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Monday, March 10, 2008

Pak Lah must step down, says Tun Mahathir

"I will take the full responsibility on the defeat" Koh Tsu Koon.
"I will not quit" Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The difference between these two mens is one is gentle and one is putting himself in trouble. The resignation of Koh Tsu Koon will be a new chapter for the state of Penang as the Malaysia leading industrial and manufacturing region. His gentleness as the ex-chief minister is the symbol of true democracy as he keeps no bitter feeling toward the new state government but advised all of his supporters to give a full support to the next chief minister. This is a great attitude that he has shown to the Malaysian people to accept defeat and support the next leaders.

As for Pak Lah, defeat means to hit the wall until it is collapsed or his head might be crushed. The head bank responsibility taken by Pak Lah will be at his own risk or the national risk. For sure this will be the national risk as he will not able to rule with less majority in the state and parliament.

The rakyat have given Pak Lah a clear and transparent signal on his leadership but he refuse to step down from his post. He may step down if Khairy losses the Rembau parliamentary seat. The last general election result is not about racial issue especially in the 5 states. It is clear to him that the rakyat deserve a talented and wise Prime Minister. In fact, Penang is now DAP-PKR join venture state.

Yesterday's stock market market decreased 10% which is obvious that the investors have doubt of Malaysia current economic due to the politic chaos. Though the composite index is now still above 1000 points but the next mistake will be the fate of our economy. Please refer to the star here for more details as I am not good in trading and economic statistic.

If Khairy going to be the next PM, it will be a great disaster for Malaysia as he has started his command tower at the 4th floor. This is not a tolerate mistake even if Khairy is sworn to be a cabinet minister. This young boy need to be nurture with proper behavior and attitude by the UMNO members.

For Koh Tsu Koon, to take full responsibility on the defeat is the best because the knows that the rakyat need a new era of politic in Penang. Though Gerakan is now a history but he is brave enough to admit the defeat and even invited Guan Eng to his office. What a humble man which is cannot be seen among the UMNO members. Gerakan fate is absurd when Keng Yaik retire from the Parliament and the Koh Tsu Koon withdrawn from parliament seat.

I do not know if it is BN fault to make Gerakan in such trouble ans now Gerakan has to be the underdog. Will MCA to be in the same fate next? It is up to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to decide or to shape the MCA.

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