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Friday, September 28, 2012

Malaysia 2013 Budget

The Few, the Lot and The Many

A. Few things that make many people rejoice.

1. Bonus announcement for the government servants
2. Salary revision for government servants
3. Mega projects for opportunist 
4. Financial allocation for Schools, Clinics and Hospitals

B. A lot of things that make few people wondering:

1. How to improve the education system with the increasing budget
2. How to reduce crime rate with new kind of salary 
3. How to improve delivery service in government sectors
4. How to improve productivity to increase GDP
5. How to complete mega project without cheating tax-payers
6. How to achieve KPI,NKRA and GTP

C. Many things that make many people sad:

1. No improvement on minimum wages for private sectors
2. Increasing of GST (good and service tax)
3. Increasing tax of tobacco and liquor
4. Direct tender and cronyism of the mega project 
5. EPF contributions get frozen and only can withdraw after death. 

I am wondering what I will get next year as a small servant of a tawkey. Whatever they are, I will toil even harder. This is Negaraku, with same shape of people’s mentality, attitudes and behaviors.