over again to get some food for the kids and folks. We raise national flag but never understand the meaning of independent. Truly, we had never affected by the British, Japanese, communists occupation because we are not the subject of profit to them. We still have relative in Kalimantan and never encounter confrontation from “Bapa” Sukaerno. Therefore, we had gain independent during the era of our forefather. We were free to hunt, fish, planting paddy with no intimidation. The only thing is that we have to send our kid to school which is 20 kilometers away or more (Teng Bukap and Dragon School). Father Reverend Howes came all over from Britian to teach grammar and adopted many aborigines to be sent to England to have proper education. We lost him as our “Bruno Manser” and we never have anyone like him though we have our own MP who representing us.

Does Robet Anak Wai independent from Poverty?

Shall we declare Independence at our hut while the others are playing golf on that very holiday? There are many golf courses on our forefather’s mountain but never get chance to play once. We are toiling to the hardest while some are playing golf up there. Will this Merdeka Day be the most emotional moment to us when we see our children could not spell and write? We saw helicopter on once in a four years to collect vote but the MP has never come for 8 years of in charge. That is marvelous to us. Pak Lah was in Hilton on that Day and made his way to Bandar Mutiara “before this it is called Tebedu” but he chopper flew very high and he could not see the huts of the aborigines.

"I have been in this hut for many years and I am comfortable with it. "

Merdeka,!! Merdeka!!, Merdeka!! That is the great loud of the nation on the next week event. Its always merdeka (independence) though, but we never live in such independence under Barisan Nasional.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minority Report

NEP and The Hard Core Poor

It has been many days I left The Lost Aborigine due to workload as a lecturer. The midterm was going on with less time to write. It made me to loose a little bit of my enthusiasm as I used to be before. Time is really tight indeed. You never expect to be in an easy environment if you choose to be in education line.

I have been granted to rent my colleague’s canon digital camera since I do not have one. Last Sunday, my brother-in-law and I went to Simuti to visit my fellow family members and friend. I brought with me the rented digital camera to shot some good picture at Dato Dr. James Dawos’s constituency. It was a great trip up there with my roaring EX5 motorbike. I hope to go to Kampung Kiding with 2 hours hiking up to the mountain top and see how the life of those aborigines.

Heaven in the Hell

It is obvious that the aborigines are marginalized economically though they are living under the world developing country under Barisan Nasional governance. First, the villagers (Sadir, Simuti, Sibuang and Siabakar) had their 24 hours electricity supply in 1994. Though it was a BN turkey project, the villagers are told to pull about three rolls of cable for 10 kilometers on “gotong-royong basis”. Next, they have to carry the cable post in order to lift-up the cable. It took them almost 1 year to complete the project.

The gravel road was built by a logging company in 1995-2003 with JKR annual maintenance. At least, the villagers do not have to walk on foot to get their food supply at Annah Rais or Kota Padawan. Somehow, the road is dangerous where you might fall into a ravine. There is no reason to develop those villages because they will not able to contribute to the state economy since there is more big three to be cut down.

Road to Eden

As I looked at the houses, I feel there must be something to be done to those villages. They are working a self-supply farmer and living under poverty or the best word is hardcore poverty. What is the best plan to be carried out by the Rural Development Ministry for those hardcore poor so that they can live as the others do? Some of the parents could not afford to send their children to school even though there are free text book and some may get school uniform aid from Yayasan Sarawak. They might struggle to feed the whole family and to buy stationeries for their children.

The Ultimate NEP's victim

SK St. Bernard Sadir combined four villages into one school. It is a boarding school with three meals a day and 5 days transit. I am glad to see some of the parents are diligent enough to support their kids by giving them moral support instead of monetary. There were a group of parents sending their kids to boarding school on that Sunday afternoon.

The economic struggle has been the worst fight for the aborigines since independent. I believe that the government has no intention to develop those areas though they are Bumiputera status. Therefore, if NEP is applicable for Bumiputera, should we (the aborigine) have to be happy with it? Do we have to happy with those ‘right” and “privilege” which we never get it at all?

The Future of the "bumiputera"

Friday, August 1, 2008

British Colonial Vs Malay Colonial

Bad Bugs Never Get Tired!!

"Sarawak will much better under British colony rule, at least under the Queen's order just like autonomous rule Australia or New Zealand. We all assured to enjoy: Excellent education system, we speak real London English daily, efficient modern public administration, regional ASEAN investment and shipping hub, perhaps the last of crown jewel of the Queen, topnotch highways, international airports and public transport, Christianity is automatic religion by birth for all Dayaks,..." Anonymous comment on When The Rooster Crows

Thank you for this comment and it really sparked my mind this morning once I login to The Lost Aborigine blog.

What make Sarawak looks different from other states? Sarawak is the biggest state with plenty of resources especially oil and gas, timber and tourism. In fact, Sarawak has the world oldest rainforest which is recognized by UNESCO.

I think that Sarawak will be more developing if the state is still under British colonial. We must envy what British has done to Hong Kong, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Australia and New Zealand. Tun Mahathir once blamed the British colonial for sucking all the resources from Malaya to England and left a small portion to the Malayan themselves. He is right in this issue but has he ever realize how was the education and administration standard made by the British? Since we were agree with Raman Talib and Fen Wu and finally, Razak (1957) proposal on the Malaysian education, the education standard was reduced one level to another to proclaim our new low-standard education.

Anwar Ibrahim was then proposed Bahasa Melayu to be used as the medium language to build a great nation building under the greatest “Malayan Colonial”. The purposed of the new National Education Policy is to build an “identity” for the new generation of Malaya. Somehow, we never realized that the “identity” that we build was imbalance in term of social and cultural adaptation. For example, we must learn Bahasa Melayu and change the entire syllabus into Bahasa Malaysia language including Science and Mathematic. As a result, many of those who “need” a high standard education level went to England, United State and Australia to get degree or Masters Degree due to global job market demand. We cannot bring our University Malaysia Sarawak certificate with CGPA 4.00 to Middle East if we are not able to talk and write in English. Unless, your job is cleaning camel's dung.

As a summary, our education institution was engineered by the worst to produce the worst. Now, we are working very hard (including Minister of Education himself) to restored back English language into Science subjects and Mathematic. It is something like, throwing a piece of diamond and digging a big hole to mine glass.

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Let get back to what is my real topic today for the aborigine:

1. The aborigines are engineered by NEP which benefited only one Bumiputera (Malay) though they (the aborigines) are entitled “Bumiputera”.

2. Taib Mahmud said in the Borneo Post press tat NEP is not a handout but it is a government policy to help those “Malay” who are left behind.

3. NEP must be sustained to help the Malay to get better living compare to the Chinese and Indian, Kadazan and Iban, Murut and Bidayuh.

The undeveloped rural Industry. What is the best economic policy for the Bidayuh?

The soil sluggers are remaining as sluggers since I was a pupa and the sluggers will never end. The Bidayuh has no right under NEP though it is said to be and aid for them as “entitled” Bumiputera. Tough there might be development within the area of the Bidayuh, there must be term and condition to be obeyed. For example, the FELCRA and SALCRA project requires them to get convert. The endorsed Bengoh Dam project will never be a fair threat to those affected villagers since Manyin has changed job. It might be the same situation to fate of one of a village in Johore shown in TV last night. Yes, we are not chicken or dog where the government can chase us as their wish.

The new road to Padawan was build due to Borneo Highland Resort project which never bring any benefit to those surrounding areas. They lost their farms and orchard for less compensation or none at all. So who are the culprits behind this project?

The Bidayuh as no place in the government sector since NEP is entitled to help “another” bumiputera. Yes, we can make the State sectary as a very good example, but how about those jobless bidayuh graduates? Is there any aid for young Bidayuh entrepreneurs to start a Roti Canai stall?

We are sick of intimidation and marginalization made by the new colonial and if there is no political tsunami in Sarawak, there will be at least“mourning” rain which is much better than dry season.

I believe that British colonial is much better to develop Sarawak tough we have to share our resources with them but not with bandits and pirates.