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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim - The Malay Gladiator?

From a Deputy Prime Minister to a prisoner, from a prisoner to a free citizen, from a free citizen to a ?

Anwar Ibrahim realized that the Malay self agenda is not relevant in today political arena. As the introducer to the Malay language as the national language and many other Malay agenda during his UMNO time he has forgotten that Malaysia belong to non-Malay too. His role in UMNO and BN has put him to the highest horizon as a Malay role model and inspiration. Nevertheless, as a powerful man in UMNO, we are not aware of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Khairy Jamaludin.

During his conviction of corruption and misused of power in 1998, the whole Malaysia was shocked and some could not believe what was going on. Mahathir has less comment on his trial and then Anwar Ibrahim was charged under Internal Security Act.

What was going wrong actually?

1. Anuar Ibrahim has several record of corruption but there was irrelevant evident found.
2. Was convicted for sodomizing Azizan Abu Bakar without cause and he denied.

During the
Asian financial crisis in 1997 Anwar, in his capacity as finance minister, supported the International Monetary Fund (IMF) plan for recovery which meant a restructuring of the economy involving opening up to greater foreign investment and competition. He also instituted an austerity package that slashed government spending by 18%, cut ministerial salaries and deferred major investment projects. Large-scale infrastructure development projects known as "mega projects" were set back as well, despite being a cornerstone of Mahathir's plans for "developing" the nation. These measures aroused bitter opposition from Mahathir.
was a threat to national economy and there is no choice to make unless putting Anwar into jail.

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