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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Bidayuh Leaders Fear - "You tak suka you keluar dari Malaysia"

On last night TV show where as Adbullah Ahmad Badawi called all the voters to cote for their future and their children. His posted a question asking the Malaysians, “What will happen if there is chaos and there is instability?”. BN Manifesto to promise Security, Peace ans Prosperity is not a guarantee if Barisan Nasional do not aware of the actual phenomena in the country. I watched for a while and change the channel to avoid form listening a true lies from AAB.

It took me few minutes to think of what the Jerai MP, Datuk Badruddin have said in the Parliament, " Malaysia Ini Negara Islam - You Tak Suka, You Keluar Dari Malaysia." This is a great fear not only among the Indian or Chinese but Bidayuh too. This can be feel not only during the Parliament debate but we feel it everyday. The right and freedom have been forbid by the government policies which is not overall but specific to only none race. The obligation to voice our right in the Parliament is not a respectful event though the Parliament is a safe and suitable place to voice up the people problems and griefs and not in the coffee shops.

Indeeds it is a fear for the minority to voice up their right in the Parliament if the discussed issue always get a bad feedbacks by the immature act by some of the minister. This is the reflection of the multiracial nation that have been forced by the racism and immaturity. Immaturity in term of action and word of mouth. Some called the other devil and animal and for me this is unnecessary because we have agreed to uphold the sensitivity of every race and religion.

Since many years the fear of the government policies and unjust law have positioned the Bidayuh in such a great fear. The fallen of SNAP (the aborigines) party is the beginning of the Bidayuh right and freedom discrimination by the UMNO and its collation. PBDS than was form as the Bansa Dayak Sarawak representative in Parliament and than fell in to the ground.

By joining the PBB as the Sarawak mammoth party is the only hope for Bidayuh to be heard and seen by the government. This is a right assumption by the leaders to bring up bidayuh welfare and now we have to sacrifice our right and dignity to the Barisan Nasional. In fact, many of the ex-oppositions leaders have join the strongest party to deliver all the promises to the people. Bidayuh is now equal to the other race and able to climb up to the Ministry level in the country. Ministry of Information : Dr. Peter Minos, Minister of Agricultures: Dr. James Dawos and the list goes on...

It is a day dream to achieve such an achievement though we have deiced to be in Barisan Nasional for 10,000 years. The same fate with MIC, MCA and Gerakan. The Bidayuh still a bidayuh forever and at the end of the world we still get nothing and therefore, to get little thing we have to convert our race and religion.

This is great fear of the Bidayuh Leaders. Fear to be in unity. Fear to his fellow bidayuh. Fear to fight for bidayuh right. Fear to be thrown out of Malaysia because we are dare to stand our right. This unnecessary fear has put us to the lowest ground in the Malaysian society. Though all Bidayuh Barisan Nasional leaders win every seat in their area, it is still meaningless if we still live in fear.

45 years is enough and now is the time to speak for us. Though there might be "you tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia" one day we are still a Malaysian because it has has been proofed that we are the citizen under one law and constitution. Therefore, we must be served as equal with the other race.

Mahatma Ghandi once attended a church service in London when he almost embrace Christianity due to the value that is proclaimed by the holy bible. At the entrance of a church an usher told him that the church that he visit is not for black. So, he leave the church and never come to church. He told that if Christianity practices cast system, what is the different being a Hindu. It is a great moral story for me to always look at everyone in a same level. So to the Bidayuh leaders, if we are still under discrimination though we support Barisan Nasional what is the different being an apposition?

India than received its independent from British with such a painful moment. 10,000 Indians were put in jail for involving in in social disobedient. Ghandi believe that non-violent is the only way to gain independent it he proved that is does work.

Why is that we do no have that charisma to restore our dignity and right under the federal constitution for 45 years? Have we ever violate the government laws though we are discriminate? Bidayuh is good in humble and gentle behavior. We have never gone so far as what HINDRAF and BERSIH have done. That case is necessary because of the UMNO is too ignorance and arrogant.

Please fight for more job opportunities for Bidayuh. NEP is not only for the Malay but bumiputera. Fight for land title for this in our ancestor's land. Semban, Rejoi, Sait, Pain and Sait are enough for now and we do not have to sacrifice for no return anymore. Fight for more bidayuh to get poverty scheme as other race did. We are hardworking enough but we have no might to get help rather than from Bidayuh leaders.

Is this new term will put us a a comfort life or more struggle to come? It is up to the leaders to decide. 45 years is the years of suffering and grievance but the years of Security, Peace and Prosperity for Bidayuh leaders only. Correct me if I am wrong but the rakyat is the prove of your mistake and ignorance. Hence, it is because of unnecessary fear to the master and not the fear of responsibility and ministry.

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Anonymous said...

The Dayaks of Sarawak is the largest group and also the poorest in the state. Life has got better for a few leaders and their cronies but they have not assist their races. They are not true leaders who put others first.

The infighting among themselves and money politics as well as the lack of political awareness among the voters have sidelined the Dayaks. Time have come for a change and hopefuuly a new HeadHunter warrior will be found.