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Saturday, May 31, 2008

A New Mentality of the Aborigines

I asked my father on the last election issue and I asked who he voted for. “Of course Barisan Nasional. What else should we do without Barisan in our area?” he answered me. I asked my mom the same question too. “It is useless if we vote for opposition. What opposition can do to us? They have no money to develop us”. We talk a lot about the last election story and which village was affected by the apposition. Kampung Simpok had a very strong apposition spirit until Dawos withdrew the entire budget from the kampung. That was according to my mom and I have not met anyone from Simpok to ask the truth but I believe due to slow development along the Padawan road.

As the conversation goes on, I slowly stepped into my bedroom and show my “The Broken Shield” book to my dad. “It was signed by Joseph Tawie (author) himself” I told my dad. He asked me this “What is the story all about?” As I am now in chapter 5, I told him that the Dayak has done a very silly mistake and Joseph Tawie is telling us a good story tale about the Dayak puzzle under Barisan Nasional. He seems to be interested and did read a few chapters and last night, he asked me to pass the book to him once I have finished reading.

Deep inside my heart, I believe that my dad will know the mistakes that have been made by the Dayak once he has finished reading soon. He started to filter what is told by the RTM news and media prima news. I told my dad and mom that Bersih Assembly was held to reform the election process to be more transparent and fair and not because there are many gangsters on the street as what Pemuda UMNO has reared (mat rempit). I told that the people have to open the road at Kota Cheras area because they are burdened by toll and not because they are gangster as per claimed by TV3 news. Nobody hates Badawi but the rakyat deserve a good leaders and team members. I told my family members on the dinner table that there is nothing wrong if Pakatan Rakyat rules, in fact, the five state are trying their very best to recover the state government previous debt. Lim Guan Eng is working very hard to make Penang on a solid ground and so Selangor.

Yes, there are several issues that need to be well measured especially the promises of the opposition party to help the young couple, students, the poor and needy. Somehow, it cannot be done in one or two month because the new state government is facing a terrible debt. Hence, there are several groups of people being paid by UMNO to make an accusation to the new government due to their failure to deliver their promises to the people.

Let us talk about logic and real issue about the new governments in those five states. Khir Toyo had given the ‘broom award’ to the local authorities due to their failure to collect taxes and therefore, Selangor is struggling with debt. Lim Guan Eng claimed that Penang is facing a terrible debt that has been made by the previous government under Koh Tsu Koon. This has indicated that the previous governments has practiced corruption and fail in running the state. Now, those states are looking their very best approaches to recover from debt. That is the story that I have explained to them at the dinner table.

“What those thing have to be done with the Dayak? We are well taken care by Barisan Nasional” asked my dad. I smiled at him and tell this. “It is Barisan Nasional that needs us and we are forced to help Barisan Nasional. Without the Dayaks, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Rungus, etc BN will be buried under the deep sea. You can see what the UMNO is doing with the Sabahan. IMM13 is always available for the “UMNO refugees” at anytime and any place as long as it is concern with UMNO.”

The Dayak even special, they are squatters at their very own ancestor land. Taib has declared all those NCR lands as state properties where logging and plantation should be done by rumpling down those houses and scattered the villages to a new rehab. “They should Rejoi and bear all The Pain while the Semban has no place to Sait (sit)” is such a good quote actually. “They should rejoice and bear all the pain while semban has no place to sit”.

Barisan Nasional’s promises of development are the intimidation to the Dayak. Therefore, the physical development is the only propaganda that always being used to terrify the Dayak. Therefore, voting for Barisan Nasional is the best way to receive the “development” from the government. Somehow, the Dayak has not realized that they are landless and being manipulated and intimidated by those corrupted politicians and soon they will be helpless and regret. But, I started my campaign in my own house because trust and confident must be planted within the household before we talk rubbish to the crowd.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bengoh oh Bengoh

The Reader's Mind and Soul

The hope of Indigenous: WHAT THEY SAY? thanks for Rumah Dayak

I’ve visit the villagers last week and one of the question topic to discuss with them is about what they feel once they have are removed from their origin places.

The Takuk Anak Simbas as a senior leaders from kampong Pain Bojong says:
“we are too old and weak to protest the demands from any authority, otherwise we are revealed to be betrayer to government. Since, I thought to say that it is good to be in the new village, to feels the modern facilities that is to be disappointed by our YB. Dr Jerip as DUN and our Dawos from parliamentary as well. I’m not hope to be at the same Bakun problem of community, rather I hope our BN could actualize their promise to ascertain the successful of the project, as well to recover their face as good parties and leaving the Bakun tragedy on the future”.

About future:
“ I think, my old village situation and our people is familiar on this place, thought there are many challenge we face, such as walk by 2-4 hours until Bengoh to buy nor selling our product, but saying to be familiar is to be adaptive in the new place “tomorrows” is tough and necessitate the long time. Thought the communities are leaving this village with forcefully, it is to provide the fresh water for Kuching community, there are stay have conflict that we face, properly the menace from the other communities from direction village. Since, we hope this village is like the promise of our minister Manyin to provide us protection (wall, electricity, and fresh water, the home that is from our ability or by refers to our ability to pay) from coming problem. I guest that there must have a problem when we recalled the memory from indigenous from Batang Ai, Bakun etc.”

The hope and suggestion:
“I’ve ever heard the message from Rumah Dayak website to suggest us, the Bidayuh community Leaders association, such as NGO’S, DBNA, and our YB to help us guaranteed the compensation reach on the right time, and follows the payment schedule”, as well as to ascertain there are minor problem on the future.This is good suggestion to help us and our community, Malaysia as well on this small project(as compared to Bakun)”. By looking at that time, we are waiting for our Memorandum to be recognized as what we needed. Other than that, we are acquired the support from international association in order to avoid the same Bakun tragedy”. I wish to thanks the Rumah Dayak for their support!

Talking about the name of village:
“the village name will not be the problem, since we are hope to be safe in this place. Think about the future custom and culture is on the physiology of our people”. “Note that we are lose on the culture, means we are defeated against the new custom. That is come from the heart of our broken people, the only I hope from my fellow villagers is to think positively, once there are advised to refer the matter from at least 3-4 peoples that most professional in matter as compared them”. The sound is means “like not to hanging the crown of the salt of age” but rather refers to education and the fact. So that, is what I hope.wakil orang kampung" Tq… Harap diperbanyakkan, terima kasih.

Thank you for your idea and contribution. Happy Gawai to You.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tbsbidayuh is on Leave

Dear Readers,

I would like to wish all the Sarawakians, Selamat Ari Gawai and fellow Sabahans, Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Kaamatan. Happy Harvest Festival to all.

Due to no internet access in the jungle, there will be no posting in this coming week if you may expect. Thank you for visiting tbsbidayuh blog. Please keep on posting if you have a beautiful idea. Email me at if you have something you want to post in the blog.

Wish to be back in the net soon!!

God Bless you.

P/s: My days are boring without Malaysia-today, Malaysia Insider, Britong and other blogs. Its internet matter. TV seem to be boring too. But, Euro 2008 will be more exiting than Media prima News.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Desperate Losers

I watched a little bit of RTM 1 program called “60 Minit Bersama Menteri” last night. It was Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib chance to be in TV. I only switch to the program every time advertisement was aired. Actually I was watching “Longest Yard” and I have been watching this movie several times. What has attracted me was that his idea to develop rural area. There was a phone call from Sabah asking why their land is not theirs though they have settled down there for centuries. The answer given by Muhammad was that the government owns the land and government has right to ask the villagers to move out of that place if there is a development for that place. Maybe, the caller was from Maang. It reminded me of one case in Lahad Datu when the villagers were chased out of their villages and their houses were burned down by the Sabah Chief Police.

We will loose Rejoi, Semban, Sait and Pain soon and we will see new habitat in Kampung Tun Razak. Yes, the Bidayuh has no right for their ancestor’s lands but have to let them go for the sake of “Development”. What development? With RM 10K compensation, my fellow brothers and sisters in Kampung Tun Razak will enjoy their salted fish porridge for two or three months. When the money finished, the next move is to steal each other belongings in order to survive. RM 10K is not enough and since those villagers are the origin of that land, they deserve to get RM 50K per family or more for the price of their fruit trees, black pepper farms and their houses. Since every inch of land is claimed as a government treasure, the new settlement is disrespect to the NCR lands codes. The government can take every right of the aborigines in order to develop its people. Is this new conspiracy between the Bidayuh leaders and Taib to rape the Bidayuh right? Why there is no bargaining or negotiation in term of compensation and new settlement?

After two night broadcasted in TV, a school in Sabah remote area (Kemabong) had received their 12-million Ringgit Bridge and it is a good sign for the community there. What about RM 1,000 aid for the students in Selangor? They gave no time for a poor opposition government in the state to deliver their promises. How to give aid when the state government has to cover the previous debt? In fact, Muhammad Taib was accused of bringing lot of money to Australia when he was the Menteri Besar. Khir Toyo could not manage the state to get more money to pay for the debt and as a result, “Broom Award” was given to get money from the local authorities. If the people in Selangor have a good common sense, why should they dispute with RM 1,000 thing? Didn’t they realize that the previous government left debt to the new opposition government? They should accuse the previous government for practicing corruption and misused the public fund. Let us get back to the main story then. There is no compensation for NCR lands since the aborigines have no might to defend themselves. In fact, we have seen long houses being destroyed for plantation. The Penans have to face intimidation when they made a blockage. The Rejoi and other villages have to accept new settlement and lose their lands and origin.

Who says that we do not need development? Yes. Indeed we need development but there must be equality and justice. The government should first build a road to Kiding, Sapit, Asum, Kakas and other remote areas. With this proper infrastructures, we will able to get to town easily. Besides, we do not have to carry our merchandise on our back to trade in Kuching. We are left behind though we have supported Barisan Nasional. The students need to travel to schools easily and do not have to walk on foot for 3 to 4 hours to get to the hostel. Well, there might be development if those villages have to move to new settlement called Bandar Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Why there must be a corridor while the people are living in poverty and struggle? What are the best approaches need to be taken by the Rural Development Ministry to help those people? Should it be Development for lands or lands for development? Pak Lah should forget about SCORE since it was Tun Mahathir failure for Bakun. What is the meaning of SCORE if we, the aborigines are living under the political and economical pressure? First thing must come first so that there are no desperate losers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When The Rooster Crows V - Dilemma?

Dear YB's Cronies,

The Bidayuh politicians are in dilemma said a reader in this blog. Please browse more to look for the topic dilemma. Yes dilemma to be in Barisan Nasional whereas the rakyat is suffering and marginalized. This YB’s office boy is backing his Mr. YB and ask me to kiss the royal feet of the YB. No way brother. I am not a feet kisser nor an ass kisser. What dilemma actually?

I blamed Pak Lah because UMNO is dominating every race and gives no chance to other to get government contracts. Idris Jusoh was used to rebel against Sultan Terengganu in order to be a Menteri Besar aka black gold trader to Khairy and Patrick Badawi. I blamed Taib because he has not doing his job to develop the aborigines but to steal every resource that we had. I blamed MPs because they are timid and could speak for the Bidayuh in the parliament. Well, am I wrong than? Everyone is agree that Pak Lah government is the worst in the nation history. Taib had ruled more than 20 years and building his wealth down to the grave yard while the MPs are digging a massive graveyard for the Bidayuh. The facts are that we are not happy with the present government and reformation is needed for a better future.

Yes. Since you are the crony of Micheal Manyin, you will only talk what is good about him. How about Bandar Mutiara and Kampung Tun Razak? Scattered the villages for his home and orchard where life seem to be peaceful and harmony. Why should we have to pay the price for the developments while the other is getting them for fee? In fact, some of them got high price of compensation. You go and ask those who were affected by the PLUS project. How much they got?

The real dilemma is we do not need Barisan Nasional because we are made to be a slave of UMNO and PBB. Right? Do you agree with me Micheal? If we get out of BN then the present YB will get bankrupt because they cannot play with corruption. Furthermore, Pakatan Rakyat is the weakest coalition. You are totally wrong. We are no more talking about long house politic and primary school mentality. The old folks must be replaced for the sake of the aborigines. We do not need to write 31 pages of reason why we should stick with BN. There are only four words to describe it. “We are not Happy”. Why should we say that we are happy while we are made as slave?

Tebiya are the victims of the present government. Tanyuh was made to be a puppet to Stephen Yong to get timber. Sora was a thing that we cannot see and heard. Nissom was a victim of PBDS and was made for the betterment of the party that was so called The Great Dayak Party. Years after year I see one by one Dayak Party collapsed and we are under test then.

Do we believe in Multi-racial party then? Taib is different my brother. There is no democracy in PBB but we have a new Joseph Stalin or say it Saddam Hussein. Nobody dare to talk to Taib. The anointment of Sulaiman is the real fact that Bidayuh is not needed in PBB. PBB is now belong to Taib’s family as what Pak Lah is doing with UMNO. I am glad that Mahathir withdrew his membership from UMNO and that is the best solution to give them a lesson.

I would say that we are not in the dilemma but we are blinded by the dictatorship of Pak Lah and Taib. As I said, there is no democracy in Barisan National but everyone is bowing down to the leaders. The frog law is the best example. So, why not jump ship while BN is in trouble? Develepment mater? What development? We are far left behind and we do not deserve development but reformation because thought is always greater then wealth.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bidayuh - The Second Class Community?

There will still be devt: Manyin
By Yu Ji, The Borneo Post Press (Sunday, 18 May 2008)

The Bidayuh community happy with government; we have nothing to protest, says minister

KUCHING: Whether or not the Bidayuh community gets a federal cabinet appointment does not matter as there will always be development, assured Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) vice president Datuk Michael Manyin yesterday.

“It does not mean that when you get a minister appointed, you will definitely get development,” the minister said.

“Actually, this time the (Sarawak) Malay community also does not have a full minister, yet they did not protest, so why should we protest?”

He was responding to a press report Thursday which noted that none of the Bidayuh assemblyman delivered any speech during the last State Legislative Assembly sitting.

Some thought the absence of a ‘Bidayuh speech’ was a silent protest against the lack of federal ministerial appointments.

Manyin, who is state Environment and Public Health Minister, also reiterated that the federal cabinet was the prerogative of the prime minister.

Added Manyin: “The Bidayuh community is happy with the government. We have nothing to protest. It is not true at all to say we are protesting.”

Furthermore, the Bidayuh leader said two assemblymen had prepared speeches but were just not able to deliver them.

“Kedup assemblyman Frederick Bayoi Manggie had prepared a 31-page speech but was unfortunately not feeling well. He was suffering from gout and diarrhoea.

“Another was (Opar assemblyman) Ranum (Mina) who prepared a speech, but he did not have the time to deliver,” Manyin said.

On a related issue, the minister was asked if more Bidayuh elected representatives would be appointed to the state cabinet, following a rumoured reshuffle soon.

“That, we have no clue. At this point, we don’t even know if there will be a reshuffle, so whatever people say is just based on guesses.”

Manyin was speaking to reporters after opening the annual Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) sports day.

I think I am the only Bidayuh who protest how the BN has made us as the 2nd class community. Well, maybe I am wrong. Tun Jugah had never deserved any post in the Parliament because he was well-fed by Tunku Abdul Rahman before the formation of Malaysia. Stephen Kalong Ningkan was then being slaughtered by the PANAS, PESAKA, and BARJASA because he wanted to continue to be the Chief Minister of Sarawak. James Wong was then sent to ISA detention camp because SNAP has beheaded the Malay and Melanau. Did SNAP really commit it? Then there was a plot to sack the Dayak from the political arena.

What development that we have had under the BN with 5% oil and timber royalty from the federal government? Gravel, dusty roads, dark villages, undeveloped schools are the promised development from the government. Tiki was then being made a deputy minister but the Bidayuh is still undeveloped. Yes, I agree with Manyin and he made a right statement. The Bidayuh must toil as hard as they can to survive and let the government runs itself. But, what is the point to vote if there is no representative? There are many issues that we should settle down with the corrupted BN. In facts, the Bidayuh is marginalized because there is no representative for them. There was some but they were intimidated with NEP and special rights of the Malay.

I was challenge by some of the reader of tbsbidayuh blog to contest on the 2011 poll. Well, I am not stupid and idiot and that is my stand. I will use this blog to fight for the people and not to look for fame and wealth. I just can wait for my digicam to be delivered and perhaps there will be more undeveloped road and school to be aired soon. Soon, the Bidayuh will realize why they are marginalized and made to be idiot. (oooop! Someone will get mad). Why should those fellow Bidayuh try to shut me out while they are talking big? “Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas”. The best they can do is to mock and undermine a tiny blogger like me. Oh friend, you are in the wrong track.

Let talk about development and representation again. Four villages will be chased down to the new settlement (Kampung Tun Abdul Razak) with RM 10K compensation. That is a great development to the Naim Cendera and the other cronies. Now, development will be paid by the Bidayuh fear to the great white hair. The running dogs (someone will get mad too) will only listen to Taib Mahmud and that is why Bidayuh does not need any representative in the Parliament. Bidayuh MP should never make their way to Peninsular so that their corruption and cronyism work will never get heard by Pak Lah. To say yes to Taib mean that there will be more money for the Bidayuh or his Bidayuh cronies.

I passed through one of the JKR quarry in Kuching area and was shocked to see that it is now belong to CMS Sdn. Bhd. Wow!! Someone is sucking every resources before God call him to be back home. What’s next? Will there gonna be a bald mountain before the judgment day? What Bidayuh MP has to do with this new development plan? How much they have earned form every inch of oil palm estate while the land is belonged to them? Development? What development?

Silent revolt is not needed anymore since we do not belong to the government that we have chosen. We do not need a weak government and revolt is needed because we are no more to be called “lakia” by SUPP and ants by PBB. Why should we scared of Taib since he is not god or “chai tsen tau” (the goddess of wealth). Make it enough for we have seen the downfall of the Bidayuh in SNAP and please bear in mind that PBB is the ultimate killer of the Dayak.

“The Bidayuh community is happy with the government. We have nothing to protest. It is not true at all to say we are protesting.”

The Bidayuh is not happy. Please do not tell any lie here.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Teacher Day

Dear All Teachers all over Malaysia,

Happy Teacher Day. Thank you for your effort to make us who we are now. Without you all the nation will be in the great darkness.

Silent Revolt?

The 31-page speech that never made it

The Borneo Post Press (Friday, 16 May 2008)

Kedup rep could have been Bidayuh voice but silenced by indisposition

SERIAN: Kedup assemblyman Frederick Bayoi Manggie expressed shock over yesterday’s news report that there was such a thing as ‘silent protest’ by him and his four other Bidayuh elected representatives.

Bayoi: Shocked over the news report.

“Silent protest over what?” he asked The Borneo Post yesterday as he held up a copy of the newspaper.

“I am shocked that it was intimated that we did not participate in the august house debate to protest the exclusion of the Bidayuh from the federal cabinet.

“It’s just not true because Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has every right to pick the members of his cabinet,” Bayoi said.

“Worst still, how can it be intimated that the so-called protest was to pressure the state government to appoint a Bidayuh in the coming cabinet reshuffle?

“That’s not only irresponsible but it is putting us, the elected representatives, and the Bidayuh community in a very bad light, especially when it has been mentioned so many times in the past that cabinet appointments are the prerogative of the Chief Minister,” he added.

Yesterday The Borneo Post carried a news report headlined: “Bidayuh reps not staging silent protest”, noting that none of the Bidayuh representatives - Tasik Biru assemblyman Peter Nansian, Tarat assemblyman Roland Sagah, Bengoh assemblyman Dr Jerip Susil and Opar assemblymen Ranum Mina as well as Bayoi - had delivered any speeches during the last sitting.

Known for his no-nonsense speeches in many past sittings, Bayoi’s absence was probably the most conspicuous.

But the five-term assemblyman, holding up a 31-page text of speech, when The Borneo Post met him at his residence here yesterday, said: “What I have here is probably my best prepared text of speech yet, but as I told you (reporter) on Wednesday, I had not been feeling well since first day of sitting.”



The running dog has to cover up the story of the barking dogs. There are two type of dog, one is a pet and one is a hunter. The pet dog is a dog who is always stay at home and waiting for food while the other one is going out for hunting. The pet dog will bark when he is hungry while the hunting dog will bark when it sees prey.

I will later get blasted because compare our MP with dog. The best illustration for today is dog and politicians. Raja Petra said in his speech in Pulau Pinang that the Penangites do not need a running dog (MCA and Gerakan) because these running dogs are the pet of UMNO. What was happening is Bayoi is covering the “silent revolt” by some of the Bidayuh MP because Bidayuh does not has any representative in the parliament though Sarawak has proven its support to BN. All the Bidayuh constituencies were surrendered to BN but the return merely dissatisfied. Why was Sagah and his fellow friends keep on silent on yesterday’s debate.

What is Frederick Bayoi trying to do is to write as much as possible to tell Taib that Bidayuh is so please with the work of the BN. The Bidayuh are very happy because their MP’s are not appointed. By doing so, the Bidayuh is willing to please Taib by not to revolt or else Taib will spank the rostrum as what he have done at Annah Rais few years ago. This was the disrespect that he has shown to the old folks in the village and to tell that he is the ultimate politician. I believe that Bayoi is not willing to see this to happen again if Taib visit Kedup.

Should we please with those who discriminate us? NO. Bidayuh is not a weak creature but they are timid. They scare too much and that is the factor of their marginalization and discrimination. There must be no any critics to be made because politicians are 100% perfect. Should we be happy with gravel dusty and muddy road since independent? No. That is not a fair return to the Bidayuh as they have proven their support to Barisan Nasional. Revolt means we are now realize we have been fooled and not because we are not satisfy with the leaders. The leaders have made a very silly mistake by allowing BN to rule them but the reality is that they are being used by the politician to get NCR Lands for timber and plantation.

Why should we support those who are easy to forget us? “There is no point to be in a mansion but sleeping beside the toilet bowl” – Kalabakan MP. We have been sleeping there for many years and it is now to get up to clean ourselves.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bidayuh is Not Idiot!!

Bidayuh reps not staging ‘silent protest’

BARISAN Nasional assemblymen from the Bidayuh community yesterday denied they were staging a ‘silent protest’ by not participating in any debate in the just-concluded State Legislative Assembly sitting.

Environment and Public Health Minister Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong, widely regarded as the de-facto leader of the Bidayuhs, said it was just mere coincidence that none of the Bidayuh assemblymen made any speech this session.

“This is just coincidence …There is no truth is such rumours (that we are holding a protest),” he said when met at the State Legislative Assembly building.

Normally, Bidayuh assemblymen are among the vocal speakers especially during the debate in appreciation of the address by the Head of State where they will touch on current issues and even make hard-hitting revelations on problems faced in their constituencies.

However this time around, none of them spoke which gave rise to speculations that there was a protest by the community especially after the Bidayuhs were no longer represented in the federal cabinet.

There were even talks that the protest was staged to pressure the state government into appointing a Bidayuh as an assistant minister in the state cabinet reshuffle which is expected anytime soon.

Three Bidayuh assemblymen when met yesterday admitted that they did not prepare any speech, but denied that they did so in protest or out of spite. Kedup assemblyman Frederick Bayoi Manggie, known for his no-nonsense speech, said he too did not prepare anything for the debate.

Stating that he was not feeling well the past few days, he said: “It is not right to say that we the Bidayuhs are protesting, just because we did not participate in the debate.

“It is just coincidence, but of course some people are picking on this just to make up stories,” he added.

Both Tarat assemblyman Roland Sagah and Tasik Biru assemblyman Peter Nansian said they were leaving it to others to talk this time around.

“It is just coincidence that none of us spoke this time. I did not prepare any speech but this does not mean I am protesting,” Sagah said.

Nansian in a similar tone, said: “There are many other YBs who will also like to speak in the august house … (It will be) quite tiring if so many of us make our speeches.”

The other Bidayuh assemblymen are Ranum Mina (BN-Opar) and Dr Jerip Susil (BN-Bengoh).


I have been criticized by a reader saying that how can I call the Bidayuh the Idiots and not Idiot later. Well, I am not making myself to be a YB or a hero here. I was blamed because I criticized SMK Padawan is producing idiots. Then come another comment telling that the YB will blame me.

Who needs who here? The YB need our support and vote but yet they are not aware of the community problem. Yes, Bidayuh is not Idiot and that is why they are not marginalized and left behind. I criticized Manyin as a running dog and betrayer. Well, if he can do something with Kampung Tun Abdul Razak, I will call myself an Idiot because I am not aware of what is going on.

Now, someone is challenge me to contest on the coming election. No, I am not that kind of Idiot to make use of the Bidayuh community. In facts, I do not have any money to run campaign and 'arak' party. So that is not mean that I am an Idiot but a silent a silent protest to the Bidayuh marginalization.

How can I call Bidayuh not an Idiot but at the first stage, I said that SMK Padawan is producing Idiots? Someone will get angry with me? I am ready to get blasted all the time. I welcome any critic to built the community together and not to build up an arrogant and timid Mps.

Let get back to the real story now. I cannot waste my time as I am now only writing from cyber cafe and I do not mind at all as long as I am available.

However this time around, none of them spoke which gave rise to speculations that there was a protest by the community especially after the Bidayuhs were no longer represented in the federal cabinet.

Its time to protest the BN torture on the Bidayuh. No representative mean we are not needed in the government. I am I wrong to say this or am I too emotional? It is not because every Bidayuh know that we are marginalized politically and economically. Silent does not mean that we like the way BN treat us but we are fed-up to be a slave of the others.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Help The Punan

The remnant of what was once Punan oldest settlement in Borneo. Punan Bah longhouse which was rebuilt in early 1980s, replacing the old longhouse which was made entirely of belian (ironwood) - with concrete and Belian completed in early 2000. Unfortunately, eight years later, on Monday May 5, 2008 the new longhouses - were razed to the asses by fire. Photo taken Tuesday May 6, 2008 by Kiprawi.

More here

To Correct the Incorrect?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Will God Save Sabah?

Sabah on Fire in Parliament

Taken from Lim Kit Siang Blog

Sabah on fire - that is one clear message of the first debate of the new Parliament which ends today with the three-day Ministerial replies starting tomorrow.

Is the March 8 “political tsunami” in Peninsular Malaysia reaching Sabah?

Two outstanding examples:

1. “We (Sabah BN MPs) have never jumped. We can move by simply forming a new party. Then we can decide where we want to sit…here or there”, he said, gesturing in the direction of the opposition and backbenchers. – Datuk Seri Ghapur Salleh (MP for Kalabakan).

2. There is no harm in Barisan Nasional MPs in Sabah defecting to the Opposition. What’s the point of moving to a terrace house if one is already living in a bungalow? However, for some of us, there seems to be no pleasure in living in this bungalow. What’s the point of living in a bungalow if one has to sleep beside the toilet? - Datuk Anifah Aman (MP for Kimanis).

The fire rages on in Sabah to end over four decades of discrimination, marginalization and even victimisation of Sabahans in Malaysia.


Sabah was sold to UMNO in 1991 by Tun Mustapha Harun and there was the darkest time for the Sabahan. Labuan then was given to federal government with no compensation to the state government. That was a very beautiful game played by Tun Mustapha together with Harris Salleh. What was happened?

“UMNO had a quick rise to power since its entry into Sabah in 1991 where before that both eastern Malaysian states were not penetrated by the party, whose president is the de facto leader of the ruling coalition BN and automatically the Prime Minister of Malaysia. This has given rise to dissent as the Chief Minister rotation system was halted just as UMNO was holding the post. Thus the 2004 general elections saw widespread disillusionment, coupled with an ineffectual opposition. The state assembly is now dominated by the ruling party BN with only one seat held by an opposition politician who is an independent candidate. This was caused by a general sentiment where a number of voters were reluctant to cast votes for BN whose victory was almost assured but did not trust the opposition parties, most of which were not vigorously active before the election. Therefore many cast votes for independent candidates”. – Wikipedia

“Desirous of perpetuating Malay power in Sabah, the Federal government allowed Mustapha to do as he pleases and was assigned a special aide dispatched from Kuala Lumpur to be his special adviser. A lawyer by profession, Syed Kechik eventually became the most powerful man in Sabah, as powerful as the Chief Minister if not more. He was also the most hated.He was practically running the state on behalf of Mustapha, who spent most of his time in the play grounds of Europe and the Middle East.Mustapha spent most of his time in casinos in Beirut and London.

Mustapha not only collected private planes but also collected overseas properties, wives and mistresses at the expense of state resources. He was also responsible for opening the back door and allowed illegal immigrants to come in from southern
Philippines to increase the Muslim population in the state and was notoriously responsible for mass conversion to Islam of some indigenous tribes in the state.” – Hantu Laut Blog

Sabahans were living beside the toilet of the UMNO and it is a great long time for them to live and enslaved in their very own mother land. UMNO gave money to Tun Mustapha to have his personal jet and bungalow form the State fund. The Sabahan then have to compete with the refugees from Philippines and Indonesia to survive. The refugees were given MyCard and converted to Muslim so that they will be able to support UMNO. In fact, there were a lot of money being used by the UMNO members in Sabah to gamble and to build their own wealth while the people are suffering. What is the relevant of UMNO in Sabah if the Kadazan-Dusun-Murut is not well taken care of?

What Hanifah Aman has saying during the Parliament debate should be well digest by the Sabahan themselves. Yes, there is no pint to stay in a big mansion if you are sleeping beside of the toilet bowl. In fact some group of UMNO members have proved their disrespect to the Sabahan. Nazri Aziz was saying that the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah is under control. Osu Sukam and Khasitah Ghaddam are the two bandits who were suppose to be punishing earlier. Money were use to build their own wealth while the Kadazan Dusun are toiling very hard to get a plate of rice while Osu is gambling with the state money.

Jeffery Kitiangan is not the Kadazan’s enemy. Though he has played a lot of froggy games with BN Sabah, he does not sell every Sabahan right to UMNO as what the others did. Pairin Kitiangan is a speechless creature and nothing more like a running dog of Musa Aman. Illegal logging is still the worst in Sabah. I was driving along the Keningau-Sipitang road and I found about nine lorries with logs load. Some of the logs are very small but have been cut down to feed the corrupted politician. Why does Pairin Kitiangan and Bernard Dompok or Maximus Ongkili are just closing their eyes on the evil work of Musa Aman? Now, I would like to say that Barisan Nasional is the real enemy of the Sabahan and UMNO is just nothing to do with the Sabahan themselves. Yes, UMNO has nothing to do with the Kadazan, Dusun, Rungus and Murut.

The Sabahan should accept the fact that they are marginalized by UMNO and they must get rid of UMNO or get rid of Malaysia. Let enough be enough and now is the time to be independent from UMNO’s evil and torture. There are many things you can bargain with the federal government. If you fail then your decedents will put a total blame on you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Born Running Dog?

SPDP-PRS merger talks still on track

The Borneo Post Press, (Thursday, 8 May 2008)

KUCHING: The merger between Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) would be realised by end of this year at the earliest or the latest before the next state election is due in 2011.

MERGER TALKS: Dublin (seated left) and Nyarok fielding questions from members of the press.- Photo by Davidson Kho.

Although there are still details to be worked out, including the name of the merged entity, leaders of the two Barisan Nasional parties yesterday expressed their commitment towards working for a merger.

SPDP deputy president Datuk Peter Nyarok and PRS vice president Datuk Dublin Unting told a joint press conference that the merger exercise was on track.

Nyarok said both parties would be working seriously towards the merger from now on, and would be holding formal discussions immediately after the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) and parliament sittings had ended.

“I am very confident it (the merger) can be achieved (by end of this year). The Chief Minister has also agreed to it now that PRS has settled its (leadership) problems,” he told reporters at the DUN lobby.

To a question, Nyarok, who is Assistant Minister of Agriculture, said the people could expect the merger to be achieved before the next state election. He said PRS and SPDP were multi-racial parties, and believed that non-Dayak members such as Chinese and Indians would be comfortable with the merger.



Will this be the answer to the Dayak disunity? SPDP and PRS should think twice before they form another mother of all running dogs under Barisan Nasional. What is the purpose of merging if the Dayaks are still under marginalization? PBDS has given the dayak a good example of the Dayak unity issue. Leo Moggie was the victim and let see if there will be someone going to sack his fellow colleague in this new formation of running dog. I would like to suggest that the new entity for this new running dog should be named “Dayak Disunity Party” (DDP) and it sounds good though.

What is the main agenda of these two parties to be merged? Don’t we understand that Masing and Mawan are two headhunters among the Dayak. I hope to see that if these parties merge, then we will see more beheading among the Dayak. I may say that PRS has to merge since Larry has being their thorn in the flesh. PRS is now become weak as Larry withdrew his dynasty and going no where with PRS. Correct me if I am wrong.

SPDP and PRS should join opposition to get heard. Pakatan Rakyat is the best solution of the Dayak marginalization. PBB has failed the Dayak and what else this coming running dog going to do with the Dayak? Weak clan cannot beat strong clan because Tiab is always lust of power and PBB is the best example on how Taib ruled the Dayak. I believe that this combination of two Dayak’s party is to make a political gimmick to the Dayak as BN has lost badly during last general election. This coming running dog will try to bark Barisan Nasional to erect its flag and Pak Lah will just smile at them.

This in not an answer to the Dayak though PRS and SPDP going to merge to form a strong Dayak party. As long as they are working with the corrupted government, the Dayak will never be heard or seen by the BArisan Nasional. That is why NCR issue has never come to it end and furthermore, the Dayak leaders are enjoying their privilege as a bumiputera to gain their own benefit. Evidence? Is there any poor Dayak MP’s. Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry belongs to the politicians to get the government contract for themselves. There are many more but I do not deserve to be in Sungai Buloh with Raja Petra.

The leaders must bear in mind that Barisan Nasional is now totally paralyzed and there are many issues that BArisan Nasional could not answer. The hiking price of goods, high profile criminals, corruptions and misused of power are the disease that Barisan Nasional created to the people. Will government bankrupt if they increase gas subsidy or help the people in any kind of way? The Dayak parties are now irrelevant to the tribe as the party is no more fighting for the Dayaks. The party belongs to the businessman, contractors and not own by the activist, teachers and the Dayak themselves.

I don’t have any confident in this new formation between SPDP and PRS. Are the Dayaks now realized their mistake that they have made from their foolishness? The Dayak has to lay down their ego and get back to the origin so that there will be more capable leaders to be raise up and not the corrupted and incapable leaders as what we have now. Till then, I can say that this coming running dog will only bark and not working for the sake of the Dayak though these two parties are multi-racial party as what they have claimed.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Leave the Running Dog Party to the Chinese

‘Forgive and forget’ in SUPP
By Ting Tieng Hee, Borneo Poss Press (Wednesday, 7th May 2008)

Wong says no more leadership crisis in party; calls on Dr Chan to continue as president

KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) deputy secretary-general Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh feels that Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan should continue to lead the party as its president.

Although Dr Chan had expressed his wish to step down at the party’s delegates’ conference this year, Wong felt that the deputy chief minister should continue to be president as the party still needed him.

“We are in difficult times and we need him to lead us. All our comrades in Sibu branch have also told our president that we will fully support him when he came to Sibu,” said Wong.

Following the May 2006 state election which saw SUPP losing eight seats, there were differing views and strong disagreements within the party on the causes of its worst defeat ever and how to win the seats back in the next polls.

This led to the creation of factions.

However, the factions have ironed out their disagreements and the party now appears to be moving forward.



MCA and GERAKAN were made as a running dog by the UMNO. So to the SUPP is made to be a running dog for PBB. Therefore, there is no need for Riot, Jerip, Ranum and others in SUPP to stay like fooled wet chickens (ayam basah). The failure of GERAKAN and MCA is that these two Chinese parties are timid and anxious to fight for the Chinese right. In fact, Keng Yaik was made as the master of puppet by the UMNO and Penang has been suffering under him and Koh Tsu Koon.

What we have to do with these SUPP as they have failed to fight for the Chinese in Kuching, Padungan and Batu 7? They won in Bengoh because of the Bidayuh vote and not by the Chinese vote and yet we are always made ready to bark for more rotten soup. What was the internal crisis? Chinese have lost their trust to the running dog and politicians are just making money as what uncle Lau and George Chan are doing with timber. The Bidayuh have lost a lot and I believe that in this time of “internal crisis”, the best Bidayuh can do is to leave the party to the Chinese to decide the BN running dog party.

It is never to late for us to leave the “crisis” party and so to PRS as we are not made to be the servants of the others but to work together to achieve one common goal and vision. Be prepare for the next political tsunami is Sarawak and I can predict that there will be more changes as Anwar is doing something good to the Sabahan and the Sarawakian

Malaysia Political Violences and Presecutions

Today we have learned a lesson from the Malaysian Government on the issue of Press Freedom and Freedom of Speech. Bloggers are now being terrified by the Sedition Act as the greatest shield to the government’s misbehavior and sadism. Raja Petra, the Malaysia-Today blog owner was arrested and going to be charged under Sedition Act regarding to his article in his blog entitled “Let Send the Altantuya Murders to Hell”.

How does the whole world describe this matter as Raja Petra refused to be bailed? Campaign has been raised up to collect RM 1.00 from every reader in order to collect RM 5,000 to bail RPK out. Is this going to be the best sacrifice made by a man who care on the national and government agenda? While he is in the jail, someone is under pressure to take cover. Will this time for the freedom of speech which has been illegalize since the era of Tun Mahathir? I believe that Malaysia now has to faces their very own ghost of misbehavior and inhumanity toward freedom of speech and press. The tremendous growth of the bloggers throughout the country proven that the mainstream medias are used to hide every essential issues from the people. Zainuddin Maidin once said that Malaysia Today is a nonsense blog but bloggers have decided the fate of the 5 states during the last general election. Khairy Jamaludin once said that the bloggers are the same as monkeys but now Mahathir, Khir Toyo and many other politician starting to join the “monkey” club.

Government has to accept the changes of communication and media. We are no more believed in what is said by the mainstream new readers but to browse to the internet to seek the alternative news. Though there is an act to charge any bloggers, it does not work as an intimidation but to boost the numbers of the bloggers in the country. Makkal Ossai was banned because it did not portray the government agenda and this was considered a political violence made by the Ministry of Home Affair. The Indian are no more writing about Samy Vellu victory as he has lost his seat in Sungai Siput and the best way to survive is to write about opposition agenda for the people.

The freedom of press and speech are made illegal because of the racial tolerance issue. Mahathir has said that Malaysia has not achieved its goal to obtain a full racial peace and tolerance. I believe that his statement does not related to independent media but how the government use media to lie to the people. Mahathir just being there to control the racial issues but not to nurture and to educate the people on how to achieve a total racial tolerance among the people. Hindraf was blame because of their act to raise the racial tense among the people but the truth is that the Selangor government has failed to maintain the racial tolerance by demolishing the temple which is sacred and holy to the Hindu.

Hishamuddin Hussien, the UMNO youth chief has made a terrible mistake during the party Annual Meeting by brandishing the daggers and this has made the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and PPP to work as the Barisan Nasional running dog. What was the issue actually? Hishamuddin was showing the nation that the Malay cannot be challenge “Pantang dicabar”. Say it on national language and the welfare of Chinese and Indian schools. This act of violence was a mistake made by the government to sustain a peaceful nation. As Malay are well taken care by NEP and special right, the other race are in struggle under the governance of coalition parties in BN. Sabah was made as the Barisan Nasional and UMNO’s dump site where illegal immigrants are well served compare to the aborigines. Sarawak is the state of denial where development is very slow. How about Terengganu? Is was great to see Idris Jusoh was not reinstate to be the Menteri Besar or else this will make Terengganu the poorest state though it has plenty of black gold. The government has persecuted Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak for years since the new UMNO was formed.

The freedom of speech and press has becoming an enemy to the government because it will never benefit the government itself. That is why Mahathir has ruled for more than 20 years and there was no problem because ISA was used to obstruct the freedom of speech. Lim Kit Siang was charged under government secrecy issue and detained under ISA. Jeffery Kitingan was sacked into ISA because he spoke for the Sabahan and so many more. Political violence has been performed by the government through ISA so that there will be no any thereat to the corrupted and brutal Barisan Nasional regime. That is why those who are guilty are found not guilty as the laws are always below them.

The Altantuya murder case will be more exited as it was cold down by the government. Though Shaariibu has coming to plead from the government, his present was denied and to the people, this is a disrespect made by the government towards Mangolian government. How can a human to be demolished in such a way and the government is closing its eyes and ears. How an explosive can was used to bury a weak woman and the man in the green Vitara jeep is not charge. How about those two Indians police who were always threat to throw Altantuya out from the window? I believe that law has been bough so that the guilty one can be free to do another crime. Kangaroo court has been establishing so that there will be more confusion to this matter. The Judiciary therefore must be made fully Independent and the appointment of the CJ is not through the Prime Minister advice anymore. The history has told us that this way of work by the Attorney General has failed the judiciary system under the order of Prime Minister.

When will the government going to be open to the public? Will the bloggs going to be licensed soon in order to sustain a peace and harmony country? The people are more matured when it comes to the issue of peace and racial harmony. The government itself has sparked the racial issue by maintaining the NEP and the Keris brandishing to terrified the Chinese as what UMNO has done during the 13th May tragedy. The failure is not at the people’s side but the government side and they practiced corruption, nepotism, favoritism and marginalization to some other ethnics under the Barisan Nasional.

Therefore, the government must grant freedom of speech as it is not a threat to the racial harmony. Independent journalists must be well respect and honor as they are working as the eyes and the ears of the people. It is time to accept the people’s mentality and perception toward news and media as TV is not always accurate at all time. Stop persecuting freedom of press and speech so that there should be no one to be left behind or denied. The wisdom is not given by the government but by Almighty God so that humans are well prepared to accept what is true and false.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mind Your Duty

I never offered myself, says Dr Jerip

The Borneo Post Press, (Tuesday, 6 May 2008)

‘SUPP leaders recommend but prerogative is Chief Minister’s: Rep

KUCHING: Bengoh assemblyman Dr Jerip Susil yesterday denied that he ever offered himself to be appointed as assistant minister but was leaving it to the Chief Minister to decide if he should be appointed.

One of the names strongly tipped for an appointment in the coming cabinet reshuffle, Dr Jerip said such appointment was the prerogative of the Chief Minister.

Besides, he said, in as far as he was concerned, the appointment would also depend on the recommendation made by the leadership of Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP).

“I can’t say anything at this point of time as the decision depends on the party (SUPP) leaders and the prerogative of the Chief Minister,” he said to reporters at the foyer of the State Legislative Assembly complex here.

Asked by a reporter if he was ready for the appointment if chosen, he said: “Well, if given the honour, I will honour the honour given to me.”

Dr Jerip has served as assemblyman for two terms.



Dr. Jerip must appreciate the trust of the aborigines in Bengoh and he should ask to be appointed and not wait to be appointed. Unless, he has decided to crossover to STAR again, then there should be no problem if Taib does not going appoint him to be in the State Cabinet. Every aborigine’s politicians are aiming to join Barisan Nasional because they think that Barasan Nasional is a strong coalition. But, wait a moment, the last General Election gave Barisan Nasional a very big and hard lesson for the first time in the national history.

As for Bengoh MP, you are voted to work and not to sleep. Pak Lah has sleep for years and there is no need to sleep for the Bengoh. Your challenge will be:

  1. The new settlement of Bengoh, Rejoi, Pain and Sait – Please say NO to Tun Razak.
  2. The aborigines in Kiding, Sapit, Kakas, Asum, Maras and those near by the border need basic necessity – electricity and road.
  3. NCR land and other native rights issues.

There should be no time in Klinik Batu10 as Mahathir has left Klinik Maha to serve the Malay. If Jerip is not ready to be appointed, please open the way to Mengan to serve the aborigines as I believe that he has the serving spirit and enthusiasm . Correct me if I am wrong. There must no such ego statement in the new paper as we have read Tiki’s statements on the questions submission.

SUPP has to work for Jerip to be appointed and to serve the aborigines. What is SUPP’s actual plan for the aborigines after Riot was dismissed. Chan said there are but we are not sure what the palns are. May be salted fish project or Baram Bai Ahang factory to be setup in Pangkalan Ampat? Who knows?

If Jerip is not appointed and not willing to be appointed though he say that he is honored, well, it time to look for non-businessman MP so that the rakyat are well served and monitored.

Friday, May 2, 2008

When The Rooster Crows - IV

To Join or Not to Join??

It seems to me that Bidayuh politic is living under dilemma and doubt. We have been waiting for the greatest time of turning point in Bidayuh politic. And now it is a crucial time for the Bidayuh to choose and decide on which opposition party they should be in. Allow me to give my point of view on these comments that I have extracted from Britong;

"I still don see why we should jump in the big boat of PKR? we could maintain our best opposition and fly our colors while sailing alongside PKR if u want to but I don believe or see why we should carry their flag on our back, it look like we are slave to them and that is exactly what's going to happen. Remember the Cobold? Otherwise what's the different if we jump in and carry umno's flag?! They are already in power and stronger? Don’t get colonized and become refugees in your own turf!" - Cdr. Robot

quite difficult for me to comprehend what exactly you wanted us to do here cdr robot.1 sure way would be for us to ask for referendum...a referendum for us to get out of umno Malaya controlled Malaysia in another word we demand for independence..or fight for it?” – Postreader


“i see it this way:-

learn from the past,
live in the presnt,
prepare for the future.

small circle but big talk?
sums of the parts makes the whole, therefore,we can not afford to choose our favorite parts . it must be whole.

the film 'The patriot:'
Mel Gibson murmured:' Aim small, miss small'.

To change or not to change?
Changes is the law of universe: everything undergo the process; and so does Bidayuh and their politic.
2 school of change: the emotional, anger and revenge driven. this is foolish/detrimental and self-defeating.
The other is; learn from the past - be calculative and steadfast. Live in the present- follow the trend and fight for whatever space, priviledges, respect, pride,status etc..etec.. Contained within that period.
Prepare for the future - calculate, fore plans, paradidm shift, three steps ahead, be weary and suspicious of the other. Not to be too trusting and accomodating. no blind respects for the other.'' the others are my 'enemies' state of mind.

So, changes be it if we are ready and know what we are doing, but be cautioned, if we still allow our hearts and not the head for the reason to change.” –


I believe that the Bidayuh are now looking for political change in their community as what they have learned of the last General Election. What changes do we need? Get out from Barisan Nasional and join Pakatan Rakyat? Anwar Ibrahim admitted that he will be the next Prime Minister and he said that it will be soon. Meanwhile, UMNO is looking for their last resort to save the leaking ship. Mahathir and Ku Li are in the show to bring Pak Lah down while the rest are supporting him to be the sleepy Prime Minister.

Now shall we start with our own root problem in politic? As far as I know, Bidayuh have never gained any political victory under Barisan Nasional. We were made to be in the frontline of the battle and always be the one who died first. Then, when the war is over, the officer will proclaim their victory. SNAP was great because of Stephen Yong and Kalong Ningkan and not because of the Dayak. PBB is well maintained because White Hair has plenty of money to make it maintained and not because the Bidayuh have given their full support. We were fooled by PBDS and we have jump to STAR and SUPP.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat is now being eyed by the Malaysian and overseas. The credibility of Anwar Ibrahim as now shining so bright plus, his wife, Azizah will hand-over her post to him soon. The wind of change is now blowing so hard and ready to sweep-over the corrupted parties and politicians. As a consequence of his victory over the 5 states, the Bidayuh also can feel the heat of Anwar manifesto to from Pakatan Rakyat soon. Majen has used PKR ticket to challenge Dawos during the last General election and why not STAR or SNAP. That is my very first question.

The Bidayuh opposition parties has been lamed by the Barisan Nasional for years and it was sad to see one by one of the Bidayuh leaders leaving STAR and SNAP to join SUPP and PBB. Is it because Bidayuh’s fate must be wrestled with the help of PBB and SUPP or STAR and SNAP? That is my second question. I also believe that there must be something wrong with STAR which has made Jerrip and Riot to abandon ship. Correct me if I am wrong. STAR was a great party under Patau Rubis but it is now very sick and abandoned by the Bidayuh. What is going on in there? No unity or no any intention to fight for the Bidayuh’s sake?

Some said that PKR is a threat to the Bidayuh as history has proven us that the Malaya people have failed us through UMNO-BN. What is the different if Anwar brings us to join PKR? Some said that this is a sign of “the second colonize” by the Malaya and it will fail us too? Though Anwar has promised 20% oil revenue to Sabah, it is still not a guarantee since there is no freedom of press and religion. This is the greatest fear of the Bidayuh if they decide to join PKR. Not least, some did say that Bidayuh may repair SNAP and STAR and join Pakatan Rakyat as what Pasok has done. Could it be possible since Patau is detestation among the Bidayuh. Shall we form another opposition party and join Pakatan Rakyat to form a new government?

I hope that Anwar Ibrahim is not making his day dream to form a new government. In fact, DAP and PAS are working very well with Parti Keadilan to form a new federal government. The Bidayuh must be very careful before they decide their leaders. One week before the General Election, I was convinced that opposition will win at least 3 states which are Kelantan, Perak and Selangor as I always read Lim Kit Siang’s blog and Malaysia Today. I felt that there is something going to happen as I saw the oppositions are working very hard till the last campaign. This has shown me that Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim are not dreaming because oppositions have won 5 states! I was hoping that Sabah will fall to the opposition as they are very struggle with illegal immigrant which the federal government has ignored for many years.

Since we have seen the political tsunami in Malaya, we have to decide now before the state election is coming. If PKR is the best choice, we must ready to give ourselves an answer if there is any doubts arise within the community. Shall we repair SNAP and STAR? I think we should make ourselves ready to forgive and forget and that is the only way to revive our origin. But, since ego is the head of everything, there might be less co-operation and support to. Therefore, the leaders must be ready to face the next personal attack made by the frustrated members. STAR and SNAP must learn from mistake and never try to escape from it. Yes, we have lost a lot and we have seen many crazy frogs around. But, I believe that they are looking a solution for the Bidayuh political struggle and marginalization and I hope so or else I am just talk nonsense.

If we prefer to preserve our dignity and right, we must save STAR and SNAP. If we should deny the beauty of our dignity and culture, we may choose PKR as long as the Bidayuhs are not marginalized and abandon. But who will agree with this since we are very conservative when it come to the issue of cultural and origin? Therefore, I rest this issue to all the Bidayuh to think once again for their better future and prospects in politic. We have been divided Taib Mahmud and his cronies to be in every sub parties so that were can be ignored. Make it enough from now.