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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Be a Voter and Let the Divine Order Speaks

Plato wrote his book called The Republic where he spent much of his time to think and deliver his ideology for a new system of governance. As a Greek philosopher, Plato contributed an important idea of how a territory or should be govern as it is belong to every citizen. The term democracy was used as the alternative to the monarchy, oligarchy and "timocracy". Somehow the democracy in Greek was not at the fullness ground because of some limitations. Slaves , females or "metics" are excluded from the political right and citizenship. Therefore these group of people has no right to vote for their representative.

In Malaysian Parliaments democracy, it has no different with the ancient Greek parliament. The representatives are universal but those who speaks are limited. The coalition government will always try to hide the truth whenever the opposition raise a particular issue. For example, regarding on the hiking price of basic necessities and gasoline. The minister will always give a flawless answer like " government will get bankrupt if they reduce the price of the gas." Well, based on my primary school knowledge, if the people refuse to pay taxes then the government will gulung tikar. Hence, though the other group of ethnic try to voice up their agenda, it will be interfere with some childish words. So this is the real phenomena in the house of the parliament where some issue has to be hide to avoid shame and guilt of any mistake made by the government. Further more, the hidden issue has no end but continue to be protected by some group of peoples ( young and dangerous) to it keep saved from the public. For example the economic equity and political tense in the nation.

Though I am old enough, I am not a voter yet due to many personal issues that keep disturbing my feeling. It is a human nature to reject what is not beneficial so do I. I suddenly realize that I always limit myself to a self centered agenda and getting hard to forgive and forget all the liars and hypocrisy attitude of my leaders. But for now I am releasing myself to a certain level of comfort where my heart speaks louder than my thought. I mean sometime I have to deny whatever lies behind because it was not my responsibility to claim that all as long as I am not a voter. That is really true!

This thought came through my mind as I look at the voting percentage in my area. 61.71% is the lowest rate ever compare to Serian (66.36%) and Mas Gading (67.37%). Nansian told us today in Borneo Post telling that Chinese has given a great support to Tiki and it is a good sign to the constituency. I have not hear any comment on BN victory in Serian and Mambong. If I am one of the thousand unregistered bidayuh voters to make my first step to register myself than for sure the number of the registered voter for Mambong will increase. The more are the voters the better it is.

Let say if 100% of the Mambong people are registered voters and all of them cast their vote, then the result must be excellence. Excellence enough to decide who is the capable leaders among all of the candidates. In fact it is more excellence if the voters know their right and future in the hand of the next leaders. Straight forward to say that good enough to get rid of timid yet busy MP. James Dawos harvested 14,182 ballots while Majen got 7525 for the last general election. It has becoming a trend for the Mambong people to vote Dawos though they do not know him fully. As long as they are aware of Barisan Nasional and believe in the propaganda and manifesto they will strait away vote for Barisan Nasional. This is so called "taking for granted" attitude which will give them another term of disaster. I get to understand that some of the people in ulu Padawan cast their votes for opposition or boycott the election due to the undelivered promises by the MP. For example the road and other basic infrastructures.

Who are the next DUN for bidayuh is yet to decide in two years to come. But for me, I cannot wait to register myself as a voter and writing as much as I can to deliver a true and acceptable message in this blog. Maybe there is a chance to find a new capable leaders which are more loyal, humble and brave enough. We are voting for a candidate that can deliver our voice to the parliament and not to the community halls, schools, radio, newspaper or on the street.

If I am a voter I will vote the leaders and not the coalition or party. All this while we were failed by the representative up to a shameful limit. One after another. Sora - nothing come out. Tanyuh - even worst. Khoon Seng - Fleed to Kuching and ignore us. Dawos - almighty garbage site and Tun Razak Village. Next - maybe more disastrous representative. We are yet to give up our villages for RM 20K or less. Few years back we allow plantation and we worked hard for RM 9.00 per day (SALCRA) on our very own piece of land ( ours?). We sold or pride and dignity to a myopic leader and get smacked onto the muddy ground. Sacrificed our true faith for the sake of the promised bright future but yet we are now regretted of our fool mistakes.

God will change it all but it must start with us to decide either to take the challenges and allow the changes to happened. God did not built the Noah Ark but gave him instruction on how to build it and therefore here we are the decedent after the flood. God do not give us wealth but teaches us to work hard to get the wealth and therefore those who gained wealth in a wrong way is considered guilty. I cannot blame on the current leaders because I was not a voter and has no right to do so. But I blame them for making fool of us though some of us are not even a voter (reasonable).

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