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Sunday, March 2, 2008

P198 - Padawan is still not develop. Should we blame The Mr. Parliament?

It was a great time to be at home last month. Riding along Jalan Padawan until Sedunuk is still feel the same as few years back. Grabble and dusty Padawan raod is ok. since may years back. The kampung remain the same and less youngsters. Teng Bukap is still the same too. There are SAO office and medical clinic and few chinese shop lots. I miss this scene for many years. SMK Padawan is more beautiful with growing threes at the landscape. My school form 1995 to 1997 which was my first step to be with other bidayuh fellows (Tebiya, Binyawa, Braang and Bianah). Cikgu Su Hiong Ai and next Babu Suen were the principals at that time. Going back home twice a month and sometime never go back for 1 month. That was SMK Padawan with strict wardens (Cikgu Bill Diway and Peter Nyaraw) where the class will silent once this two cikgu's appear.

What was Padawan during my school time? STC buses are the main transport from Tapah to Bisira (No. 9B) to Abang Bura (No. 9A, two buses), to Braang (No. 9C). The fare was RM 1.00 from Anah Rais to SMK Padawan. Tapah is a crowdedbaazar during weakened with most bidayuh people and some Ibans. It was so beautiful though there is less to enjoy in Tapah. Mee Soup is cheap and I like to eat Roti canai at one malay coffee house. Got a chance to meet my old class mate Mr. Lee and have a chit-chat. Everything has change and everyone is changed too. May of us get married and some with children.

I am expecting Teng Bukap to be different this time but it is as it was. In 1996, Taib visited Teng Bukap and promise that Teng Bukap will be developed as long as the Bidayuh support Barisan Nasional. We will be given a project of HIV cure plant (some kind of herb tree) which will make us richer than other people. Around that year, Borneo Highland resort is open for construction. I tried my luck to work at the golf field to collect stone.

The route to borneo highland is from 1oth mile through Kampung Benuk, Braang and to Annah Rais. Then I do not understand why Padawan road is neglected. The developer was too cunning. Padawan road is used to transport building material and almost 20 lorries passing by within a day (my geography homework statistic). There we no chance for you to drive a proton in such a bad road. During wet season, the road from Simpok utnil Annah rais is muddy and dangerous. There was on road accident at Padawan road involving a bus (sliding due to slippery road).

The Highland Resort was completed in the year 2000 (around) with nice asphalt road. Job opportunities are open to the villagers. Gardener, customer services, hospitality and s forth. Now you can visit to view how nice is Borneo Highland Resort view.

Is Padawan going to be developed after this? Why Padawan must be developed?

1. We need good access to SMK Padawan.
2. It is too long to drive on a grabble road.
3. The youngsters are abandoning Padawan.
4. Our lands are free, therefore government don't has to pay any compensation.
5. We have less muslim and we need the same as Braang and Bunuk facilities.
6. Padawanians support government 100% since many years hoping that MP will pity us.

The opening project at Bengoh is another mistake by the government to develop Padawan this year. Not only that, Government has lie to us again and again. Maybe Padawan will be the Bidayuh Pompey one day. Is there any development project for Simpok, Peraya, Stabut, Krian, Sira, Pesang, Subang, Begu, Belimbing, Semeru, Dunuk, Bisira Rayang, Annah Rais, Abang Bura, Kiding, Sapit, Asum, Sadir, Semuti and Sibakar? No means the government is taking advantage on our vote and making use of or royalty.

This 2008 general election will determine our fate under Barisan Nasional. Let see if there are more monsoon cups in Terengganu or less corridors to be toil off. So, to James Dawos and Roland Sagah. Please do not forget us if to kick the opposition ass on this coming general election.

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