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Monday, July 30, 2012

Ugly Malaysia 55th National Day Theme

1 Malaysia :- Janji Detepati.

What Janji?

What a Horrible Song!!

1. Look/browse to and search for this year national day theme song. You might be having your nightmare. It is something to laugh at other than 3 stooges, Rowan Akinson, or others funny commercial advertisement. The national theme song has the most disliked hits!!

2. What is a rhetoric theme!! Shouldn’t we have other better theme rather than “Janji Ditepati”? What is the patriotism value in the theme song’s lyric and the theme itself?

3. Why the government didn’t look deeply on the theme? Is Najib could be the messenger or the new coming prophet for Malaysia? We are now forced to worship our leader like the DPRK people worship their dear leader Kim Jong Ill.

4. The Malaysian government is not made by the expert but a bunch or politicians who bought their degree certificate. Some are graduated from “Imperial College” without attending any lecture, tutorial and exam paper. That is why we have the bunch of “stupid” people in the government/parliament. They only know how to oppose good idea but never deliver their best for the people.

5. What is Janji Detepati? RM500.00 financial assistance? The rakyat deserve more better thing such as talent development, good infrastructures, good education system and fair and transparent tender system. No direct award and cronyism.

6. This year will be a great dark day for the people to celebrate National Day. I prefer to go back home and watch Tom & Jerry show with the kid. Or have something to barbeque and have a great dinner.

7. Let BN celebrate the National Day alone on the street with “Janji Ditepati” stuff. All government offices and schools should erect BN flag only and no Jalur Gemilang.

8. What a sad nation of Malaysia. The people are driven away from patriotism and directed to some kind of cult teaching.