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Saturday, March 29, 2008

SPDP & SUPP - Let the Blame Game Begin!!

Thank you for your patience: Sagan
By Churchill Edward, The Borneo Post Press (Sat, 29.3.2008)

Orang Ulu have not complained publicly on their non-representation in federal cabinet: Baram MP

KUCHING: Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Jacob Dungan Sagan thanked the Orang Ulu grassroots for their patience.

The Baram MP said the community had not complained publicly for about 20 years on their non-representation in the federal cabinet.

The community’s long wait ended when the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi appointed Sagan a deputy minister on March 18.

The last Orang Ulu deputy minister was the late Datuk Luhat Wan, Sagan said during a thanksgiving party at Long Lelang Cafe here on Thursday night.

Sagan, who left the government service in 1995 to join politics, thanked voters in the Baram for being loyal, and also the Prime Minister, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Dato Sri William Mawan for having the confidence in him.

The party was jointly organised by associations representing the various ethnic groups in the Orang Ulu community.

Among those paying tribute to Sagan - a Kenyah - were organising chairman cum president of the Kenyah Association Lucas Kalang, Kelabit Association president Gerawat Gala; representative of the Orang Ulu community in Kuching Francis Nyurang Ding, and State Immigration director Datu Robert Lian.

“I am touched by your kind words. As the challenges ahead are big, I really need the support of each and every one of you. The appointment is a new experience for me.

“If you are patient enough, you will be rewarded twice. And I go by this principle,” he said quoting a verse from the Bible.

“Our community has been very patient. We did not complain. Now that the appointment has finally come to us, I must start by thanking the grassroots,” he added.

He also urged the various Orang Ulu people to close rank so that the government would continue to recognise and listen to them.

As the community is relatively small in Malaysia, he feared that the government might one day miss them.

Saying his appointment augured well for the Orang Ulu people in the business sense, Sagan noted there were many intellectuals and entrepreneurs among the community.

Nyurang, in his tribute to Sagan, said the Kenyah MP was a humble person who never failed to smile to anyone he met.

“This little essence in you has touched many human hearts. We never doubt your capability as a leader. You are the best man for the job,” he said.

Gerawat meanwhile said Sagan would be having great responsibility as the flag-bearer for the Orang Ulu at the highest level of government administration of Malaysia.

Sagan arrived here from Kuala Lumpur about 6pm on Thursday.

He was at there ever since the swearing-in ceremony on March 19.

Together with him were his wife Datin Winnie Jolly and daughter Sharon and other relatives.

More than 50 people from the community welcome Sagan at Kuching International Airport (KIA) VIP arrival lounge.

The SPDP senior vice-president won Baram with a 4,044 vote majority in the just concluded election.

He garnered 7,996 votes while his sole opponent, independent candidate Kebing Wan managed only 3,952 votes.

In the 2004 polls, Sagan won by a majority of 3,310 votes.

His opponent then was also Kebing who stood on the Sarawak National Party (SNAP) ticket.

Sagan is now into his fourth term as MP.


Bidayuh should think earlier before they vote for their representatives. Sagan has not feels any bitterness in PBB, SPDP ans SUPP as the Bidayuh had feel the struggle for years. Indeed, they (Sagan & Kenyah) have been forgotten by Tun Mahathir and Abdullah for 20 years but not Taib.

Last week, Mawan demanded “some” thank from Peter Timik and today Bidayuh has to read shameful news as they have projected their grieves publicly. This is the truth that bidayuh has to face the tease whenever they speak out their needs and demand from the party that they are supporting. They have to be silent because if they speak out Mawan and Taib will get angry. Bidayuh have to accept their marginalization under the Barisan Nasional allied parties with an open heart and arm as the other aborigines did.

SUPP was astonished when Riot intended to leave the party through media gossip. When the Bidayuh stunned the party last few weeks, SUPP immediately said that they have never deserted Bidayuh. In fact, they claimed that SUPP has a future’s plan for Bidayuh in 50 years to come as per SUPP secretary claimed in the newspaper. The late Stephen Yong planning book for Bidayuh has been re-opened by the George Chan after many years hidden under the SUPP file cabinet. It is such an affirmative affiliation for Bidayuh to support SUPP in the next election.

The different between SUPP and SPDP is that SUPP is gentler and SPDP is rough. SPDP always celebrate one man’s victory instead of team’s achievement. This is the attitude of the Dayak leaders when they are chosen to be a leader. The perception of their leaders on their duty is not the main agenda but rather making themselves as a superman and superhero for their tribes. This is not a strange attitude for the Dayak but it is the main ingredient of behavior and practices since their ancestor era.

Is there any other friendly reply from Mawan regardning on the Bidayuh demands in SPDP as they are supporting the party to the utmost? What were the moral supports for Tiki on the last General Election which has made Najib to visit Bau?

I think that Bidayuh has to re-consider SPDP since Mawan is not really interested to them. Bidayuh must learn from the history of SNAP and PBDS which were destroyed by the arrogant and naïve Dayaks. The formation of SPDP and PRS showed us that the Dayak has no intention to be a representative for the Dayak but to be a representative for their own self.

My many congratulations go to Sagan for his successful the first aborigine full minister in the Parliament after 20 years of wait. Keep the good up works and serve your people better. In fact, the Kayan deserve to be a Minster of the Cabinet as the minority need to be heard and seen.

Why should the Bidayuh has to be silent and willing to be marginalized? All this while, Bidayuh have speak-out their struggles and grieves to the CM but he ignored. Therefore, the best place for bidayuh to plead is at the coffee shops and streets. Bidayuh has given their full support to SPDP, PBB and SUPP and ignored the opposition. So they hope that their inquiries will be replied with a friendly and polite reply from the party leaders. It must be a win-win situation between Bidayuh abd SPDP.

SPDP has to review any comments or statement regarding on the SPDP issue in the media before there published. Media must not be used to tease any other party beneficial parties or group. The mainstream media should be used for public interest and no making it as the source of social war among the Dayak. Make it enough for Leo Moggie dissatisfaction and de-registration of PBDS due to Dayak stupidity and arrogance. Therefore, Mawan should review the needs of the Bidayuh in the party and it relevance objectives for the Dayak. There is no need to tease anybody or groups in the party just to make sure that the full submission is practiced without any objections and inquiries.

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