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Thursday, November 26, 2009

School Holiday

I still remember my time 10 years ago (1999) during school holiday. After finished my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) at Kolej Tun Abdul Razak, I straight away make my first journey to Kuching town looking for a job. As a village boy, I do not know much about town life and what I cared the most is my job and saving for the next session of schooling. I brought with me RM 200.00, my scholarship balance to register at a computer training center at Wisma Saberkas to learn computer. At that time it was Windows 95 and Netscape Communicator. Learning computer was fun as everybody was talking about computer. Before my shift, I will go to the complete to complete my learning hour in able to get the certificate. During my off day, I spend my whole day at the center. After a month, I completed my hour and tested. I finally get my certificate and start using computer at cyber café.

Back in the supermarket, I work as hard as I can to get money for my next journey. During that time, my salary was RM 300.00 per month plus overtime. Indeed, living in town was very tough at that time. Many times I have to skip my meal in order to save money. After 4 months working at supermarket, I left and work at a pump station at Bang Hock road. My boss paid me RM 15.00 per day plus overtime. It was little higher than the supermarket’s pay.

In June 2000, I got an offer to pursue my study at a college under minister of education program and finally made my step to university. During my college time, I used to sell nasi lemak and curry puff to get extra money since the allowance is just enough for fees and books.

This tradition has becoming the practice to the next generation. Living with my sister’s family was quite tough where I have less time to play like other teenagers. At night time we must spend time to read our book. It was quiet hard to read with tiredness by the daily hard work but that the way it should be in the family. We are learnt to be diligent and intelligent. One of my nephews has followed the tradition and he was able to make it to university and now doing a good job.

This is not happening only to us but to a lot of Bidayuh families. In fact, many of our successful man and women were lived in such condition and some even can make their step to overseas universities. Not least, some gave up their study and work at coffee shop and supermarket and so forth. Those who are lucky, they work as nurses, clerk and helper at the government office.

I believe in this free country we should make an opportunity for ourselves rather than looking for it. I have made mine and its proven work well. But, there must be sacrifices and determination. Since we are not obligated to any right or privileges like other people had, I think we should start to think how to make our kid to be successful. We cannot even demand any right from our leaders since we are made “minority” by someone we love and trust. We cannot wait for DBNA and YB’s to give us money to buy flight ticket anymore. We cannot wait for the world to change but we must firstly change our attitude toward success and victory.

We cannot live without education, in fact we have seen that the whole world is evolve by the education. We cannot send our kid up to form five as there is no job for form five leavers. Unless, they are willing to work at oil palm estate or become a “mat rempit”.

This school holiday is an opportunity to find money and do not let it waste. Let the kid d some part time for their own experience. They should learn to work hard to gain for their life. Look at the Chinese kids, they even work until the midnight selling noodle and drink.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


1. In Perak State there are two funny things. Perak has two Menteri Besar. One is Nizar and one is Zamri. Furthermore, Perak has two speakers. One is Sivakumar and one is one is Ganesan. Somehow, they have only one State Assembly and I do not know how these two clowns run the state. Up to you to figure out.

2. In MCA there are to Deputy President as well. One is Chua Soi Lek and one is Tiong Lai. Chua was selected based on law and Tiong Lai was select due to vote-of no confident to Chua. Somehow, MCA is still has two DP and the party just couldn’t know how to figure this out for the sake of the party. Up to you to figure out.

3. 1 Malaysia has two statements in the slogan. Statement 1 is “Rakyat di dahulukan”, and the second one is “Pencapaian diutamakan”. Who is to be first? Malay or non- Malay? Who are non-Malay and bumiputera? Have Najib ever read the reports of Penan girls are being rape by the loggers? Everybody was busy talking about Sofea, the mathematic genius and the wife of Prime Minister has asking her mother how to produce a kid like Sofea. How crazy it is. I do not know how the government servants work at Peninsular. But, in Kuching the tea time is at 8.00 am to 9.00 am. Lunch at 12.00 am to 2.00 pm. If you do not believe me, please go to any government office in Kuching. You will say I am not so bad in criticizing. KPI is not a surprise as there is no outcome from it. Idris must be a good man to see it works but it is not. I think those who score their KPI are those who are cleaning the toilet and sweep the streets and not the government servant. Furthermore, they depend a lot to contractors to fix their equipments although there are officers assigned to take care of their computers, facilities but they are just a gainer and not a worker. Believe me.

4. Now I get to understand that thing must be in pair. We must have to Prime Ministers. One is a man and one is a lady. The man takes care of the party and the lady takes care of the kindergarten.

5. Do we need a brain to be a politician or to be a bright shining politician? It may be yes or maybe no. We have a lot of clowns in the Parliament and in the offices. But you don’t have to be a politician or a government officer to have a brain. It's the brain that make your characters and behaviors. Not your title or post. Think about it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Dayak Supremacy

1. Marina Undau is a Dayak native and she should be threatened as a native.

2. Let check this out:

Article 161a of the Federal Constitution

In this Article ‘native’ means –
• (a) in relation to Sarawak, a person who is a citizen and either belongs to one of the races specified in Clause (7) as indigenous to the State or is a mixed blood deriving exclusively from those races;

• (b) in relation to Sabah, a person who is a citizen, is the child or grandchild of a person of a race indigenous to Sabah, and was born (whether on or after Malaysia Day or not) either in Sabah or to a father domiciled in Sabah at the time of the birth.

(7) The races to be treated for the purposes of the definition of ‘native’ in clause (6) as indigenous to Sarawak are the Bukitans, Bisayahs, Dusuns, Sea Dayaks, Land Dayaks, Kadayans, Kelabit, Kayans, Kenyahs (including Sekapans, Kejamans, Lahanans, Punans, Tanjongs dan Kanowits), Lugats, Lisums, Malays, Melanaus, Muruts, Penans, Sians, Tagals, Tabuns and Ukits.

3. The Malay’s government should study more on citizenship and there are several mistakes have been made as well. If a Dayak convert into Muslim, automatically they are called Malay without prejudice. But, if Malay converted into non-Muslim religion automatically they are called “Murtad” without prejudice.

4. I did not see any problem with the constitution but there is a problem with the rulers and government under the Malay. In fact, there is no freedom of religion and so other freedoms that should be granted to every citizen.

5. Either you are native or non-native there is no any different. It is better to be a non-bumiputera rather than a bumiputera or native because we are not understood the law and right to be one. There are reserved right for natives but yet it was overcome by those who are “superior”. Therefore a native will never get a government job after repeated of interviews and examination. You go and check to every government department. Don’t you ever try to get there during raya month. Nobody there.

6. Its sound racist but this is the truth that we should know. Iban is still a Iban and so the other natives. Nothing is reserved for them neither wealth nor opportunities. The native are thought to be a survivor and that is why you might not see young adults at long houses or villages. They are migrating away because there is less opportunity in the home land.

7. Marina Undau might be a mistake made by the Department of Registrar but the native right and privileges were never been made as mistake. In fact, all the right and privileges were made to make thing equal but it seems that the natives are loosing a lot from it.

8. Should there be rights and laws to for the natives? I don’t thing they are necessary since it has nothing to benefice the natives . They are just jokes and games to make the whole pity the dayak natives.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Small Brain

1. Capitalism is an idea to be a Nation of Wealth and it is practiced since 16th century. The idea of market and merchant, buyer and seller were twine deeply and the idea of capitalism was really work in a right manner. The idea of capitalism encourages people to produce products and offer them to the society. The European and the west established a term “free market” and some of the scholars reject tariff, excise and tax.

2. Capitalism introduced labor and income so that there is wealth share mechanism between employer and employee. People are paid based on their ability to work and their handwork. Therefore, the industrial term existed as the labor market was plentiful. Some were shifted from Africa to work in estates and factories. People start to live in prosperity and at the same time people are divided into classes and caste. A lot of countries developed tremendously due to industrial revolution and international trade. Vast of products have been produced to be distributed to the humankind regardless consumable and non consumable product.

3. Monopoly is one of the best ways introduced by capitalist to gain wealth and market dominance. Fried Chicken was introduced in Kentucky and now you can find American fried chicken (KFC) all over the place in the world. In the modern world, those who dominate and control the commodity, trade currency and the technology are the monopoly.

4. Many nations embraced capitalism and some embrace socialism to run their country. American and European countries used capitalism as a tool to expand their business worldwide. Some used war as a way to find new oil field and many people died because of it.

5. The banking system was pattern in such a way to allow high interest to be charged to the people. Only those who are highly paid can own big houses, expensive cars, jewelries, money and other wealth. The banks earn a lot from interest that is based on government policy.

6. The low wages societies live in poverty and they cannot entitle for any loan. Therefore, many of them find other solution to supply for their need. Some do day and night job to pay bills and household expenses. Some are using illegal money lender to get money for their children education.

7. There is a government agencies assigned to give loan for students but then some work very hard to get it paid. Why? Because the wage scale for fresh graduate is around RM 1000-RM1200.

8. According to Alan Smith, capitalism is about wealth sharing. In Malaysia wealth is dominated by political party through government mega projects and tenders. Tenders and projects are awarded to the individuals that come from dominant party.

9. There is open tender system to uphold transparencies and good governance but then, those who are awarded the big project are not publicized. Most of the tenders are awarded to the politician families and cronies. We now can enjoy lost from PKFZ and Bakun.

10. We have several GLC (Government Link Companies) and most of them are controlled by politician buy putting their family members as directors and chairman. That is why PERWAJA and MAS are badly hit by bandits and thieves. Maybe they are bankrupts because of taxes they have to pay to the government.

11. Government has a policy to ensure wealth is well distributed to those who do not know how to manage business but it doesn’t serve it purpose because the policy is used to abuse the people who should benefited from it.

12. We will never see an “economic harmony” in our country as long as our statesmen and stateswomen are corrupted. There will always be a barrier between the rich and the poor even though we are aiming a total zero poverty. What ever system that is apply to distribute equal wealth and good living; it will never work if there are people who abuse it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Kids in Town

1. I heard a "rumors" that "Makkal Sakhti" is now registered legally and going to join ruling coalition soon. Najib was so very exited to adopt another new breed in coalition and claimed that it is a 1 Malaysia concept. Somehow, how many Indians will going to join the new force. Are they forgetting an old man in Sungai Siput who fought for the Indian right? Now, how is MCA? Will it be a symbol of hatred to the Indians. I see the Indians have no intention to be as what they claimed. United Indian or Indian League. I see Indian in MCA and UMNO as well. Not my fault, it 1 Malaysia concept actually. The concept really work well.

2. I heard Adit is going to form new kind of "party" after years of frustration and erection of power. It is called "Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia" party and the number of new members is yet to be known. I see it as another place to hide by Tiong if he join the "pakatan" and forever Tiong is a man of scandal. Whatever scandals they are, Tiong is still a corrupted Kuala Dimensi's CEO. I get to understand now that SPDP was fed by corrupted money. Whatever they are. Money is money and it does not concern with where it comes from as long as it knows where to go.

3. The Dayak has not yet awaken by the way they behave and think. There are political leaders and millionaire among them but yet there is still cloud of sick and sorrow in the state ruled by Jabu and his dayak fellows. Whoever join the new party they are still cannot resist money politics, corruption, greedy, gluttony and other sins. We have seen several downfall of the Dayak politic. Maybe, the new party will unite the Dayak and the others but Masing does not love Larry and that is why PRS is kicking their own ball. The new party? We better wait and see.

4. "Change we must". I see them in Dayak Weblogs. Well, I would like to say "Think before we Change" We cannot change if we are lazy to think and taking thing for granted. Whatever they are. Let us welcome the new kids in town.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Short and Simple

Since we have heard and read a lot of issues regarding on many thing. Let me simplify them into a very short one.

Penan Girls are raped and even delivered babies of the rappers. Reports have been made but no action has been made until “Suhakam” & “NGOs” visit the villages and asked if the girls are raped or not. No further investigation and outcome from the “report” by the two monkeys. Jabu should resign immediately they said. I don’t think that Jabu raped those girls because he is very old to rape those girls. Why should he resign? Who fault? Idris Jala has no portfolio!! Gaji buta what?? Assign him to be another minister of Anti-rape Minister to save the weak and poor. I heard that he is quiet religious and therefore he is better than Jacob Sagan. On next election, please vote for more rapist and do the same thing again. Lodge report and accuse Jabu. What a poor Sarawakians.

Bloggers are talking about land custody, NCR, Naim, CMS, Taib, Sons, Family, money were siphoned out of the state and many other grievances regarding on political of bully and marginalization. Hey, common and wake up. It the old same story from generation to other generation. Ask your YB to resign from BN or stop vote for BN. What RM 5.00 can do for you? 2 boxes of cigarettes can cause lung cancer and girls can spread STD or HIV. Ask your YB to talk to BN regarding your grievances and struggles. If he cannot does that expel him. Just as simple as that. We have the some skeletons for most 2 to 3 period of lost in our constituencies. Please replace with at least a grass eater monkey as monkey can move but skeleton cannot.

I think those two simple statements are enough since my workload is overdue. I have to work as well as you do. I cannot wait for the YB to feed my family and build my house. They have their own thing to do like spread lies and talk cock.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today is a historical day to remember. The days before, Jugah and his gang agreed with Abdul Rahman to form a country Malaysia together with Sabah. Then they made it true on 16 September 1963 and therefore the nation was form under circumstances and struggles.

Today is a day to remember and to celebrate as someone had agreed to the Social Contract that said Independent Day is on 31 August every year. It is Malaya celebration and Sarawak was still under colonial in 1957.

Independent or not, this is who we are. Live for something and die for nothing.

Happy Malaysia Day to all brothers and sisters in Sarawak.

The Lost Aborigine in His own country home.

Salute to a Great Fighter

I would like to express my sympathy to the Late Dato Temenggung Micheal Ben's family on the depart of Dato Micheal to be with the Lord. You will be well remember and may you rest in peace.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Dear Readers,

I would wish "Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin" to all Muslim readers. Recently, I got less free time and therefore I have less time to write in my blog page. There are many issue to write and hope that there will be more to come soon.

The Lost Aborigine.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Dear Readers,

One of our readers requested me to put a poll on PPSMI (Teaching Math & Science in English) to see what is the respond from Bidayuh readers. Kindy put your poll at the right panel.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Nation of Dream, Malaysia

I would like to say that this century is the era of enlightenment although it is might not as great as France Revolution but has just begin.

Indeed, 1 August 4, 2009 street march against Internal Security Act ha becoming another mass collection of voice after Bersih Rally last year. The people demand for good governance and rule of law is now getting significant as the outdated law should be revise and not to be misused by certain particular parties and individual to protect their wrong doing. Malaysia in clean from terrorist threat after the fallen of Tan Chin Peng (PKM) and Muslim rebel, Al-Maunah and therefore, ISA must be revise as it is against the humility (jail without trial). In fact, the practice of law must never indulge with the human right and the law must be just and to guard the weak and “disabled”.

ISA is now used by the present government to deny the voice of the people and to violate the opposition in any meaning. Journalists were detained for exposing the government wrongdoing; politicians were put into jail for rebuking the government and so forth. Somehow, I never see ISA was used to those whose sparked the racial sentiment either on the street or the house of parliament by the Barisan Member. Lately, the “Dayak” demanded Hadi, PAS President to be put in jail without trial for talking about “Cawat” thing. Is this necessary? I don’t thing so, it is just a cheap political joke for me as a Dayak.

Why is ISA? I do not see it as a necessity to protect the country again terrorism and racial bigots. In fact, we kill freely and detonate anybody that might become a threat to our personal life and business. We can drop someone down from the building easily to ensure that the information and transgression secret are kept soundly. I see ISA as a tool used by Barisan Nasional to continue their governance and therefore, it must not be abolished or review.

Now is the best time to listen to the people regardless they are at opposition or pro-government side. People see law as a wrong law and against human right and that is what there were demonstration and no “opposition legal assembly” to cause massive destruction to KL city as per reported at the main stream. The government by the people and for the people must apply in today Malaysian mindset and we should have the same right and opportunities to be a citizen of Malaysia. No one should be treated as uncivilized aborigines, immigrants, uneducated and so forth. In fact, Constitution of Malaysia must be respect to ensure total racial harmony, equality, justice and right under the great nation of dream, Malaysia.

There must be supremacy to other side of community at this moment of time as Malaysia is expanding it economy and the country has plenty of opportunities to produce rich and happy Malaysian regardless they are Malay, Chinese, Indian, and aborigines. In fact, everybody must be given opportunities to have what they wanted without violating others and depressed them economically by using laws. Government tender for example, must be made as open tender and not through political party dominance as it is unfair to those who are capable and working very hard to find food. That is why we can see a lot failures engineering and other project under the unschooled engineers, accountants, architects and other expertise. PPKZ, Perwaja Steel, MAS, Terengganu Stadium, Twin Tower and a lot of tragedies that you can name them. Yes, we must have this and that standard to get this and that tenders. The truth is, you must be a Bumiputera and the most beautiful thing is you must be a government supporter to obtain the tenders. The issue of capability, professionalism, experience than becoming the second agenda as long as you are bumiputera. We have a lot of millionaire bumiputera and all of them are UMNO including late Mr. Lim Goh Tong, Ananda Krisnan and all those “bumiputera”.

NEP is another irritating policy that must be revising or else there will be another march on 31st August 4, 2009. We have had Yayasan 1 Malaysia, Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia, ASB quota for non-bumi. This is just a little bit of thing that the non-bumi enjoyed after 52 years of independent. The worst thing it that NEP is not just unfair for the non-bumi but the Sabah and Sarawak “bumiputera”. Sarawak is the largest state but still the poorest and this is a sad thing to be heard as Sarawak is rich of timer, minerals and other products that worth millions. Sabah is a beautiful state but flooded by Philippines and Indonesians illegal immigrants waiting for their document or at least IMM13 to ensure that UMNO is still keep Sabah in hand. The Sabahan has to share their income with “UMNO adopted children” and that is why we found there are many poorest Kadazan even though they are peribumi and have a lot of land. Sarawak lost its money to the “bumi contractors” and the people are still wearing cawat because they cannot afford to buy pants. Where the money go to? Billion dollar worth of mansions overseas, projects but not to the people. Who cares? As long as the old man is still alive the the Sarawakian should never talk about money. It is superstitious to them.

The time has come that the Barisan Nasional must learn a lesson from the people. Policeman can get tired but not the people. Water cannon can spoil the skin and tear gas grenade might harm the eyes but all that cannot weaken the spirit of the people that thirst for justice, humanity and freedom . There will be more protest to come if the government keeps on being stubborn and ignorance. I would like to say that this century is the era of enlightenment although it is might not as great as France Revolution but has just begin.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cawat Vs Songkok

Cawat is now become a politic joke to The Dayak. How about naked.
No cawat or even a piece of leave to cover your groin?

“We, therefore, demand that you apologise to the Dayaks of Sarawak in general and to the Ibans of Batang Ai in particular and we also strongly urge you herewith to visit the Iban longhouse in Sarawak, lest you persist in your ignorance and in your arrogant attitude which cannot be good for peace and harmony among the peoples of Malaysia.”

KUCHING: Elected representatives of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) will send a petition to PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today in protest of his disparaging ‘cawat’ (loincloth) remarks.

“We consider your remarks uncalled for and insulting,” said the petition, which was signed by PRS president Dato Sri Dr James Masing and all the party’s 12 other assemblymen and parliamentarians.

“We, therefore, demand that you apologise to the Dayaks of Sarawak in general and to the Ibans of Batang Ai in particular and we also strongly urge you herewith to visit the Iban longhouse in Sarawak, lest you persist in your ignorance and in your arrogant attitude which cannot be good for peace and harmony among the peoples of Malaysia.”

Hadi had incurred the wrath of Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders, particularly those in PRS, for his comment in Malaysiakini on July 11 on why the opposition lost in the Batang Ai by-election on April 7.

He was quoted as saying: “Semua pilihanraya kecil sebelum ini keputusannya memihak kepada kita. Cuma di Batang Ai sahaja kita kalah sebab mereka ini tidak reti undi, pakai cawat lagi. Saya bukan nak hina tetapi tempat yang pakai molek, undi PAS.


I don't see any problem with cawat. In fact these two Dayaks is killing among themselves using cawat and they are looking great.

PRS should apologise to the Dayak on their undeveloped civilization under the Barisan Nasional. Masing should apologise to the Dayak on the false statement during Al-Jazeera interview regarding to the NCR Land and CMS. Well, PRS should accept Hadi “statement” of change or else the Dayak will still wear “cawat” and living on the three. Hadi was right and PRS is wrong. It is the fact that the Dayak is still using “cawat”, nomad, uncivilized and uneducated.

Dayak has been the victims for PRS, SPDP and PBB that are called “The Bumi” party. Infact, the separation of PBDS has shown that the Dayak has gone back into the jungle to find their “cawat” and wear it back. Why should we ashamed of wearing “cawat”. I am proud of it as a symbol of uncivilized community or clan under the great nation of dream, Barisan Nasional. If PRS is ashamed on this “Cawat” thing, the party must teach the Dayak how to wear short pants, boxer but not songkok and sari. There is out of mind to wear non-cawat garment.

We have our forum on Dayak term should not be abolish which was a dayak stupid idea to the great Barisan. Wow!!! It was indeed impressive as a bunch of cawat man and women argue and fired Tuan Entulu. My conclusion from the forum is, if the Dayak still want to be the Dayak, they must appreciate Cawat, Miring, Ngayap, Berumai, Porks, Pigs and living on the three. Furthermore, they must practice head hunting to uphold the legacy of their ancestors.

We have living hard enough to make sure that there are salted fish and plain rice on the mat for dinner. In fact, we have seen series of failures but we never learn from them. I think it is time to say enough is enough to the rotten government and dayak allied parties with BN. PRS is Barisan and it has nothing to do with the Dayak civilization development. We have witnessed a lot of arguments within the party and PRS and SPDP were one but due the greed of power these Dayak YB's put the Dayak in the clown show. It is a joke to the other that the Dayak is still grumbling with their clan and wearing cawat. Let enjoy the clown & circus show and put more cawat thing on the show for it is indeed very-very funny.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Old Folk Legacy

“The Bidayuhs need to work towards a common objective to develop the community, so we need to work towards strengthening the Barisan Nasional (BN),” he pointed out.

PBB Tarat sees no contest for top posts
(The Borneo Post Press, July 20, 2009)
KUCHING: Unity continues to prevail in Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Tarat branch when all the top posts were won uncontested at the triennial general meeting (TGM) of the branch Saturday.

The uncontested posts are chairman, deputy chairman, vice-chairman, youth chief, deputy youth chief, women chief and deputy women chief.

Roland Sagah retains the chairman’s post, while the posts of deputy and vice-chairman are retained by Kuntang Sulak and Councillor Michael Chin respectively.

Sagah is Tarat assemblyman.

Stanley Sila remains the youth chief while the deputy youth chief is Solo Saint Djones Kaos.

In the women section, Nesline Liat remain as the chairperson while her deputy is Monica Anda Chuat.

The committee members for the main body are Walter Suhai, Stanley Dingin, Felix Kunyau Kuna, Kirat Rug, Raymond Jihap, Albert Sakum Rigit and Nyadan Jaau.

There are seven committee members in the youth wing and they are Kennedy Ago Raoui, Zainuddin Morshidi, Sidney Belden, Silas Reda, Charue Naim, Otto Nujum and Augustine Runai.

And in the women wing, the committee members are Mary Ann Zainuddin, Naomi Mijong, Jupit Rokos, Rose Sekalai, Rapis Enit, Rohani Jumat and Rosa Ranyah.

The meeting held at Teng Bekap multipurpose hall was officiated by Urban Development and Toursim Minister Datuk Michael Manyin.

Manyin, who is a PBB vice-president, said it was important that all the incumbent elected representatives from the Bidayuh community be retained in the next state election.

The Bidayuh assemblymen are Dr Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Ranum Mina (Opar), Datuk Peter Nansian (Tasik Biru), Manyin (Tebedu), Frederick Bayoi (Kedup) and Sagah (Tarat).

And the Members of Parliament are Datuk Dr James Dawos (Mambong), Datuk Richard Riot (Serian) and Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe (Mas Gading).

Manyin said the Bidayuhs could not afford to isolate themselves from the mainstream of politics.

This, he stressed was to enable the community to progress further.



1 Malaysia concept by Najib yet to be another century of joke to all the Dayak especially the Bidayuh. Bidayuh contributed the entire seat at their constituencies to BN to enable them to win thin majority during last 13th General Election. The same face with the same attitude of MP’s with nothing to enjoy at last. Tikie, Riot, Dawos are three MP’s that should be loud enough to raise up the issue of the Bidayuh especially on poverty, education, business opportunities, entrepreneurs and so forth.

The Bidayuh has never learned a lesson form their mistake. Year after year they vote for the same man and losing in time. As I always traveling to Sematan and Tebedu almost every week, I see nothing to be proud of although we have rich MP’s. I see oil palm estate own by our MP and yet there are dusty roads at Biawak, Judin, Perigi at Sematan area. Where are Tikie and Ranum? Should they busy with their personal business and ignore those who put their trust at these two men? I see Juara Beetuah oil palm estate but yet I see the struggle of some of villagers with no proper water supply in Stungkor. Why does Juara Beetuah busy in planting and leave the people in struggle?

I should make a conclusion they should never work for BN or with BN since they have nothing in return especially ministerial post. But, please remember that BN did not vote for them but the people in those areas. Why should we proud of Najib with 1 Malaysia while we are in great depression. Should we wait for the next election to repeat the same silly mistake?

The Bidayuh should not be manipulated by politic and they must isolate themselves from the politic. The youth should keep themselves away from old school politics and strive to the best of themselves. Let us be selfish and hope than we gain from the real world today. Why should we care to those who are begging for life where as a bight future is there for us We have nothing to loose if we did support our MP’s because we lost piece-by-piece everyday to the MP’s rice bowl.

Some people said to me that “who are you to say so?” Yes, I am nothing but I am existed and alive to see our struggles and depression. I could not understand why should we still stick with BN and yet gain nothing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Enlightenment Era

Marat is the one who used death penalty to those who opposed revolution in France 1780s. Marat was made as god to those revolts and that was how Republic of France after King Louis XVI is beheaded with guillotine. The monarchy families were sentenced to death including those who are pro monarchy and even the palace guards. National Essambly was made in 1789 as the turning point of democracy in France at that time.

Revolution has begun when there were mass of poverty, inflation and the failure of the king and the government to rule and run the country. Then there were a lot of demands to replace the monarchy system which benefited the land owners as France were a feudal country at that time. Even those who cannot read marched on the street and shout out revolution and changes. Somehow, National Assembly just could not stop the terror of revolution where blood is shed on the street. Church has lost it power when terror reigns. If you read France Revolution you might be amaze and aware of what should be done.

Actually, King Louis XVI was aware of what was happening to the people but somehow, the spirit of the people just cannot be controlled as the terror is crawling all over the street of Paris. King Louis has forgotten his feudal system and he never control the palace. For more information, you can read The France Revolution.

Now, The Bidayuh is still living under feudal system where they are living based on their status. The lowest class people are always made fooled by those so called “elites”. We lost a lot and yet we gain nothing from the government. Compare to the other tribes, the Bidayuh is the poorest among those all. We have plenty of MP’s who should monitor the issue of the Bidayuh but they are made dumb by the party leader that they join. George Chan made Jerrip and Riot as land brokers to be awarded to some Chinese people at Bengoh and Serian. The Chinese get the land title but the nearby Bidayuh are squatters. I am not racist but it is the truth. Dawos should has better thing for the Bidayuh but we get the worst. Dump site project and plenty of quarry and unnecessary projects which benefited Parti Bumiputera or best to say to Naim Candera, Titanium and other Taib’s business.

Should we get up and start revolution? No, nobody should do that or even think of it. Dangerous to the kids. Well, let me explain here. We have been living under the BN umbrella for years but yet we are still living under hardcore poverty. The Bidayuh should get better from the government such as land title. Forget about the NCR law as it should be amended. NCR law is to benefit the politicians and not the origins. We should learn from the history and not by the land scammers and two faced politicians.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Lost SUPP’s Tribe

Kampung Kiding is a part of Padawan area and it takes you almost two hours to climb up Manung hill to get on the mountain top. The people are very friendly and heartfelt and you will never get hungry when you visit that village. I have many friends and ex-classmates from Kiding and one of them is my very close friend.

Mountain top Football Game, by TabunSiya

When I was in SMK Padawan in 1994 to 1997 I made friend with them. The best about Kiding people is that they are very hardworking and intelligent. In fact, a lot of them achieved flying color in public examination. Some of them are now working professionals, teachers, bankers, engineers, architect and scholars. I used to mingle with them as they are very different in term of character and behavior. They are not rude and very kind.

Kampung Kiding has a very powerful man. He used to be very powerful but now he is a “Legend”. William Tanyuh was made as Bengoh’s MP in 1990s. I could not remember the exact term as I was still a young boy at that time. Since that time, Kiding is still undeveloped even though William Tanyuh is the MP and he comes from that Kampung? Why? SUPP must have something better to say on this issue. After William, then came Mr. Khoon Seng, where nothing much to see at that time. The villagers still enjoy the 2 legs drive up to the mountain. Student walked on foot to boarding school and mothers and child have to walk for 3 to 4 hours in the jungle to get to Klinik Padawan. Wow, we voted for change and yet the change has never come even never came across our dream.

Rhythm of The Lost Tribe

Why William neglect Kiding andf Padawan? I also have nothing to say as he is with SUPP and therefore, SUPP is always a bowl of soup without any piece of bone, meat or even salt. Just a plain soup. During his campaign, William during that time, Tanyuh always telling the villagers that government is bankrupt and therefore, there is hard to get road to Kiding, Sapit, Sadir and Semuti. SUPP must be crazy indeed. Tapah and Siburan is a Chinese area under SUPP and these two are developing well. What came in my mind is that SUPP put us in struggle and at the same time trade will only happened in Tapah and Siburan. If you were in 1990’s, you will see people from Padawan trading at Tapah. I used to sell black pepper to a fat “taukeh” and after minus the fare I get less money to buy stationeries.

Now, if you go to Padawan, Sapit, Kiding and Simuti, there is nothing much different. The only different is that Padawan is spit into two. Bengoh and Tarat are the two bandit in the kampung and both are taken care by three stooges, Dawos, Sagah and Jerip. The three Bidayuhs that never feel as Bidayuh or I am just talking rubbish here. And now we are going to lost 4 villages to make way for Bengoh Dam Project. The new identity will be given to them and it is called “The Razak Clan” by Manyin. Good the be a lost tribe again.

Indeed, politics is nothing much to the Bidayuh actually. As long as there is government and political party the whole world will be in a good shape and therefore, there is nothing to worry about. The Bidayuh must follow the government order including burning their house for plantation and stupid projects. Yes, Bidayuh must obey and agree because their MP said so. They have never learned from their mistake and yet repeat the same mistake over and over. They have their so called “Independent” organization but still begging from Razak and never get support form the members. Corrupters stay with the corrupters and there is no place to get back to the origin place.

We will still carry the burden under government policy one Malaysia one Identity by Razak. Although we are the land owner, we never get the land because government is greater than the people. Yes the people are stupid and the government is brilliant. Next time, let us vote for brilliant government so that we will remain stupid, isolated and always be the lost tribe.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Selamat Ari Gawai

Happy Harvest Festival to all the readers. You are invited to "ngabang" to my wife's resident at Kampung Taee. May God gives us more harvest on next year.

The Lost Aboigines

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Silent Beggar

James Dawos Mamit does not deserve the federal ministry post and neither Riot nor Manyin deserve it. Bidayuh are always being the best “yes sir” clan in the country. Well, that is a tradition. We have nothing to do with the government but we are participating for the fuc*** BN victory year after year. “Apa boleh buat? Tuan tolong kami pun boleh jadi lah. Tak payah jadi menteri” . ( Let it be. It is enough to have your help and no need the minister post.)

Who is Dr. Dawos? What can he make for the Bidayuh or what has been done in his parliamentary? Nothing. One centimeter thick tar-sealed road, rubbish site, jail, mosques, balai raya. That all, and the Bidayuh are still the looser under Dawos, PBB and BN. Who cares? Does Najib and Taib care? I don’t think so.

It is better for not having the Bidayuh in BN line-up or else we are fooled by UMNO and BN. We are enough of 45 years living under tree and hunting head, rearing pigs and wearing cawat. We are naked since our grand parent time. The Bidayuh are the hardcore poor although we are governed by BN since last 45 years. There are some contractors under Dawos’s cronyism telling lie to the old folk and giving them shit in every kampung. We have our recycle centre that we never wanted and used, we have more hardcore families; we are walking up to the mountain while others are driving. That doesn’t make sense at all. I don’t know if there is not fund to be given for the Bidayuh development. But Dawos is still our MP and till today, he his still the worst in the history. I think Jawah Gerang is better then him because he was partyless and there is no way to get fund.

The bidayuh should not be sad of this issue. Najib is always Najib and he is a Malay. Razak was the one who burst the 13 May tragedy and he is always remembered as racist. We should keep our community away from corruption and dirty politic. There is no way for Najib to stay long indeed. He has to clean his name.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Um, no change

Mar 26th 2009 | BANGKOK
From The Economist print edition

Malaysia’s ruling party chooses a new leader, but not a new direction

PARTY conferences are seldom thrilling but this week’s gathering of over 2,500 ruling-party faithful in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, has the eyes of the nation upon it. For, as the United Malays National Organisation goes, so goes the country.

Since Malaysia’s independence from Britain in 1957, UMNO’s chosen leader has always become the country’s leader. This year the torch is passing from Abdullah Badawi, the prime minister, to Najib Razak, his deputy, who is standing uncontested as UMNO leader and due to be sworn in as Malaysia’s sixth prime minister next week.

But his ascension to the top has its difficulties. A resurgent opposition is riding a wave of discontent as the country slides into recession. Some types of old-fashioned repression, like the decision to suspend two opposition newspapers, no longer work in a digital age. The party is widely seen as corrupt and self-serving. Its record on economic growth and maintaining order still attracts support from older Malaysians but counts for much less with younger voters. Everyone in UMNO agrees that trouble lies ahead.

Can it be averted? Mr Najib talks of “massive changes”. But Malaysians have heard it all before, most recently in March 2008, after UMNO’s dreadful showing in a parliamentary election. The spasm of introspection soon turned into a blame game and Mr Badawi was forced to say he would resign. The ensuing scramble for positions in UMNO has done little to change a widespread view that the party has been in power too long. The only person willing to stand against Mr Najib, the consummate insider, was Razaleigh Hamzah, a veteran outsider. Such a contest might have produced a debate about the party’s direction. Instead, Mr Razaleigh’s candidacy was quashed by party chiefs.

The underlying problem—for UMNO and Malaysia—is, to use the favoured euphemism, “money politics”, meaning backhanders paid for public-sector contracts or, where UMNO is concerned, seats at the high table. On March 17th the party’s disciplinary board said it had found 15 members guilty of money politics. They included Ali Rustam, chief minister of Malacca state, who was campaigning to become deputy party leader. He was duly disqualified. (The results of the polling for senior positions were due to be announced on March 26th.) Mr Rustam did not, however, step down as chief minister, nor is he facing criminal charges. Such episodes make talk of reform ring hollow. For all his fumbling, Mr Badawi seemed to recognise this. It is unclear whether anyone in the new ruling circle does.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When The Rooster Crows - XII

Jigsaw Puzzle

I used to spend a lot of time completing 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle. Sometime it tests my passion and focus in completing the puzzle to a beautiful outcome. That was about one year ago.

Now, N29 Batang Ai by-election is another Dayak’s jigsaw puzzle to be completed in this few weeks to come. The jigsaw puzzle was tried to arrange by several of people but at the end there is no an exact picture of the Dayak identity. The piece of dignity was not matching with their piece of trust and belief in political changes. They played the same wheel of fortune at every election time. No matter how hard they spin the wheel they still get the “Badly Loose” slice and get nothing out of the game.

I would like to say that the jigsaw puzzle is a hard game to be completed even though is the simplest game. The Dayak have their every piece and they keep it for the next game. Some hold the “identity” piece, “morality” piece, “wisdom” peace and so forth. When the time comes, they come together and sit together to complete the jigsaw puzzle with the piece that have with them. They suppose to complete a fish picture jigsaw puzzle but somehow they get shrimp picture. How do they do that?

The Dayak are not blind and most of them are very wise and educated. Some are businessman, teachers, professionals, politician and some are millionaire. When it comes into agreement issue, everyone expect other to obey to their suggestion and decision. Although there are many Dayak associations, foundations, clubs, leagues and groups the Dayak still make the ugliest picture of themselves. The Bidayuh with their DBNA, The Iban with SDNU and so many kind of “association” but still they are marginalized although they are the majority. All these association or every single of Dayak must able to produce a beautiful jigsaw puzzle according to every piece they have in their hand.

These 45th years is a great lost to the Dayak. In fact, Masing said that it is illegal to talk about cronyism and corruption in Sarawak as the court of law is protecting the regimes and bandit. Good to have Masing on Aljazeera 101 East to make stupid of himself on TV. Everybody knows that the state government projects are rewarded to CM families business through open tenders. Every know that his family members hold the highest position and share in various GLC but Masing denied that. Or maybe he was made as sacred sacrifice by Taib to reproduce all those wrong information.

“Change We Must” such a good slogan by Barrack Hussein Obama is now creeping in the Dayak elite blood. Well, do we really need change or let change make its own drama in the Dayak community?

“They talk about human rights, indigenous rights, legal rights and many other rights but have they identified the real legal platform(s) to defend, protect and safeguard their so-called rights yet our current political system ensures not that the worst will get on top…though they often do…but that the best will never even apply.” Dayak Baru Weblog.

Change has been waiting since many years but the Dayak prefer top be own self or better to say self interest above all other concerns. They are blinded by money, instant noodle, salted fish, kepayang, raw fish breeding, stupid oil palm, wine and woman and so forth. Forget about the future and let enjoy this day until we get drunk and dried by the pretty ladies. Sex, money and wine are the best thing to enjoy but do we really need them to change our community and young generation?

If the Dayak can breakthrough their fear and timidity, they will survive even though they are depressed by the current political and economical dominant. They should have their identity and not only that, they should uphold it as their sacred weapon to fight against corruption, intimidation, threat of death and land thieves. Everyone my keep the and maintain their jigsaw puzzle piece and there will be the day that we will produce a perfect and beautiful outcome.

To the Dayak at Batang Ai, its time to take that money from District Officers, YB’s, SAOs, and anything that BN offers. It’s nothing wrong with that; in fact all those “gifts” are lesser than everything that we have squeezed for their wealth. Think outside the box and never get fooled. We are not changed by wealth and money but by our dignity and hopes. I have nothing to sponsor for opposition or my money to give to the opposition but this is my sincere writing hoping that there is hope for the Dayak to think about CHANGE.

Till then, God bless you all.

Win The Election Not The Money

Vote Now To Release The Dayak From Taib Legacy

More Here

Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet The Sarawakian Vs Scary Movie

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The Lone Ranger

I should not forget my “When the Rooster Crow” version of entry in The Lost Aborigine. Today will be another crow but the same rooster. The rooster has been silent due to workload which requires more time to work hard and less time to write.

I have never watched any series of The Lone Ranger as I was not either in the X or Y generation but what I know The Lone Ranger is a good movie in 1930’s. Lone Ranger is a story of a cowboy fighting for injustice and discrimination in America. No wonder, some people use Lone Ranger as their nick name as their symbolic hero.

The opposition’s candidate for Batang Ai by-election is Mr. Jawah Gerang, the government’s exile after the downfall of PBDS. Now, is he going to be the Dayak’s Lone Ranger? I am convinced that this coming by-election will be meaningless as voters vote not by their political knowledge and desperation of change but slightly by money and extreme feeling of revenge to Taib legacy.

I missed the Bidayuh Pesta Birumuh yesterday as I am not really interested in such “fiesta”. I’ve heard that Taib was praising all the Bidayuh for supporting Barisan Nasional and going to support until the last colony. Now, how about NCR lands and poverty among the Bidayuh?

Let get beck to the Lone Ranger discussion. Why PKR? Well, because Anwar is good. Why Anwar is a good leader? Because he can deliver such a powerful speech and has many friend all over the world. He is quite extreme after he gets out from jail as well. SNAP withdrew its candidate. Why? Let it be one-by-one competition and put another independent candidate to sabotage the vote.

To me, PKR is PKR and Dayak has it own identity. It is obvious that the Dayak do not know that they want. Is it a total change or to revenge on Taib governance? It’s is time to work together with PKR (Multi-racial party) but we must sure there must be transparency and equality by Anwar Ibrahim. Yes, Iban, Kadazan, Melayu, India and Chinese are his sons but, we sure of this?

We should teach the BN a lesson too. There is no way to vote for BN if we are still a beggar in our own paddy field. We planted the seed but someone harvest it. That is not fair to every single dayak that own big land but converted into “Taib Land”. Of course we must kick BN out of Batang Ai.

It doesn’t matter who is going to win the constituency. The most important is who offer more money and instant noodle projects, we will get the seat unless the voter are wise enough. You get what I mean.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pencerobohan Tanah NCR (Tanah Hak Adat Bumiputera) makin berleluasa.

By depeorrae at

Pencerobohan Tanah Hak milik Adat Bumiputera makin berleluasa. Kes terbaru, berlaku di Serian melibatkan (Rumah Panjang) Kampung Lebur . Kerakusan Syarikat Pembalak iaitu Sulux Timber Sdn Bhd langsung tidak berperikemanusiaan dan tidak mengendahkan larangan undang-undang mahupun penduduk di kawasan ini.

Menurut Lipang (Nama Samaran), kegiatan pembalakan tersebut telahpun ditegah dan dibawa ke muka pengadilan tetapi sehingga kini syarikat bertanggungjawap terus membalak ( di Tanah Kura dan Tanah Engkedak) tanpa berkesudahan. Sambung beliau lagi, Kes ini telah difailkan di mahkamah pada tahun 2006 dan kes perbicaraan telah pun tamat. Sehingga kini, penduduk masih menanti keputusan daripada pihak mahkamah. Tetapi, dalam proses ini juga Sulux Timber Sdn Bhd terus membalak tanpa henti.Lantas, penduduk terus membuat laporan polis tentang masalah ini. Pihak Polis pula, meminta peguam( Yang mewakili penduduk) untuk mengeluarkan surat/ notis amaran kepada syarikat pembalak terbabit.

Apabila surat dikeluarkan oleh peguam dan diserahkan kepada Pihak Polis,( Pejabat Polis Daerah Serian) lain pula ceritanya. Sehingga kini belum ada apa-apa tindakan. Sejauh manakah kesahihan perundangan negara untuk membela pemilik Tanah Hak Milik Adat Bumiputera? Syarikat pembalak pula bagaikan tidak menghormati Perundangan mahkamah. Manakan tidaknya, sementara penduduk masih menunggu keputusan mahkamah mereka pula terus menjahanamkan tanah penduduk.( Syarikat pembalak sepatutnya berhenti seketika [ sekurang-kurangnya] untuk menunggu keputusan mahkamah.Misalnya, orang dek tengah Sembahyang Justify Fullpatutkah kita masuk menyampuk dan bercakap-cakap [menganggu]?)

Pihak Polis pula bagaikan bersekongkol dengan Syarikat Pembalak... Kerajaan yang sepatutnya membela rakyat...?

Apakah di negara ini sudah tidak mempunyai undang-undang? Tanah Hak Adat Bumiputera terus diceroboh tanpa sebarang notis. Menurut Pawang, ( nama Samaran) pencerobohan ini langsung tidak diketahui oleh penduduk Rumah Panjang ini. Berikut adalah sebahagian daripada temubual saya dengan Pawang and the geng;

Saya: Suba, bisi ke enda sida meri pampasan tanah atau balak ba menoa kitai din?
Pawang: Nadai. Semak jako, pampasan nadai, notis pan nadai... sidak iya tama kawasan tu langsung kami enda nemu. Tang tiba-tiba aja sidak datai ngambik ke balak ba tanah tu.
Saya : Sapa Tuai Rumah kitai diak?
Pawang: Iya enda enggau kami ditu. Iya enda sokong pengawa kami. Iya semina enggau pendirian diri empu sidak sebilik.
Saya: O... baka nyak.
Lipang: Kami udah ngereport ngagai polis pasal pembalak tu, tang sidak polis nyuruh lawyer mansut ke surat amaran ngagai sidak pembalak tu.
Saya: Udah nyak?
Lipang: Surat ke digaga lawyer tu udah dianjung ngagai polis, tang udah nyak sampai saritu nadai nama-nama tindakan sidak polis.
Sukun: Kami bisi gak ninga rita...enti balak tu udah ambis diambik sidak, sawit deka ditanam ba kawasan tu. Enti udah tama sawit, tusah kami lagi ba menoa kami. Belaya enggau pangan diri kami lagi berebut ke tanah tu.
Saya: Bisi bala sidak NGO datai ngaga survei tanah kawasan tu?
Lipang: Bisi suba, maia nyak sebedau kami fail ke kes tu ba mahkamah.
Saya: O... (mengakhiri perbualan)

Kelangsungan mengambil Tanah Hak Milik Adat Bumiputera adalah daripada Tuai Rumah ataupun Ketua Kampung. Kebiasaannya pihak terbabit akan mendesak TR atau TK untuk membenarkan mereka berbuat demikian. Mungkin sebab terlalu takut ( Gaji tidak diberi) TR atau TK akan terus memberi persetujuan tanpa perbincangan dengan anak buah. Kesannya, anak buah akan terkapai-kapai tertindas atas kepentingan peribadi.

Isu pencerobohan NCR pula bagaikan sudah lapuk. Berlaku setiap saat di mana-mana dan cara pencerobohan adalah sama sahaja. Pampasan (kalau ada) tidak seberapa,indah khabar dari rupa... yang tertindas akan terus terhimpit. Kalau dulu mereka berkebun sendiri, tanam padi, lada, koko dan sebagainya...kini mereka dipaksa berkuli di Ladang Sawit, ditambah lagi dengan rumah yang terpaksa dibayar secara ansuran (kalau mampu). Kalau tak mampu, mana lagi mereka hendak berteduh? Di bawah jambatan? sama sahaja dengan PATI. perumpamaan"Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri Sendiri, baik lagi di negeri sendiri" sudah tidak lagi relevan, kita harus mengarahkan DBP supaya menggugurkan perumpamaan tersebut daripada senarai perumpamaan bahasa melayu. Kita sebagai penduduk asal (Asli) boleh diusir bila-bila masa sahaja, kerana kita hidup menumpang di tanah Kerajaan.

Pihak yang bertanggungjawap dipersilakan tampil memberi jawapan. Usah biarkan penduduk dibelenggu...misteri!
Dayak tidak perlu menunggu Berita Harian dan Utusan Melayu/Malaysia ...ramai yang mengatakan akhbar ini pro BN(anda boleh semak sendiri dan banding dengan Malaysia kini). Masyarakat kita sendiri perlu bersuara...akhbar sendiri perlu ada.

Editor: NGO prihatin, Kuching

Thursday, February 26, 2009

RM 4 Million for DBNA

The good news spread all over the world when Najib handed over RM 4 million to DBNA to build their new hall. The next day, “Bidayuh love BN” “Bidayuh tak pernah berpaling tadah” “BN the Bidayuh’s god” “Bidayuh must not bee fooled by opposition” and so forth. As long as there is money, then the sound will change instantly. That is according to the news paper and how far the Bidayuh love the BN, let us figure it out.

My first assumption regarding on the RM 4 millions is varying. It has been years under the independent country that Bidayuh are sidelined. Not even a cent has been contributed by the Barisan Nasional to improve their living and struggles. In fact, their constituencies are the poorest in the state with high unemployed, ugly schools and worst basic necessities. There must be more to give to the Bidayuh to improve their life and get out from political, economic and social struggles. RM 4 million is just a bait to fish the Bidayuh dignity. Some how, at that time, RM 4 millions is worth it compare to RM 5 or RM 50 during the election time.

The second assumption is the Bidayuh should receive that RM 4 millions. Somehow, they should receive more than the Kuala Terengganu people received. DBNA is grateful with the money given but not the Bidayuh as whole. Why? Because Bidayuh and DBNA are two different entities. One is elite and the other one is aborigines minded. As the money is given, there should be no further complaining as the Bidayuh will be well taken care with the new building and facilities at DBNA. Well done to Micheal Manyin and Ik Pahon. You are the Bidayuh hero. Money politic is always money politic and if DBNA believe in that, they should bargain more as BN always uncontested in their constituencies. In fact, some of the YB’s have served for centuries with BN and cannot even appoint as assistant minister. We should solute Unting for dying for BN and not for the rakyat. I am sorry to say that but what I have seen is that he deserve a peaceful rest after grumbling with Barisan Nasional bad games. By right, he should be federal minister right now. Well, the people see how cruel BN is and hopefully, they will change starting from Unting departure. May God bless his soul and be with the saints.

RM 4 million to me is nothing compare to what we have lost to BN. Bengoh dam, Mambong dump site, SALCRA, Borneo Highland Resort and many more. I think DBNA should follow the Bidayuh heart and soul and not it members. The Bidayuh are well known as a courteous community and that is why they cannot reject Najib visit and as per expected they got their money in cash. DBNA should look further on what will the Bidayuh be in years to come as Manyin, Ridu, Dawos and so forth is going to die as they are growing old. We cannot stick to Manyin idea to ask the Bidayuh to toil to death and never defense their right as an independent citizen and have right to own land and national wealth.

I hope that the Bidayuh will continue to support DBNA so that there will be more money to come. The money is for good and yes it is not right to say that Najib is begging the DBNA support for BN but the papers reported that the Bidayuh always support BN and this time it is the loudest one after the RM 4 millions. Get the money and get out form BN’s hell and that is my advice. Bidayuh never owe money from anyone but DBNA did and therefore, they must be responsible for it. Please donate more money to DBNA so that the association will never asking money form political party or leaders or else they will remain the proxy as long as the association is controlled by BN supporters.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It’s 1st Anniversary

I should announce The Lost Aborigine’s first anniversary on the 15th February but due to work laden, I just have less time to write. You might see there is less entry or posting this month because I am always traveling to perform my duties for my master. It’s a servant’s heart as almost all of us are being paid by our master.

I am much grateful that The Lost Aborigine is now 1 year old and 39, 756 hit as per today statistic. I feel great when I started to write about Bidayuh politic where things are figured by the fact or without the fact. I mean there might be “sedition” or appraisal to certain individual or organization written. Nevertheless, The Lost Aborigine is always be the way it is and will never change in voicing up the aborigines’ struggles in politic economy and social valley.

I am proud to have some of the posting are posted in Malaysia Today blog and some other blog that might find that the postings are interesting and good to read. I believe that if the blog is well maintained and the quality of the posting is good, we might get a million hits by the end of this year.

I hope that The Lost Aborigine will be more active this year with variety of postings and updates. To all the readers and viewers, thank you for visiting The Lost Aborigines in His Own Country Home. Indeed, we need to be visited as we are isolated far-far away from the modern world. I welcome comments, article from any of you to keep the blog hot and spicy.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Undesired Change

Last few weeks (19th January) on my return to Kuching from Kuala Lumpur, I met with BN supporters from Sarawak just went back from Terengganu. As I chit-chat with a man known as Sulaiman about the Dayak and its political future, suddenly our conversation interrupted by a man. Sulaiman asked where he from. He said just coming back from Terengganu to support BN candidate in Kuala Terengganu. I asked how the scenario was. “Najib spent a lot but still BN loose”. We smile together and have our conversation until the calling time for boarding.

There were three incidents that the aborigines must understand.

1. Barisan Nasional lost 5 state to the opposition on March 13 last year
2. Barisan Nasional lost at Permatang Pauh small election
3. Barisan Nasional lost once again at Kuala Terengganu although it was BN’s seat

Now let me share my one cent opinion on this scenario. Sulaiman (the man I met at LCCT-Sepang) told me that the Bidayuh and Iban have lost a lot to Barisan Nasional and yet they are happy with it. That is true and a lot of us aware of it since 1963. In fact, the demise of dayak leaders such as Kalong Ningkan, and some of the paramount leaders is the early sign of exploitation. Then we were scattered from SNAP to PBB, SUPP and PBDS.

Should we proclaim “Change” if we could not start within ourselves in this critical time? Some are fighting on NCR Land issue which has no end and hopefully, it will end soon. There is nothing much we can do if we are still stick with SUPP, PBB, SPDP, PRS and keep on quarrel with others. At the end we are still living in poverty and struggle while our trusted leaders are enjoying wine and “body massage” out there. Yes, politic is cheap to us but not our hope and dream for our young generation. We have seen our leaders are bought with million by this and that party and the UMNO all those frogs are “Pengkhianat Bangsa” and “pecah amanah”. But to us, we never feel bad if our leaders jumping ship like Jerrip who was bought from STAR by SUPP and a lot more “inter-parties” horrible transaction. Because, who ever they (our representatives) are we are still the soil shovel and happy with our live.

My brother call me all the way from Padawan ask for my NRIC number for the oil palm project at our area. Now, this is how the journey begins and in few years to come the next generation will complaining about their land being stolen to the oil palm developer. I know that there is some one the village laundering money in the village to persuade the villagers. He is a contractor and cronies to James Dawos and wasted a lot of money in such a weird projects like useless recycling centre in the middle of the jungle and 1 inch thick paved road to SRB St Bernard Sadir.

Why then we ask for a change if we keep on closing our eyes and ears to what is happening around the country. We have repeated the failure every time because we are thirsty for green note in the ballot paper. Well, that is not my fault because I have enough even though sometime I am always in shortage. Money could not change us but we can change the money for better future. It is just a temporary amusement and will the next generation in secure and heading to the bright future if we sell our right at RM 5.00.

We are excited with PKR and Pakatan Rakyat and I have no comment on that. Don’t we ever think that we should rule and let join PR. What is the different id only one or two thousands of us join PKR due to our frustration and not to fight for the dayak right? Better still, we are dividing ourselves into smaller fragment and get exploited again. There is no way for us to be in one political party. Am I stupid to say that? We have been used by our leaders in SUPP, PBB, SPDP, PRS and other party to sustain their wealth. How can there’re five or six political leaders handling one society. It does not practical at all. It is true to say that they are not doing their work because there are many leaders going to take care of us. Why should they worry since there are many leaders around from different party? Parti Bersatu Bumiputera cannot be used as Taib is now usng any kind of method to suck up the state wealth to CMS and Naim.

PKR will never overthrow the BN government in Sarawak but the single dayak with genuine dignity and patriotism spirit. Let Tajem do it alone if he thinks that he and PKR can do it alone but we know what he have done in PBDS. Why should we trust such leader? It’s us to change the government and not the political party.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Barisan Nasional Not Wanted

1. I would like to congratulate the people in Kuala Terengganu for rejecting a corrupted, radical and unjust government.
2. Last night’s announcement was a great shame to Barisan Nasional and it alliances.
3. Najib is not capable to to be the next Barisan big brother
4. Bidayuh should be wise in voting soon
5. Barisan Nasional is not relevant to the Bidayuh after GE, Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu by-election.
6. Pakatan Rakyat is an opportunity to topple up Sarawak BN and not PKR.
7. The Bidayuh should be in one political party for better future.
8. Only the “stupid” Bidayuh vote for BN in the next election because they are taught to cross and not by their wisdom.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gaza, Kuala Terengganu & Flood

SUPP has landed on the flooded ground as per reported in the paper! Rice, sugar, salt, clothes, milk, coffee and so forth for “affected” SUPP constituencies. I am "proud" of them actually in this time of hardship. Where are the rest?

We tend to see something out of our imagination and get very excited of it. In other word, we like to be very emotional with some issue that is not really related with ourselves. Gaza trumpet is blowing aloud at every corner of the country; in the cities, bazaars, villages, schools and coffee shops. Some come with Palestinian style of scarf and organize so many rallies and demonstration to slam the regimes. Yes, that is so much necessary indeed as Israel is slaying the Palestinians ruthlessly. The whole world know that Israel is a bad boy and there were nothing much we can do to save the cursed land since our ancestor, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There were a lot of agreement between these two idiots but it cannot stop the suicide bombers and blood fights. We have seen so many tragedies in Gaza, Jerusalem and some of the conflict area. Not only in that region, but it happening in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Southern Thailand, Spain, England, United States, Indonesia and some part of the world.

In Terengganu, there are other hot and spicy evens where I saw a lot of money has been spent. Entrepreneur projects, mobile clinics, money, foods and so forth. Peoples seem to be very happy in there and enjoy a lot of benefits from Najib. Even the Menteri Besar is now has to smile as he used to be rejected before his appointment. Now, you will never see any BN YB’s during this critical moment in Kuching. Some are lobbying for project and giving their hand to KT candidate and hoping that their presence will be rewarded. In fact, they are rewarded a lot during every political campaign.

How about the flood relief to those affected area especially those poor villages like Serian, Padawan, Bau and some in Sibu and Miri? Why we so busy with Gaza but our own people are are helpless and dying? The Malaysian attitude is that we ignore our household affair and get busy with other issue that it less related to us. Yes, we have to fight for humanity issue but it should be “first thing first” basis. There is an idiom in malay language says “Anak kera di hutan diberi susu, anak di rumah mati kelaparan”.

We demand attention from our representative and give less attention to something that is necessary. We tried to save Gaza and UMNO in Terengganu. How about those who are drowning? Next election, we save ourselves before they talk nonsense.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We are Drowning

The best YB's can do is to wait for money or go to Kuala Terengganu to look for “kantau”. During this almost one week raining, I saw only George Chan “turun padang” Padawan is badly hit by the flood and land slide but yet they are surviving on their own wisdom. The different between flood in Semenanjung and Sarawak is that, in Semenanjung, aid come before the flood but in Sarawak it comes after a number of death toll. Next election, vote for BN and get drowned. Thank you to YB's.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad Day

As you might seen in TV or hear from the radio, there are several flood affected Padawan area, ( Kampung Simpok, Mundai) Serian and Bau. There are several land slide reported too. It's raining for almost one week. I wish to shot some photo but I couldn't make it. That all latest news from The Lost Aborigines.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Non- Registered Voter

Who am I to talk about the Bidayuh issue on the net? Why should I talk a lot but I am not a registered voter? I should make it this year and be vote for an appropriate party. Somehow this is the Bidayuh election history.

The Chinese has been put in the Bengoh constituency and he won. A Bidayuh from Bau has been there in Bengoh and won too. Both from BN. I still remember in 1990s when Rambo was a famous show in the Bidayuh area. YB came and bring with them video projector and white screen. There were movie shows for about 2 nights and a week after that he won the Bengoh Parliamentary. The voters were my father and mother and at that time I was a small kampong boy and know nothing about what is going on.

I wish to register as a voter long ago but not to vote in Bengoh because the same game plays at every election. Those who should not win can win easily because of pork, wine and plastic trophy. The majority was always at the Barisan Nasional side but at the end the Bidayuh gain nothing of it. The spoiled ballot are less as the old folk are thought to draw cross at only “scale” box and not other. If 50 old folk are thought to cross in the “scale” box then I will loose because I know where I should cross.

What is the saddest thing is that the Bidayuh does not learn any lesson form their mistake. They have seen series of candidate changes due to Taib political game and yet they still vote for the worst. Whoever wins the election, the Bidayuh is still the looser. They lost their voice in the cabinet, party and parliament. Why? Because there are 50 Bidayuh in SUPP, 20 in PRS, 10 in SPDP, 11 in PBB, 1 in PKR, 3 and one at any political party in this worls. In fact, the Bidayuh cannot be in one political party in BN. It is a great worry to Taib as the Bidayuh is a second largest ethnic in Sarawak after the Iban. In Malaysia Kini’s article “Taming The Dayak”, Taib play a very intelligent game to split the dayak in PBDS into SPDP and PRS. At first, the dayak were divided from SNAP to be in PBB and PBDS. Some still in SUPP but still they get fooled.

There is no consciousness for the Bidayuh to be in one political party. Id they are not accepted in BN why don’t they be in opposition and join the coalition as a Bidayuh single party? Will this idea contradicted to the federal constitution? UMNO does not break the federal constitution thought they are quiet racist in practice. The Indian and Chinese did not join PAS because they are not Muslim and PAS is for the Muslim. The Bidayuh should learn a lot and understand politic better before they vote. Not for the money, pork and wine but for change. Dr. Patau (ex-state minister) once told me that Bidayuh should stop receive RM 5.00 from BN but receive nothing and vote for the best.

The Bidayuh must feel the bitter first before they get a sweet politic. They must form a single political party or revive the existed party and get out of marginalization, bully and fantasy. Then the Bidayuh will change like the other and get heard by the society. I will only register as a voter if there is enough conviction that SUPP, PBB, SPDP, PRS will never rule Bengoh and Tarat. We have seen some idiots come and go and we are enough of it. Dawos is from PBB and Jerip is from SUPP. Both could not work something better for Bengoh because Dawos is not Jerip and vice versa. At the end Bengoh is still undeveloped and the Bidayuh must take it as a lesson from their absurdity. Know the game better before we bet for victory or else we will never get what we wanted and loose what we had.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

When It Has Been Said & Done

The 2008 is just a 3 day away of us and the new 2009 is just three days old for us. What we expected to be in good color will not going to be as it is predicted too. The Bidayuh must be aware of many things happened last years.

1. Bidayuh still support Tikie, Dawos and Riot on the last March General Election
2. Many Bidayuh youngsters did not register as a voter including myself
3. Bidayuh lost their land at Semban, Rejoi, Bengoh and Pain for the mega builders project of Naim Candera
4. Taib visited Padawan to launch the second phase of Padawan Road and tapped on the table during the election campaign at Anah Rais.
5. Rayang, Belimbing, Gayu, Taee and other villagers lost their land to Jabu Numpang for oil palm plantation.
6. Majen from PKR lost his vote and Dawos won the majority at Bengoh constituency. What is our future under PKR, DAP, PAS and GOLKAR?
7. Najib campaigned at Bau to support Tikie from little Dr. Patau Rubis ( why scare too much?)
8. Richard Riot get caught by Tengku Adnan on “Froggy” story
9. Manyin, Dawos, Riot, Tikie, Peter Nansian, Jerip, Sagah, Bayoi and others cried for deputy minister post but Sulaiman get it from them. Many versus one. Many lost, one won.
10. New kind of resettlement has been approving to pack the Bidayuh into social disease and uneasiness. It is called “Tun Abdul Razak”.

The Bidayuh will get more reward if they continue to support Barisan Nasional on the next coming election. They will get dividend from their share with SLACRA or FELCRA and get boasted with RM 3.00 from Jabu. Those who love pork and wine should get their party ready during election campaign. That is normal scenario and the Bidayuh are grateful enough with RM 5.00 per ballot paper. They vote not for their children’s future but for the pork and wine served and RM 5.00. That is the best description about the Bidayuh’s dignity. It is equal to a kilogram of pork and a bottle of wine. End up, they are complaining of their own made poverty and struggle.

I used to blame NEP, Malay, Chinese, Indian, government, cats, dogs, snakes, rain, and leaves before. Totally, they are not the issues of the Bidayuh discrimination and marginalization. I should firstly blame myself for being a stubborn and stupid clan and not blaming my YB’s and leaders. I should grateful with my job with less pay where I should have a land title and develop it with crops and poultry. Well, it's NEP and the Malay’s fault for us to be who we are. No, it is not, it is my YB’s fault. No, it’s my father’s fault for not being a rich man.

This is the Bidayuhs’ dream. To be stand as tall as and seat as low as other races and get the same proportions. How? They are scattered everywhere. Name it SUPP, PBB, SPDP, PRS, PBDS, NEGARA, PKR, DAP, SNAP, PASOK, PBS, PAS, STAR, AYAM BRAND, GOLKAR, PPP, LABOUR PARTY and all the party in the world. The Bidayuh will only see money and not their future, rights and dignity. Blame me if I am wrong. That is why many of them changed party as they have no political stand and nationalism spirit to nurture their own fate and future. Some are bought million of ringgits to join other party and neglected their hungry villagers and supporters. As a result, the poor and hungry will continue to beg for RM 5.00 during election. Some are ruled by wine, money and woman and that is the legacy of the elite clan of the Bidayuh.
The same "House" or will be changed? Who cares?

If you go to SK St. Bernard Sadir, you will see 1 inch thick asphalt where there are holes along the short road. The project cost was at about ½ millions ringgit or more and it is just 300 meters paved road to school. At the junction there a recycle centre where the villagers recycle weeds and their stool. I have no idea how mush is the project cost but I am pretty sure that Dawos has wasted money to do such useless project. At the end, the villagers still throw rubbish into the river and enjoy the rough road to the school. Nobody dare to talk about it because Dawos is mighty and his cronies are macho. BPR must visit the area and investigate. I wish to snap the photo but sadly, I do not have digital camera.

Road to the future. Go ahead my child, the bright future is waiting for you. I have walked in the jungle and not on this one. Perhaps this is the best for you.

The villagers will see funnier project soon. Baby boomers project, wine factory, pig farm, mega bridges, cable cars and so forth. Voting for dace is the solution to hardcore poverty and it works for 50 years. Wow!!

The Bidayuh will be back to the square one this year if:

1. They vote the wrong party and candidate
2. Sell their land to Jabu
3. Play money politic
4. Blaming others instead of blaming themselves
5. Happy with RM 5.00, pork and wine
6. Offer their daughters to YBs
7. Lazy to think
8. Lazy to work
9. Easy to get fooled
10. Stop praying

When it all been said and done. But there is no thing that really matter. Do they know what they want and need? The time will come that they will learn a lesson.

Friday, January 2, 2009