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Friday, January 20, 2012

Riddle of the Jokes

Masai Vs. Beringin

I love to watch P.Ramlee movie’s called Nujum Pak Belalang (Pak Belalang the Astrologer). There is one scene where Udo Umar acts as   Masai’s astrologer and P.Ramlee acts as (Beringin Rendang ‘s astrologer). The two sultan of the state have agreed to challenge their astrologer wisdom by riddle contest. Somehow, I manipulate the original content of the riddle (Marriage to Corruption). Here is how the scene goes like:  

Udo Umar asked P.Ramlee,
What is the meaning of this:
1 - A lot (many-many)
2 - A little (little-little)
3 - Rarely (rare-rare)
4 - Seldom (seldom-seldom)
What is that mean?

P. Ramlee answers: 

1 – a lot (many-many)
Meaning: - In Malaysia there are many people involved in corruption. They are cops at the roadside, Customs officer, Immigration officer, school headmaster, contractors and even a school boy offer bribe. 

2 – A little (little-little)
Meaning: - In Malaysia there a little case of corruption that is done by a couple or a partner. Although it happens, the couple will strongly deny and bring the public who know their deeds to court of justice. 

3 – Rarely (rare-rare)
Meaning: - In Malaysia, a group of tree are rarely involve in corruption. Although there are ministries, department and state department are involved, the only scapegoat is someone at one level. For example, in NFC graft case, only one guy get caught but not 3 which comprises of Minister of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance and NFC's CEO who convicted together. Somehow, those three know about how RM250 mil was spent to dry and one guy get knock down. 

4 – Seldom (seldom-seldom)
Meaning: - In Malaysia, we seldom heard of a family group involve in graft and corruption. In only happened in Sarawak Chief Minister household.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When The Rooster Crows

Time Never Forget

1.    The SPDP saga reminded me on what was happening in SNAP few years ago. SNAP was tearing down to the ground by those who is/was in SPDP today. They formed SPDP when PBDS failed.

2.    This is what politic all about. They come, they eat, and they go. Repeated over and over again. When the nest is built, a group of termites will left the colony and builds another nest. It’s doesn’t matter either the new nest is firm or not as long as there is food to collect.

3.    It’s happened again in SPDP. Without those 5 elected member, SPDP is now a weak and smallest entity in BN. It will be a tough road waiting ahead. They have to work very hard to retain their 5 seats which are now under the defectors. By hook or by crook, SPDP must retain the seats in order to maintain their partnership with BN.

4.    Nevertheless, that is not the main issue for SPDP. The real issue is that, what is the Dayak’s perception on the ended SPDP’s saga. Defectors are not only happened in SPDP but almost all political party. In fact, it is a norm in political arena that someone gets tired and left the party.

5.    I asked few friends about what is happening and they said they did not know what is really happening in SPDP. I believe in God’s punishment and some believe in both God’s punishment and karma. What happened to the 5 defectors is karma of what they have done to SNAP before.

6.    To me, it is not karma but a matter of someone behavior, attitude and integrity. There is nothing eternity in politic. In fact, politic institution is the most fragile institution on earth. It is well proven by the history. Look at Rome, Ottoman, Nazi and others who collapsed. What make them re-known is not by their existence but by the artifact and storytelling of history. 

7.    It is the same thing with Dayak Politic. They were strong with SNAP and SUPP. Then, they tear them down and formed PBDS (Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak). Then they formed SPDP and PRS. SPDP’s dark future might get the party to be de-registered or abandon by its members. Then what next? Mawan resign and be a GLC ceo? Maybe DRB-Hicom, CMS? Or SPNB? It might happen.  

8.    The Dayak has lost a lot from their representatives. They are hoping for better future but yet their representatives put aside the people agenda and strive for personal gain. Why used BN symbol during election if they cannot be an example to the Dayak? Why talk a lot when you are shaking? Doesn’t it show how idiot they are?

9.    They Dayak are tired of being disappointed and deceived. Don’t stand for them if you are shaking and behave irrational. The people will judge and mock you. Then, karma willcome and take you down.

10.    The Dayak must learn decently from this saga. There is no such “what is his/her contribution to the society” as what Dawos always say. What matter the most is the bright future. Scavenging will never end if the Dayak deny their struggle and ignorance.  I always walk pass by BDC dump site and other sites. The Dayak are scavenging for food, cloth, bottles and cans. All the while, who cares? Does the SPDP 5 care? No. They are now putting the price tag and those who pass by will buy them. Not PKR or STAR. Might be SUPP since they have vacancy that Wong’s clan doesn’t want.

11.    What the SPDP 5 did will never ends if they join other party. They join, they grab and they “quit”. Only money can sustain those with “special” attitude. Integrity and morality in politic is not a big deal because other people is doing the same as well. In fact, those who always defect are wealthier than those who stick with one party. But, the time will never forget this kind of people. Time tells the truth although it his hidden.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Islamic Nations

Too hard to be true.

1. The whole Islamic countries condemn Israel for “murdering” the Muslims in Palestine. The Jews are called “Ruthless Zionist” and some of the Islamic leaders accuse USA for being their allied to wipe out the Muslim at West Bank.

2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have made a statement that Iran is capable to erase Israel from the world map with only one blast. What made Iran a strong Islamic country today is not by their good relationship with others but the president’s arrogant in showing his nuclear weapon power.

3. Pakistan is now has to review its relationship with US after Osama Bin Laden death near it border and the Chinook attack on the US troops. Benazir Bhutto and her husband were accused of being too pro-American. She was slain and now Taliban is asking to be part of the government.

4. What is happening in Syria could not be ignored by the Islamic nations and they should do something to stop a Muslim man shooting his citizens.  Bashar Al- Assad must be brought to justice for the sake of the Muslims safety and liberty. Arab League is a week body to take care of the problem as they could solve any problem with people revolution.  Foreign media and terrorist are to blame in any death tragedy of the people.

5. Where is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad now when Syria need help? He who was acting like Muslim hero during UN submit last year and made a bitter speech to the delegations. Where are the so called “influential” Islamic leaders when Syrians are gunned down by the “terrorist”. The whole world will have to blame US for not taken care of terrorist who kills the people of Syria, Egypt and Libya. Why does OIC being so silent while the people are dying. Is that Only Arab League should restores peace in Arab Countries?No. Every single Islam Country must make a stand to save their people.

6. That is the problem with the Islamic countries. They are thought to obey Allah and safe their brothers and sisters from threat. Infidels die to save the religion values. Somehow, they cannot advice their allies to stop killing. They like to point fingers to others but refuse to co-operate among themselves to save the Islam civilization. When one leader tortures the citizens the others made themselves busy and pretend nothing happen. When thing get worse, the blame game will always on foreign media and terrorist.

7. What happens in Syria is an ugly picture of Islam. They like to mock on Israel, Jews, Christians and USA but could not save themselves for their ruthless statesman. They do not have to wake up and save Syria from civil war because what is happening will not affect the rest of the Islamic countries. After all, Islam is always greater then other religion.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The Hard Truth of AUKU. 

1.UPSI students were blame for organizing illegal assembly last week and the person who brought down the portrait of PM is now facing tremendous charges and humiliation.

2.The government (BN) has put total blame to opposition alliance and accused them for influencing the UPSI student to organize illegal assembly.

3.I believe that the group of student has applied for the gathering permit but as usual, the assembly bill was abolished. That’s mean, freedom of gathering is permitted.

4.It is well said that those student should negotiate with the government on AUKU issue and bring forward their idea and opinions on how AUKU should be used. As student, they must address their suggestion and opinions in intelligent manner. Then, there will be a win-win situation.

5.Is there freedom of speech in Malaysia?  Not for the intelligent but freedom of defamation by the idiots in the house of parliament and political party assembly. The voice of the intelligent are ignored because the intelligent speak about rule of law, social justice, nation building, religion and racial harmony. The government did not allow the intelligent idea and opinions because they might get caught in naked. The intelligent speaks about economic growth but the idiot’s only talk about subsidy, special rights, supremacy and racial dominance. 

6.The students are not allowed to participate in politics because they are ignorance and young.  They might disrupt chaos and stir up the peace and harmony in the country. In China, Tiananmen Square Tragedy 1989 happened not because of the laws that forbid the youngster to voice up their idea. It happened because there was a need for political liberation.  Somehow, it turned to massacre because the communist regime refused to open a door for negotiation.

7.AUKU was made not to let Tiananmen Massacre to happen in Malaysia but to maintain the political power of BN and UMNO. When the student get older, their focus will get divert to career and family. In that time, the intelligent remains but not their young spirits. When their spirit become slow, the government will take advantage on them. That is why we have Putera UMNO and Club Mat Rempit UMNO. 

8.By right, the students should be nurtured by truth and wisdom and not by the system that is outdated.  Yes, law and order is a must, but freedom must not be compromised as they are intelligent. They don't take bribe and misused their right as student. That's make them intelligent. As they are getting more intelligent, the government must behave so that the student can learn form a good example. Arguing a non-sense issue in parliament and humiliating other YB’s is not a good example of a leaders for the people. That will only show their level of intelligent and wisdom on the debated issue. Why talk ass-hole when there are proper words that can be used. Is that called intelligent?

9.We cannot stop liberation to happen. In fact, the whole peace of world is liberated every day. Last year, it started with Tunisia. It is proven that liberation is not illegal but a must to have good governance and established politic practices. If AUKU is a burden, abolished it. It will not affect the political power but it will liberate the country from tyranny, iron-fist, corruption and bad governance. Look at our GFI, it is not improving but worsen for 3 years continuously.  Is that the sign of how intelligent our government is? It is the sign of how cunning they are when it comes to spending the tax-payers money.