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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who Should Educate The Bidayuh or Dayak??

1. I keep on thinking on one of the tbsbidayuh blog's respondent on "educating" the Dayak issue. I was rebuked for always blaming the Dayak for being poor, ignorance and marginalized. There are several anger comments on my view on SMK Padawan performance to produce better Bidayuh students as well.

2. I wish to be as rich as Gate family and build my own charity movement like the Gate Foundation. With the money I have I can build a better pre-schools, schools and clinics and education scholarship. Then, I could contribute to the Bidayuh in whole. Unfortunately, I am as same as those Bidayuh who work at farm, construction sites and coffee shops.

3. In fact, the Bidayuh has a lot of associations and organizations who can help to educate them. DBNA has existed for many years but yet failed to give an answer to the Bidayuh struggle, illiteracy, poverty and ignorance. DBNA receives tremendous fund from government, NGO and it wealthy members. Somehow, the HQ building is far important than helping Bidayuh who need emergency fund to get to colleges and universities. Why build a castle in the middle of the squatters? Should a pride be greater then a human capital? I am wonder why the YB members in DBNA could not speak for the Bidayuh as they have access to the house of representatives and parliament. It's a big wonder indeed. Once again, who cares?

4. DCCI, (Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry) was existed to help the Bidayuh to be successful entrepreneur but the Bidayuh are grumbling around with other community to get help fund and training and SEDC (Sarawak Economic Development Corporation). So, what is DCCI contribution to produce Bidayuh millionaire who will help poor Bidayuh?  

5. The Bidayuh youngsters especially, those students cannot score good result in public exams as the schools  are poor of facility, old and unmanageable. The student in the rural area could not compete with the urban students  due to less exposure to the outside world although there is internet in school. Most of the rural school net are not maintain well and internet is running on the "world slowest speed" (lease line). What have the headmasters and principal done to make sure the respective vendor come to fix the problem? Who cares? They are paid for their job scope as a teacher and not for such craps works. With this kind of mentality, the student will only rely on outdated text-book and reference and there is no alternative study material as internet is always unavailable. What wonder the most is that Ministry of Education is paying million ringgit to vendors for doing nothing. So it is not the vendor who loose but the rural area students. 

6. Bidayuh parents have no intention to save money for education as well. It is better to spend for beer, liqueur and pork. Some prefer 4D, TOTO, Cash-Sweep and poker or "holo". When it comes to education matter, parent will give reasons to not pursuing their children education due to "poverty" issue. " Not afford because we are poor". That is the best answer to the Bidayuh illiteracy.

7. The churches teach the Bidayuh to obey and embrace God mercy and forgiveness but not teaching them to be greater then what they should be. When they are greater, (in education, occupation, etc) they  portrayed the Christianity revolution and churches can expand. But, the teaching is nothing more than old doctrine, confusing and sleepy pulpit preaching. The youth are not motivated to be a educated pilgrims and followers but to be the same until the Christ return. In stead of self-indulgence and hearth cleansing, the Bidayuh religious institution must use the religion teaching to produce quality community, leaders and followers by attaching to the same teaching, value and doctrines. They should look at western Christian countries. They are inventors, producing quality citizens, have the most world top universities and have the most sophisticated technology. They have all those because they are holding firm on the religion teachings and therefore that are permitted by God to be who they are.  

8. I should regret on what I am now but I am grateful because my parent poverty and disability are not the  reason to give up my education. Indeed it is not my pride, but it is a fruit from my struggle, blood, tears and sweat. I wait for no one to get to plane to go far away from home for education. I borrowed money and that is what I have to do because my parent cannot afford for my education. I stay with stranger without knowing that I am accepted or not. But, I always wash my own dish after meal because I was though to appreciate even a piece of rice that I received. I gave my best to get my return although I have less resources.

Friday, April 22, 2011

10th Sarawak State Election; A Victory to BN, a Lost to The Dayak

1. UMNO leaders worked very hard to clean Taib's dunk and once again BN win the state election with flying color. Dayak start to divert their attention from land grab to Taib resignation announcement by Najib.

2. With many "announced flash projects" Najib successfully secured victory as most of million ringgit project were announced at rural area under the BN manifesto; politic of development. There were new schools project announced, new resettlement with better facilities, road building allocation, new longhouses funds and so forth. BN used the politic of development for Sarawak as the state is the poorest state but rich of oils, timber, tourism and natural resources. The politic of development has been used almost every election time and yet the Dayak are still believing in it.

3. The opposition manifesto is not accepted as the Dayak mentality of " politic of development" is always greater then civil right, better governance and rejection of corrupt leaders. DAP has proven that the Chinese are well adapted to the current scenario in Sarawak state government and Taib land grabbing and unfair land lease policy. So, they spoke aloud by rejecting SUPP since George Chan has denied their struggle and work as Taib runnign dog all this while. Instead of slogan "Taib must go" by the DAP, the Dayak change it to "Taib must stay to steal" for another centuries if age permit him.

4. All  this while the Dayak have lost a lot to the Barisan Nasional and are yet they are marginalized, intimidated and ransack by the government. There are hundreds of land grabbing disputes in court of law and the Dayak even don't dare to stand for their right and future.

5. The raping cases by the logging workers has been denied by Taib and made hidden by the federal government. Civil right organization and SUHAKAM, are not allowed to enter Sarawak as Taib can explain to the authorities all the government misdeed. Any disputes regarding on land grabbing were handled by gangsters and the Dayak have no might to fight against intimidation and death treats.

6. The Dayak NCR land is not recognized by the state and federal government as there were only perimeter survey has been made but not land for farming, fruit orchard and native land. Therefore, the Dayak are still trespassing their own native land for farming and earning a living.

7. The politic of development is not an assurance for the Dayak to live out of poverty but as a rhetoric by Barisan Nasional to continue to marginalized the Dayak and allow the Taib family to make billion dollar properties from the state resources.    

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SNAP - The End of Dayakism

SNAP resounding defeat on the 10th Sarawak General Election has shown the Dayak that SNAP should be more practical to the Dayak as whole. SNAP should make a clear decision either to join BN or Pakatan Rakyat before the election. As a Dayak origin party, SNAP should not rely on the Dayakism agenda as the Dayak is no more a headhunter or the highlanders. The Dayak is now more intelligent and wise and they know politic even better.

SNAP shameful defeat is the prove that the party egocentric is greater than it objective to fight for the Dayak. Somehow, another positive side of it was that SNAP earned pretty income from BN sponsorship.Their refusal to share their seat to Pakatan Rakyat shown that SNAP is not fighting for the Dayak struggle but to achieve personal gain and ready to jump to BN if the coalition lost simple majority and SNAP wind more than half of the contested seats.

Can Dayak become a strong community and unite themselves under one homogeneous party? History has told them that the Dayak will never united. PBDS was said to be the answer to the Dayak but it was divided into fractions. They can be a greater community if they united but due to self-ego, greed and arrogant, the Dayak has put themselves as the weakest majority in Sarawak.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


1. The Chinese reject BN because SUPP is no more relevant to them. SUPP served the chief minister more than serving the Chinese need and struggle. Therefore, they stop supporting SOUP (SUPP) as the soup is getting sour and caused them stomach ache and diarrhoea. So instead of asking ORS (Oral Re-hydration Salt) from BN they stop drinking SOUP and decided to look for more solid food. They ask George Chan to stop cooking SOUP and dismiss him form the Chinese kitchen.

2. The situation in Bengoh and Opar somehow is quite different. The Dayak, mostly Bidayuh still embrace SUPP and still enjoy the plan sour soup. Even though they get diarrhoea and stomach ache, they manage to endure because BN provided them with ORS. ORS is used to maintain the body liquid but it cannot heal diarrhoea. Now, the Bidayuh will have to suffer for the next five years and they are not only hoping for ORS but diapers just in case toilet is not around. If BN cannot provide them with diapers, they might have less pants for the day.   

Saturday, April 16, 2011

N.16 Bengoh Down with Taib, Down with Jerip

Jerip Susil retained his seat with 3646 majority and George Chan (SUPP President) lost to DAP badly in Piasau? So, what is Jerip next move? Does he need to wait for new better offer or looking around for better offer? Could it be PBB, PRS or SPDP?

Let see what Taib is going to do with the affected people of Bengoh Dam project and who will loose and who will win. So, very simple message, there should be no griefs and struggle as Bidayuh in N.16 have decided to be in the same shape.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Antrara Bidayuh, Pembangkang Dan Barisan Nasional

Dilema, Teruja dan Keliru.

Semalam sebelum saya bertolak ke Klinik Kesihatan Tebedu saya singgah di Pekan Siburan dan bertemu dengan sahabat-sahabat dan orang-orang  tua sekampung. Kami sempat bercerita tentang kerancakan pilihanraya negeri kali ini. Ada yang pro BN, ada yang Pro Pakatan Rakyat dan ada yang tak tahu apa yang diborakkan.

Apa yang menariknya ada pak cik ni cakap Taib tak akan mengundur diri sebab dia akan menang di DUN Balingian walaupun BN tewas dan tidak mentadbir negeri. Ada pula kata Pakatan Rakyat akan kalah teruk sebab Pakatan hanya ada Parti Keadilan Rakyat manakala BN ada 4 komponen parti. Mana mungkin 1 lawan 4 akan membawa kemenangan kepada yang 1 ini. Saya juga teruja dengan pengakuan seorang ketua kampung yang mengatakan beliau sangat berterima kasih kerana Roland Sagah telah memberi peruntukan sebanyak RM 2000.00 untuk membeli kerusi plastik untuk gereja di kampungnya. " Saya tak pernah dapat apa-apa dari pembangkang" katanya. Bila saya tanya anak-anaknya kerja apa, dia jawab semua anaknya bekerja di semenanjung Malaysia. Geli juga hati bila dia kata begitu. Setakat RM 2000.00 untuk kerusi plastik dah pula kekampung buta-buta undi Roland Sagah (Calon DUN Tarat).

Di kampung Dunuk, juga DUN Tarat, saya juga sempat bertanya ada tak BN kasi "angpau" kalau undi Roland Sagah. Dia kata ada. RM 5.00 satu undi. Saya pun jawab lah. " Dekat Asajaya mereka dapat RM200.00, kenapa dekat Padawan dapat RM 40.00?". Dia pun kata, kalau tak kasi nanti orang kampung sokong pembangkang. Alamak...masa depan anak-anak dijual dengan harga RM 4.00? Saya pun cakap lah dengan dia. " Sabtu ni kalau BN kasi berapa banyak pun, ambil. Jangan tak ambil. Tapi kasi tahu dengan orang-orang kampung untuk undi Peter Ato Mayau calon PKR.

Ada pula ketua kampung yang satu ni cakap, kalau dia undi Pakatan Rakyat, dia akan hilang gaji RM 700.00 sebagai ketua kampung. Jadi dia kata dia mesti undi BN supaya gaji tak kena tarik balik. Jadi saya cakap lah dengan dia, " Pak cik, gaji ketua kampung tu tak kena tarik balik sebab dah diperuntukan dalam bajet kerajaan negeri. Kalau pun PR ambil alih tampuk pimpinan, Roland Sagah tak akan tarik balik gaji sebab kerajaan negeri bukan lagi di bawah kuasa BN. Dia pun diam dan hirup kopi-o yang telah dipesan.

Datang pula ketua kampung satu ni dan dia tanya saya mana ada Lim Guan Eng ada duit RM 1 billion untuk bagi kepada oang-orang miskin. "Mengarut lah dia itu" katanya. Saya jawab la dia dengan sopan dan santun. " Pak cik, memang Guan eng tak ada duit banyak tu sebab dia bukan taukeh CMS, NAIM dan bukan taukeh balak. Tapi kalau Pakatan Rakyat ambil alaih kuasa, mereka bagi lah nanti kerana mereka yang akan mengurus tadbir duit kerajaan negeri.". "Oh..macam tu ke?" katanya. Saya pun bercerita lah mengenai negeri Pulau Piang sekarang ni dah banyak berubah di tangan Lim Guan Eng. Saya tidak lah cakap pasal dana pembangunan yang Idris Jala berikan kepada kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang takut dia bertambah keliru.

Ada pula mak cik tua ni pergi Pejabat Daerah Siburan  nak kutip duit bantuan Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. Bertanya lah saya berapa dia dapat sebulan. Dia kata RM 50.00 saja. Saya pun tanya berapa tambang van untuk ulang alik dari kampung ke pekan Siburan. Dia kata RM 20.00. Ada baki lagi RM 30.00 untuk pakai belanja sebulan. Tersedu pula jiwa saya bila mendengar kisah mak cik tu tapi itulah hakikat yang perlu dia hadapi.

Dalam perjalanan saya ke Tebedu, saya terpegun dengan satu "banner" yang bertulis dalam spray merah " PEMBANGKANG TIDAK DIBENARKAN MASUK".  Dua banner ini digantung masing-masing di Kampung Tubih dan Kuhom dalam DUN Tebedu (Micheal Manyin). Terfikir pula saya tentang Micheal Manyin yang bijak dan dihormati di Tebedu. Saya kagum dengan keberanian orang kampung menolak bulat-bulat pembangkang. Mungkin kebangkitan semangat "Dayakism" atau orang kampung terlalu sayang dengan Micheal Manyin. Satu lagi kemungkinan, mungkin Semangat PAdi dah balik rumah lalu tersampuk lah mereka.

Peristiwa-peristiwa semalam membawa serba satu persoalan dalam minda saya. Adakah orang-orang Bidayuh harus terus menerima duit ehsan RM 2000.00 setiap 5 tahun untuk gereja dan terus menyokong BN? Sampai bilakah warga tua menerima RM 50.00 sebulan untuk keluar dari hidup kemiskinan seperti mana laungan 1 AZAM oleh Shahrizat? Dan, sampai bilakah pemimpin-pemimpin Bidayuh akan terus menekan kaumnya untuk menerima kerajaan yang korup?

Saya tidak menyalahkan orang Bidayuh miskin dan hidup susah sebab memang mereka ini kebanyakkannya petani tradisional, buruh kasar dan penganggur. Apa yang saya boleh persalahkan ialah kegagalan pemimpin mereka untuk bersuara dan membela nasib rakyatnya. Mereka sepatutnya berundur kali ini dan memberi peluang kedua kepada orang-orang bidayuh untuk mengubah nasib mereka. Sebaliknya, pemimpin-pemimpin bidayuh ini lebih suka bersekongkol dengan Taib untuk terus mencuri dan menindas orang-orang Bidayuh. Lihat saja projek empangan air Bengoh dimana Jerip (DUN Bengoh) tidak membela nasib-nasib mereka yang tertindas sebaliknya bediam diri dan berlagak pandai macam ayam jantan mengawan. Sampai hari ini orang-orang kampung Sait, Semban, Rejoi dan Pain masih tak berpindah kerana isu pampasan dan penempatan baru. Begitu juga isu di Kampung Mambong dimana orang kampung terpaksa berdepan masalah bau sampah dan debu simen dari kilang simen. Di Puncak Borneo, orang-orang kampung Anah Rais dan Tebiya juga belum mendapat duit pampasan Tanah NCR yang di rampas oleh Borneo Highland Resorts.

Kenapa pemimpin-pemimpin Bidayuh ini terlalu agresif tentang Pakatan Rakyat pula? Sebenarnya mereka ini tak ubah seperti regim lain. Bezanya, cuma mereka ini Bidayuh saja. Etnisnya yang berbeza namun caranya tetap sama. Ada yang telah menerajui DUN sampai 3-4 penggal tapi masih tak nak berundur. Mereka takut berundur kerana mereka tidak mahu perniagaan mereka terjejas dan disamping itu terus membolot peruntukan kerajaan dengan membuka "syarikat-syarikat" kontraktor diatas nama orang lain. Maka mereka ters menerus memgelirukan komuniti mereka untuk terus menyokong kerajaan yang mengamalkan rasuah, tidak telus  dan merompak. Inilah yang menyebabkan orang Bidayuh terus keliru, mundur tertekan dan terabai. .Bukan kerana media yang mereka tonton tetapi kerana pemimpin yang tidak bertanggungjawab, mementingkan diri dan berlagak pandai tapi tidak sampai kemana.

Mereka harus mendidik dan membing kominiti Bidayuh untuk berfikir seterusnya melahirkan masyarakat Bidayuh yang jauh lebih bijak dari pemimpin-pemimpin mereka demi masa depan Bidayuh sendiri seterusnya meletakkan mereka di luar garis kemiskinan.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Legal Revolution!!

Let Learn from Mohamed Bouazizi

On the 17th December 2010 a naive fruit-seller burned himself in front of  a local council office in Tunisia. He did that because he was slap and mocked by a officer lady, Faida Hamdi who demanded  bribe from him for selling fruit using cart. That evening he came to the council office at Sidi Bouzid with a gallon of gasoline and set himself with flame. He was sent to a hospital and died on the 4th January 2011 due to severe burn.

Not long after that, after a week the Tunis rose-up to tell Ben Ali about his government and 14th January was the beginning of Tunusia Revolution and it affected the Arab countries.

I believe that Mohamed's struggle to earn by selling fruit is also endured by many poor Tunis. When Mohamed act, the Tunis realize that they can live out of poverty by asking Ben Ali to go; in other word asking him to stop putting Tunisia in his corrupted government. Luckily, he did and exiled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

We had experience the minor revolution in Malaya few week before 13th General Election. Somehow, the revolution was failed due to the implemented emergency law by the government. Hence, the people have spoken verbally and 4 states fell to Pakatan Rakyat.

With Taib's 30 years in power, it is time to start a revolution; a legal way to overthrown Taib and Barisan Nasional. Let enough is enough for now and as the opportunity has been given, we take this chance to make a revolution for a better Sarawak. We don't have to set yourself into flame but we vote for a change.    

I Can See It Clearly Now

I can see clearly now the rain is gone

I can see all obstacles in my way

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshinin' day

It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshinin' day

Oh yes, I can make it now the pain is gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I've been praying for
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day

Look all around, there's nothing but blue skies

Look straight ahead, there's nothing but blue skies

I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Here's the rainbow I've been praying for
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day
Real, real, real, real bright, bright sunshinin' day
Yeah, hey, it's gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin' day

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vote for A Change!!

The Future is Yours!

Say YES to:

1. Better Education
2. Better living
3. Better health care
4. Better infrastructure
5. Better freedom
6. Better Government

Say NO to:

1. Corrupted government
2. Arrogant leaders
3. Biased policy
4. Forest destruction
5. Land grabbing
6. Barisan Nasional

Don't gamble your next generation's future. Act NOW. VOTE FOR A CHANGE!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Lazy PBB Youth of N.16 Bengoh

No wonder why they are fat and ugly.

check here,

10 Reason Why Bidayuh should Vote Jerrip Out

1.    Jerrip Susil is a defector from STAR (State Reform Party) who was the party secretary and joined SUPP for RM 1 million price tag. A defector does not have the nationalism spirit but self interest and popularity. After all, he is still a “Chinese Kuli” as my father did before Sarawak independent. As a ‘kuli’ he cannot speak for his people but to listen to George Chan only (Taukeh Cina).

2.     N.16 Bengoh is the poorest constituency under BN and yet there is nothing has been done as per Member of Parliament, James Dawos has claimed in the media. In fact, BN steal from the poor and give them to the cronies like Borneo Highland Resort, Bengoh Freshwater Dam. All the work done through Dr. Jerip, James Dawos and Roland Sagah, (The Three Bandits).

3.    N.16 has the least PPRT program compare to other constituency although it is the poorest DUN. Is Jerip really care of this or his own business which is more profitable?

4.    N.16 has the most ugly schools and clinics although the government has allocated billion of ringgit to maintain school and to improve the public health. Where the allocated fund diverted to? To PBB and SUPP project elsewhere.

5.    BN has failed the affected community of Bengoh Dam. All the affected communities are Kampung Semban, Pain, Rejoi and Sait. But, all the contractor claims are speed up and are made with no less even a cent. The villagers have to bear the hardship while Taib;s contractors are living in wealth. Why does James Dawos and Jerip silence? Because they are muted and cannot be the rakyat representative.

6.    N.16 has the most jobless youngsters and there is no business opportunity or job opportunity for them. Has Jerip consider and long term project for the youngsters? No. He is busy with Lion Club and his medical clinic.

7.    N.16 has the most uneducated Bidayuh and most of them never get to high education level. Has Jerrip really cares? As long as he can afford for his own children education, why should he think of the unfortunate educated children? There in least pre-school in Bengoh and most of the school are about to collapse.

8.    Jerrip is a Sidang Injil Borneo follower and he is a good Christian. But, he has nothing to say regarding on Holy Bible impound by Barisan Nasional government. This is as same as denying Christ. Denying Christ is a sin.

9.    Jerrip only use intimidation to lead his constituency and not by good service and helping hands and heart. He will withdraw any government project at any village that need the project; better community hall, electricity, clean water and road. 

10.    SUPP is means for Chinese since yesterday, today and tomorrow. Jerip only serve the Chinese in Siburan and not the majority voters in Bidayuh villagers. Therefore, he rejects majority and serve the minority for his own interest.

How I Regret This

I have made myself in such a lost for not registering myself as voter last year. It was too late to register last two months and now I will only see the changes in Sarawak and not to participate. To those especially the youngsters, "Change does not come to you, You have to take the first step to Change yourself. Register now since Election Commission is opening registration counter everywhere. Do or Die".

For those who does not vote, please take my short survey on the right panel. Thank you.

Invest The Fixed Deposit!!!

Sarawak has wasted their deposit to BN after the 13th GE tsunami hit peninsular. Sarawak contributed the most parliament seat to BN and that is why BN rules today.

Somehow, Sarawak is still the 4th poorest state with 10% of its population are living under the poverty line. Truly, the state income per year is around 3 – 4 billion ringgit (timber, oil and gas, tourism).

Where is the money? We should question our self this golden question and start to think of Sarawak better future. Not under the Taib’s governance but Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat never lies to Selangor, Penang and Kelantan peoples. I am very sure of that as I am always traveling to peninsular. There is nothing in Puterajaya and it is a ghost city with only the Malay community.

BN has misruled their lawmakers in Sarawak and let them live with corruption, bad governance and no transparency. Look at how BN made Taib family as world richest politician. They are richer than Mubarak, Marcos and Suharto family. How does Taib lives in abundant with RM 50, 000 monthly incomes? He made Sarawak as his family business and siphoned them out to over sea. Why MACC did not make any investigation on Taib’s billion dollars worth properties? Because MACC is only receive order from Najib.

Now, let the people save the fixed deposit and do not sell it to BN. They buy with the lowest price and sale it back to the people with high price. BN bought vote at around RM 5 to RM 10 per vote and within 5 years they marginalized and sideline the Sarawakians who lived in poverty, depression and uneducated. This is the price that the people have to pay out from RM 5 vote they sold to BN. If they invest the fixed deposit to Pakatan Rakyat, they will get RM 1500 ticket and pocket money for their children to enroll to local universities and not Yayasan Tabung Pusingan, RM 300 0r more for elders and unfortunates compare to RM 50 per month now. When the Sarawak people invest the fixed deposit to Pakatan Rakyat, they will get their land surveyed and that can used their land for plantation and agriculture. As for that they can earn more than what they are getting from SALCRA now.

RM 1 billion funds to eradicate poverty is such a big amount and BN are looking down at it since they have e-kasih and 1 AZAM program. With the program, why Sarawak poverty rate is still at 70%? It shows that the government has no intention to fight for poverty but just to make our lady ministers looking prettier and famous.  

All State government contracts are awarded to Taib’s family and the local contractors have to scrap their business and selling Terubok Masin and Gambir Sarawak on the street. When the local council comes, they will have to run away with their tens and bench.

The government servants have to live in struggle with low income which is under the poverty line. They have to live beyond their means as the good prices are hiking tremendously. Although there are many supermarkets and shops, there is no competition in pricing as all the good prices are controlled by gangsters and not by ministry of trade and consumer. Therefore, many of civil servants are living with terrible depts and even have to borrow from illegal micro-finance (money lenders). If Sarawak civil servants invest their fixed deposit to Pakatan Rakyat, they will have a good government with transparency, integrity and good governance. Only a good government can pay a good wages to it servants because they have saved a lot from corruption, miss-managed fun and power-exploitation.

I do not see any problem in Pakatan Rakyat. Only SNAP does see it because they as same as BN. They like to see more land grabbing, miss-used of government funds and corruption. I wish to see Pakatan to win the State Election although I am not eligible to vote on this coming 16th April.

Monday, April 4, 2011

SNAP - The Dayak Unresolved Mystery

1. SNAP was said to be the Dayak new kind of platform in redeeming and winning Dayaks lost hope towards politic. It is said that to join SNAP is to get back to the original struggle after the Ming Court Affair, PBDS separation and de-registered of SNAP by ROS.

2. I am wonder why should SNAP emerge nowadays when it should be firm now afters decades of establishment. What was going wrong with SNAP?

3. It might be a baseless speculation for SNAP to be in opposition in this coming state election as there is less news coverage from SNAP instead of PKR, DAP and PAS. Then SNAP is remaining a mystery to everyone.

4. The purpose of SNAP to compete is not due to the Dayak struggle but to achieve a one person ambition; to be somebody in BN and to challenge the old foes, William Mawan and James Masing over the long time disputes of the Dayak leaders.

5. PRS and SPDP are the two parties under the BN components and both parties have a deep wound with Leo Moggie and Daniel Tajem. Therefore, SNAP must be restored in order to demolish the two tiny parties, PRS and SPDP. I believe with the new restoration of SNAP by Leo Moggie, PRS and SPDP will be shaking as they have little seat to be contested compare to SUPP and PBB.

6. Is SNAP really sincere in their political battle to save the Dayak? History told us that the Dayak has a bad habbit in politic and that is why they remain as the second class community. SNAP was de-registered due to leadership and somebody greed to be in power and to be rich. Then PBDS emerged but not able to last as Ibans are not willing to work together as a Iban community.

7. If SNAP win most of their contested seats, they will offer their buts to BN and there comes the bad guys to "re-sodomized" the Dayak again. This time not by Anwar Ibrahim but by the BN lusting buts guys.

8. If SNAP remaining a mystery to the Dayak, then PKR and DAP must persuade the Dayak to vote for them and win the majority. Will it happens? I am yet to wait for the voting day.