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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita

Probe Taib, Japanese NGOs urge PM
Special Report from Borneo Project (30 April 2008)

A group of Japanese non-governmental organisations have urged Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to launch an investigation against Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahud.

In a letter faxed to the premier on Friday, the groups also expressed concern with Taib’s threat to take legal action against malaysiakini and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)

Copies of the letter were also sent to the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) director-general as well as to ‘friends in Japan and around the world’.

Taib had threatened to take legal action against malaysiakini for a series of articles alleging his involvement in a scandal concerning RM32 million kickbacks paid by Japanese shipping companies for timber from the resource-rich state.

The articles were follow ups to a Japan Times news report on March 29.

Among the signatories of the letter to Abdullah were Japan’s Sarawak Campaign Committee (SCC), Friends of the Earth Japan (FOEJ), Japan Tropical Forest Action Network (Jatan), Japan Citizens' Coalition for the UN International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples (Indec), Japan Network on Human Rights in Malaysia, Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC), Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Forest Protection Group in Japan and Global Environment Forum.

Media reports

“We understand that the corruption allegations raised against Taib originated from a report in the Japan Times on March 29 that nine Japanese shipping companies which transport lumber from Sarawak failed to report some 1.1 billion yen (approximately RM32 million) in income paid as remuneration to Regent Star, a Hong Kong-based agent with connections to Taib and his family, during a period of seven years through last March,” read the letter.

According to the Japan Times report, the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau determined that these payments were rebates, not legitimate expenses, and is likely to impose well over 400 million in back taxes and penalties against the shipping companies.

The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper also reported this in an article on March 28.

Furthermore, the letter stated that the Asahi Shimbun English edition reported on March 28 that the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau had ordered Kansai Line Co to pay 50 million yen in back taxes and penalties for falsely including so-called intermediation fees totalling 130 million yen paid to Regent Star over a seven year period until December 2005, in its cost of loading logs in ports in Sarawak, in an effort to hide the payments.

The Asahi Shimbun Japanese edition reported on March 27 that shipping companies affiliated with the Nanyozai Freight Agreement (NFA) cartel are suspected to have paid more than US $25 million (approx. 2.5 billion yen) in intermediation fees to Regent Star in the 10 years up to 2005.

An anonymous industry source was quoted as admitting that "there was an understanding that these were payments to the chief minister's family" and in essence, kickbacks.

According to the article, the NFA admitted that it had in 1981 entered into an agreement with Dewaniaga Sarawak (DNS) on log exports to Japan, and had been instructed by DNS to pay intermediation fees to Regent Star in Hong Kong.

The payments, said to have continued for 26 years since 1981, started at a rate of approximately US$1.50 per cubic meter of logs shipped, increasing over the years to the current rate of US$3.28, while the log shipments declined from a peak of 3.8 million m3 in 1990 to about 410,000 m3 in 2005.

The report estimates that an average of one to four million dollars per year, totalling US $25,250,000 was paid to Regent Star between 1996 and 2005 alone.
The article also mentions that an industry source alleged that DNS director Onn Mahmud, brother of the chief minister, sometimes participated in person in negotiations of the intermediation fees between Regent Star and NFA.

Explain, not intimidate

“From the above, it was crystal clear that the allegations lodged against Taib by malaysiakini and PKR Sarawak are not based on rumour or hearsay, but on information reported in a consistent manner by several leading Japanese newspapers,” read the letter to Abdullah.

It added: “As organisations working in the Malaysian public's interest, malaysiakini and PKR have merely been exercising their freedom of expression and fulfilling their duty to raise concerns to the public and competent authorities regarding highly disturbing information meriting further investigation. In fact, it would have been dereliction of their public duty not to have done so.

“If whistleblowers immediately face threats of litigation for defamation, how can citizens play an active role in eliminating corruption? Should not the chief minister present a clear explanation rather than resort to such intimidation? And if he disagrees with the allegations in the reports, should he not question their sources in Japan and the Japanese tax authorities, rather than Malaysian citizens who are merely bringing them to public attention?’

The Japanese NGOs said Abdullah must instruct the ACA to investigate the matter.

“The Japanese civil society will do its most to urge Japanese tax authorities to cooperate with Malaysia in its investigatio so that the truth can be revealed and justice be served,” they added

PKR Sarawak has already lodged two reports on the matter on April 13, one with the Kuching Central police station and another with the ACA in Kuching.

The Aborigines' Great Lost

International cry for indigenous land rights

International cry for indigenous land rights

By Beh Lih Yi, Malaysiakini

An international fact-finding team has called on the government to recognise the indigenous people's native customary rights (NCR) to land and livelihood as it concluded its six-day-long mission in Sarawak. At a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today to present the findings, the team reaffirmed that the community has the rights to the NCR land as it found through interviews with the locals, documented evidence and evidence in the form of graves, fruit trees and cultivated land.

"There is a pre-existing right," said Irene Fernandez, who heads migrant rights group Tenaganita, as she briefed the media on behalf of the three-member mission's findings. "The team is of the opinion that since the lands are NCR lands through continuous customary practices of cultivation generations, the land cannot be taken away from the indigenous peoples by the state government nor be leased out to private companies for plantations. "This strategy and action constitutes gross violation of indigenous people's rights to NCR land," the labour activist added. Tenaganita is one of the four organisers of the fact-finding mission. The others are Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (Sadia), Pesticide Action Network Asia & the Pacific (PAN-AP) and People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS).

The fact-finding team consisted of retired Indian supreme court judge Pana Chand Jain who is from the Centre for Community Economics and Development Consultants Society, Ravadee Prasertcharoensuk of Thailand's Sustainable Development Foundation and Debra Erenberg from the Rainforest Action Network in the United States.

"We're not anti-development"

The six-day mission has covered various parts of Sarawak where there have been reported NCR land disputes between the native landowners, companies and state authorities regarding encroachment of NCR land and violation of human rights. The team also visited over 19 communities consisting of 70 villages and longhouses, met with more than 800 people and found "continued and systemic organised aggression on indigenous people's land and rights".

About 2.8 million hectares of NCR land are subject to NCR claims but many provisional leases issued by the state government headed by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud cover overlapping areas, hence giving rise to conflicts and dispute on the grounds. At present, there are more than 170 NCR land cases brought to court by native landowners, mainly against oil palm growers and mills. "The state can no longer lease out indigenous people's land for plantations or contract farming to companies," Fernandez urged, stressing that the community's livelihood is affected when their lands are taken away. She expressed concern on the increased violence and harassment on the indigenous communities, which she said must be stopped immediately.

Also present at the press conference was Siba Bunsu, a headman from an indigenous community in Kampung Semilah Jauh, near Bintulu. He said the community is not anti-development but that the land is their main livelihood. He also cried foul over the double standard of the police in handling the land dispute, which he claimed also favours the plantation companies. Erenberg pointed out the community's plight even though they have taken their case to court. "The court cases continue to be dragged on while the plantation companies continue to operate on the land... (but) the community is denied access to the land," she told reporters, adding that the community faced numerous pressures and harassment to make them give up the land. The activist also said many Americans are not aware of the abuses that are happening in Sarawak. "A lot of palm oil my country is using is from Malaysia, therefore it is very important to make known these abuses and Rainforest will advocate for the use of palm oil from companies that respect the community's rights," she added.

No government response

Fernandez however acknowledged there is a "gap" in the fact-finding mission as it could not obtain an explanation from a state government agency and the state Land Development Minister Dr James Masing.
This came after the Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority declined to meet with the international team despite having confirmed the meeting earlier as claimed by Sadia. In its recommendations, the international team among others has urged the federal government to revise inconsistent existing laws in order to comply with the community's constitutional right to life. It also wanted the Sarawak state government to cease the issuance of provisional leases for NCR disputed land with immediate effect, to provide protection for the safety of the community and to obtain their informed consent over land commercial development which affect them. Also present at the press conference include PAN-AP executive director and PCFS co-director Sarojeni Rengam and Sadia secretary-general Nicholas Mujah.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is There Gonna Be a Political Tsunami In Bengoh?

The most undeveloped constituency

I have heard that Majen Panyog is making his way to PKR and ready to beat Dawos on the next coming General Election. My question is, will there going to be a political tsunami in Mambong, P198? Please visit here for better assumption on this issue.

Now, firstly, we have to talk about the coming State Election. Let us focus our view on Jerip Susil and Mengan ak Ngandok during the last state election. Jerip won the constituency what majority 3,988 under SUPP party. Is Mengan Ngandok going to be nominated again to beat Jerip? We will wait and see since SNAP is now endangered by PKR. Maybe Mengan will contest with Jerip using PKR ticket if he wants to gain more support. It is just my prediction though.

It does not matter what ticket is used as long as there is an answer to the Bidayuh marginalization in Bengoh and Tarat. To me, I will vote those who are willing and capable to speak and work for the Bidayuh. He must be a genuine representative and never look down at any questions asking by the community. There is no gain to vote someone who is arrogant and corrupt because he or she is just a community’s burden and stumbling block. Therefore, he or she must think what he can do to the community and not think of what or how much he can earn from Taib Mahmud. There is no permanent independent or opposition representative within the Bidayuh community circle. Their mission in joining politic is to make their path into Barisan Nasional’s forbidden kingdom. Once they are in the forbidden party, they are untouchable and corruption will sway their intention to help or to serve their constituencies. That is why Bengoh become the most undeveloped constituency under SUPP – Barisan Nasional. Proves? Well, look at dusty gravel road to Padawan area. Their boarding schools are terrible and some of the villages are still out of electricity supply. It is so “amaze” to see these villages marginalization under Barisan Nasional.

What is the best for the Bidayuh actually?

  1. Rejoi, Semban, Pain and Sait must receive more compensation rather than RM10-20K per family. What RM10K-20K for and it is exactly insufficient compare to what they are going to loose. NCR land, pepper farms, paddy farm, fruit farm and so forth. It took years to nature fruit trees until they produce fruit and it will vanish in just a day. In Kampung Tun Abdul Razak, there will be no fruit tree because the area will be planted with Palm Oil trees.
  1. All remote schools must be provided with good library and internet access. Students must be given enough exposure to the real world especially science and technology development. The government must send the teachers who are able to speak English ad not from Semenanjung where their English is as same as my English. True, my English is a product of a teacher who had bad English language. These schools must be supplied with electricity power so that teaching and learning process will be smooth and effective. Road must be built to these remote schools as nice as a road to Borneo Highland Resort.
  1. Conversion to Muslim must be forbidden if there is any plantation project proposed by SALCRA. Kampung Darul Iman (before this it was called Kampung Kawak), Kampung Rayang and Kampung Timurang are the evident of racial and religion discrimination made by the Barisan Nasional. There must be no any terms for the Bidayuh to be developed by the government because racial and religion issue must be respect as the Bidayuh origin and dignity.
  1. The NCR must be restored back to the Bidayuh as per stated in the 20-Points Memorandum and every logged lands must be compensate equally by the logging company. We have lost a lot from Semedang rainforest and therefore, there must be no such terrorization will be made to the Bidayuh next.
There are more to talk about but it will be more complicated to the Bidayuh if those issues are brought up to the public. As for Mengan and Majen, if you are really serious to help the Bidayuh, you have to think in dept what will you do to the Bidayuh. If you only think about your own pocket and rice bowl, you better focus more on your own business. There is no different to vote Jerip and Dawos if you guys have the same mentality as theirs.

Shall we wait for political tsunami to strike Bengoh and Tarat for the first time? God does not help us if we do not help ourselves first. We must stop dreaming and decide now or else will loose again and again. It’s time to change and free from bondage of marginalization and discriminations by the Barisan NAsional crooks and bandits.

Malaysia government must recognise the indigenous people’s Land Rights

Taken from IFFM Website

The International Fact Finding Mission (IFFM) for Indigenous Peoples'' Land Rights has demanded that the continued arrest of indigenous community leaders by the police, acting in collusion with plantation companies in Sarawak must stop immediately.

The recent arrests of five community leaders in the Kg. Wawasan area with trumped up charges organized by the company with the support of the police reflects the high handedness in which plantation companies violate the native customary rights to land by the indigenous communities.

The International fact finding team consisting of Justice Pana Chand Jain of Centre for Community Economics and Development Consultants Society (CECOEDECON) from India, Ravadee Prasertcharoensuk of Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) from Thailand and Debra Erenberg of Rainforest Action Network (RAN) from the United States visited over 19 communities consisting of 70 villages and long houses and met with about 825 people from the north to central and south of Sarawak and found that there was continued and systemic organized aggression on indigenous peoples land and rights.

The IFFM team established through interviews with the people, through documented evidence provided by the people and through evidence found in the form of graves, fruit trees and cultivated land that the land areas claimed by the people are native customary rights to land (NCR). There is a pre-existing right.

The team is of the opinion that since the lands are native customary lands through continuous customary practices of cultivation for generations, the land cannot be taken away from the indigenous peoples by the state government nor be leased out to private companies for plantations. This strategy and action constitutes gross violation of indigenous peoples’ rights to NCR land.

The Sarawak Land Code [CAP81] clearly recognizes the NCR lands and has defined the elements that give recognition to native customary rights to land. Further to this the Federal Court decision of Madeli Salleh vs government of Sarawak states very clearly that the customary rights of inhabitants were recognized and accepted by the British crown when it governed Sarawak . It became part of common law. These customary rights therefore are part of common law and thus must be recognized and protected.

Land is life and guarantees the peoples livelihood. The Federal constitution ensures the right to life and livelihood. Thus when the land of the indigenous people are taken away, then their livelihood is gone. As a consequence, it violates the constitutional rights of the indigenous peoples.

Therefore, the IFFM team reiterates that the indigenous peoples struggle to their land is legitimate. It is the responsibility of the state and federal governments to recognize the NCR to land and livelihood. The state can no longer lease indigenous peoples land to lease out for plantations or contract farming to companies.

The current intensive and extensive violations of the NCR land is bringing about devastating impact on the lives of the indigenous peoples. The development of oil palm plantations at a rate of 7% covering more than 40% of land in Sarawak has tremendously reduced food production; destroyed the rivers where communities depended on the fish; the pollution of the rivers, particularly with highly hazardous pesticides and the environment has affected the health of communities with increase in diseases.

The insatiable expansion of this monocrop has destroyed the forests with the resultant loss of biodiversity that has even further affected the dependence of the indigenous communities for their livelihood. With the imminent global crisis on food, the indigenous communities will further face impoverishment and poverty.

The use of palm oil for agrofuel is a threat to food production and is one of the contributing factors of the current global food crisis. The increase demand for agrofuel has led to intensive expansion which has brought about deforestation, consequently impacting on climate change. It is crucial that Sarawak protects the rainforest as the last few rainforests left in the world.

We are very concerned that the increased violence and harassment on the indigenous communities especially on the leaders by the companies involved in expanding the plantations. Such form of violence can only intensify the conflict without a due process and a people centered conflict resolution. It therefore demands people’s participation through a democratic process for peaceful resolution.

Acts of The National Terrorists

There is no precise meaning of terrorism and if you ask your students or teachers what is the best meaning of terrorism, they will not able to give the best answer that you may expect.

“In one modern sense, it is violence against civilians to achieve political or ideological objectives by creating fear.
Political Terrorism – Violent criminal behavior designed primarily to generate fear in the community, or substantial segment of it, for political purposes”. Wikipedia.

In last General election, Barisan Nasional had retained their territories in Sarawak and Sabah. As though, these two states have allowed their people to be terrorized by UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Once again, Sarawak and Sabah aborigines have to accept their fragile fate under these terrorist (Barisan Nasional and it coalitions). Though Sarawak is the second oil and gas state after Terengganu, it was surprise to see Sarawak is still undeveloped. The state is enjoying 5% oil revenue as per stated in the 20-points Memorandum. I can say that Sarawak and Sabah are the slowest developing states under the governance of the Coalition Front regime. Where did the money go to?

The situation goes like this; Barisan Nasional has to govern to ensure Sarawak will be well developed. Therefore, by voting Barisan Nasional, the state will develop tremendously within a night. Am I sick? The federal government steals our timber and oil and use the money to by their properties in Australia and New Zealand. Some of the money is use for the NEP purposes which will benefit the “Bumiputeras”. Who are the “Bumiputeras”? The lazy Malay and Melanau and they are very cunning in manipulating our mind. That is why we have Mr. White Hair to be on the throne for more than 2 decades. Who is daring to challenge this man? None. Because he is well covered and protected by UMNO since Mahathir era. UMNO have to maintain this old man in order to get their portion from timber and plantation. In fact, Mr. White Hair is always found not guilty whenever there is an investigation is done on him and his cronies. This was including the Japanese news allegation on the timber kickback worth RM 32 Mil.

Kelesau was slain by the logging terrorist under the Barisan Nasional order. How can a weak aborigine being killed by such a big man who is above the law. Rumie Azzan Mahlie was said to commit suicide because he has just about to reveal the evil acts of the illegal loggers in Sarawak. An Iban man was shot to dead by the police because he protected his paddy farm form being bulldoze for plantation. Well, this is the real terrorist act made by the Barisan Nasional crooks to get whatever they want.

Now let see how the aborigine’s crooks terrorize their clans. During campaign, they will bring up their pride by donating RM 100.00 to a village to buy a box of “Langkau”. In their speech, they will praise Barisan Nasional to the very highest level. If the aborigines do not vote for Barisan Nasional, they will be left behind especially on the physical development issue. That is the best word to terrify the poor aborigines and therefore BN won in every constituency unless Kuching City. They are told that the only solution for the aborigine’s marginalization is by voting Barisan Nasional. This threat has been repeated in every campaign after campaign especially in the remote area. They are treated with fear and uncertainties where hopes seem to be absurd if they vote for opposition. This fear has been planted in every aborigine by Barisan Nasional regime and it has been happening for many years.

What was happening to the aborigines (Bidayuh) after the 12th General election? Let us get back to my prediction here. We are threatened to accept every decision made by the Barisan Nasional in order to get develop. Tiki’s secretary was getting blasted by Mawan because he questioned SPDP on Tiki’s position in the parliament. We have to love what we hated because fear has been spoken by Barisan Nasional during the sunrise of the election. We have to love what Taib Mahmud has done to Rejoi, Semban, Pain and Sait by rename those villages to Tun Abdul Razak. Though our rights are clearly stated in the 20-Points of Memorandum, we have to accept the way UMNO threaten us by giving us 5% oil revenue and allow Taib to bare our rain forest and soon make it to be Malaysian sahara.

Though we are not satisfied with all these craps, we have nothing to say because terrorists are very dangerous and we do not want to die like Kelesau and Rumie. These two terrible death (actually, there are more hidden murder case) has been a warning sign to the Sarawakians and whomsoever try to disturb any Barisan Nasional evil operations. Taib and his cronies operations in Sarawak are well protected by the IGP and not only that, the police forces were sent into the jungles to protect the illegal loggers.

Bruno Manser wrote;

The trial arranged for the 10.03.99 against four Penan who had been arrested after an encounter with Samling Co. workers in March 1997 was postponed at short notice without further reason. One of them, Hennison Bujang from Long Benali reports:

About 70 Penan had gathered at the Segita river to hold talks with the Samling company about our forest. The head men from Long Benali, Long Sait, Long Sepatai, Long Kerong and representatives from Long Lamai, Baa Lai, Long Kerameu and Tutoh were all present. Suddenly the police arrived with workers from Samling Co. and started pointing their rifles at us. I spoke: Your customs are not ours. We do not want a war. We have come here with our wives and children to talk in peace.

This is no time for talking!retorted the chief of police whilst strangling me and commanding our arrest. The police released the safety catches on their rifles at which men, women and children alike fled, some of them panicking and injuring themselves. My uncle was thrown to the ground, his blow pipe and quiver smashed into pieces, blood ran over his face, and a policeman started kicking him. My glasses were torn from my face and trodden into the ground, and I was beaten until blood ran down my nose and mouth. Four of us were dragged away to the car, where we were handcuffed to the bumper. I was repeatedly punched in the stomach. I was only waiting for the bang.

The policeman started threatening me: You’re obstructing the workers here and making the government look bad! We know your type!
This all happened at 4:00pm. We were taken down into the valley on a bumpy road, the rifle still aimed to fire at me. On several occasions the police stopped, hit me round the face, punched me in the stomach and pulled my hair out until I collapsed. We arrived in Miri at midnight, where we were immediately locked up. After a short while we were taken out of our cells and beaten again. As I tried to help one of the others who had collapsed I was kicked and karate chopped in the neck. Due to the fact that my hands were bound I was only just able to stop myself from cracking my head against the wall as I fell. They then dragged me up the stairs by my hair. While taking photos of us they jested. Now you’ll be known everywhere! and prodded me in the stomach.

The following day we were interrogated and found guilty of stealing a power saw and setting fire to a bulldozer. We protested our innocence. After that we were taken to Marudi. Handcuffed, we were thrown to the cell floor. We had to sleep on the cold concrete floor without a shirt or blanket. I shared my very meagre ration of spicy noodles and bitter coffee with an old prisoner on whom I took pity. I was interrogated two to three times daily, and each time I protested my innocence. By the third day I had lost any imaginable appetite. After nine days I was feeling extremely weak and suffering from stomach pains. I pleaded for a doctor, but was accused of feigning illness. On the way back from the interrogation I stopped to drink from a water tap but was driven away. In the meantime our relatives had been looking for us everywhere in Miri, but in vain. Then a member of Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) visited me and asked me about my troubles: You don’t look well at all, we need to get you to a hospital! he told me.

Two policemen took me to a hospital where I was greeted by Doctor Pengiran under whom I had taken a course in medicine. What on earth are you doing here?» he asked me puzzled. He tried to assure the police that I was a good person, he knew me after all. But the damage had already been done, the police had already mistreated me.

Finally we were released with a summons before court 8 months later. After that we received a summons to Marudi again. When we arrived there however, there was nobody to take care of us. We were merely told that the appointment had been postponed to the 10.03.99. Nobody reimbursed us for our travel or eating expenses. I must add that I have participated in numerous blockades and have never broken the peace with the workers of the logging company, managers, or government officials with whom I have communicated.

Will this be the last terrorism made by the Barisan Nasional to the aborigines? Will it be enough from now on? The aborigines were tortured physically and mentally for many years and the government just made doesn’t know because aborigines have no worth and have been their burden under the Bumiputera status. Is this the best solution for those who voted Barisan Nasional? I believe that every human has their right to be respected and preserver either they are Penan or Bidayuh. Therefore, cultural genocide must be condemned fully and those who are corrupted must be judge according to the law and order. 20- Points memorandum must be reinstall and revise so that they will be no terrorism to be plan or execute by the Chief Minister of Sarawak to threatened the aborigines.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Only Fools Rush In

Aborigines should not in rushing to join PKR

I believe that The Aborigines still want to preserve their origin and personality in the political word. It was proven by their attempt to unite themselves trough association that they have had for 53 years. This association is called Dayak Bidayuh Nasional Association (DBNA) (which was formed on the 22nd September 1955 under the Societies Ordinance 1947. It was form by the purpose to unite the Bidayuh to archive their common goal which is to be in one in everything. Say it economy, politic, education and culture.

The urgency to preserve their personality and origin has existed much earlier than the formation of Malaysia or Perikatan Party. As though, Bidayuh love to be in unity and have willingness to preserve their cultures and origin. Recently, they have organized an education program in Penrissen area and this has been done for many years back to ensure that The Aborigines are not left behind in term of education opportunities. In fact, DBNA has been planted in every heart of the Bidayuh in every place. Last few years, DBNA Kuala Lumpur branch was opened officially and now DBNA can be found in Peninsular. Please visit for more information.

Now, let me get back to what I am supposed to write tonight. What was that? Yes, to join PKR or not to join and I get it here. Based on my observation and experience, to join PKR is not a very good idea but to join Pakatan Rakyat is the absolute brilliant idea. We will still have STAR left since PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS are useless to the Bidayuh for many years. I get used to Dr. Patau Rubis’s idea to restore STAR and strengthen the party for the sake of the Bidayuh. It is the only piece of brick that we have since the rest of the bricks have been thrown out from the building. He told me that to join PKR is to allow Bidayuh to be colonized as what PBB, SPDP, SUPP and PRS are doing on us. This party has been abandon one by one of those Bidayuh because of money politic. Yes, STAR is poor and cannot do something good for the Bidayuh but the truth is that STAR has never sell any Bidayuh dignity to Barisan Nasional. In fact, STAR was form because Bidayuh realized that they need pure and sincere leaders to speak for them. Say to say that money always speak lauder than everything in this earth.

Maybe Anuar Ibrahim is not please with this arguments but the truth is that we still prefer to be as who we are and willing to join Pakatan Rakyat as what DAP, PAS, Pasok and other opposition party have done. It is a good sign to join the coalition and deny Barisan Nasional. If PKR is not satisfied with this matter, please email me and do elaborate more to enlighten us. The darkest histories have failed us and we have lost our origin under the Barisan Nasional for 45 years. Our town has been given to Bandar Mutiara insteads of Tebedu. The 18-points memorandum has been slighted by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tunku Abdul Razak, Tun Hussien Onn, Tun Mahathir and Pak Lah. Well, enough is enough and if Pakatan Rakyat is really serious to cater this issue, it is the best time to join the coalition after the State Election.

Am I a racist and why race seems to be an issue? Well, Bidayuh are not exposed to the real world and still conservative in preserving their origin and culture. That is why we disagree with new settlement to be name Tun Abdul Razak and it is a disrespect act made by Taib Mahmud, Manyin and Dawos. It is something like asking the Muslims to eat pork which is absolutely disrespect to them. How delicious is the pork being cooked, for Muslims, it is still “Haram”. Yes, I am agree with multi-racial party and it is good to proclaim of who the Malysian are but time will change our mindset to accept and understand the real situation of multi-racial party. The multi-racial parties have denied us for years and this has been a permanent scar to the Bidayuh. We are marginalizing by PBB under the Malay-Melanau leadership, SUPP under the Chinese and SPDP under the Iban. Therefore, multi-racial parties did not work for the Bidayuh and it was proven for 45 years under Barisan Nasional. To join PKR means that we are allowing ourself to be colonized again.

UMNO, MCA. GERAKAN and MIC are race-based parties and they have failed during the last 13th General election. Why should Bidayuh be in race-based party?

Well, Bidayuh have joined so many multi-racial parties but none of them really is the answer of the Bidayuh marginalization. The truth was that we have been divided and then deserted by the Barisan Nasional. We were made as the stolen treasures where we were divided by the bandits. Taib, George Chan, Mawan and Masing have in on a round table and distributed the Bidayuh to PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS. We do not fail ourselves but our leaders are too cheap to be bought and therefore since our leaders are the son and the moon we have to sacrifice. The best is to have one party because there will be one big voice of the Bidayuh and it will be loud enough to hear. I do not know if the Bidayuh accept this idea but I have given my opinion as a non-political man. MIC was failed because Samy Vellu allow the government to destroy the Indian’s temple without any negotiation being made between MIC and the government. MIC and GERAKAN? The Chinese are very open-minded and cleaver and we cannot play jokes with them because they are very perfectionist. Chua Soi Lek was sabotage and Khairy has screwed Koh Tsu Koon up and that was the end of the Chinese trust to BN. Antoher issue is to highlight is NEP. All this while, all these three BN component parties are working as the UMNO running dog.

What if the Bidayuh current leaders refuse to join Pakatan Rakyat?

It shows us how self-centered they are and the fact is that they are self-centered and timid. We must get rid of them all!! The Pakatan Rakyat is a strong collation for the 5 states and I believe that Sabah is yet to join and it is just the matter of time. Why should Sabah aborigines support UMNO if it cannot even give back their stolen lands? The truth is that, the Sabahans do not support UMNO and Barisan Nasional but those who are under IC Project. The Bugis from Indonesia and the Philipines are given My Card and converted to Muslim in order to get their My Card ready. Next command is to vote UMNO, that it. As long as they (illegal immigrants) get their nationality, then UMNO must be appreciated. Musa Aman has screwed-up the aborigines in Sabah by sustaining his CM post which is more than 5 years which is more than a term. He made a big mistake to the Sabahans and Pak Lah is very happy with that. As for the Bidayuh leaders, they are too much controlled by Taib Mahmud and even cannot talk in the parliament. It is a fool decision to sustain these leaders since they are capable and only listen to Pak Lah instead of listening to the Bdayuh. It must be good if all Bidayuhs can have their internet line and read blogs and alternative media so that they are not manipulated and poison by the mainstream media which is not accurate.

Anuar Ibrahim is a great leader and has a very good reputation inside and outside of the country. Why not join PKR immediately?

Yes, he is a famous leader and he has gone through many things and that have burn up his spirit to be who he is now, determination and courage. I think he has a lot of money too. It is not about the issue of thrust but the aborigines have to unite themselves to share one vision and common mission for their future. We are not sure if he can deliver the promises stated in the 18-points memorandum. When he was a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Sarawakian did not get what they are supposed to get from the federal government. Say it timber and oil revenue. In fact, he failed to bring some of the “gangsters” and “bandit” to the court of law and some of them are well protected by Norian Mai and Rahim Noor. I do not know why he was jailed and did it because of he really care for the Sarawakian? Please forgive me DSAI if I am wrong.

Who will be the Bidayuh leaders under Pakatan Rakyat?

If Pakatan Rakyat is for real, than there should be no problem for the Bidayuh. There are two possibilities. One, we tame the frogs and let them jump out of Barisan Nasional. There is no need to be in SUPP, SPDP, PRS and PBB since we are not heard by the party leaders. Two, we vote out those YB’s and get new capable and charisma leaders. Just as simple as that. Money politic? Yes, it is the only weakness of the Bidayuh. They even willing to accept RM 0.50 in the ballot paper as long as it is money. The Bidayuh’s mindset must be clean from the money politics. The opposition must give them a solid reason why the Bidayuh should vote for opposition since the future as more expensive than RM 0.50’s vote. But, it is up to Bidayuh to decide on what they are going to be.

Conclusion, The Bidayuh has been deserted and marginalized by the multi-racial parties and time is needed to change their mindset. Though there was a race-based party, PBDS the leaders was too stupid to think what is the best for their community and Pak Lah and Taib must be blame to allow PBDS to be de-registered. Hence, the Bidayuh must reconstruct their unity and look for better prospects to improve themselves.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

When You Say Nothing at All - Tiki Lafie

MPs prefer to ask oral questions

By Churchill Edward and Saibi Gi,

The Borneo Post Press ( Thursday, 24th April 2008)

Dr Tiki finds it ‘silly’ to ask questions at parliament when he already knows answers

KUCHING: Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe said the public should not perceive it as unusual or suspicious when certain MPs did not submit written questions to parliament.

The first parliamentary sitting, since the March 8 general election, will start on April 28. All MPs were told at a briefing in the parliament complex in Kuala Lumpur on April 4 to submit their questions by April 8.

When contacted on Monday night, Dr Tiki said it was the responsibility of every MP to ask questions.

But just because he did not submit any written question for the first sitting, that did not mean he would only be a bystander during the coming parliament sitting, he said, when asked why he did not submit any question by April 8.

“Just because I have not submitted any written question does not mean I will not ask questions. I will ask oral questions,” he assured, saying he was looking forward to the parliamentary sitting.

Dr Tiki, a three-term federal deputy minister before the general election, said he found it ‘silly to ask questions which he already knew the answers’.

And it would be unfair to the ministers - who probably will be having their hands full by April 28 - if he (Dr Tiki) were to ask questions on matters or problems which he already knew could be addressed or resolved locally, he said.



Now I get to understand why Tiki Lafie was dismissed form the Parliament line-up. William Mawan may be right in his decision making because all this while Tiki has no caliber to be the aborigines’ representative in the parliament. So, the aborigines have to accept their fate under the substandard leadership of Tiki Lafie. From now on, there is no need to blame SPDP for not putting Tiki in the line of Pak Lah team.

I do criticize James Dawos capability by comparing him and Bung Mokthar and please do not misunderstand me because I am not disrespect Dawos but to tell how he works for the aborigines. In fact, we never heard any voice of him in the parliament and it showed us that this leader is incapable to be our representative. Would it be a great fear for him to speak to the rest of the MPs regarding one some important issue? Well, I believe that he has gone through many leadership and dynamic personality trainings and that should make him more capable and confident.

Why Tiki should undermine the question that he should bring up to the parliament? If he says that he already knows the answer, why there is no solution on some important issue? Say it NCR or timber and oil royalty which have never come to an end of the aborigines’ dispute. He should ask the Minsiter of Work and Minister of Finance why Sarawak has no 4 lanes highway. Or he should ask Pak Lah to give more funds to develop Sarawak basic necessity instead of “blur” corridor. Should he ask or should he prepare to get whack by Taib then? Maybe.

The aborigines’ mistake in selecting their representative can be distinguished since the fist time of the general election. At the beginning it is ok since the aborigine has less understanding about party and politic. Therefore anyone can jump into the party. Say it teachers and government servants and all those can do. As the time changes, there came an “Oxford” or University Malaya scholars and work at the government offices. After 2-3 years of service, they are selected to be the aborigines’ representative. The aborigines will vote him because he is a graduate and presume that he will able to work for them but at last they are muted and deaf. I would like to say that the aborigines are making fool of themselves by voting for such leaders. They have put aside the capable leaders because they saw RM 5.00 in the ballot paper given by BN idiots. Everyone can be the aborigines’ candidate if they have these 3 items to be given.

  1. Pork for very villages
  2. Free flow of langkau
  3. Music band

It is not hard to fish for vote in their constituency too because they have not seen the outside world where thing are change to fast. They can get RM 5.00 to by cigarette from the ballot paper and that is good enough for them.

The aborigines’ leaders also lazy to learn and to read and that is why there is no question to ask. They are busy with other things such as business and sleeping in the office like what Pak Lah always does. If you go to any school ceremony say it sport day or award day, you will heard a low class speech for the YB. They will say “Please support my party and you will never get hungry”. What the heck is that? He supposes to talk about education or sport to motivate the crowd and not to manipulate the poor students and parents. This is the real capability of our leaders when party must be promoted in the public event and for me I am sick of it. Their campaign can be done in any place at any time. Say it public toilet or coffee shop.

Our leaders also are not prepared to lead because they are lacking of confident and charisma. They are not mentally alert and lazy to read and to hear what is going on. If you ask any of them why BN lost badly on the last general election they will answer you like this “You are too young to know. Better don’t ask me such stupid question”. In fact, they are not always ready to face any changes ahead of them and the best they can do is to ignore the changes. For example, the 5 states fall to the opposition must be something rare for them and they must ready to avoid their team to leap to the opposition side. Somehow, the leaders just ignore this as long as money is concern on their side.

On the next state election the aborigines must punish these kinds of leaders (lazy, incapable, sleepy, greed, talk nonsense…etc) to accept changes. New leaders must be found for the betterment of the aborigines and enough is enough for those stooges. It will be a lost if these candidates are reinstating again on the next election. Dawos, Sagah, Manyin, Riot, Bayoi, Ranum, Jerip, Tiki and the rest. Start to decide now before the doomsday comes again to the aborigines constituencies.

Unaccepted Ideology of The Aborigines

Change is Not Bad

Neither is new wine put in old wineskins; for if it is, the skins burst and are torn in pieces, and the wine is spilled and the skins are ruined. But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved. –Book of Matthew 9:17

The wisdom of old age is the fruit of a lifetime of living a moral life and practicing the discipline of a religious path. However, the effort which it takes to realize the fullness of spiritual wisdom should be undertaken from one's youth. Strength and adaptability are required, and once old age has drawn nigh, it becomes too difficult to practice and too late to change. Old age is a time to manifest either the wisdom gained as the fruits of that effort or the decrepitude of a wasted life.

We used to celebrate New Year in a small church in Sabah by using new wine as our theme for the New Year Sunday Service. It reminds me on the 2006 new Year Sunday Service when the preacher preach about the new wine and it wineskin. There is no way to put a new wine into an old wineskin because it will burst and ruin the wineskin itself. The same goes to the aborigines when the old mentality of the people trying to cope with the new generation of understanding and knowledge.

I believe that the old ideology of the aborigines is no more relevant to the current situation and trend of the social life of the aborigines. We used to talk about being a minority is the best because we do not have to compete with other people. Being a minority means that we are humble and making the world to be peaceful and secure. Manyin once told the aborigines to toil to the hardest level and ignore their granted rights as the children of the soil. The aborigines should continue to be the most hardworking construction worker to please there taukey (boss). Students must study hard and get their SPM certificate to work at a coffee shop. There is no need to pursue their study because loans and scholarship belong to the other aborigine’s tribes. This is the old ideology of Manyin which he must change and think wider of what he can do for the people of Tebedu.

“I think the Bidayuh community has no choice. The Bidayuhs as a minority group has no choice but to be with the government,” said Manyin, who is Environment and Public Health Minister.

“We have to show to the government that the Bidayuhs are united, we will be all out to deliver the three seats,” he added – Borneo Post Press.

This is the old wineskin perception of Micheal Manyin to persuade the old wines (elders) and new wine (youngster) to mix together in an old wineskin (his idea). He persuaded his colony to continue to support SUPP and PBB while gave no comment on the issue of SPDP in Mas Gading. It has been proven that the aborigines have been segregated by those Barisan Nasional underdogs. This is the greatest idea of Pak Lah to strengthen his legacy in Bumi Kenyalang by divided all the aborigines into the smallest party under Barisan Nasional. If I proposed for the new party under Barisan Nasional tomorrow, he will approve it immediately without any inquiry as long as it is something to do with Barisan Nasional.

When PRS almost de-registered, James Masing was suddenly being called to save the wreck of the Chinese and the aborigines. In fact, Pak Lah was very happy because the tiny group will save his legacy but this tiny clan have never realizes their ignorance and foolishness.

James Masing said he was disappointed that a small group in the Dayak community had allowed themselves to be led by “others”. Ha ha aha... is it not James Masing who cohort with Datuk Sng to break-up PBDS? Is it not James Masing who lead a small disgruntled group of dayaks supporters in the PBDS then to rebel against the Dayak leadership in the PBDS that lead to a PBDS deregistration? Now out of desperation he accused other Dayak being allowed themselves to be led by “others”. You see James Jemut, You reap what you sowed. You deserved what you're into. - The Truth Revealed

What is the different between asking the “others” to lead the aborigines and asking the aborigines to lead themselves? It is the same thing indeed because Taib is leading the aborigines in to the worst ravine of destruction and Mawan and Masing are beheading their fellow followers head. When will we see the aborigine’s legacy under the true and pure leading patriots?

Perhaps PKR will supply us the new wineskin for us to put our new wine. New wine of healthy ideology and knowledge toward a success and admirable community must be put into the new leaders. We have put our new wine into the old wineskin and it burst and we lost the new wine for many times. We have lost our new wine during the 13th General Election when Dawos, Tiki and Riot were put into the rusty barrel of Pak Lah to be the worst wine of the Barisan Nsional wine house. As a result, they deserved to be in the rusty barrel because they are not that patriotic to the aborigines.

Politics have nothing to do with the community hall project for every village. It is not related to pork distribution to every village by Roland Sagah too. When politic ideology plays in the mind of the aborigines, they will only understand a typical issue. If they support BN they will get RM 5.00 for a ballot paper. Before the election they will have free flow of Langkau from the MP for whole night long. After the election, perhaps there will be 4-lanes highway going to build behind their houses. This is the foolishness of the aborigines which has poisoned their mind for centuries.

The aborigines could not understand the real meaning of politic because they are taught to be hard core supporters and not the right fighter. Both leader and follower are taught to loyal to every orders made by Pak Lah without any inquiry. They refuse to learn from Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak because these 4 states are more unintelligent then Sarawak and Sabah. Well, there are not dim because they knew their right and purpose as the citizen of Malaysia and the aborigines must never get it wrong. Maybe the aborigines are still under learning process to understand what is good and bad for them but one thing they should understand. The old mentality and ideology must be wiped away and learn to accept changes for a brighter future and prospect in politic, economy, development and education.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When The Rooster Crows III

The Uncivilised Aborigines.

This may be a “no hold barred” edition for the aborigines and I am ready to get blasted by the aborigines themselves. It’s been a long time since I wanted to post this topic just that I have not found the appropriate time. Aborigines are easily offended and sensitive when they are called uncivilized, and some may say that tbsbidayuh is stupid and has no brain for criticizing the aborigines. Well, that is good enough because you have your normal sense and feeling towards what you are going to read soon.

I am quite bored with the topic on political frogs of the aborigines’ community. Nevertheless, it can become interesting when the story of the frogs is combined with the BN’s python who always wanted to consume the frogs who intended to leap and jump. The aborigines’ civilization has no big difference from the headhunter age. Even though they came from the same jungle, they still wanted to cut off each other’s head. There was never on the aborigines’ history telling that their heroes cut off the heads of Tasaday’s or our neighbour, Kadazan and Dusun. Aborigines still prefer to cut off the heads of their neighbors and vice versa.

Aborigines are lazy to learn and that is the fact and that is the main cause of their marginalization. They divided each village to one component party and supported that party until their heads are chopped off. When they lost their heads, then they realize that they are unable to see the way.

The song “Wind of Change” reminded me of the Berlin Wall which had separated two German families between West and East German for 28 years. East German was separated by the West German by a block of concrete walls built by the Soviet Union . It is also known as iron curtain because whoever wanted to cross over the wall to see their family members will be shot to dead by the Soviet Army. When communist block was destroyed in Europe, East German was freed from Soviet power and they joined West German to form a nation, Germany. On 13th June 1990, the iron curtain was demolished and it marked the end of Soviet Union era in Germany. On 3rd October 1990, German had become a sovereign country. At least 200 people were believed had been killed in their attempt to cross over Berlin Wall while 5,000 managed to escape from East German. It is so sad when two side-by-side flats had to close their windows with block stone and that two families were separated. From this history, it had sketch a black dot to the German community especially, sociologically. Families had to be separated because of unwise leaders and the egoism of the soviet and the allied to unite German.

The second example would be Vietnam and VietCong, which had become an interesting American movie starred by Sylvester Stallone (First Blood II) on the early 90’s. War happened because the Democratic Republic of Vietnam could not have an agreement with the Democratic of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh had declared North Vietnam’s independence on 12th September 1945 and practiced communism. Because of the Communism practices and their violence against Catholics in North Vietnam, 800,000 North Vietnam civilian moved to South Vietnam. Soon, war started between American soldiers on behalf of South Vietnam and Vietcong Army was helped by the Soviet Union and China. 1.1 million deaths and 600,00 injuries were recorded during the war until it ended on 30th April 1975. The fall of Saigon ended the war in Vietnam which had brought disastrous effects to that country for 16 years. Finally, Vietnam had become a nation with one ruling system, which is Communism.

In the aborigines’ community, they had built their own “Berlin Wall” and divided themselves just like the Vietnam war tragedy. The difference between Vietnam and German is that one country had wall while the other none. Aborigines today are still divided by the political walls which separated them to Chinese, Iban, and Malay. When there is conflict, the aborigines had to leave their own friends in one block to join the other block. The saddest part is this “Berlin Wall” was built by their leaders for the sake of themselves and they let their brothers being divided by political party and different ideologies. It had become an enemy to the aborigines when one political ideology tried to be absorbed into a group of people who supported another political party. For example, Bidayuh fellow in Mambong cannot talk about SUPP with their fellows in Tarat because these two constituencies had different political ideology. What more to talk about the opposition, surely they would be crushed.

This is the beauty of the aborigines’ civilization for 45 years under BN. They were taught to build walls and planted political parties in the constituency and let their people to choose it themselves. It is like throwing seeds on the soil and let the chickens feed themselves no matter what seeds are thrown, be it corn, rice, green peas, or bean. The chickens will choose what they think is delicious. With this way, the aborigines will continue to be fooled and manipulated by other communities.

Is it ok to talk about aborigines’ unity under one political party? I think Pehin Seri will throw me to Kamunting for stealing his chickens. This had never been issued because this is the most stupid idea and would not be heard by the activists or leaders. As I always say, if there is one aborigine, there will be one party and if there are plenty of aborigines, there are plenty of parties. I do not understand why the aborigines cannot talk about the political unity. Maybe this is the Adolf Hitler’s ideology which he wrote in his book “Mein Kampf” that was banned by the community without knowing the contents. That is why the aborigines prefer to be in the sub-parties to ensure every representative got hold of the wealth from the people who support them. Adolf Hitler’s book was rejected without knowing the reasons and causes behind his cruelty to the Jews, because he was evil. The same goes with the aborigines; they will reject changes in ideology without looking into the benefits for them in the future. I’m not saying that Adolf Hitler is good and friendly but his struggles showed his love towards the German community.

The aborigines’ civilization was influenced by other community and that had made them undeveloped. Tiki Lafe is half Bidayuh-Iban, Riot half Bidayuh-Chinese and Dawos half Bidayuh-Malay. To me, they may want to nurture multi-racial spirit and join multi-racial parties. But they did not realize that the aborigines were sidelined. Pehin Seri had put the aborigines to the lowest place in PBB even though Michael Manyin is the vice president of PBB. George Chan had made Riot as SUPP’s dog and only be fed when he barked. Tiki Lafe had to wait for the young durian to fall from SPDP tree and it’s just a useless thing to do. This is the aborigines’ affluence that was formed from their own stupidity and arrogance. Because of this they cannot unite as one excellent community.

My friend once said that the idea to unite the aborigines in one political party is a stupid idea. He stated that SNAP and PBDS had failed to unite this community. It is true, and what he said had been proven. However, this failure is not because of the community but due to the foolishness and pride of their leaders. For example, they were once united under SNAP and SUPP. After Rahman Yakub chopped off Stephen Kalong Ningkan’s head, he smoked Stephen’s head by asking the aborigines to join PBB mobs. By then, the Melanau and Malay had enjoyed what they wanted by manipulating the bumiputera0-status’ aborigines. As an appreciation, the aborigines was given four villages to be drowned and called it Tun Abdul Razak. They sell their ancestors’ lands for RM 0.20 per acre. This is the most foolish idea I had seen in a community.

Leaders also stated that aborigines cannot stay under one party because they are very weak and their voices cannot be heard since they are the minority. But, do we have any voice all this time? Bung Mokhtar who is just an SPM holder can defeat Dawos in every debate in the parliament. Where are the Oxford and Cambridge scholars that we voted for? Actually, the leaders fear that if the aborigines unite under one party, they will become poor and bankrupt. That is why some of the STAR’s members left their shit to Patau Rubis in the party’s toilet because SUPP bought this shit with RM 2 million per kilo. However, the shit is not so good because SUPP had other profitable shits. This includes timber and mobsters gang in Sibu that move under the protection of IGP. That was why Pak Lau was not brought down by the Ops Cantas Kenyalang. This is the party loved by the aborigines because the mob culture had been practiced to their own family and relatives.

Finally, will this struggle continue to entangle the aborigines after the 12th GE?

Are we loved to be scattered by the PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS? Can’t we said that enough is enough and wait for miracle to happen to us? Well, its you to decide for your future because celcom says, “The Power is in your hand”. Should the aborigines build a new civilization? Let the Atlantis be drowned because Rome will rise and become a great and spectacular civilization.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The World New Divine Order -- Updated

Learning Must Never End. Learn from the Puny!!

A movie cut from A Bug's Life
My imagination about the aborigines nowadays is similar to the animation story, “A Bug's Life”. I watched "A Bug's Life" when I was in university and I found it quite interesting especially the story line and the message of the whole story. The story goes like this:

In the Ants Island there lived a colony of ants, a big number of ants. They are required to collect food to offer to a small group of grasshoppers as they will go to the Ants Island every season to get their food from the ants. The ants worked very hard to collect food for the grasshoppers and have no time to collect food for themselves. As the time to prepare the offering of foods is up, the ants will go down into their nest and waiting for the grasshoppers to finish their foods. One of the best quotation that I like is “they come, they eat, they go.” Flick, a smart ant had invented a harvest machine to collect more foods (grains) so that they will have less time to prepare for the offering and have their time to collect their foods before the end of the season.

One day, due to Flick mistake, the offering tower was collapsed and all the offered foods fell into the water and there was not anything left for the grasshoppers. Therefore, the grasshoppers have to go down into the ants nest to ask for their offering. As the story goes on, Flick was found guilty and exiled. Though he did not know that the colony deserted him, he still come back to the Ants Island bringing with him a bunch of bugs to be their helpers in case of grasshoppers' attack. Please watch the movie to know more.

Grasshoppers have manipulated the ants by asking them to give them food offering every season. Actually, it is not about the food offering but how to keep the colony of ants to be under their control. In fact, the grasshoppers have another place to stay and eat. As gangster bugs, they have to colonize any other small bugs to survive.

In the aborigine’s world, the situation goes the same too. Though the aborigines are the majority, they could not save themselves from being bullied and marginalized by the small group of Barisan Nasional clan. Better to say that these “grasshoppers” have their command centre ran by the UMNO as a bunch of the grasshoppers. The aborigines became weak after their mind was exploited and manipulated by money politic and useless “datoship” titles. Aborigines could not do anything as they are living under the supreme laws while their leaders are living above the law. Taib Mahmud has said that he will use any kind of law to fight against the human right communities to protect his family business. As so, the aborigines have no other choice to fight for their right because police and army are well paid by the cronies of Taib Mahmud. It is a good part time job for the police and army to work under Taib Mahmud payroll.

Today, Malaysiakini reported five Ibans in Miri were arrested for demanding their NCR land to be reserved for their paddy planting. But, for the sake of plantation, they were arrested because they are convicted to hurt an Indonesian worker in the palm oil estate. Well, have a wonderful time in jail, friends and brothers. Do not worry for you guys will be released soon. Forget about your damaged paddy field for there will be cotton field for the aborigine to work out.

Will this going to be the end of the aborigines? All this while, the aborigines are struggling for their NCR lands which are not theirs. Are there anyone who will fight for these causes? It is up to us as the colony of ants. We shall never bow to the grasshoppers anymore for they needed us and we do not need them at all. It’s the time of your life, so live it well. – Think again, it's time to change.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Native Customary Right? No Such Thing Ever Existed

Another Ops Cantas Kenyalang
Five Ibans arrested over NCR dispute
Courtesy of Sarawak Head hunter

Source: Malaysiakini
Tony Thien | Apr 19, 08 1:37pm

Five Ibans have been arrested by the Miri police on Thursday for what is believed to be the result of their persistent protest against the activities of an oil palm company working on their native customary rights (NCR) land without their consent.

Those arrested are all longhouse residents of Kampung Wawasan in Miri.

However, police appear to have given a different reason for their arrest, and Miri-based NGO Borneo Resources Institute of Malaysia (Brimas) has also failed to obtain the true account of why the five were arrested.

The five were asked by police to go to the Batu Niah police station two days ago to have their statements recorded. However, on arrival at the station, they were brought to the Miri police station and detained.


I am Desperate!!

Dear local readers,

It might sound like a beggar begs for a penny on the street. But I have to be a beggar for the sake of the lost aborigines. I had setup my Paypal account and My-Donation just to get cash donation from the readers but I could not able to activate my account due to the verification code matter. It will takes me 3-4 months to get the postal mail form paypal United Sate. Not least, due to the aborigine’s plead, there were some irresponsible parties sent their spam email to me to get loan and be their agent so that they can help the aborigine and I know that they are spam and I posted it in the comment column too. I hope there will be NO SPAM PLEASE and I am serious for the goodness of the aborigines. Who else can help us? Our MPs? They rather forget the burdensome community and build their own legacy of wealth.

As I mentioned in my last posting on Donation Needed for The Lost Aborigines, I need a notebook and a digital camera so that I can do more posting and give you fresh evidences about the aborigines in Sarawak. Therefore, due to unsuccessful plead to get a donated notebook pc and digital camera, I have changed my mind to receive cash donation. Most probably I need RM 3000.00 to get a cheap Compaq notebook pc and Canon digital camera. All contributor must give their details via my email at for verification.

Kindly drop your donation to this account details:

Account Name: Public Bank
Account Number: 4465946414 (Saving Account)
Beneficiary Name: Musa Anak Ngog

Donation can be given through online banking, checque and cash to the mentioned bank account.

May your sincerity and generosity be counted in heaven realm and will be well remembered by the lost aborigines in their own country home.

Thank you and God bless you!!

With a grateful heart,

tbsbdidayuh@ Musa Anak Ngog

The author.

Born To Steal

New Version of Prince of Thieve- Taib Hood

The following is from the book "Nomads of the Dawn."

"For most of the last twenty-five years, Sarawak's Resource Planning portfolio has been retained in the office of the Chief Minister, the highest authority in the state. Since 1981 the Chief Minister has been Taib Mahmud, a man whose personal fortune, derived from logging, has made him one of the wealthiest men in Malaysia. According to a February 7, 1990 report in the Asian Wall Street Journal, " He lives in a well-guarded palatial home in Kuching, and rides in a cream-colored Rolls Royce. A dapper dresser, he is partial to double-breasted suits and sports a ring with a walnut-sized red gem surrounded by small diamonds."

That his office has been used for personal financial gain became clear during the run up to the State elections in April 1987. At a press conference on April 9, 1987, Taib Mahmud announced the freezing of twenty-five timber concessions totaling 2.75 million acres belonging to relatives and friends of the former Chief Minister Rahman Yakub. Estimates of the value of these holdings ranged from US$9 billion to US$22 billion. As it turned out, each of Rahman Yakub's eight daughters was the owner of a logging concession. In retaliation for these revelations, Rahman Yakub told the press the names of politicians, friends, relatives and associates connected to Taib Mahmud who controlled 3.52 million acres of concessions. Ironically the two antagonists were themselves related, Taib Mahmud being the nephew of Rahman Yakub. Between them, these two quarreling factions of the elite controlled 6.38 million acres, a figure that amounted to over half of all logging concessions and a full third of Sarawak's total forested land. So great is the potential for graft, and so high the financial rewards of securing government office, that politicians have been known to spend as much as US$24 million competing for the support of the 625,000 eligible voters in the state."


How much is Taib Mahmud worth?

(A report by Forests Monitor, UK)
Raja Petra Kamarudin

Politics, law and the logging industry

The influence of the logging industry on the politics and laws of host countries should not be underestimated, particularly with regard to obtaining licences to log and to forest policy more generally.
There is often a mutually beneficial relationship between logging companies and political elites, involving the acquisition of large private wealth for both parties through bribery, corruption and transfer pricing, at the expense of public benefit through lost revenues and royalty payments and at the expense of social, environmental and indigenous communities' rights. At the very least, these relationships equate to a conflict of interest; at worst, they suggest an institutionalisation of cronyism and corruption. In most cases, there is a fundamental imbalance of power between economic interests, the State and civil society over the control, use and exploitation of forests. The long-term consequences of this are logging at unsustainable rates for quick profit; illegal felling and illegal trade; disruption of successful local economies; social instability; environmental degradation; and social, cultural and political oppression. The awarding of concessions and other licences to log as a result of political patronage, rather than open competitive tender, has been the norm rather than the exception in many countries. All too often, the identity of concession holders is surrounded in secrecy, as is the actual location of concessions. Occasionally, this information has been leaked from forestry departments or made available through unofficial channels. More...


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wood carriers allegedly hid 1.1 billion yen income
Kyodo News

Nine Japanese shipping companies that transport lumber from Sarawak, Malaysia, allegedly failed to report some 1.1 billion yen of income in total during a period of up to seven years through last March, sources said Wednesday, alleging the money constituted kickbacks to Sarawak officials via a Hong Kong agent.

Such tax irregularities have occurred as the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau determined the companies' remuneration payments to Regent Star, a Hong Kong agent, which has a connection with Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud and his family, were rebates, not legitimate expenses, the sources said.


My very first encounter with Taib Mahmud was in 1996 in SMK Padawan before I pursue my study in Kolej Tun Abdul Razak. We were standing side-by side in a long line to wait for Taib arrival. Teng Bukap, somewhere in Padawan province was crowded by many people form every sides of Padawan. That was my fist time traveling by an air-condition bus and it was so enjoyable. As we keep on waiting, for about 3 hours (from 7 am – 10 am), finally the sky was trembled by a Bell Helicopter and there came the man. After a while, I saw a white Mercedes Benz with the plate number “Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak” and there were two small flags stick on the bumper. As the man come out from the car, the host announced the arrival of the Chief Minister and everybody gave their round of applause. Then he shook hand with the students and those who were in the line. From one corner of the football field, I heard a group of people shouting “Hidup Taib” which means ‘long live Mr Taib”.

Teng Bukap, Padawan - Undelivered Promises

As the even goes on, were served with army exhibition and free Mayang tea. My mother managed to grab 4 boxes of Mayang tea and 2 packets of Osborne plain round biscuit “Biskut Rumah Panjang” and brought them home. All the villagers were call to come down to Teng Bukap to listen to Taib speech and enjoy the Mayang tea, boxed-meal “tapau” and Osborne biscuit. Transportation was provided for free of charge and there were type of buses that I havenever seen. I my heart, I feel that Taib is another god coming far from another side of Teng Bukap mountain.

Osborne Biscuits aka Biskut Rumah Panjang

As I grew up and start to understand a little bit about Sarawak politic, I get to know that Taib is the richest minister in Malaysia and has plenty of properties in Australia. He has the ultimate power to rule above the law of the country. Soon after SUPP constituency in Padawan was divided into two which is one side for PBB, I got to know that James Dawos was joining Taib the great. Then, Padawan was abandoned by the PBB and SUPP. None of them could ever upgrade the Padawan-Link road and the road was the only way to go down to Kuching. It is muddy during wet season and dusty in the dry season and the Padawanians have enjoyed it since the British era.

At one side of the district, The Borneo Highland Resort was under construction and I was many heavy trucks bringing logs and construction. On the way to Kuching, the trucks were loaded with logs and on the way from Kuching, there were loaded with building materials for Borneo Highland Resort project. What has saddened me was that the affected communities were given RM 200.00 compensation for every village. If we say this to our MPs, they will surely get burst and you have to be ready to get beheaded by them. Just beside my village (Kampung Senah Negeri), I can hear a roaring bulldozers and lorry of the loggers. The road to the village was badly damaged by the logging trucks and there were no way to travel by cars or motorbike. We were compensated with 2 liter of diesel oil for our Milo canned lamp by the logging company though some of the paddy farms were bulldozed brutally.

Why should we complain then since we do not have any right for our ancestral lands? The best we have done was looking at our damaged paddy farm and say nothing. NCR lands are not our though we have been there for centuries ahead from the logging company. Should we blame Taib and Dawos on their scarcity of humanity to the aborigines? Well, we were not daring enough because we thought that the laws were not always at our side. Next, will this prince of thief continue to rob every NCR lands of the aborigines? The Sarawakians will decide and they have their very option in their mind and heart.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lets Get Laugh - Richard Lopez

Welcome to Bidayuh Funniest Home Video!!

When thing getting to be funny we shall never stop to laugh!!

PUTRAJAYA, April 18 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today announced the appointments of Datuk Maznah Mazlan as Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin as Deputy Minister of Transport. — Bernama

KUCHING: Member of Parliament for Serian Datuk Richard Riot Jaem is very optimistic that a Bidayuh will be appointed to the federal cabinet. More...


He must be kidding the Bidayuh on his yesterday’s statement in The Borneo Post Press. You know what have failed this poor man? He wanted to jump out from BN wreck but get caught by Tengku Adnan and have to admit that he love Pak Lah. And the smile broadly. Then he convinced the Bidayuh that today Dawos and Tiki will be the Deputy Minister of Public Toilet instead of himself but Pak Lah has no such vacancy in the parliament because all the public toilets are well taken care by foreign workers.

What made him to make such a ruthless statement to the Bidayuh community yesterday? It might be happened for Bidayuh to have a Deputy Minister of Public Toilet if Richard Riot is Pak Lah son-in law. Perhaps not because Pak Lah has Kairy and the stun bikers mob who decide for the nation. It was a wet dream for the Bidayuh to have their man in the Parliament this year. No more vacancy for Bidayuh and let us go down to the paddy farm since we are shortage of rice.

The first step that Riot should take from today PM’s decision is to leave SUPP and join opposition. That is not a coward or timid action because frog know where is the best pond to jump in. Depts? Do not worry because George Chan and Taib have plenty of money and you just receive from their dusty carpet. Enough is enough and Richard must stop making jokes to the Bidayuh because sometime jokes is not suitable in time of mourning and wars.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weak People Support Weak Government.

Riot: Bidayuh rep likely to be in cabinet post
By Jacob Achoi, The Borneo Post Press ( 17th April 2008)

KUCHING: Member of Parliament for Serian Datuk Richard Riot Jaem is very optimistic that a Bidayuh will be appointed to the federal cabinet.

RIOT: I believe the Prime Minister will accommodate a representative from the Bidayuh community in the cabinet.

He said the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in a recent Barisan Nasional (BN) meeting had said he wanted all communities to be represented in the cabinet.

“Although, it may not be very soon, I believe that the Prime Minister will accommodate a representative from the Bidayuh community in the cabinet,” Riot told reporters yesterday after receiving sponsored jerseys for the Under 16 School Development Football League from Lea Sports Centre at the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) secretariat.

Riot, who is FAS deputy president, was coy when asked by reporters whether he was among the names shortlisted for the post merely answering: “I reserve my comment”.

He however said he would not push the Prime Minister to appoint a Bidayuh elected representative to a cabinet post.

Besides Riot, the other Bidayuh MPs are Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit (Mambong) and Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe (Mas Gading).

Dr Tiki served as Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development, but was dropped from the post when Prime Minister announced the cabinet line-up last month.

The five-term Serian MP also pointed out that he was always happy despite reports that he was quitting Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), a component BN party.



In my last posting on Saving Private Richard which has grabbed the Malaysia Today’s attention, I was hoping that Richard Riot will never make his return to the SUPP. A forum member’s perception on Richard Riot action was “Gertak sikit, menjadi” (Threatened and it happened) when the rumor was aired by Malaysia Kini saying that Riot is resigning from SUPP. The rumors were erased completely once he admitted that he loves Barisan Nasional and cannot let it go. Maybe he loves variety of SUPPs or love the way SUPP threats the Bidayuh in Serian.

Every Dayak party said that they will support Pak Lah and Barisan Nasional wholeheartedly in order to sustain the Peace, Security and Prosperity nation. Meanwhile there are tremendous attacks on the Barisan Nasional made by the Barisan Rakyat and the UMNO themselves. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is now in a great pressure and his presence in UMNO is not welcomed by some of the senior leaders. Clearly, it shows the country that Barisan Nasional is in great danger and ready to sink onto the deep sea floor.

Once again, Riot gave a very wrong statement by saying that the peninsular have known the Bidayuh in Sarawak. First, the Bidayuh was recognized during the Ming Court Affair made by the Dayak and the Melanau and that was the time of glory to the Bidayuh. Riot might think that his rumor of resignation has brought to the Bidayuh “idiot publicity” but actually it is not. He is the only Bidayuh representative who tells his support to poor Ahmad Badawi but Dawos and Tiki make themselves in silence mode. The Bidayuh were known not from his jigsaws puzzle game with Barisan Nasional but form the eyes of the world on the Native Right and Welfares issue in Sarawak.

If he ask all the Bidayuh's stand on their support to Barisan Nasional, my wife and I will be in the first line to say "we are not interested at ALL". Though we are poor, we are not as weak as he is, who has sold the Bidayuh right and dignity to the Chinese clan in SUPP. The fact is that SUPP is no more relevant to the Bidayuh because they are no more in the Barisan Nasional agenda. Yes they are many will say that “I support Pak Lah till the end of the world” but they say it because they have internal fear. The fear of being sidelined and marginalized by the Barisan Nasional has been the eternal scar for the Bidayuh. Well, we have been marginalized for many years but we are too timid to say it out because Taib hold a big rattan stick and ready to whack us all.

In SNAP, Bidayuh were weak and there came PBDS to be the alternative for the Bidayuh under Dayak management. The Bidayuh then sheltered under the PBDS for a while and SNAP was deregistered. STAR was formed after Patau was chased away from his office by Taib and family. As STAR started to loose money, some of the Bidayuh idiots leave the ship and jumped into the “Pirates” ship which is SUPP. Those low minded Bidayuh enjoyed the “Pirate of The Black Bean” adventures in Bau, Serian and Padawan under Captain George Hook order. The best these low-minded Bidayuh have done is to rape the Bidayuh NCR land for plantation and “Rubbish” Projects.

The Bidayuh leaders have made their community weak from their weak action and mentality. They tend to copy the Chinese political version in MCA, GERAKAN and DAP. They copycatted the version and brought it to the Bidayuh political arena which has brought to the Bidayuh marginalization. This trend of politic will never bring any benefit to the Bidayuh but to their political leaders themselves. Whenever money becomes the first priority in Bidayuh politic, they are loosing every right and dignity to the Barisan Nasional. There is no need to support Barisan Nasional anymore since the captain will command to abandon ship and everybody are ready to jump into the Barisan Rakyat ship soon.