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Monday, August 17, 2009


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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Nation of Dream, Malaysia

I would like to say that this century is the era of enlightenment although it is might not as great as France Revolution but has just begin.

Indeed, 1 August 4, 2009 street march against Internal Security Act ha becoming another mass collection of voice after Bersih Rally last year. The people demand for good governance and rule of law is now getting significant as the outdated law should be revise and not to be misused by certain particular parties and individual to protect their wrong doing. Malaysia in clean from terrorist threat after the fallen of Tan Chin Peng (PKM) and Muslim rebel, Al-Maunah and therefore, ISA must be revise as it is against the humility (jail without trial). In fact, the practice of law must never indulge with the human right and the law must be just and to guard the weak and “disabled”.

ISA is now used by the present government to deny the voice of the people and to violate the opposition in any meaning. Journalists were detained for exposing the government wrongdoing; politicians were put into jail for rebuking the government and so forth. Somehow, I never see ISA was used to those whose sparked the racial sentiment either on the street or the house of parliament by the Barisan Member. Lately, the “Dayak” demanded Hadi, PAS President to be put in jail without trial for talking about “Cawat” thing. Is this necessary? I don’t thing so, it is just a cheap political joke for me as a Dayak.

Why is ISA? I do not see it as a necessity to protect the country again terrorism and racial bigots. In fact, we kill freely and detonate anybody that might become a threat to our personal life and business. We can drop someone down from the building easily to ensure that the information and transgression secret are kept soundly. I see ISA as a tool used by Barisan Nasional to continue their governance and therefore, it must not be abolished or review.

Now is the best time to listen to the people regardless they are at opposition or pro-government side. People see law as a wrong law and against human right and that is what there were demonstration and no “opposition legal assembly” to cause massive destruction to KL city as per reported at the main stream. The government by the people and for the people must apply in today Malaysian mindset and we should have the same right and opportunities to be a citizen of Malaysia. No one should be treated as uncivilized aborigines, immigrants, uneducated and so forth. In fact, Constitution of Malaysia must be respect to ensure total racial harmony, equality, justice and right under the great nation of dream, Malaysia.

There must be supremacy to other side of community at this moment of time as Malaysia is expanding it economy and the country has plenty of opportunities to produce rich and happy Malaysian regardless they are Malay, Chinese, Indian, and aborigines. In fact, everybody must be given opportunities to have what they wanted without violating others and depressed them economically by using laws. Government tender for example, must be made as open tender and not through political party dominance as it is unfair to those who are capable and working very hard to find food. That is why we can see a lot failures engineering and other project under the unschooled engineers, accountants, architects and other expertise. PPKZ, Perwaja Steel, MAS, Terengganu Stadium, Twin Tower and a lot of tragedies that you can name them. Yes, we must have this and that standard to get this and that tenders. The truth is, you must be a Bumiputera and the most beautiful thing is you must be a government supporter to obtain the tenders. The issue of capability, professionalism, experience than becoming the second agenda as long as you are bumiputera. We have a lot of millionaire bumiputera and all of them are UMNO including late Mr. Lim Goh Tong, Ananda Krisnan and all those “bumiputera”.

NEP is another irritating policy that must be revising or else there will be another march on 31st August 4, 2009. We have had Yayasan 1 Malaysia, Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia, ASB quota for non-bumi. This is just a little bit of thing that the non-bumi enjoyed after 52 years of independent. The worst thing it that NEP is not just unfair for the non-bumi but the Sabah and Sarawak “bumiputera”. Sarawak is the largest state but still the poorest and this is a sad thing to be heard as Sarawak is rich of timer, minerals and other products that worth millions. Sabah is a beautiful state but flooded by Philippines and Indonesians illegal immigrants waiting for their document or at least IMM13 to ensure that UMNO is still keep Sabah in hand. The Sabahan has to share their income with “UMNO adopted children” and that is why we found there are many poorest Kadazan even though they are peribumi and have a lot of land. Sarawak lost its money to the “bumi contractors” and the people are still wearing cawat because they cannot afford to buy pants. Where the money go to? Billion dollar worth of mansions overseas, projects but not to the people. Who cares? As long as the old man is still alive the the Sarawakian should never talk about money. It is superstitious to them.

The time has come that the Barisan Nasional must learn a lesson from the people. Policeman can get tired but not the people. Water cannon can spoil the skin and tear gas grenade might harm the eyes but all that cannot weaken the spirit of the people that thirst for justice, humanity and freedom . There will be more protest to come if the government keeps on being stubborn and ignorance. I would like to say that this century is the era of enlightenment although it is might not as great as France Revolution but has just begin.