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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bidayuh Dilemma- Another Point of View

Posted by Mrs. TBS

I am Mrs. TBS and I always help him to edit this blog. I was never into politics until I read Malaysia Today regularly. RPK has done a great job in enlightening me with the current political situation in Malaysia. When I was a student, I was never bothered by this kind of issue because all I know was to be thankful that I am a Malaysia, not an Indonesian or Pakistanese. Of course, this kind of mentality was nurtured by pro-government or should I put pro-BN media to each and every one of the Malaysian since we are small until we reach adulthood.

I am also a bidayuh and up to some level, I do understand the Bidayuh dilemma especially when we talk about this coming election. I work in a fully Bidayuh-owned company and my colleagues are all Bidayuh. Though I do not speak Bidayuh with them, due to the different dialects, I still see the same Bidayuh qualities in each and every one of us. I never talk to them personally about their standings in politics and I do not know who they will vote for in this coming election. But I am sure enough that they will vote for BN. Why?

Now, that is what I want to call Bidayuh-Dilemma. I believe to some extent, they are not happy with BN government. But they have no choice. They have to vote for BN for the sake of their family, especially their children who are still in school. As we know, our vote are secret and personal to ourselves but I do not know why the EC have to print serial number on every vote paper.

I still remember when I was in secondary school, my mother told my father not to vote for the opposition because I am still studying and I need government fund for higher education. My father, who is not a keen BN supporter have to give in to my mother's request and I believe he voted for BN. Not long after that, BN wins and I have to apply for some fund from BN YBs. I saw in the application letter verifying that my father is indeed a BN-supporter. And I did get the fund for my study. I wonder what happened if my father vote for opposition. Will i get the chance to taste the government money?

So this is the dilemma in each and every one of the Bidayuh. I answered yes to all the questions from DS in Britong. But what can I do? I am not yet a registered voter and I am very afraid that if I vote for opposition I will not have the chance to be a government servant. That means, while I believe BN is not the best yet I think opposition has a very small percentage in winning the Bidayuh-majority parliament seats like Mambong and Serian. So why must I risk my future when I know the future government will still be the same?

Ask your Bidayuh friends, what do they think about the opposition? I believe many will think like me as a typical Bidayuh. There will be votes for opposition but that will come from Bidayuh who are dare enough. So who are you Bidayuh, who are dare enough to vote for opposition and really believe they will win and are able to do something to make changes in their constituency? Even if opposition wins in P.199, what changes can they bring if they lose in other constituency? They are still the minority in parliament seats and will their voice be heard by the majority?

I am not pro-BN. I really hope that opposition can win majority in this coming election. Even if BN wins, I hope the parliament seats can be conquered by the opposition and really make a different in the government. I just hope for something to change, change for the better.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I never know that the government(Bn) know who you vote for. Isn't it suppose to be confidential? What democracy is this? Anyway, my sister always vote for BN but her daughter who got 5A for her UPSR didn't get the good school while another girl(a malay) who only got 4A manage to get to the good school and she's stuck at that crappy SMK Tebekang school. Richard Riot and Manyin are both ex- teachers and they do nothing to improve the school condition. NEP my arse. These people only in politics not for the rakyat but only for themselves. We can only see their face near election (if we are lucky) and other time when they come to your kampung is to joget. I heard the story that Riot refuse to go to a certain kampung because the girls doesn't want to dance with them.

It is high time for the bidayuh to wake up and start doing something for themselves. Nobody is going to help us but ourselves. Start by changing our attitude. We need to teach and support our children so that they grow up to be a confident adult and not timid. I'm starting with my own 2 sons, they still young but they not afraid to voice their opinion if i do something different or wrong. It's not being disrepectful, besides parents can make mistake too.

I didn't vote this GE( because of the stupid rule, what we are not malaysian?) Next time maybe I'll leave my kids behind to go back home even if i have to fly for 24 hours plus waiting time(note the sarcastic tone there).

Anyway,....we'll see next state election.