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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Real Reward for Great Investment

Sarawak BN rewarded for good showing in polls :- The Star Press

KUCHING: Sarawak Barisan Nasional, which secured 30 parliamentary seats, has been rewarded with four more deputy minister’s posts.

The state now has nine deputy ministers - three from PBB and two each from SUPP, PRS and SPDP.

The two ministers are from PBB and SUPP which won 14 and six parliamentary seats respectively in the recent polls.

SUPP’s Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui retained his Plantation Industries and Commodities portfolio while former Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas of PBB was promoted to Natural Resources and Environment Minister.

Also promoted were two former parliamentary secretaries - SUPP’s Datuk Yong Khoon Seng and PBB’s Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim, who are now Deputy Transport Minister and Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister respectively.

Rohani is Sarawak’s first woman deputy minister.

Making their debut in the federal line-up are PBB’s Datuk Sri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib (Deputy Tourism Minister) and Fadilah Yusof (Deputy Science, Technology and Innovations Minister); SPDP’s Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan (Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister) and Jelaing Mersat (Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumers’ Affairs Minister).

It was a big leap for Sulaiman, the son of Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, as he is a first-term MP. His appointment was a pleasant surprise to many.

Retained as Deputy Ministers were SUPP’s Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew (Housing and Local Government), PRS’s Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum (Energy, Water and Communications) and PRS’s Joseph Entulu Belaun (Rural and Regional Development.)

Former Deputy Minister for Rural and Regional development Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe of SPDP was dropped although he retained his Mas Gading seat.


In today The Borneo Post I saw a nice smiling Sagan,the first Orang Ulu after the Kayan in the cabinet. Such a wonderful thing to celebrate with them. Finally, the northern minority has been heard by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Taib Mahmud. Hope to see if there gonna be Penan in the cabinet in few years to come.

Different story with our ex-Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional development, Tiki. He suppose to be appointed to be a full minister for his loyalty to Barisan Nasional on the 2th GE. He is the "drop down" minister after the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi trimming program to 27 ministries. The posts have been reduce down to 69 from 90 posts previously. The Parliament Secretary post has been scraped by AAB and therefore it is a big hope to see the new team will be the "Malaysian" ministers.

The drop down of Tiki Lafie from cabinet ministry was replaced with controversial appointment of Sulaiman Taib though this is his first time in the politic arena. The long hip made by him is just another sacrificed for Taib by the Bidayuh BN in PBB. The other two were remain as State Ministers and now Tiki has nothing to do unless Taib has pity him with State Ministry.

The support to Barisan Nasional is now can be measured and review by the Bidayuh before the next State Election. We have given to the utmost and this is the best we could get. Mambong has offered Rejoi, Semban, Sait and Bengoh to Naim Cindera just to make sure that our sacrificial is pleasing the great Pehin. The Mambong has been sacrificed with CMSB clinker and paid with dust and dirt and not enough with that we get another mega garbage project. The Padawanians have to abide to Green Height to chase away all the ancestors spirits on the mountain top in order to open a way for the capitalist to develop a resort.

Serian has been opened to Global Upline to built the district to city but yet I see the suffering Sadong and Bukar. Tebedu has no name now and we have converted it to Mutiara because we hope that Pehin could please with those offerings. These are the worths of returned from Barisan Nasional. I do not know much about Mas Gading and Bau offers to Pehin. Hope that I will get to understand the situation once I make my return to Kampung.

These are the weaknesses of Bidayuh that make us as the clowns and great servants of the others.

1. Pleasing others and deny our heart-feeling.

We were thought by our parents to always avoid any arguments just to be saved. The poor always have to admit that they are wrong to the rich just to avoid any misunderstanding because the poor are always weak. For instance, a rich bidayuh hired some of his bidayuh fellows to complete some task with the promised rewards (monetary). At the end of the month the promised reward could not be rewarded and the ku-li just keep on silence because they are afraid to be whacked by the rich. In order to please the rich, they just keep the mouth shut and bear the bitterness.

2. Looking other as greater than ourself.

Whenever any taukey come to the village, we tend to admire his business and wealth. As we look at ourself with a timid feeling inside, we will always think that we cannot do better than the taukey because he is a taukey and we are nobody. In the classrooms, the bidayuh students will look at chinese student as the greatest because they are well in study. This was my perception when I was in KTAR. Therefore, there is no way to compete then because they are cleaver. This wrong perception was cleared when I see them waste no time in the class and give full attention during teaching session. I start to burn the midnight oil just to make myself higher than the chinese student. I took their lifestyle as an add-on behavior. We respect the greater because thty are greater but we do not to be timid because the greater cannot hinder our being and effort.

3. We are scare of failure.

Since centuries, Bidayuh blindly give their vote to Barisan Nasional. This is because of uncertain hope that we put to the Barisan Nasional governance. We hope for better road and will get it 20 years after or could not get at all. But we keep on giving though we are aware of the uncertainties ahead of us. We are sacred of failure if we join opposition therefore we have no other option to put our right and dignity at our own side rather than Barisan Nasional. "When we hear the thunder in the sky, we pour out the water in the jar. But the rain did not come down." We scare that we will not get full amount of water if our jar contained with the water. Bidayuh have live in fear for many years. The fear of development and attention from the government. Instead of building a road to Rejoi, the government chased them away in order to develop them. So the leaders have no choice and sacrifice them all just in case Taib will throw them out of the Wisma Bapa Malaysia window if they do not obey.

This fear has stopped us to start something new. We always think that the risk is always greater than opportunities and that is the best way to avoid opportunities.

If we know that we are out of the Barisan Nasional agenda, than our sentiment must be tighten up so that we are no longer be the clown and the running dogs. We are not giving them vote for nothing and we must be rewarded too. I do not see any improvement since we have put our support wholeheartedly to Barisan Nasional. PBB used us to collect majority voices, SPDP used us to make them greater than PRS and SUPP has nothing to concern about Bidayuh.

The money that we kept produced a lot of return and we know it based on the statement that we received. Somehow we cannot get the whole amount of dividend because we have to pay for the "wang perlindungan" to the great because if we refuse he will not release our saving.

The blame is not at the leaders but the community themselves. We fail ourself at the first step to the ballot box. Now we have to bear the consequences of our fear and timidity. The hope that we put is now parish in the hand of the greater that we have worshiped since many years.

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