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Thursday, March 13, 2008

NEP in Pulau Pinang - Pak Lah Bohong!!

The plan for the people of Pulau Pinang is not to abolish NEP (thereafter it is called sensitive to the Malay) but to distribute the state wealth with justice and equality. I believe that DAP is not to be bias to any race in Pulau Piang but to return the right and opportunity to the people of Pulau Pinang based on same status. The government project will not be given for the sake of relatives and friendship (nepotism) but to those who are qualified to do the best in using the government fund. If we compare the airport project which is always belong to Global Upline and the MRR2 project which was belong to the non- Chinese contractors there are many differences including the time frame and the outcome. It is true that corruption is practiced to gain more wealth from government projects and contracts. The corruption scandal in the Ministry of Youth and Sport last year was even worst when the screw driver is sold RM 50.00 per pieces where the market price is RM 5.00. This is the way of NEP and Abdullah has never realize of it as the Master Clean.

Abdullah should not ask which community has been made poor because of NEP. If he mentioned about Chinese and Indian, then there must be something wrong with his Sarawak and Sabah fellow friends. Sabah for instead, the poorest state under Barisan Nasional. Where were the timbers go to? Musa Aman is a UMNO and not Pasok or PBS. The Kadazan, Dusun and Murut as the majority are now become a slave in their mother land. What is wrong with NEP? AAB has an accurate answer on this issue. He promised that there will be 0% poverty in the country in 2006. Indeed NEP has benefited the non Malay too especially the Indian as the third largest. What a true lie.

Sarawak is still not save under PBB as the major player in Sarawak BN. In fact the Iban and Bidayuh are struggling under the NEP. Maybe because we are non- bumiputera because we are non- Malay. We get less from the federal but we gave more to cater the Malay in the peninsular. The era of discrimination has no end because of the supremacy right that has been planted in the Malay heart.

Bidayuh are even worst thought the NEP is claimed to be for the bumiputera economic assurance. We are left far behind in term of physical development and job opportunities. My last visit to Resident office in Samarahan where all I can see are Malay. The government offices are all filled by the Malay. My question is are we excluded fro the new economic policy?

Again, if our representative has nothing to say regarding on this issue, we bidayuh better do something to get out from the long years discrimination and disrespect under NEP.If we are excluded, its mean that we are not the part of the Malaysian community.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, NEP is for the Malay. What about the native from Sabah and Sarawak ? Which policies are going to help the native in East Malaysia ? Pak Lah bohong.

East Malaysian are left behind (abandoned by NEP/NDP)