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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Faith & Modernization

Hudud, Fatwa, Quran, Bup- Kudus, Holy Bible, Yoga, Haram, Hindu Temple, Hindraf and the list goes on. Let me write some of the quotes from Davos World Economic Forum on Faith & Modernization forum. “Religion is a quest of meaning and a desire to become fully human”:- Karen Armstrong. “Religion is a powerful force for good; commitment to social order, peace and stability for human being. According to Karen, every religion teach the golden rule – do not do to others what you would not want to do to you.

Perhaps, this will be my last post for this year (summary of the year) on religion and respect in Malaysia. Malaysia is a developing country and it is a modern country but somehow the religion value is shaped by many religions as Muslim is the dominant. Somehow, the religion value has lost its value as there is less respect to the other religion. The Muslims are separated by Hadhari, PAS and UMNO while the Hindus are separated by Hindraf and MIC. The same story happened to other religion as well but it is not quite obvious because they are minority.

We are lucky enough as we have never experience any religion and racial eruption as what was happening in Sambas, Ambon and Southern Thailand. Nevertheless, there are certain issues that the government should deal with. The freedom of religion and respect to others diversities; religion, culture, value and dignity. PAS has proposed for Hudud to punish those who are found guilty of crime. We have many laws and there are amended every day including fatwa, temple location, cross in school and so forth. And this has becoming an irritation or uneasiness to those who believe in freedom of religion.

How far can the religion modernize a country? Muslim country development are prototyped by many rules and regulation such as in Malaysia but they cannot fight their tame enemy; corruption. There is no room of freedom of assembly to discuss on the religion and social development as they are made illegal including gathering to stand for human right and to criticize the way the Muslim governing the country.

The political maturity is measured by the religion maturity of the leaders. I may be wrong but most of the world leaders practice a very good religion practice. This including the west and the American leaders, Putin and so forth. With a strong religion value that a leader has, they will learn to respect others dignity and humanity and therefore he or she will serve his or her people with respect and sincerely.

Infact, we have seen religion discrimination such as temple demolition, Holy Bible issue and the use of Allah for the Muslim the Christians which never existed in the country history. What went wrong? Are our leaders not religious enough? We can pretend to tolerate with others but do we respect our differences? Yes, for some, this may be a very sensitive issue but it is time to get back to our religion value and teaching to sustain the modernization of our country.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas

I would like to greet all the Christian Malaysians a Merry Christmas. May God bless your life and your family. Let us continue to visit each other during this holy celebration and bless each others.

The Lost Aborigine

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tough Criticism.

What Is the different between Jabu and Mugabe?

More Marginalization

Every Dayak “bloggers” are slammed by the Sarawak Assistant Chief Minister for addressing the SALCRA and NCR Land issue to the net instead of public media. Indeed, the Dayak mentality toward politic have changed year after year. They are no more becoming the only listener but to be listening by their leader.

More Cholera

Jabu criticism on the Dayak blogers ( the awakening community) on the Borneo Post Press was a childish act of a matured and intelligent leader of the Dayak. Jabu should appreciate the Iban, Bidayuh, Selakau, Penan, Kayan, Orang Ulu, Chinese, Malay and Indians that form a “strong” government in Sarawak where the Bully party is ruling right now. What heve the bloggers done for the Dayak? It is not about how many percent of fund they contribute to the state development but how far they can accept all the lies and marginalization by his (Jabu) party.

It is time for him to step down from politic if he refuses to listen to the very and only Dayak voice. He should know that Robert Mugabe as is failure to African Union and to the Zimbabwe itself. What Jabu has done to prosper the Dayak? They can be counted with fingers since his contributions are for his master, Taib as for his political survivor. Longhouses have been ruined in the name of plantation. In the name of development, PBB refuse to give land title to the aborigines as quarries, palm oil estate and dam must be construction in the name of the betterment of the Dayak.

The Dayak must be during the next coming general election. We must vote not because of how old is the candidate but his charisma and ability to cater the need of the people and not to be a running dog to the bully party. We have made mistake for yeas and it is time to give them lesson and advice that politic is about power sharing and co-operation where give and take is practice all the time. Yes, it is hard to entertain every request of the people but here must be understanding and appreciation by the leaders. They are voted and not appointed and this means that democracy must be respect. As Barrack Obama said, we cannot solve a problem unless we come together to solve it. That is the leadership value that I never seen in the Dayak leaders. The political dominant has made them arrogant and naïve of the people problem. As such they are free to misused the native right to gain wealth. This is including plantation and construction project given to them as the reward for being in the bully club.

Who are we ( bloggers) to say this and that? We are made to be equal and therefore, we are free to express our point of view and opinion unless we are made dump and ignorance. Jabu should stop undermining the Dayak NGO’s and community and resign from PBB for the sake of the Dayak future. If he cannot solve the NCR land issue, plantation, poverty and Dayak position in the eyes of Pak Lah, he should take a humble step to retire and get back to longhouse to live as an ordinary Dayak and feel the struggle.

Friday, December 5, 2008

What's Next??

Zimbabwe declares national health emergency

The Associated Press
Thursday, December 4, 2008; 5:00 PM

HARARE, Zimbabwe -- Zimbabwe declared a national emergency over a cholera epidemic and the collapse of its health care system, and state media reported Thursday the government is seeking more international help to pay for food and drugs to combat the crisis.

The failure of the southern African nation's health care system is one of the most devastating effects of the country's overall economic collapse.

Facing the highest inflation in the world, Zimbabweans are struggling just to eat and find clean drinking water. The United Nations says the number of suspected cholera cases in Zimbabwe since August has climbed above 12,600, with 570 deaths, because of a lack of water treatment and broken sewage pipes.

Cholera is an infectious intestinal disease that is contracted by consuming contaminated food or water. Its symptoms include severe diarrhea.


Be Prepared

If you travel along Padawan, Serian, Bau and Lundu road, you will see something changed at Black Pepper, Cocoa and Rubber Three farm. People are no more working at that farm as the downfall of the commodity price in the global market. The black pepper cultivating cost is now higher that it price in the market. 50kg of fertilizer is now up to RM 200.00 per sack and the price of herbicides and pesticides are even worst.

The small farmers now have to abandon their farm, the place where they get a little money. Black pepper is now at about RM 3.50 per kg and the price of oil palm is now RM 200.00 per ton compare to RM 700.00 few years. It’s economic recession and everyone is restraining their productivity as the market demand on CPO, Rubber, Black Pepper, and Cocoa are declining.

The alternative way to earn a little bit of money is by selling farm product at Sunday market which is two days a week. Last night I visited my fellow friends at Batu Kawa community market. I saw cucumbers, sour brinjals, local barley, baby bamboo, tapioca, sweet pumpkins displayed for the walking customers.

Life changed tremendously during economic recession and so to the lifestyle. Salary has been cut down due to slow cash flow. Overtime is no more pay as production must be at optimum level. The government servant works as usual but the dept is increasing as the price of good is rising up. Fortunately, the Minister is convincing the people that Malaysia is not affected by the global economic recession as the government is wise enough and ready at any time. Ringgit was decided not to be floated as USD is loosing it value. Hopefully, the government has plenty of reserve in term of gold and not currency.

The Bidayuh will celebrate Christmas in a moderate way this year. The only good thing to hear is that there is no rising price of good before Christmas and the disaster strike only before Raya and Gong Xi Fa Cai. This including meat, poultry, vegetable and flour and other good. They have no commercial crops and commodity to sell but at least they have the spirit of gratitude and self-contain. Those who works at peninsular and Sabah will be back on Christmas with different feeling as money is no more valuable though the wages is much bigger than in Sarawak.

My advice is that, be prepare for the next worst economic recession. Spend less than what you earn and save money for the next school term. Merry Christmas in advance.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It’s Politic

For some aborigines, politic is sensitive and some make it a norm lie. I used to be exited when it comes to the Dayak politic but now it good to tone down the excitement. According to Price Charles, it is good to get further from politic to maintain your mental health and I think that he is right. Some people live better with politic and some are not. Politic is now becoming bitter as the Dayak are marginalized by the dominant in the coalition and get bullied. Better still, they have to toil to the utmost to supply their family and household.

The Dayak contributed 90% seat to the UMNO and BN on last general election. As such, they hope that there will be full minister post to be “awarded” to them as they won their constituency even straight two or three terms. As the cabinet line-up released by the BN chairman, none of the “great winner” to be appointed instead of “recycle” ministers and even those who were convicted to crime also appointed.

Will there any hope in Pakatan Rakyat for the Lost Aborigines? They have lost their power sharing with the Chief Minister (PBB) and Pak Lah (UMNO) for decades. Anwar Ibrahim invited Tajem to their function as according to the Broken Shield but will it be the new political strategy for the Dayak or just to fish sympathy from the Barisan Nasional. Masing denied that he is working close to Pakatan Rakyat during the press conference last few week.

The MCA Vice President, Chua Soi Liek has “questioned” the special right and the supreme power of the Malay and he got scorned for “disrespect” the Malay and the kings. However, in Sarawak we seldom heard such grievances as their mouth has been muted by the press and the chief minister. Nobody dare to speak their mind and thought as they are always wrong in the eyes of the leaders. There is no freedom of speech in the coalition as the absolute power must be respect by the members.

In TV we see a lot of plan everyday. Millions of Ringgit will be allocated to this and that project and surprisingly, Sabah and Sarawak are included. Somehow, these two states are still the poorest thought that “packages” has been allocated since 50 years. It’s a true lie by the Barisan Nasional. Sarawak and Sabah have lost their rainforest and animal habitat to develop their town and villages. The number of hard core poor family in increasing as the plan to achieve zero poverty has been implementing on the day Pak Lah was appointed as the prime minister.

The Lost Aborigines are always the good listener and not the receiver. They listen to the radio and watch TV and wait for the development plan and packages to come to their bazaar, schools, and village but it is just a long wait. The road will be paved soon after the General Election but getting worst and some has to walk on foot as the road is dented by the rain.

It’s just a politic game by the politicians to gain personal benefit and not to care for the rakyat. It’s a 50 years of jokes to play and the Dayak is still playing the same game to dissolute it community. On the next State Election, the Dayak will still vote for Barisan Nasional, the weakest government and play the same joke over and over again.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kalau Saya Seorang Menteri

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku hibur seluruh negeri
Dengan pesta tari menari
Biar dunia geli hati

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku buat jenayah ngeri
Bila didakwa ku bela diri
Biar yang berani cabut lari

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku mansuh seluruh subsidi
Harga kita pasaran terkini
Dunia pula meleset ekonomi

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku tenyeh pembangkang di TV
Biar mereka tidak berani
Kerana saya menteri yang pegang TV.

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku sedia duit seguni
Bila tiba musim mengundi
Seluruh bahagian gelak happy

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku buat projek mini
Biar rancak kita punya ekonomi
Disamping menjada biseness kroni

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku complain kesana sini
Kerajaan sekarang tak kenang budi
Ini cuma berlaku di lima negeri

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku bina “sangkar” besi
Biar yang bijak ku sumbat sekali
Demi menjaga keamanan komuniti

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku bina “sangkar” besi
Biar yang bijak ku sumbat sekali
Demi menjaga keamanan parti

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku pertahan jawatan terkini
Biar deputy iri hati
Kerana ini demokrasi

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan hantam tuan pengerusi
Biar heboh seluruh menteri
Dalam parlimen ku naik berahi

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku cantas bukit tertinggi
Biar ku buat banyak kuari
Untuk membina menara tinggi

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku buka klinik gigi
Bila tiba business dah naik rugi
Klinik ku tinggal aku join parti

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku tegak hak asasi
Biar dunia kasi puji
Negara Malaysia semuanya “free”

Kalau saya seorang menteri
Akan ku hadiah rakyat negeri
Bukan projek mega mahupun mini
Tetapi projek sapi dan juga babi.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Behind The Twilight.

I was shocked when my wife told me that the price of petrol is now RM 2.00 per liter. At 8.00 pm TV3 news yesterday, the toll rate has been cut down from 12.00 am to 7.00 am. Those are the good news for Elijah Manser, me and the house hold. The government is now opening their eyes towards the people’s struggle. Even though our composite index is losing we are still enjoying a lot from the government. The price of rice is now at steady mode and reasonably priced.

Somehow, there is something behind all these games. Our EPF contribution will be deducted down to 8%. What is that means? We are no more saving our salary and at the age of pension we have no money to buy casket or graveyard. Most of the developing countries are under depression due to world economic crisis but in Malaysia, the situation is handled effectively where we the people are enjoying benefit from the economic crisis. Something weird to me indeed. GM, Ford and Chrysler are the three multinational car makers to be saved by Obama with 200 billions USD reserved of the American Government. In Malaysia, we do not hear this kind of news because the government is wise enough to handle problematic GLC’s by slaughtering the people.

In fact, we are paying more everyday and that is the fact that Barisan Nasioanl has to know. We pay less for petrol but not the basic necessities. Education cost is now hiking though there is no fee for general examination in school. The price of foods is high and the subsidies are not helping much of the food problems. Bung Mokthar ( Kinabatangan MP) shouted at the parliament on the food price issue and I can see his struggle in addressing the issue. Those who earn less than RM 1000.00 per month will never sleep well as the inflation rate is high.

School students are now have to look for part time job to buy school uniform before the new session start next year. Parents are working very hard to pay dept and to by food for the household. This is how to live under the Barisan Nasional. Pay more and get less.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Simple Thought

How Barrack Obama Defines Himself and American Politics

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off -Topic

The Way BN Runs The Government.

Click to view
Idea Taken from the Economist Magazine, " What a Way to Run The World". - July 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008


It’s good to hear that TYT has awarded medal to our political and “non-political” leaders during his Birthday on Saturday. As I gone through the line-up list, I saw several names that familiar to me. The best award gone to Najib though. He is top of the list.

I am proud to have many Dayak “Dato” as he have less before. My congratulation goes to YB Dato Peter Nansian as our new Dato. SPDP is now has plenty of Dayak “Dato” and hope that this political party will strive more to fight for the Dayak right. Not forgettable, to Ik Pahon too as he deserve to be awarded for his hard works and contribution.

We have a lot of Dato’ and Dato Seri around and this is a good sign for Dayak’s politic. We are well served by our leaders although there are some issues have not yet settled. Nevertheless, we have to understand that the issues are well handled but it needs time to resolve. This including the NCR land issue which never pass-through CM’s ears and civil right of the aborigines. These Dato’ worked very hard to cater this issue so that nobody feels discriminated and side-lined.

SPDP congratulated YB Peter Nansian on one page in Sarawak Tribune yesterday. Somehow, I have not seen the “track-of-record” owned by SPDP in Bidayuh’ constituency. Some might assume that this could be a simply jealous statement but what is title for if there is no any record and competency performed? I fell well as there is no any Bollywood actor awarded on that day. Who knows, Salman Khan could be in the list as the Sarawak’s civil right activist.

We hope that there will be more YB to be awarded so that the Dayak will be well known in the BN political agenda. Some people told me that “Dato” is a prosperous title where you can get government tender and grant.

Finally, congratulation once again to those who are awarded. May the title be used to uphold the Dayak’s dignity and triumph.

Happy Deepavali

Dear All Hindu Readers,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Hindu Happy Deepavali. Enjoy your time and have a good celebration with family and friends.

Tbsbidayuh & Family

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off Topic

Political, Religion & Racial Tolerance.

The next episode of the new government is yet to evaluate as Pak Lah will be out of the national box of political battlefield. Leaving Najib to navigate the sinking ship to get to another side of “cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang” nation seems to be impossible. The crews are weary and tired with perfect storm of global economic breakdown and politic tension as Pakatan Rakyat is now making their strategy to from 2/3 majority. Will there wanna be another trip to Mongolia to learn Poultry and Dairy by Najib team in Mac 2009?

Most of the countries in Asian continent are facing the same trouble whenever the new government is about to form. Samak has resigned last week due to riot of the Thais as motion of no-confidence was not accepted by him. Japan minister stepped down due to his ineffectiveness. Musharaf has been toppled down by PPP, Asif Ali as his ‘era of dictatorsip” fail to resolve the worst terrorism though he is working well with Bush on War against Terrorist. Thailand and Pakistan are the two countries that always being change by the people and not the leaders. At the end the next leader have always inherit the worst and could not find a solution to stabilize their country politic and economy.

Will Pak Lah inherits the same portion of “problem and happiness” to Najib after these 5 month of time? What charisma does Najib has to navigate the nation as Pak Lah has failed to lead the team, Barisan Nasioanl shield of arrogance has made the country suffering of racial tense, religion conflict (Azan and Teresa Kok) and politic imbalance (weak team of Pak Lah). The altitude of “ignore the annoying” issue such as rising unemployment rate and inflation by Pak Lah has made his political story become dull. It is something like a calm lake but there is strong current beneath.

Pak Lah has ignored human right and failed to revive the government from bad lost on March 8th. UNMO members are now being wild like a lion out of the zoo. He could not tame the attitude of his UMNO members where sensitive issues are freely discussed and published in the media. UMNO sparked so many sensitive issues but somehow none of them “admitted” to Sungai Buloh as Pak Lah is now “Sazali’s” father. Three years suspended for Ahmad is not the answer to the Chinese and Indian as Malaysia was form by these three clans. HINDRAF was not entertained but now UMNO is contributing RM 30m to “legalized’ defamation in the national media. Nobody wants to persecute the Islam or the Malay. The thing is that they must discipline themselves as what Prophet Muhammad taught them to do so.

Today’s The Borneo Post press highlighted Taib’s intimidation to shut the annoying politicians as politic should learned by itself. We patterned his political journey with greed and arrogant which no one could question. Sarawak is said developing and no one should question how BN threat the people of Sarawak regardless race and religion. The media must be used fully to air intimidation as Taib has his right to obstruct freedom of press and speech. No one should talk freely about the state government weakness as PBB is doing well to uphold harmony and justice in the state. We are yet to see something different after his depart from politic. When? I do not know and let wait and see if SCORE is a true dream to be build within 5 months.

Save The Penan – Whose Mission?

Bruno Manser has been marked as Enemy of the State by Tun Mahathir during his era. He landed his glider on Taib’s compound brought together with him was a white sheep as the symbol of peace and friendship. He has been hunted by the soldiers and police but somehow managed to jump out of the land rover truck. He stayed in the jungle for years and leading several blockages of illegal logging by Taib and his fellow friend. In fact, he able to stop timber import from Borneo to his country home (Switzerland) as he have seen timber killed the aborigines’ habitat and social life. There was peace hunger protest in front of Suisse Bank for weeks to stop timber business with Borneo.

Why Should they care since the government discriminate the Penan?

Ever since his lost at Long Kerong, the Penan is exploited once again by the Sarawak government. Maybe they are just a small entity in the Sarawak community population. As such, they are always become the victim of logging and plantation companies. Kelesau has been killed by “ghost” on his way to track back his trap. Since then the Penan are living in a great fear and nobody seems to care. Taib accused the Star Press and Bruno Manser Foundation for publishing the Penan girl raped case and sexual abused by the logging company worker. Only then SUHAKAM blow its trumpet and so to the Woman’s organization to react with this crucial issue which is too late to take action.
Who Killed Kelesau?

Taib is always greater than anything and will only listen to the good news. That is how the Sarawakians know him, dictator. He can use the law to defend himself though he should act as those who are living under the law. His logging concession with a Japanese company has made silent by the government and ACA.

The Penan is now living under threat or maybe someday Penan will extinct as the Red Indian in Canada and northern United State under the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Will Penan be in the same situation in the future? Why only foreign organizations seem to care? Nevertheless, they receive many threats even have to sacrifice their life for the sake of humanity.

The Penan student’s (girls) are now have to think twice to go to school as there are hungry sex addict in the forest. Not their tribe but outsiders. This is the most shameful news of the century as the government always denies their right and struggles as their arrogant is always be the trade mark of governance. The Penan will end up with discrimination if the State Government does not look at it seriously. Neiter the government nor independent body or political party could ever sort out the old issue of the Penan. What Malaysiakini has done was always before the Bruno Manser Faundation report. As a result, there is no any initiative taken by political parties (commonly opposition) to resolve this issue as it bring no benefit to them. They talked about it a while to point-out the government’s threat to the Penan but then silent when there is another big bang issue such as ISA, Racial and Religious tolerance and NEP.

Penan issue can be a good political agenda if there is track of records improving the Penan welfare. There is an association but I do not know if Jacob Sagan has put the Penan in the agenda or else it is juat for Kelabit and and Kayan or Orang Ulu. Maybe it is not wise to highlight a very single issue to gain political fame as what Taib has said but seem that Penan issues are always unresolved, why don’t we settle it down before it get getting worse?

I gave my son’s name Elijah Manser to honor Bruno Manser fight to save Penan from extinction. He was born on 29th June 2008 and now doing well and healthy. I hope that he will ask me why I named him Manser one day or at least asking himself who is Manser. I have not seen anyone who are boldly fight but yet dishonored to help anyone he really do not know and understand. I hope Elijah will fight for his people one day as what Bruno has done. It the sense of humanity that made Bruno Manser different than Ronald Reagen, Winston Churchil, Lenin or Mohandas Ghandi and I really believe in that one.

As to the Penan, the world is always unjust but there is one thing that always strengthens you all. You are not beggar and do no evil to anyone. You live in humbleness and gentleness which no one could understand. Justice will prevail soon and you will gain victory in the midst of struggle, discrimination and war against brutality of the government you trusted. God bless your fight and determination.

Monday, October 13, 2008

God Saves The Aborigines

March 2009 will be the new series of Power Transformation or better to say it Power Inheritance in UMNO and Barisan Nasional. What does it cares with the new picture of The Aborigines politics, economy and social? Will Najib holding on the Islamic country sentiment, NEP and special right of the Malay tribe? Will Sarawak and Sabah continue to be at the corner of the washroom?

There are many meeting made by Sabahan and Sarawakian to discuss on Pak Lah quit and the coming new regime. UPKO redeems a transparent government from UMNO and I do not know what PBB has discussed but most probably to proclaim their support to the present dictator and the next regime. Shall we be happy with the next exploitation of power and economy by the new regime in March 2009? Can we have our SCORE right within 5 month of power transition? Houseflies never live long and that is the fact. Five month will be another uncertainty for the Dayak to hold their faith and hope in Barisan Nasional. What will Taib do then? Continue to support Barisan Nasional for his own political gain?

The Lost Aborigines are not mindless actually. In fact, they have Peter Minos, the Bidayuh “activist”, Nyarok, and other NGOs pro and do forth. The Abdul Razak community will be born soon after the Atlantis project commence at the aborigines territory. We lost, politicians win and that is the nature law where predator is extreme than prey. Somehow, it does not applicable in the real political world where prey are always feel discriminated though they are not ingest by the predator.

What is the new resolution of the Selakau in Lundu province on the next government? As far as I know there are well marginalize under SPDP. Well, maybe not because I did not do any study regarding on that area. Somehow, I know that there is less to develop since Gunung Gading is a reserved rainforest and not to be spoiled by quarry activity by CMS. There are oil palm estates to cater it surrounding job but how much they earn is yet to be known.

The most important thing is how the aborigines evaluate themselves under decades of marginalization and exploitation. I may be seditious to write this statement but it is the fact that the aborigines have been totally marginalized by the regimes troops. There are still pending issue to be settled but it has no end since their leaders are powerless and apprehensive to raise such issue in the parliament or coffee shops. None of the BN candidate dares to speak about NCR land issue thought they have a very clear access to it solution. Opposition couldn’t do much as they are always marked as poor party and trouble maker. On my last meeting with my cousin, I asked him to remove PBB and BN sticker from his car windscreen since there is power transition soon. There is no use to support such party if we are still living under poverty and marginalization, I said to him. He told me that he is in dilemma since both political entities (opposition and government) could not make him happy.

There are several attempts to save the lost aborigines from being marginalized. DBNA was then been formed to work out the Bidayuh issue. SDNU was registered to be the ultimate answer to the Dayak uncertainties. All collapse due to no support from their dayak as their mentality could not be changed. It might cause by “frustration” or “anger” as their question could not be answered by both political party and independent organization. DBNA has lack of support as it is working close with political party which is not inline with its mission and vision to unite the Bidayuh as hole. The education program is now dimming due to lack of fund to run seminar and talk to transform the Bidayuh mentality.

Who made the Dayak to be the third class society? Politic or themselves? I do not have any good answer since I am not an activist or politician. Indeed, they are sidelines because they like to be sideline. They will blindly vote for those they like and not believe and at the end of it they have to accept that they are not presented in the government. The riddle continue to be unanswered as they fell better with their living and achievement but never feel that they are marginalized. Will God save them? Ask God night and days and doing nothing about it. See if miracle comes then.

Johnny Come Lately

NS-Towards Patriotic Citizen

It was good to hear that Dato’ Dr. Tiki Lafie has been appointed as National Service Chairman as he lost his chair in the house of the parliament. Well, that is good for him but how about his clan? He is now being another nationalist to introduce patriotic citizens to lead the nation in the future. He deserved it actually rather than no post in the government. Dr. Koh Tsu Koon does not deserve any senator post from Pak Lah when asked. The best he can do is to revive GERAKAN after political tsunami aftermath when GEARAKAN lost badly.

What is Pak Lah’s motive in appointing Tiki for such post as Sarawak contributed a lot to Barisan Nasional. Perhaps, this may be his last mercy before his power transition next year. At least, there is Bidayuh in at the corner of Barisan Nasional’s political game; being a ball collector is better than a player on the reserve bench. As such, Tiki has to accept this offer since SPDP need to be highlighted in the eyes of the Aborigines although such post is inadequate compare to the Bidayuh support to Barisan Nasioanl.

Sometime, politic is sour as lies and disagreement have to be entertained in the name of democracy. The aborigines are always being the last alternative when Barisan Nasional turned rotten. Should a weak leader line-up or form a weak team to lead the country? Let see, Muhammad Mahmud Taib was appointed though he was caught with currency scandal oversea. There are plenty leaders from Sarawak and Sabah to take care of the government and I think their loyalty to Barisan Nasional (not Pak Lah) is immeasurable. Then, there came an issue from Sabah where some of the UMNO members were offered assistant minister post rather than full minister. Are they incapable?

The appointment of Tiki Lafie as chairman of NS should be rejected as he was an assistant minister before. He should be appointed as Senator or better than that. But, who am I to figure this since I am not a Bidayuh paramount leader? Hence, who am I to decide who is doing this and that to make the globe spinning better. Let see if Tiki can handle NS to the utmost to produce patriotic citizen when the aborigines are fighting among themselves on many issues. Well, leave it to “NGOs” to handle the issue since they are better than government.

I do not know what is the Bidayuh’s opinion and point-of-view on his appointment. But for me, let Lee Lam Thye be the hero since Malaysia is dominated by the Malay, Chinese and India and not the aborigines. We are thought to accept that there are only three race highlighted in the national agenda. Bumiputera, the Malaya and non- bumiputera, Chinese and India.

Let the new kid in town make it happening from now as National Service is just a waste-of-money where in the end we produced “mat rempit, drug pusher, porn smuggler and murderer. Maybe Dr. Tikie can make it better since he is not in the third group of the national community. Who knows?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

When I See You Smile

Written By Dora.

Jailhouse Rock!!

Justice Smile

It was late afternoon. My husband and I were traveling from 7th Mile to PTPL College. That was my first time to actually see some protest papers were glued to signage along the road from airport to BDC. I felt impressed because I never realized that we have RPK’s supporters here in Kuching, Moreover, it’s not just about RPK but about the anti-ISA movements. It’s all about human rights. It is actually very cruel to detain a person without trial. Even God has to judge his people before He send them to Heaven or Hell. So, how could men be above God?

Since YB Teresa Kok was released from detention, my opinion towards ISA grew critical. They not only detain the person without trial but they treat them even worst than their pets at home. I felt sorry for RPK when he complained that he had diarrhea after few days consuming the food. Then he rather survive on plain water and dates just to continue living in the “world’s hell”. This proved that they does not respect human – a being created by the hands of God. This is because they act as if they are God.

Lately, TV3 had this serial news about the needs of ISA in Malaysia. They are trying to show the positive sides of ISA by creating and manipulating news about ISA in Malaysia and compare it to other countries practicing the same law. Following majority does not necessarily prove that they are right. ISA can never have positive sides when the basic ideas are wrong. These are stupid people trying to “menegakkan benang yang basah”. Malaysians are not that stupid, mind you leaders! Sarawakians are also not that unaware even though we are far away from Kem Kamunting.

In my personal views of ISA, I think that ISA is just a law to protect the powerful wrong-doers. If it is really made to protect Malaysians against terrorism and racism, then why Ahmad Ismail was only suspended of his membership in UMNO for 3 years after he told the Chinese that they are immigrants and should get lost from this country. Why isn’t he detained under the ISA? Even though I am not a Chinese but I dislike this kind of statement. This kind of statement actually makes me hate Malays when not all of them are bad. RPK, for an example. Don’t you think Ahmad Ismail is more dangerous than RPK? Well, maybe RPK is dangerous for the ‘Perompak’ and ‘Pencuri’ but he is what we need now. We need the truth, justice and improvement. Not beauty from inside yet ugly in the inside.

I would like to ask all of us to continue to support the abolishment of ISA in Malaysia. Do not create Guantanamo Bay in Malaysia because we are not American. Who knows in future they might want to build another Kem Kamunting here in Kuching. I do not want that to happen. We have to respect all humans because they are created by God. Even a murderer goes through trial before he is declared guilty. Think about it…

Thursday, October 9, 2008

When The Rooster Crows- XI

You may be Right, I may be Crazy


Although I am just a young father, I really like classic bands such as Rod Stewart, Smokie, The Eagles, Alan Jackson, Lobo and all those classic English bands. Some of the songs they sang have it deep meaning to me. Today, we will listen to Billy Joel, You may be right.

Some of the readers always blame me for blindly give my “blind” comments on Bidayuh organizations, politics and lifestyle. I was blame for giving “bad” comments for Bidayuh politicians, leaders and others kind of groups. I was then totally being condemned by the Bidayuh for “accuse” DBNA on Tun Abdul Razak resettlement NCR Land issue. Yes, they maybe right, I may be lunatic for airing all those shameful message of the Bidayuh to the whole world. Nevertheless, some assume that I am just a pathetic hero in stead being an obedient person as I have dept with the Bidayuh organization and Yayasan Sarawak.

There are many “crazy” stories that we must aware nowadays. There are not only the Bidayuh issues but plenty. Yesterday The Eastern Times published the allegation of Taib Mahmud to “shut-up” the media for publishing the news of raped Penan Girl and sex abuse in Baram area. He will never shut those media because he never takes his time to watch his mouth and behavior. And now, everybody is heading to Baram to dig out the news from the victims. NGOs, Woman welfares and so forth are now busy with those “silly accusation” by Bruno Manser Foundation and The Star Press.

We also have to know that our Composite Index is now below 1000 points and almost all countries composite index are falling due to the American financial crisis after Lehman Brothers was declared bankrupt, Merrill Lynch has been purchased by American Bank. AIG was then facing a tremendous liquidity crisis following the downgrade of its credit rating. Somehow, the local media reported that there is a guarantee that foreign investors will stay in the country to do business. Somehow, the market is now decline badly. Maybe someone can enlighten us because I am not an economic expert.

Now, let get back to the Bidayuh issue which always being a shameful thing to talk about. I feel lucky because there is no any news reporting on the rape and sex abuse happening in the Bidayuh community. Maybe it may happen but it is just a domestic violence or “minor abuse” that we can ignore. On my way back to my mother’s home in Simuti, I always stunned by a hard core poor families, jobless youths, uneducated children and life struggles of the Bidayuh people in Padawan and Penrissen area. As such, I could not do much because I am just a small ant in the colony. There are lot of dreams and hope but they are only mine which I cannot do much to make they real.

Should we blame politic for marginalizing the Bidayuh? Dato’ Micheal manyin once said that Bidayuh must never wait for anyone to feed them but they must work as hard as possible to feed themselves. He may right but if it is so, why should we involve in politic? There are many to blame but have we ever ask our right and obligation as a voter and follower? What if we vote for opposition then? Myopia?

Tun Mahathir was called by the Malays as regime as he has said the Malay as lazy and easy forgets. For me, I am not as good as Tun Mahathir to give my comments and critics on the Bidayuh issues. We have been living under marginalization and squatters on out own mother land. Think about it twice.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Longest Yard

I went to a village which is nearby Borneo Highland Resort and met with its community leader. Actually, it was just a cordial visit to his house as I was on leave. My strong desire to know what is the real story behind the affected areas and compensation on fruit trees and paddy farm. The affected areas covered Annah Rais, Pangkalan Ampat, Kiding, Semuti, Sadir, Sapit and others and the said affected area are NCR lands.

The community leader picked-up a meeting minute written by a staff of Borneo Highland Resort dated July 2007. It main agenda is the compensation rate and date of payment to the affected community. The Project Manager said that all the affected area (NCR lands) will be compensated based on the rate given by the state government and all the fruit trees are compensated based on the price agreed by the community leaders during the meeting.

It seems to me that the NCR lands are now well taken care at that area after years of overlook. Somehow, the compensation has not been delivered due to no any land survey have been made. I do not know why should it take years to deliver the compensation since the company has agreed to compensate the affected land and crops?

The Bidayuh has been marginalizing by their leaders and this statement will make me as another Bidayuh traitor and nut. James Dawos, Bengoh MP and Jerip cannot work together to settle down this issue because these two are from different political party. As a result, the community leaders will only listen to the meeting and never get their NCR land and crops compensated. This is the turmoil in the Bidayuh politic and their leaders gave no attention into it. Many projects have been completed with no agreement between the representatives and the community like Borneo Highland Resort and Mambong dump sites. I do not know if the CMS clinker project was agreed by the community of its surrounding area. If you pass by the Mambong area by bike you can smell a “fragrance” of rubbish at about 5 miles in radius. That was the greatness of Bidayuh sacrificial which never benefited tem at all.

Annah Rais Hot Spring and Long House home stay and eco-tourism are now dying as there is no any improvement made by the government. My wife paid Rm 5.00 when we enter the Hot Spring and there were many visitors on that day. I believe that it has its potential to welcome more visitors. Somehow, the facility is not really that good as the NCR land “owner” has no fund to improve his hot spring ponds.

The NCR land issue will never end as the Bidayuh leaders are muted and dump. Taib will never develop them unless; they converted to other “religion” as it is stated in the Barisan Nasional development package.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Sudden Anger

I feel reluctant to write what I suppose to write because some “people” might feel uneasy but it is my obligation to say it here. I am ready to get blasted by those who think that I am totally wrong. Well, whatsoever, it is for our betterment.

Yesterday, on the way back home, my wife asked me to stop by Siburan bazaar to buy liquid detergent. It was rainy afternoon and I parked my ugly bike at a shaded parking lot. On my left side there was a nice car.

As I turn off the engine, suddenly a well looked man call me with aloud and angry voice. “Boss. Macam mana saya mau keluar! (Sir, how do I get out?)” said the man in anger. “Apa? Pak cik mau keluar?. Keluar ke mana? Uncle boleh undur dan keluarlah. (What? Uncle want to get out to where? Maybe you can reverse and exit from this parking lot.” I replied. His face turned to different impression and said “Saya baru sampai dan saya mau keluar. Kamu halang pintu saya, macam mana saya mau keluar loh. (I have just arrive and want to get out from this car. If you block my door how to get out!)”. I replied, “I am sorry uncle” and parked my bike away from his car.

Then, my wife goes to H&L supermarket and I wait for her. The man gets out from his car. Based from his appearance he must be a professional as he drives a nice car and wearing neck tie. He looked at me with a different way and I ignored him. As I waited for my wife, I heard he speaks with an aunty about what was happening over and over. He blamed me blindly and looks down at me as a rider in the rain. At first I ignore his conversation with the aunty but as he keeps on repeating the bad word in Bidayuh language, I interrupted him and said in Bidayuh language “Uncle, aku muh mite maaf so kaam. Duh sah dinge nyabut har anu. Manguh aku dingah.( Uncle, I have ask for apologize from you and I think that we do not have to talk about it over and over again. I feel shame.” His impression changed as I talk to him in Bidayuh language. I asked him to keep no heart feeling on me before we leave the bazaar.

Some of the people I met will assume that I am a Chinese as I am a little bit look like a Chinese man. I mean my eyes and face are look alike. That was why that uncle spoke “bahasa pasar” with me. What made me upset was that how can a professional Bidayuh
(He is a bank officer) burned his anger easily where there are many polite ways to converse with others? He can say “excuse me” in stead of raising his voice to a small biker like me. I realized that I was wrong and asked for apologize but it was seems to be not working at all. Maybe if I drive a car as he has, he will be more polite to me. I feel different yesterday afternoon but I have to make it as a funny tragedy.

Bidayuhs are recognized by their humbleness and courtesy. That are the trade mark and they are thought in every households and schools. Somehow, I could not understand why there are still arrogant people of my clan which is not inline to our culture value and personality. We are thought to respect and honor each other to live in harmony and unity. Maybe if I dressed like he dressed and drive a car like what he drives, I will not get punt by the uncle but getting apologize from him or at least a polite words and respect as a same tribe like him.

We are loosing our precious value that was planted by our forefather and that made us disunite and hate our own clan. I miss the time when elders teach us to behave and mould our personality in order to behave in a good manner. I do not blame the uncle wholly as he might not receive the same portion of personality lesson as my father has given to me. Maybe I look younger to him and deserve no respect and furthermore, I am just a small ugly bike rider.

I believe that we practice what is good to conserve our good personality. Everybody is trying to project themselves in the society and I believe that those who are courteous are well known but those who are rude and arrogant will lost his friends. Let live in a harmony environment where “give and take” is well practice and appreciated.

Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Excuse Me. I beg your Pardon Sir,

Gov’t will never acquire NCR land for no reason: Chan
The Eastern Times ( Monday, 29th Sept 2008)

MIRI: The State government has never, and will never, grab native customary rights (NCR) land from the people for no apparent reason, Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam (picture) said.
“In cases where such (NCR) land is urgently needed for development purposes, proper procedures will be followed and alternative arrangements made with the affected people.
“It has never been the policy of this government to chase away villagers from their land,” he said.
Chan said this last Saturday when asked to comment on a peaceful demonstration staged by villagers from 13 villages in Bekenu that morning over a land dispute with a local developer.
The demonstrators, who claimed to represent the 10,000 villagers in Bekenu, wanted Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, to intervene in the land dispute.
In stating that he had yet to get a full report on the issue, Chan advised the affected villagers to file a formal appeal to the State government. He assured that the matter would be seriously looked into.


Borneo Highland Resort was built in around 1996 until early 2000 and I was a teenager at that time. The development of Borneo Highland Resort was inspired by those who “love” the paradise on earth. I still remember when I was in SMK Padawan at that time. Lorries were coming and forth carrying stones, asphalt and building materials along old Padawan road. The road has never silence then as the lorries traveling days and nights. Since then, Padawan has it interest, the paradise on the mountain top. I am wonder if can ride a cable car one day as what the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong has at Genting.

In his speech at Teng Buakap, which was in 1997,Taib promises that once the “paradise” is constructed, there will be pave along the Padawan road and I heard a voice “ Hidup BN and Taib”. It was so wonderful to imagine at that time as I used to travel on a dusty and rocky Padawan road. I am wonder too why we are not giving any “compensation” from any “companies” or “government agency” on the trespassed NCR land between Annah Rais and Kiding.

Not long after that, in Semuti there was Gawai celebration where Sagah, Peter Minos and other gang from country height came to deliver the “compensation” and promises. Dr. Chan should know about it as the Chinese in Padungan are not happy with the “land occupation” issue. As far as I know, the “Duit Gunung” (compensation) has been distributed to every family but the sum was RM 100 or less and the affected areas are Annah Rais, Panglakan Ampat, Kiding and other villages. I do could not understand why William Tanyuh is made “retired” by SUPP and replaced with someone “better” to tackle the NCR land issue.

Who are the main players in Borneo Highland Resort scandal? The Mountain of Penrissen “Darud Penrissesn” was made sacred as the old folks believed that there is a “Princess” staying on the top and it kept sacred among the Aborigines nut not now. I believe that the purpose to develop the mountain top is for the betterment to the Bidayuh at it surrounding area but not as whole.

I have been working there as a general worker during school holiday. I really cannot take bath in the morning because the water is really ice-cold. I worked for one week and it was a great experience to receive RM 10.00 per day. It was in 1996. My brothers worked as a gardener and get RM 12.00 per day. My uncle has been working there since its land breaking ceremony until today and struggling in schooling my cousins. That is the only option to get money as farming is not applicable to get money.

I am tired to talk about NCR since it does not have its black and white and made innocent to the aborigines. This including series of “illegal” logging and plantation in our area. There is an aborigine who wanted to fight for these MCR land issue but hated by Jabu. In fact, Jabu does not like any NGO who stands for the aborigines’ right. That is according to one of a blogger. If you read back my posting entitled “ Minority Report” you can have a little view on what we have get from NCR land development.
Please correct me if I am wrong to say that the participation of the aborigines in SUPP is to get something from NCR lands. Jerip and Dawos are waiting for “something” once Bengoh Dam project is implemented. The sad thing is we will get rewarded with a new kind of community called Razak clans. We (Aborigines) support Barisan Nasional because we love development but we never realize we are loosing our dignity and possession. What is the craziest thing is that, the aborigines support SUPP and get deceived as the party is a Chinese racial based party.

Dr. Chan might have a solid answer to the NCR lands status for the aborigines. Why there is no any land title for our house site where we are staying now. There were several long houses had been flatten down by plantation companies though the land has been occupied before the Brooke era. I do believe that we are not squatters on out own home land and the law is not applicable to chase us out but was made to intimidate us. NCR land issue will never end if Taib do not want to lay down his legacy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

I would like to wish all the Malay-Muslim Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin. To those who are driving home, drive safely. Have a break and enjoy free drinks at any Petronas Fuel Station.

p/s: Will write more again soon. Thank you for visiting The Lost Aborigine

Tbsbidayuh & Family

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A "Wake-up" Call for Sabahans

Let the wind Blow above and not below it.

Taken from Lim Kit Siang Blog

“916” this year has added significance, as it marks not only Malaysia Day but also the yearnings of Sabahans for a new Malaysia where they enjoy full citizenship status and benefits as Malaysians.

In the past 45 years, Sabahans have been denied their full citizenship rights – which is symbolised most vividly by the government failure to declare Malaysia Day on September 16 as a national public holiday.

After 45 years, Sabah’s problems are more than a basketful.

Sabah is a rich state with vast natural resources but the people of Sabah have been denied an equitable share of the wealth of the state.

Not only hard-core poverty, but poverty, should have been eradicated in Sabah by now. Instead, poverty in Sabah is the worst in the country.

Last year, I raised in Parliament the tragedy of the suicide of a 11-year-old Dusun boy from Kinarut, Donny John Dion, because of acute and desperate poverty of his family by hanging himself at home at Kampung Suangon in the Papar parliamentary constituency.

It is a state and national disgrace that in the 21st century, 11-year-old Donny could be driven to suicide because of the poverty and deprivation suffered by his family 45 years after the birth of Malaysia.

The Sabah Chief Minister should have resigned in shame and disgrace at a scandal like Donny’s suicide but there had neither been moral stirrings nor sense of responsibility by any of the Barisan Nasional leaders whether at state or national level for Donny’s tragedy.

Secondly, there is the problem of an equitable share of Sabahans in the “black gold” in the state.

A Pakatan Rakyat federal government will ensure that Sabah will get 20% of the oil royalty from Petronas and not just 5%, so that greater resources can be devoted for the development and empowerment of ordinary Sabahans.

Thirdly, the long-standing rampant corruption in Sabah. The state tops the list of states in the country in terms of corruption.

Fourthly, another long-standing problem of illegals with Sabahans reduced to strangers in their own land – completely overwhelmed by a larger population of foreigners in the state. Sabahans have a right to demand the return to the old days when they can feel safe not only in the streets and public places, but even in their homes when they could leave their houses open without fear of becoming victims of rampant crime.

Fifthly, the marginalisation of the Sabahans, particularly the Kadazan-Dusun-Murut community, depriving them of the full fruits and benefits of Malaysian citizenship.

In the flurry of “goodies” after the March 8 “political tsunami” to ensure the allegiance of BN MPs in Sabah in view of their sudden “kingmaker” role in ensuring the survival of Umno hegemony and Barisan Nasional government in Putrajaya, among the measures announced by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi were the appointment of a Sabahan to be Vice Chancellor of Universiti Sabah Malaysia and to head the federal development department.

Read more..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malaysian PM calls opposition bluff - Aljazeera News

Malaysia's prime minister has rejected a claim by Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of the country's opposition alliance, that he enough political support to form a new government.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the opposition's plan to form a new government was "mere dreams" and he was not under pressure to resign.

Anwar, who leads the Pakatan Rakyat (People's Alliance), a loose opposition coalition, told a rally of supporters late on Monday that he had enough government defectors to seize power and urged the prime minister to discuss a transition plan.

He said that while he would miss his own deadline of September 16, he would secure the defection of at least 30 government MPs and a change of government would happen soon.

But rejecting that claim Abdullah told reporters that if it were true Anwar "would have announced it by now".

Referring to a "game of political lies" he said speculations over the future of his government were a "waste of time".

Nonetheless he did not rule out a meeting with Anwar "if there is anything concrete to discuss at a suitable time".

"Do you think [Anwar] would ask for a meeting with me to discuss a transition?" he said. "He would storm into my room with hundreds behind him, shouting victory. This is Anwar's style."

Abdullah also said that he did not feel compelled to quit despite repeated calls for his resignation after the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition suffered unprecedented losses in March general elections.



The Day to Remember

It’s Sept 16
By Puvaneswary Devindran

THE reminder ‘Lest We Forget’ kept popping up during my recent interview with Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min.

While he also had this printed as the title of his introduction in the books he had authored, these three little but powerful words could very well sum up everything needed to be said about the significance of Sept 16 to all Sarawakians.

“People don’t seem to understand or seem not to pay enough attention. Malaysia came into existence on Sept 16. Not Aug 31 which has no meaning to us Sarawakians,” he said in a fatherly tone which gave added piquancy to the aroma of thick coffee lingering in his office.

True to the testaments of other journalists who had covered this ‘grand old man of Sarawak politics’ before, Wong, even at 86, commands a conversation very well with his quick wits and blunt statements.

“He always has a knack for words with a bagful of useful phrases, idioms and proverbs,” a fellow journalist noted.

Wong’s interview on the subject of Sept 16 seemed long overdue, especially in these couple of years following talks about how important it was and how it should be celebrated.

Never mind that the date had been politicised somewhat, it is still an important day in Malaysia’s history and thesundaypost and its sister paper See Hua Daily News felt Wong’s opinion mattered.

“It is the day Malaysia was formed. If they want to celebrate on Aug 31, that’s up to them. In my heart, I know it’s Sept 16,” he said.

Obviously, respect for this date (Sept 16) runs deep in the heart of this paramount leader who played a pioneering role in Malaysia’s formation and in placing the nation in the eyes of world.

A telegram to Wong during a timber cruise in Baram in 1961 officially snowballed him into the quest to form Malaysia.



Today is a great day of the 45th Years in joining The Greatest Empire of Malaya. Long live the CM and PM. Anwar Ibrahim declared today will be the most historical day in the National history but yet all those frogs are hopping to Hong Kong to learn how to setup casino. Who made today as the greatest day for the Sarawakians? Tun Jugah, James Wong or Anwar Ibrahim?

It’s 45 years of struggle for the Dayak to seek their fate under the UMNO governance where there are less attention to the Dayak. Dato Amar James Wong should review his “Patriotism” spirit by accepting Tun Fuad Stephen invitation to join Malaya. Today, The Aborigines must remember it as the darkest day in the years although it should be celebrated as a victorious from confrontation and communist. In fact, we should never fear of Bong Kee Chok because he is well fed by Rahman and the clan. We are The Aborigines of this virgin rainforest has never being a trouble to British, Brunei and Sukaernao. It’s Rahman, Wong and Jugah who shape the jars into saucer. We still have our brothers and sisters in Indonesia (Kalimantan) where were originated.

Just now, my friend told me how good it is if Sarawak is still under the Brunei monarchy. Better still, we will enjoy vast petroleum and natural resources on our own. Well said although it might be a “stupid” feeling. The Malay sold us twice. Brunei sold the Aborigines to Brooke family and after that to Malaya. The Dayak lost their place in the eyes of the society when Kalong Ningkan was thrown out of his office due to “Racism” issue. Well said in his book “The Broken Shield”, Joseph Tawie summarized that Sarawak is made of money politic and scandals by the converted Melanau to rule and grab everything on this very earth of the Dayak.

Jabu, in his interview with RTM 1 program last night told that Sarawak politic is in well condition and stable. Well, we should review our state wealth and income which is not benefited the Sarawakian as whole. Contracts are given to Naim and CMS and then after a lot of deduction they are distributed to the Dayak at about 1% per tribe. Jabu should have a very solid answer of the local SALCRA worker wages although the price of crude oil palm is greater than rubber and timber. Why pay less? Is it a reason to invite Indonesians and create another Project IC to support UMNO once Taib is called by God?

Pairin said that the government should be more serious in handling racial issue to harvest the people trust towards the government. Well, they are trying hard up to now where racist has to be banned and those human right fighters have to face ISA and someone has to resign though. The government is not serious. They like to play with small issue to spark the hatred of the people to other race and religion.

Well said Dompok,

"My answer is, let us not distort history. It is because we love our country that we want the proper date...I think Sabahans and Sarawakans are zealous about safeguarding their date of independence," he said.

Based on history, Dompok said Sept 16, 1963 should be considered as Malaysia Day as it was the real date for the birth of Malaysia.

"We know of course that there was no Malaysia before Sept 16, 1963.

What existed then was the Federation of Malaya. If we had joined Malaya then, the legitimate date would be Aug 31, 1957, but we did not.

"These are facts of history and I don't think we should change that. That is my point of view ... Aug 31 is independence day for Peninsular Malaysia and probably in the context of Sabah and Sarawak, Aug 31 can still be considered independence day, but Malaysia Day and the birth of Malaysia was on Sept 16." Daily Express Sabah.

To me, 16th September (yesterday was my birthday) is a failure to the Dayak under the great empire of Malaya. We lost something that we should have now to some people who are lack of humanity and courage. Let us remember today is a failure of the government to cater the Aborigines needs under the Malaysian Proclamation and Sarawak Proclamation.

Monday, September 15, 2008

ACA Produced False Report

S’wak among states with high corruption cases

KUCHING: Sarawak is one of the states to record the highest number of corruption cases, said State Anti-corruption Agency (ACA) director Mohd Yusoff Akope yesterday.

According to statistics released by ACA, a total of 453 people had been arrested for various corruption-related cases during the first eight months of this year.

“Out of the 453 people arrested, 49 of them have been produced before the court,” he told reporters at Program Gerak Mesra BPR-JAIS Bersama Masyarakat at the Islamic Information Centre here.

He disclosed that the agency had also received numerous complaints pertaining to corruption.

“We have received 880 corruption complaints and out of the total, we have started 77 investigation papers and 353 ‘fail pertanyaan risikan’,” he said.

He pointed out that most of the people involved in corruption in the state were from the management and professional groups.

“We have arrested a total of 16 people from the professional group, support group (14), private sector (12) and civilian (7). And 68 cases are on trial at various courts in the state,” he added.

He repudiated the claims by certain parties alleging that ACA was merely taking action against ‘ikan bilis’ (fry as opposed to big fish) and assured the public that ACA would not compromise with anyone found to be involved in corruption.

Nevertheless, he said the corruption incidence in the country was still at a manageable level based on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released by Transparency International.

“Malaysia is at level five out of 10 in the CPI index,” he said.

The programme, jointly-organised by State ACA and JAIS, was aimed at inculcating moral and anti-corruption values among the young and to create awareness and educate the public on ways to become responsible citizens of the country.

The event was launched by JAIS director Datu Misnu Taha and was attended by, among others, state Immigration director Datuk Robert Lian.


Sarawak cannot afford to loose a lot and continue to get 5% royalty from federal government. That is why corruption is legal in Sarawak. That is why Chief Minister makes a lot of money from Sarawak natural resources to feed his family. ACA should first investigate Taib and his family at Cahaya Mata Sarawak (CMS) and Naim Cendera. Logging concession cases was made silent as he can act above the law although there was solid evidence reported.

ACA, stop talking nonsense if you cannot perform your job or else there will be more false report produced.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Community Leaders Vacancy

We are the most well established organization and looking for persons to fill several vacancies to expand our operation and business. We are looking for capable and hardworking "community" leaders.


1. Work with MP to manipulate the communities mind (psychic)
2. To hang BN banner during campaign
3. Spy any villages that possibly listen to opposition.
4. To ensure community only follow RTBN program
5. Talk to the community to be loyal to BN and SPDP
6. To ensure no other political party to be discussed.
7. Teach the community to vote for BN


1. Not "gila-gila"
2. Not alcoholic
3. BN component party members
4. Talkative and cunning
5. At least 3 years experience in erected banner.
6. Deaf and blind

All applications must be sent to Bau Distric Office or Lundu District Office before 16.09.2008. Application can be sent directly to:
Juara Beetuah Sdn. Bhd.,
1st Floor, Cg. 204-205,
Batu Kawah New Township,
Jalan Batu Kawah,
Kuching, Sarawak
email: nansian[at]

"Blur and Unaware" State Secretary

SS not aware of sacking of headmen
The Borneo Post Press

KUCHING: State Secretary Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot said yesterday he was unaware that seven village chiefs from the Bidayuh community in Bau-Lundu area had been sacked effective July 31.

“I’ve never heard about it. This is the first time that I’ve heard about it,” he told reporters here when asked to comment on the news that was reported in an Internet portal.

He said because he had no knowledge of the alleged sacking, he could not comment on the matter.

The Internet report claimed that the village chiefs’ services were terminated because they supported the opposition during the March 8 parliamentary election.

“They were all shocked to receive the letters terminating their services,” opposition State Reform Party (Star) president Dr Patau Rubis was quoted as saying.

The report also quoted Dr Patau as saying that three of the ‘ketua kaum’ or community leaders had approached him for advice and he had writtento Baya to inform him that the termination was wrongful.

Earlier, Baya who is the Sarawak Government Services Welfare and Recreational Council or Maksak chairman handed over packets of rice and ‘duit raya’ to 80 needy and elderly people to ease their financial burden during the Ramadan month and coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

"Gila-Gila" Nansian Style

Alleged sacking of headmen politicised
By Churchill Edward
The Borneo Post Press, Today

KUCHING: The opposition is only trying to capitalise on the alleged termination of seven headmen in Bau-Lundu area because the state election is coming, said Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe.

He said the opposition should not be suspicious of the government on any appointment and/or termination of community leaders in Sarawak.

Bau and some parts of Lundu are under the politically-conscious Mas Gading parliamentary constituency.

Dr Tiki, also Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) vice president said the alleged termination of the seven headmen, if indeed true, was not politically-motivated.

“There must be other reasons why their services are terminated, if indeed true. It could not have been due to their affiliation with the opposition.

“People should not read into the matter too seriously because the government needs to review performance of each and every community leader from time to time or when their terms are about to expire. There should be no issue,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

Although most headmen in Sarawak were elected by their respective charges, it was the government who paid them their fixed allowances and other incidental allowances relating to their work, he pointed out.



The Bidayuh may blame me for this posting today. Few days before, there was a news on “gila-gila” community leaders will get blasted and lost their job. What did Nansian mean with “gila-gila”?

1. In Bau area all the community leaders are alcoholic and rapist?
A. True
B. False

2. Community leaders must support every BN campaign or loss their job and get “gila-gila” things.
A. Relevant
B. Irrelevant

3. Community leaders must never listen to anybody about the present Government Issue.
A. Agree
B. Not Agree

There is a crucial case in Serian when ketua kampong obeyed Richard Riot order to support BN. There were two dengue cases reported and yesterday, the patient died after 4 month admitted into Serian Hospital. There is report from the hospital yesterday told that there is another case report and suddenly there were fogging activity by Health Department. How can Richard Riot did not aware of it since he was at that Kampung on the 31st August? What did the ketua kampong mentioned to him? “We support BN like hell. Don’t worry. Let the people die of dengue and we survive”. Was that??

There is no proper rubbish management at that place and rubbish are thrown into the river. Can, plastic container will contain water and mosquitoes come. Simple and easy mah. There is always “Woman Fellowship” and last march, my mother-in-law was rewarded with 4 packs of “soya bean” drink to support BN.

Nansian should respect the community leaders although they are not as wise as he is. He should never stop the Bidayuh to learn democracy as it is time for the Bidayuh to learn and not to be learned. Patau Rubis is not an opposition leader and why should he scared of him too much. Nansian has Taib behind of him and even Pak Lah can settle the “gila-gila” things. Do not think a lot. Since BN has plenty of money why doesn’t he give them some to shut their mouth or else there will be more “gila-gila” things.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pick of The Week

Old Folk Minister with Old folk kind of Ideas.

"How do you get better rural development under BN"
Taken from Dayakbaru blog.
By Dr. John Brian Anthony

Quoting Borneo Post 8th September issue Jabu says that the rural folk must remain united and work closely with government for better development. This sound more like meaningless talk without any intention to achieve anything.The rural Dayak would still believed in such talk as their lack of education make it difficult for them to translate this Minister statement into their life. The BN Minister has capitalized on rural folk lack of education to get the support they needed but give almost nothing in return to better their rural life.

What is the government plan to develop rural folks?

For our Ministers to be able to talk in such manner, there must be a specific plan for the development of a particular rural area. Releasing FISH (Ikan Jabu) into the river has its merits but is that the type of development the Dayak are looking for to enable them to compete and progress into the 21st Century?

Fish is to provide food for rural Dayak and is it the most important thing that will be able to help sustain and progress the Dayak into the 21st Century?

The BN Minister demand or urged unity for better development. Why is unity important over the release of fishes or the give away of building materials and minor rural project implementation. Why is unity important when the government did not consult them over the encroachment of NCR land by “provisional lease” for plantation? These are the things that Dayak Minister does to confuse the Dayak on the meaning of unity and keep them from getting into the main stream development.

Main Stream Development

This is all about improvement of incomes and creation of new wealth. The land development make Dayak a labourer’s class. The 30% equity is vague and not defined. Does it mean 30% of profit after tax, gross sales or from gross profit of the plantation company where rural land owners has been bought their share equity?. No body care to explain the meaning of 30% to the rural Dayak. Maybe the BN government really have a hidden agenda to grab Dayak land and the YBs has personal agenda to take up personal “share kosong” inside the plantation company.

Any business opportunity for rural folk?

Are rural Dayak investing in business and industry as part of its activities to increase the Dayak disposable income or increase their saving? They own no timber license or plantation. Nor do they have land titles to secure their life to the land. The government do not seem interested in enriching the rural folk to continue to keep them marginalize and therefor continue to support BN government with the hope that one day they will be assisted by the government. The government and definitely the Dayak Ministers are not talking and organising Dayak to be involved in business and commerce. Where does this lead the Dayak to - nothing! The Dayak survived by earning salary and become 3rd class citizen in most cases.

The rural Dayak need to make the change themselves by not voting BN anymore. The Dayak cannot have a “helpless mentality” and also “dependent” on others to provide them with what they want culture.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chickens Run

54 Chickens learn to lay egg.

“Malaysia’s image and international standing are trampled upon and “rubbished” by the 54 Barisan Nasional MPs currently on a “blur blur” agriculture study tour of Taiwan as they are been tracked by the Taiwan print and electronic media as if they are bizarre or exotic creatures from a strange land if not from another planet.

Instead of conducting themselves as proud elected representatives of a nation held in high esteem in international circles, the 54 BN MPs are caught in a hide-and-seek with journalists as if they are fugitives from justice or agents of rogue nations as they are unable to give a honest and honourable explanation of the real purpose and reason for their sudden trip to Taiwan.

A Guang Ming Daily columnist has rightly coined the phrase “mong cha-cha” or “blur blur” tour to describe BN MPs junket to Taiwan, for the BN MPs were in a “blur” when summoned by SMS to submit their passports for the “trip to nowhere” as the country destination was not known and undecided, “blur” when they boarded the flight and continue to be “blur” when they landed in Taiwan.

The 54 BN MPs know that they have become a laughing stock in Taiwan and a standing joke wherever they go in the island republic. As a result, they cannot hold their heads high when appearing in public in Taiwan.

As MPs who should be Malaysian nationalists and patriots first and last, shouldn’t they do what is right – cut short their “blur blur” Taiwan trip so as not to prolong Malaysia’s shame and disgrace in Taiwan every day they are in Taiwan?

They should abandon the “blur, blur” agricultural study tour of Taiwan if they are not to be known as “blur blur” MPs not only for the rest of their elected term but the remainder of their lives.” - Lim Kit Siang blog

Soon after the 12th General Election, few MP went out to oversea to have their “holy days” to release from tiredness of campaign and provocation jobs. At Sarawak, Richard Riot went to “Australia” or oversea to get rest and soon after his departure, Malaysian Insider reported that he brought Serian SUPP members to tear their membership card and burned the SUPP flag. Few days after that, we heard a phone conversation stated that he is still with BN. Before that I wrote this article “Saving Private Richard”.

What really amazed me now is that soon after BN lost at Permatang Pauh, it chairman sent 54 MP to Taiwan to do an “Agricultural Study”. What study need to be done for the Backbencher Club? I know it. 1200 hit under 5 par or hole-in-one or royal hurdle meeting. Yes, I got it. Spend before you get thrown out of the parliament. It seems to me that the fate of Pak Lah is as same as Samak where all the cabinet members will step down soon. What is the difference is that Samak has not saying that there will be a trip to Japan or Mongolia.

“Blur blur” study is another day to waste people’s money although Bung Moktar said that this trip is a good trip ever. A flock of chickens are running out of the pen to lay egg somewhere else and soon after that the moldy eggs will be thrown into the same pen again.