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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crazy Frog Get Caught by Tengku Adnan

Correct, correct. Tomorrow, Tengku Adnan will announce his first accomplished mission. Badawi was so angry with Tengku Adnan because Riot is not satisfy with BN. So tomorrow, you will meet Riot in secret place to arrange for the rumor. And I will get TV3 to call him (Riot) that he is not hopping. Yesss... You see ah. If we cannot do that the Bidayuh will be useless! hahaha. Ahh. Yes. Correct, correct.. Yes..correct correct. Right, right..ha..ha. hah hah. Susah. you see, if he resign from SUPP than Bidayuh will get blasted. So tomorrow night I will get TV3 to call Riot telling that he loves BN and cannot let it go on live broadcasting. If anyone ask you, please don't tell anything. Just say nothing. Just tell that God has helped Riot and I surrender it all to God to help the Bidayuh. Thats it. No other thing . Right..right..yess. yess. Bla...bla..correct, correct.

Tengku Adnan in Court, "TBS must be crazy!. He is sicked and a moron!"

This is now become to a good comedy show when TV3 called Riot last night and today's STAR Sunday showed Tengku Adnan with smiling bitter Riot. The storm has calmed down after the worshiper offered the variety of offering and the most pleasing offering was hell money to the spirit. The dream is now come true as the Bidayuh will give all that they have to Barisan Nasional including the secret part of the society.

As the BN FBI Chief in Command has successfully intrude and destroy Riot plan, the whole country is now happy with Riot's fear accept the awaken Bidayuh. The saga has begun with another full story of Saving Private Richard in the Serian Cineplex last night. The show has boosted the Serian Box Office Film in the Bidayuh Political History. And the end of the story is " The allied Private joined the Axis". Last night as I walk out from the Cineplex, I heard two different opinions on a GEORGE CHAN film. Some said Private has to join the Axis because he heard a rumor telling that Adolf Hitler will enlarge Nazi's territory to Asian Region as Japanese has captured Russia (USSR) and China just within one sleepless night. Another group of young people said that it is possible for Private Richard to be save. The only mistake was that Winston Churchill and the gang are having their holiday in Caribbean and do not aware of poor Private Richard.

“I want to stress here that I am a Barisan man and I was voted in as a Barisan candidate. I will stay put and remain loyal to the coalition under the leadership of Prime Minister Pak Lah (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) at the federal level and under the Sarawak state leadership." Said Richard

I got the frog: Barisan and Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (left) with Riot in the stress moment.

It should be:-

" I am stress here and there because I am not given any wooden chair on the street. I wish to stay away from BN but I have to love Abdullah Ahmad Badawi though I am not. I do not care of what Bidayuh will think about it but I rather think a lot on what will BN do to them all next".

The Bidayuh will now living under marginalization as the hopping frog has to make a return hop to the original muddy pond. The next election will be the new frog story for Bidayuh and will Tengku Adnan whack me because of the frog story? If all the frogs vote for the same captured and released frog, the frog will never be the hopping frog because it has been amputated by the diabetes disease (new hopping laws under Internal Security Act).

On the next State General election, we will vote for non-scary frogs. So the more frogs we have the froggy is the state and Bidayuh leaders will be pronounced crazy frogs voted by the multi-sounds frogs. Padawan - Black Frog with "oing-oing!" Serian - Brown Frog with "krokok- krokok" and Bau and Lundu Frog with " warf-warf, warf-warf" sound.

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