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Friday, March 21, 2008

Masing Was Right & The Borneo Post is Totally Wrong!

Wrong for Masing to question PM’s prerogative publicly: Rival faction leader

KUCHING: A Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) supreme council member in Larry Sng’s faction wants rival president Dato Sri Dr James Masing to quit politics.

Peter Ato said if Masing is truly a respected Dayak leader he should not publicly question Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s decision and prerogative in forming the federal cabinet.

“Under the circumstances, we feel the only right course for him to take now is to tender his apology unreservedly to the Prime Minister as well as the Chief Minister (Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud),” he said, referring to Masing’s comments in The Borneo Post on Tuesday.

“I would go one step further by asking him to seriously re-consider his position in the state cabinet and do the only right thing, which is to resign and quit politics,” Peter said in a press statement issued here yesterday.

He said Masing was suffering from the illusion that he was still in PRS and could speak for the party.

Masing knew very well that the PRS leadership dispute had been referred to the Registrar of Societies who had yet to make any decision, Peter said.

He said Masing had tried to embarrass PRS with his comments in The Borneo Post yesterday “as if the party is greedy for government positions and trying to justify what he didn’t achieve by suggesting it is a disappointment to the Dayaks”.

Peter said even Taib had said he was pleased with the new federal cabinet line-up and that the appointment was the prerogative of the Prime Minister.

“By saying that, our Chief Minister is a true statesman and knows exactly what has to be said, unlike Masing who, for some reasons, is playing dangerously with the race card again,” said Peter.

In concluding, he said: “I would advise Masing, please do not always drag the name of Dayak infighting for his own personal cause.”

Masing said in the newspaper on Tuesday that though he was happy that Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas was made a full minister, he felt that there should be more Dayak ministers to reflect the support that the community had given the Barisan Nasional (BN).

“The Dayaks are very loyal to BN and in terms of representation they are also among the strongest.

“So that is a disappointment for me in that sense,” said Masing, pointing out that there are 14 Dayak MPs from Sarawak.

Masing admitted that he had requested for an additional full minister’s post but the party was not allotted any new posts in the cabinet. PRS had delivered a clean sweep of six seats to the BN.

Overall, Masing said he had hoped that Sarawak’s representation would be increased because of the contribution of the state’s MPs to the BN’s victory.

“I am a bit disappointed that Sarawak as a whole is represented only by two full ministers despite our numbers.

“Nevertheless, the appointments are the Prime Minister’s prerogative and we must support his decision to ensure that the government will run smoothly,” he said.

Peter Ato has to think twice before he put such statement regarding on Masing intention to save the Dayaks. He should not say this to the press. It is not a personal attack or a scorn to Peter Ato but to be transparent on our support to Barisan Nasional as a "misused manner". Shrinking down the Parliament
seat from 32 to 27 due to BN failure on the 12th GE is a poor action done by Abdullah. Dropped 5 winners MPs and scrap down SUP post are the good thing about AAB. I can imagine if BN wins 2/3 majority, there will be 3 add-up seat in Parliament.

1. Ministry of Corruption

2. Ministry of Oil and Gas

3. Ministry of Stun Bikers

There is nothing wrong for Masing to ask for more Srawak MPs to be appointed in the house of Parliament. Yes, he should ask AAB in a proper way and I agree with you. But does he aware of Mukhriz "personal" letter? Does he aware of UMNO perception on his leadership. MCA, Ong Ka Ting and MIC, Sammy Vellu have taken 100% responsibility by stepping down from Parliament.

Actually, Sabah and Sarawak deserve more full minister in the parliament as these two states gave full support on last 12th GE. In fact, Anifah Aman has declined his appointment as the deputy minister which is not fair for him. Riot's case is even worst. No appointment at all. Tiki is then the BN loser as he is not appointed at all for no constructive reason.

The Dayak should support Masing on his question to AAB. So to the Richard Riot's resignation. This is the best way to revive ourselves. The leaders are just awaken from their poisoned mind and possession by the Barisan Nasional. It is good if we Bidayuh boycott the Borneo Post and Eastern Times. There are always lies behind the news. Save RM 1.20 for your kids' expenses for they are more precious than a scrap of newspaper.

My posting on the Bidayuh leaders, is now true and prevailed since every Bidayuh are aware of this unnecessary fear. They won such a big majority but yet they are the losers. The Bidayuh are now the losers and too timid to voice their equality. Barisan has nothing to do with Bidayuh. It is the Barisan that needs Bidayuh.

You will never get lost if you do not read the manipulated press. There are many ways to get news. Internet is the best way to get the accurate news. We will still survive if Borneo Post is closed down.

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Anonymous said...

Masing has every right to ask for more and be more vocal about it. If you don't ask you will not be given. Being a YES MAN is not what the Dayaks should do. It is time they should wake and fight for their rights. They are the poorest among the people of Malysia and it is time they are united to march forward and not be slave to the minority who stole all the richness of the native land.

Anak Serian