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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The New Kind of Spirit “1 Malaysia”.

Dr. Mahathir has a dream to see Malaysians to become more liberal and respect each other. It is one of the nine vision 2020 challenges. It seems that he has failed to mould a nation according to his dream. Perhaps, this is the stepping stone to become liberal in thought and deed among the Malaysians.

Then, there comes 1 Malaysia “propaganda” by the new prime minister. Now, everything must be called 1 Malaysia; 1 Malaysia coffee shop, 1 Malaysia clinic, 1 Malaysia mortuary and even chicken barn also must be called “Reban Ayam 1 Malaysia”. We see the concept there but the practice is seem to be absurd and we have failed to from a nation building after more than 40 years of living together under Federation of Malaysia. Perhaps, this is the stepping stone to make Malaysian to become more sensitive to each other especially unity spirit and co-operation.

Now, we have to amend “Allah” to be used only by Muslims and not by Roman Catholic’s herald. The high court must be wrong in decision making and it seems that we have primary 6 attorneys in the high court. That is why we have many errors in our law and establishments. A group of people need to do riot to proclaim God while the others are praying silently at home for peace at home for peaceful and harmony Malaysians. Perhaps, this is a stepping stone to make a more respectful and understanding Malaysian under Article 12, federal constitution.

Maybe, we should learn from Pakistan and India during Ghandi time. They spitted because the Hindu and Muslim just cannot live together. The Muslim consumes beef but beef cow is holly in the eyes of Hindus. Although Ghandi wanted to have one Indians, the nation split into two in 1947 under the Partition of India 1947.

I do not see any intention to live under one nation in Malaysia. We have never learned from any tragedy that ruined the racial harmony. In 1963, it was an accident made by UMNO gangsters and it almost spark again last week. Although there is some sensitive issue that is forbidden to be address, there is still “peaceful” riot on the street which did not reflect our morality and respect to the law and order.

Soon, revolution must happend to achieve vision 2020 or 1 Malaysia. We have tried very hard to live together and yet there is some narrow minded citizen trying to rule the multi-cultural and multi-racial country. Maybe Malaysians are no more believe in “Rukun Negara” and maybe it is time to thinking of living alone or independent from extremist and infidels.