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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off -Topic

The Way BN Runs The Government.

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Idea Taken from the Economist Magazine, " What a Way to Run The World". - July 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008


It’s good to hear that TYT has awarded medal to our political and “non-political” leaders during his Birthday on Saturday. As I gone through the line-up list, I saw several names that familiar to me. The best award gone to Najib though. He is top of the list.

I am proud to have many Dayak “Dato” as he have less before. My congratulation goes to YB Dato Peter Nansian as our new Dato. SPDP is now has plenty of Dayak “Dato” and hope that this political party will strive more to fight for the Dayak right. Not forgettable, to Ik Pahon too as he deserve to be awarded for his hard works and contribution.

We have a lot of Dato’ and Dato Seri around and this is a good sign for Dayak’s politic. We are well served by our leaders although there are some issues have not yet settled. Nevertheless, we have to understand that the issues are well handled but it needs time to resolve. This including the NCR land issue which never pass-through CM’s ears and civil right of the aborigines. These Dato’ worked very hard to cater this issue so that nobody feels discriminated and side-lined.

SPDP congratulated YB Peter Nansian on one page in Sarawak Tribune yesterday. Somehow, I have not seen the “track-of-record” owned by SPDP in Bidayuh’ constituency. Some might assume that this could be a simply jealous statement but what is title for if there is no any record and competency performed? I fell well as there is no any Bollywood actor awarded on that day. Who knows, Salman Khan could be in the list as the Sarawak’s civil right activist.

We hope that there will be more YB to be awarded so that the Dayak will be well known in the BN political agenda. Some people told me that “Dato” is a prosperous title where you can get government tender and grant.

Finally, congratulation once again to those who are awarded. May the title be used to uphold the Dayak’s dignity and triumph.

Happy Deepavali

Dear All Hindu Readers,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Hindu Happy Deepavali. Enjoy your time and have a good celebration with family and friends.

Tbsbidayuh & Family

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off Topic

Political, Religion & Racial Tolerance.

The next episode of the new government is yet to evaluate as Pak Lah will be out of the national box of political battlefield. Leaving Najib to navigate the sinking ship to get to another side of “cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang” nation seems to be impossible. The crews are weary and tired with perfect storm of global economic breakdown and politic tension as Pakatan Rakyat is now making their strategy to from 2/3 majority. Will there wanna be another trip to Mongolia to learn Poultry and Dairy by Najib team in Mac 2009?

Most of the countries in Asian continent are facing the same trouble whenever the new government is about to form. Samak has resigned last week due to riot of the Thais as motion of no-confidence was not accepted by him. Japan minister stepped down due to his ineffectiveness. Musharaf has been toppled down by PPP, Asif Ali as his ‘era of dictatorsip” fail to resolve the worst terrorism though he is working well with Bush on War against Terrorist. Thailand and Pakistan are the two countries that always being change by the people and not the leaders. At the end the next leader have always inherit the worst and could not find a solution to stabilize their country politic and economy.

Will Pak Lah inherits the same portion of “problem and happiness” to Najib after these 5 month of time? What charisma does Najib has to navigate the nation as Pak Lah has failed to lead the team, Barisan Nasioanl shield of arrogance has made the country suffering of racial tense, religion conflict (Azan and Teresa Kok) and politic imbalance (weak team of Pak Lah). The altitude of “ignore the annoying” issue such as rising unemployment rate and inflation by Pak Lah has made his political story become dull. It is something like a calm lake but there is strong current beneath.

Pak Lah has ignored human right and failed to revive the government from bad lost on March 8th. UNMO members are now being wild like a lion out of the zoo. He could not tame the attitude of his UMNO members where sensitive issues are freely discussed and published in the media. UMNO sparked so many sensitive issues but somehow none of them “admitted” to Sungai Buloh as Pak Lah is now “Sazali’s” father. Three years suspended for Ahmad is not the answer to the Chinese and Indian as Malaysia was form by these three clans. HINDRAF was not entertained but now UMNO is contributing RM 30m to “legalized’ defamation in the national media. Nobody wants to persecute the Islam or the Malay. The thing is that they must discipline themselves as what Prophet Muhammad taught them to do so.

Today’s The Borneo Post press highlighted Taib’s intimidation to shut the annoying politicians as politic should learned by itself. We patterned his political journey with greed and arrogant which no one could question. Sarawak is said developing and no one should question how BN threat the people of Sarawak regardless race and religion. The media must be used fully to air intimidation as Taib has his right to obstruct freedom of press and speech. No one should talk freely about the state government weakness as PBB is doing well to uphold harmony and justice in the state. We are yet to see something different after his depart from politic. When? I do not know and let wait and see if SCORE is a true dream to be build within 5 months.

Save The Penan – Whose Mission?

Bruno Manser has been marked as Enemy of the State by Tun Mahathir during his era. He landed his glider on Taib’s compound brought together with him was a white sheep as the symbol of peace and friendship. He has been hunted by the soldiers and police but somehow managed to jump out of the land rover truck. He stayed in the jungle for years and leading several blockages of illegal logging by Taib and his fellow friend. In fact, he able to stop timber import from Borneo to his country home (Switzerland) as he have seen timber killed the aborigines’ habitat and social life. There was peace hunger protest in front of Suisse Bank for weeks to stop timber business with Borneo.

Why Should they care since the government discriminate the Penan?

Ever since his lost at Long Kerong, the Penan is exploited once again by the Sarawak government. Maybe they are just a small entity in the Sarawak community population. As such, they are always become the victim of logging and plantation companies. Kelesau has been killed by “ghost” on his way to track back his trap. Since then the Penan are living in a great fear and nobody seems to care. Taib accused the Star Press and Bruno Manser Foundation for publishing the Penan girl raped case and sexual abused by the logging company worker. Only then SUHAKAM blow its trumpet and so to the Woman’s organization to react with this crucial issue which is too late to take action.
Who Killed Kelesau?

Taib is always greater than anything and will only listen to the good news. That is how the Sarawakians know him, dictator. He can use the law to defend himself though he should act as those who are living under the law. His logging concession with a Japanese company has made silent by the government and ACA.

The Penan is now living under threat or maybe someday Penan will extinct as the Red Indian in Canada and northern United State under the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Will Penan be in the same situation in the future? Why only foreign organizations seem to care? Nevertheless, they receive many threats even have to sacrifice their life for the sake of humanity.

The Penan student’s (girls) are now have to think twice to go to school as there are hungry sex addict in the forest. Not their tribe but outsiders. This is the most shameful news of the century as the government always denies their right and struggles as their arrogant is always be the trade mark of governance. The Penan will end up with discrimination if the State Government does not look at it seriously. Neiter the government nor independent body or political party could ever sort out the old issue of the Penan. What Malaysiakini has done was always before the Bruno Manser Faundation report. As a result, there is no any initiative taken by political parties (commonly opposition) to resolve this issue as it bring no benefit to them. They talked about it a while to point-out the government’s threat to the Penan but then silent when there is another big bang issue such as ISA, Racial and Religious tolerance and NEP.

Penan issue can be a good political agenda if there is track of records improving the Penan welfare. There is an association but I do not know if Jacob Sagan has put the Penan in the agenda or else it is juat for Kelabit and and Kayan or Orang Ulu. Maybe it is not wise to highlight a very single issue to gain political fame as what Taib has said but seem that Penan issues are always unresolved, why don’t we settle it down before it get getting worse?

I gave my son’s name Elijah Manser to honor Bruno Manser fight to save Penan from extinction. He was born on 29th June 2008 and now doing well and healthy. I hope that he will ask me why I named him Manser one day or at least asking himself who is Manser. I have not seen anyone who are boldly fight but yet dishonored to help anyone he really do not know and understand. I hope Elijah will fight for his people one day as what Bruno has done. It the sense of humanity that made Bruno Manser different than Ronald Reagen, Winston Churchil, Lenin or Mohandas Ghandi and I really believe in that one.

As to the Penan, the world is always unjust but there is one thing that always strengthens you all. You are not beggar and do no evil to anyone. You live in humbleness and gentleness which no one could understand. Justice will prevail soon and you will gain victory in the midst of struggle, discrimination and war against brutality of the government you trusted. God bless your fight and determination.

Monday, October 13, 2008

God Saves The Aborigines

March 2009 will be the new series of Power Transformation or better to say it Power Inheritance in UMNO and Barisan Nasional. What does it cares with the new picture of The Aborigines politics, economy and social? Will Najib holding on the Islamic country sentiment, NEP and special right of the Malay tribe? Will Sarawak and Sabah continue to be at the corner of the washroom?

There are many meeting made by Sabahan and Sarawakian to discuss on Pak Lah quit and the coming new regime. UPKO redeems a transparent government from UMNO and I do not know what PBB has discussed but most probably to proclaim their support to the present dictator and the next regime. Shall we be happy with the next exploitation of power and economy by the new regime in March 2009? Can we have our SCORE right within 5 month of power transition? Houseflies never live long and that is the fact. Five month will be another uncertainty for the Dayak to hold their faith and hope in Barisan Nasional. What will Taib do then? Continue to support Barisan Nasional for his own political gain?

The Lost Aborigines are not mindless actually. In fact, they have Peter Minos, the Bidayuh “activist”, Nyarok, and other NGOs pro and do forth. The Abdul Razak community will be born soon after the Atlantis project commence at the aborigines territory. We lost, politicians win and that is the nature law where predator is extreme than prey. Somehow, it does not applicable in the real political world where prey are always feel discriminated though they are not ingest by the predator.

What is the new resolution of the Selakau in Lundu province on the next government? As far as I know there are well marginalize under SPDP. Well, maybe not because I did not do any study regarding on that area. Somehow, I know that there is less to develop since Gunung Gading is a reserved rainforest and not to be spoiled by quarry activity by CMS. There are oil palm estates to cater it surrounding job but how much they earn is yet to be known.

The most important thing is how the aborigines evaluate themselves under decades of marginalization and exploitation. I may be seditious to write this statement but it is the fact that the aborigines have been totally marginalized by the regimes troops. There are still pending issue to be settled but it has no end since their leaders are powerless and apprehensive to raise such issue in the parliament or coffee shops. None of the BN candidate dares to speak about NCR land issue thought they have a very clear access to it solution. Opposition couldn’t do much as they are always marked as poor party and trouble maker. On my last meeting with my cousin, I asked him to remove PBB and BN sticker from his car windscreen since there is power transition soon. There is no use to support such party if we are still living under poverty and marginalization, I said to him. He told me that he is in dilemma since both political entities (opposition and government) could not make him happy.

There are several attempts to save the lost aborigines from being marginalized. DBNA was then been formed to work out the Bidayuh issue. SDNU was registered to be the ultimate answer to the Dayak uncertainties. All collapse due to no support from their dayak as their mentality could not be changed. It might cause by “frustration” or “anger” as their question could not be answered by both political party and independent organization. DBNA has lack of support as it is working close with political party which is not inline with its mission and vision to unite the Bidayuh as hole. The education program is now dimming due to lack of fund to run seminar and talk to transform the Bidayuh mentality.

Who made the Dayak to be the third class society? Politic or themselves? I do not have any good answer since I am not an activist or politician. Indeed, they are sidelines because they like to be sideline. They will blindly vote for those they like and not believe and at the end of it they have to accept that they are not presented in the government. The riddle continue to be unanswered as they fell better with their living and achievement but never feel that they are marginalized. Will God save them? Ask God night and days and doing nothing about it. See if miracle comes then.

Johnny Come Lately

NS-Towards Patriotic Citizen

It was good to hear that Dato’ Dr. Tiki Lafie has been appointed as National Service Chairman as he lost his chair in the house of the parliament. Well, that is good for him but how about his clan? He is now being another nationalist to introduce patriotic citizens to lead the nation in the future. He deserved it actually rather than no post in the government. Dr. Koh Tsu Koon does not deserve any senator post from Pak Lah when asked. The best he can do is to revive GERAKAN after political tsunami aftermath when GEARAKAN lost badly.

What is Pak Lah’s motive in appointing Tiki for such post as Sarawak contributed a lot to Barisan Nasional. Perhaps, this may be his last mercy before his power transition next year. At least, there is Bidayuh in at the corner of Barisan Nasional’s political game; being a ball collector is better than a player on the reserve bench. As such, Tiki has to accept this offer since SPDP need to be highlighted in the eyes of the Aborigines although such post is inadequate compare to the Bidayuh support to Barisan Nasioanl.

Sometime, politic is sour as lies and disagreement have to be entertained in the name of democracy. The aborigines are always being the last alternative when Barisan Nasional turned rotten. Should a weak leader line-up or form a weak team to lead the country? Let see, Muhammad Mahmud Taib was appointed though he was caught with currency scandal oversea. There are plenty leaders from Sarawak and Sabah to take care of the government and I think their loyalty to Barisan Nasional (not Pak Lah) is immeasurable. Then, there came an issue from Sabah where some of the UMNO members were offered assistant minister post rather than full minister. Are they incapable?

The appointment of Tiki Lafie as chairman of NS should be rejected as he was an assistant minister before. He should be appointed as Senator or better than that. But, who am I to figure this since I am not a Bidayuh paramount leader? Hence, who am I to decide who is doing this and that to make the globe spinning better. Let see if Tiki can handle NS to the utmost to produce patriotic citizen when the aborigines are fighting among themselves on many issues. Well, leave it to “NGOs” to handle the issue since they are better than government.

I do not know what is the Bidayuh’s opinion and point-of-view on his appointment. But for me, let Lee Lam Thye be the hero since Malaysia is dominated by the Malay, Chinese and India and not the aborigines. We are thought to accept that there are only three race highlighted in the national agenda. Bumiputera, the Malaya and non- bumiputera, Chinese and India.

Let the new kid in town make it happening from now as National Service is just a waste-of-money where in the end we produced “mat rempit, drug pusher, porn smuggler and murderer. Maybe Dr. Tikie can make it better since he is not in the third group of the national community. Who knows?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

When I See You Smile

Written By Dora.

Jailhouse Rock!!

Justice Smile

It was late afternoon. My husband and I were traveling from 7th Mile to PTPL College. That was my first time to actually see some protest papers were glued to signage along the road from airport to BDC. I felt impressed because I never realized that we have RPK’s supporters here in Kuching, Moreover, it’s not just about RPK but about the anti-ISA movements. It’s all about human rights. It is actually very cruel to detain a person without trial. Even God has to judge his people before He send them to Heaven or Hell. So, how could men be above God?

Since YB Teresa Kok was released from detention, my opinion towards ISA grew critical. They not only detain the person without trial but they treat them even worst than their pets at home. I felt sorry for RPK when he complained that he had diarrhea after few days consuming the food. Then he rather survive on plain water and dates just to continue living in the “world’s hell”. This proved that they does not respect human – a being created by the hands of God. This is because they act as if they are God.

Lately, TV3 had this serial news about the needs of ISA in Malaysia. They are trying to show the positive sides of ISA by creating and manipulating news about ISA in Malaysia and compare it to other countries practicing the same law. Following majority does not necessarily prove that they are right. ISA can never have positive sides when the basic ideas are wrong. These are stupid people trying to “menegakkan benang yang basah”. Malaysians are not that stupid, mind you leaders! Sarawakians are also not that unaware even though we are far away from Kem Kamunting.

In my personal views of ISA, I think that ISA is just a law to protect the powerful wrong-doers. If it is really made to protect Malaysians against terrorism and racism, then why Ahmad Ismail was only suspended of his membership in UMNO for 3 years after he told the Chinese that they are immigrants and should get lost from this country. Why isn’t he detained under the ISA? Even though I am not a Chinese but I dislike this kind of statement. This kind of statement actually makes me hate Malays when not all of them are bad. RPK, for an example. Don’t you think Ahmad Ismail is more dangerous than RPK? Well, maybe RPK is dangerous for the ‘Perompak’ and ‘Pencuri’ but he is what we need now. We need the truth, justice and improvement. Not beauty from inside yet ugly in the inside.

I would like to ask all of us to continue to support the abolishment of ISA in Malaysia. Do not create Guantanamo Bay in Malaysia because we are not American. Who knows in future they might want to build another Kem Kamunting here in Kuching. I do not want that to happen. We have to respect all humans because they are created by God. Even a murderer goes through trial before he is declared guilty. Think about it…

Thursday, October 9, 2008

When The Rooster Crows- XI

You may be Right, I may be Crazy


Although I am just a young father, I really like classic bands such as Rod Stewart, Smokie, The Eagles, Alan Jackson, Lobo and all those classic English bands. Some of the songs they sang have it deep meaning to me. Today, we will listen to Billy Joel, You may be right.

Some of the readers always blame me for blindly give my “blind” comments on Bidayuh organizations, politics and lifestyle. I was blame for giving “bad” comments for Bidayuh politicians, leaders and others kind of groups. I was then totally being condemned by the Bidayuh for “accuse” DBNA on Tun Abdul Razak resettlement NCR Land issue. Yes, they maybe right, I may be lunatic for airing all those shameful message of the Bidayuh to the whole world. Nevertheless, some assume that I am just a pathetic hero in stead being an obedient person as I have dept with the Bidayuh organization and Yayasan Sarawak.

There are many “crazy” stories that we must aware nowadays. There are not only the Bidayuh issues but plenty. Yesterday The Eastern Times published the allegation of Taib Mahmud to “shut-up” the media for publishing the news of raped Penan Girl and sex abuse in Baram area. He will never shut those media because he never takes his time to watch his mouth and behavior. And now, everybody is heading to Baram to dig out the news from the victims. NGOs, Woman welfares and so forth are now busy with those “silly accusation” by Bruno Manser Foundation and The Star Press.

We also have to know that our Composite Index is now below 1000 points and almost all countries composite index are falling due to the American financial crisis after Lehman Brothers was declared bankrupt, Merrill Lynch has been purchased by American Bank. AIG was then facing a tremendous liquidity crisis following the downgrade of its credit rating. Somehow, the local media reported that there is a guarantee that foreign investors will stay in the country to do business. Somehow, the market is now decline badly. Maybe someone can enlighten us because I am not an economic expert.

Now, let get back to the Bidayuh issue which always being a shameful thing to talk about. I feel lucky because there is no any news reporting on the rape and sex abuse happening in the Bidayuh community. Maybe it may happen but it is just a domestic violence or “minor abuse” that we can ignore. On my way back to my mother’s home in Simuti, I always stunned by a hard core poor families, jobless youths, uneducated children and life struggles of the Bidayuh people in Padawan and Penrissen area. As such, I could not do much because I am just a small ant in the colony. There are lot of dreams and hope but they are only mine which I cannot do much to make they real.

Should we blame politic for marginalizing the Bidayuh? Dato’ Micheal manyin once said that Bidayuh must never wait for anyone to feed them but they must work as hard as possible to feed themselves. He may right but if it is so, why should we involve in politic? There are many to blame but have we ever ask our right and obligation as a voter and follower? What if we vote for opposition then? Myopia?

Tun Mahathir was called by the Malays as regime as he has said the Malay as lazy and easy forgets. For me, I am not as good as Tun Mahathir to give my comments and critics on the Bidayuh issues. We have been living under marginalization and squatters on out own mother land. Think about it twice.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Longest Yard

I went to a village which is nearby Borneo Highland Resort and met with its community leader. Actually, it was just a cordial visit to his house as I was on leave. My strong desire to know what is the real story behind the affected areas and compensation on fruit trees and paddy farm. The affected areas covered Annah Rais, Pangkalan Ampat, Kiding, Semuti, Sadir, Sapit and others and the said affected area are NCR lands.

The community leader picked-up a meeting minute written by a staff of Borneo Highland Resort dated July 2007. It main agenda is the compensation rate and date of payment to the affected community. The Project Manager said that all the affected area (NCR lands) will be compensated based on the rate given by the state government and all the fruit trees are compensated based on the price agreed by the community leaders during the meeting.

It seems to me that the NCR lands are now well taken care at that area after years of overlook. Somehow, the compensation has not been delivered due to no any land survey have been made. I do not know why should it take years to deliver the compensation since the company has agreed to compensate the affected land and crops?

The Bidayuh has been marginalizing by their leaders and this statement will make me as another Bidayuh traitor and nut. James Dawos, Bengoh MP and Jerip cannot work together to settle down this issue because these two are from different political party. As a result, the community leaders will only listen to the meeting and never get their NCR land and crops compensated. This is the turmoil in the Bidayuh politic and their leaders gave no attention into it. Many projects have been completed with no agreement between the representatives and the community like Borneo Highland Resort and Mambong dump sites. I do not know if the CMS clinker project was agreed by the community of its surrounding area. If you pass by the Mambong area by bike you can smell a “fragrance” of rubbish at about 5 miles in radius. That was the greatness of Bidayuh sacrificial which never benefited tem at all.

Annah Rais Hot Spring and Long House home stay and eco-tourism are now dying as there is no any improvement made by the government. My wife paid Rm 5.00 when we enter the Hot Spring and there were many visitors on that day. I believe that it has its potential to welcome more visitors. Somehow, the facility is not really that good as the NCR land “owner” has no fund to improve his hot spring ponds.

The NCR land issue will never end as the Bidayuh leaders are muted and dump. Taib will never develop them unless; they converted to other “religion” as it is stated in the Barisan Nasional development package.