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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cawat Vs Songkok

Cawat is now become a politic joke to The Dayak. How about naked.
No cawat or even a piece of leave to cover your groin?

“We, therefore, demand that you apologise to the Dayaks of Sarawak in general and to the Ibans of Batang Ai in particular and we also strongly urge you herewith to visit the Iban longhouse in Sarawak, lest you persist in your ignorance and in your arrogant attitude which cannot be good for peace and harmony among the peoples of Malaysia.”

KUCHING: Elected representatives of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) will send a petition to PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today in protest of his disparaging ‘cawat’ (loincloth) remarks.

“We consider your remarks uncalled for and insulting,” said the petition, which was signed by PRS president Dato Sri Dr James Masing and all the party’s 12 other assemblymen and parliamentarians.

“We, therefore, demand that you apologise to the Dayaks of Sarawak in general and to the Ibans of Batang Ai in particular and we also strongly urge you herewith to visit the Iban longhouse in Sarawak, lest you persist in your ignorance and in your arrogant attitude which cannot be good for peace and harmony among the peoples of Malaysia.”

Hadi had incurred the wrath of Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders, particularly those in PRS, for his comment in Malaysiakini on July 11 on why the opposition lost in the Batang Ai by-election on April 7.

He was quoted as saying: “Semua pilihanraya kecil sebelum ini keputusannya memihak kepada kita. Cuma di Batang Ai sahaja kita kalah sebab mereka ini tidak reti undi, pakai cawat lagi. Saya bukan nak hina tetapi tempat yang pakai molek, undi PAS.


I don't see any problem with cawat. In fact these two Dayaks is killing among themselves using cawat and they are looking great.

PRS should apologise to the Dayak on their undeveloped civilization under the Barisan Nasional. Masing should apologise to the Dayak on the false statement during Al-Jazeera interview regarding to the NCR Land and CMS. Well, PRS should accept Hadi “statement” of change or else the Dayak will still wear “cawat” and living on the three. Hadi was right and PRS is wrong. It is the fact that the Dayak is still using “cawat”, nomad, uncivilized and uneducated.

Dayak has been the victims for PRS, SPDP and PBB that are called “The Bumi” party. Infact, the separation of PBDS has shown that the Dayak has gone back into the jungle to find their “cawat” and wear it back. Why should we ashamed of wearing “cawat”. I am proud of it as a symbol of uncivilized community or clan under the great nation of dream, Barisan Nasional. If PRS is ashamed on this “Cawat” thing, the party must teach the Dayak how to wear short pants, boxer but not songkok and sari. There is out of mind to wear non-cawat garment.

We have our forum on Dayak term should not be abolish which was a dayak stupid idea to the great Barisan. Wow!!! It was indeed impressive as a bunch of cawat man and women argue and fired Tuan Entulu. My conclusion from the forum is, if the Dayak still want to be the Dayak, they must appreciate Cawat, Miring, Ngayap, Berumai, Porks, Pigs and living on the three. Furthermore, they must practice head hunting to uphold the legacy of their ancestors.

We have living hard enough to make sure that there are salted fish and plain rice on the mat for dinner. In fact, we have seen series of failures but we never learn from them. I think it is time to say enough is enough to the rotten government and dayak allied parties with BN. PRS is Barisan and it has nothing to do with the Dayak civilization development. We have witnessed a lot of arguments within the party and PRS and SPDP were one but due the greed of power these Dayak YB's put the Dayak in the clown show. It is a joke to the other that the Dayak is still grumbling with their clan and wearing cawat. Let enjoy the clown & circus show and put more cawat thing on the show for it is indeed very-very funny.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Old Folk Legacy

“The Bidayuhs need to work towards a common objective to develop the community, so we need to work towards strengthening the Barisan Nasional (BN),” he pointed out.

PBB Tarat sees no contest for top posts
(The Borneo Post Press, July 20, 2009)
KUCHING: Unity continues to prevail in Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Tarat branch when all the top posts were won uncontested at the triennial general meeting (TGM) of the branch Saturday.

The uncontested posts are chairman, deputy chairman, vice-chairman, youth chief, deputy youth chief, women chief and deputy women chief.

Roland Sagah retains the chairman’s post, while the posts of deputy and vice-chairman are retained by Kuntang Sulak and Councillor Michael Chin respectively.

Sagah is Tarat assemblyman.

Stanley Sila remains the youth chief while the deputy youth chief is Solo Saint Djones Kaos.

In the women section, Nesline Liat remain as the chairperson while her deputy is Monica Anda Chuat.

The committee members for the main body are Walter Suhai, Stanley Dingin, Felix Kunyau Kuna, Kirat Rug, Raymond Jihap, Albert Sakum Rigit and Nyadan Jaau.

There are seven committee members in the youth wing and they are Kennedy Ago Raoui, Zainuddin Morshidi, Sidney Belden, Silas Reda, Charue Naim, Otto Nujum and Augustine Runai.

And in the women wing, the committee members are Mary Ann Zainuddin, Naomi Mijong, Jupit Rokos, Rose Sekalai, Rapis Enit, Rohani Jumat and Rosa Ranyah.

The meeting held at Teng Bekap multipurpose hall was officiated by Urban Development and Toursim Minister Datuk Michael Manyin.

Manyin, who is a PBB vice-president, said it was important that all the incumbent elected representatives from the Bidayuh community be retained in the next state election.

The Bidayuh assemblymen are Dr Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Ranum Mina (Opar), Datuk Peter Nansian (Tasik Biru), Manyin (Tebedu), Frederick Bayoi (Kedup) and Sagah (Tarat).

And the Members of Parliament are Datuk Dr James Dawos (Mambong), Datuk Richard Riot (Serian) and Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe (Mas Gading).

Manyin said the Bidayuhs could not afford to isolate themselves from the mainstream of politics.

This, he stressed was to enable the community to progress further.



1 Malaysia concept by Najib yet to be another century of joke to all the Dayak especially the Bidayuh. Bidayuh contributed the entire seat at their constituencies to BN to enable them to win thin majority during last 13th General Election. The same face with the same attitude of MP’s with nothing to enjoy at last. Tikie, Riot, Dawos are three MP’s that should be loud enough to raise up the issue of the Bidayuh especially on poverty, education, business opportunities, entrepreneurs and so forth.

The Bidayuh has never learned a lesson form their mistake. Year after year they vote for the same man and losing in time. As I always traveling to Sematan and Tebedu almost every week, I see nothing to be proud of although we have rich MP’s. I see oil palm estate own by our MP and yet there are dusty roads at Biawak, Judin, Perigi at Sematan area. Where are Tikie and Ranum? Should they busy with their personal business and ignore those who put their trust at these two men? I see Juara Beetuah oil palm estate but yet I see the struggle of some of villagers with no proper water supply in Stungkor. Why does Juara Beetuah busy in planting and leave the people in struggle?

I should make a conclusion they should never work for BN or with BN since they have nothing in return especially ministerial post. But, please remember that BN did not vote for them but the people in those areas. Why should we proud of Najib with 1 Malaysia while we are in great depression. Should we wait for the next election to repeat the same silly mistake?

The Bidayuh should not be manipulated by politic and they must isolate themselves from the politic. The youth should keep themselves away from old school politics and strive to the best of themselves. Let us be selfish and hope than we gain from the real world today. Why should we care to those who are begging for life where as a bight future is there for us We have nothing to loose if we did support our MP’s because we lost piece-by-piece everyday to the MP’s rice bowl.

Some people said to me that “who are you to say so?” Yes, I am nothing but I am existed and alive to see our struggles and depression. I could not understand why should we still stick with BN and yet gain nothing.