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Friday, March 7, 2008

Bidayuh Barisan Nasional Leaders - MASTER First

KUCHING: The State Government has agreed with all the terms and conditions requested by residents of the four villages affected by the proposed RM320-million Bengoh Dam project, said Minister of Environment and Public Health, Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong. He said the Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud has clarified the issue in his recent trip to Anah Rais, Padawan and considered it settled as all the affected villagers have agreed unanimously to the terms of agreement. “I would like to assure the residents of these four villages that their identity: the names of their villages and their respective headmen will be retained along with score of other amenities such as schools, bridges, roads, places of worship, community halls and football fields have been approved,” Manyin told the media at a hotel here yesterday. He added that the four affected villages - Kampung Semban, Kampung Sait, Kampung Rejoi and Kampung Bojong - will be relocated to ‘Medan Tun Abdul Razak’, a mini township which is located in a sprawling 3,000 acres of land between Kampung Skio in Bau and Kampung Semadang in the Penrissen area. “This was the area they requested and the Government has approved it. The Government will also build ‘Rumah Mesra Rakyat’ for all the 199 affected families and they can move in by May next year. “They will have to move in by May 2009 so that works on the dam can begin in earnest,” Manyin said. He also said that Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (SALCRA) would develop the remaining land for oil palm plantation which the villagers would also have a share in it. “The villages will be allocated 10 percent of the joint-venture and the remaining 20 percent will be entrusted to Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) and Bidayuh Graduates’ Association (BGA) to manage for their cultural and education funds,” he explained. Manyin, who is the most senior Bidayuh in the Sate Cabinet said the name ‘Medan Tun Abdul Razak’ was chosen by the Government as he (Tun Razak) is regarded as ‘Bapa Pembangunan Malaysia’ (Father of Development) and not meant to Malaysianised the affected villagers. “We do not want this thing to be politicised by anyone, now and in the future. The name was chosen so that it will be easier to solicit for funds from both the State and Federal Governments,” he said. Manyin also assured the people of Kampung Jambu to cast away their worries as their land will no longer be affected by the exercise. “The Rural Growth Centre (RGC) was implemented some years ago in Kampung Bayur will be shifted to the new mini township to ensure its economic viability,” he said. Meanwhile, Bengoh State Assemblyman, Dr Jerip Susil said the Land and Survey Department has gone to the ground to itemise the affected properties for compensation purposes. He also assured the affected villagers that the Government will compensate them accordingly for all their houses, planted trees and crops and will also allocate each household with three acres of land in the new mini township. “We want them (the affected villagers) to benefit from this exercise, otherwise they will never have the chance to be connected with roads in the next 10 to 20 years as their present villages are isolated and too far away,” Dr Jerip added. The proposed Bengoh Dam will be used to supply water to both Kuching and Samarahan Divisions.
Among those present were Political Secretaries to the Chief Minister, Wilfred Rata Nissom and John David Nyauh, DBNA President Ik Pahon Joyik, BGA President William Nyigor and BGA Advisor, Dahim Nadot.

Yesterday, Micheal Manyin sold the Bidayuh dignity to Barisan Nasional for RM 20,000.00 and secured the social contract with Barisan Nasional by the doubtful promises of development. This is another disgrace act by the Bidayuh Barisan Nasional to pleasing the master and ignore the voices of the rakyat. As a result, Taib went to Mukah to grace the church in order to uphold the religion tolerance among the Sarawakian.

The story goes like this, Manyin and Dawos sold their dignity to Barisan Nasional and Taib grace the church as he is the High Priest of Mukah. Therefore, it is not a tolerate act as the leaders of Barisan Nasional to play with this sensitivity action. Never is the nation history a non- Christian grace the Christian congregation. Have Tun Razak grace any temples or churches in malaysia? Therefore, I called Dawos and Manyin as the sellers and Taib Mahmud as the buyer. The transaction is called Dignity Share for prosperity through the Barisan Nasional International Bank. Sound funny right?

Let get back to today issue, the promises by Manyin to the New Generation of Tun Razak. Manyin would stay in Tun Razak and support the people in term of mentality and spiritual struggle. Imagine that the place is crowded and the social illness start to occur. The land is no more enough for agriculture as gardening is the bidayuh main activity. What will happened to the new township? Youngsters have nothing to do with SALCRA!!

Yes there will be 30 - 20 % share for DBNA and BGA? What is that for? Another fund to support the high committee political agenda? Well, DBNA is not a NGO but a proxy to Barisan Nasional where easy support can be harvested. This is why I never register as a member because it is not for unity but to scattered everyone away. The education programs by the committee is another doubtful expenses as many of them admitted that they are doing it FOC.

Well, where is the money goes to? everyone can do that kind of ceramah even pastors can make it better. Andy Gray said in EA Game, " Even my grandmother can kick better than that!!". This is money politic practiced by the Bidayuh leaders to extend their prosperity. None of them are the rakyat hope and hero.

I called upon all bidayuh to withdraw your membership form DBNA and let the beneficial get what they deserve. Hotel Penrissen is not our and so to Borneo highland Resort. Minos is squeezing your sweat to recover his business. And it is forbidden for a Minister to have a business.

Jerip says "Meanwhile, Bengoh State Assemblyman, Dr Jerip Susil said the Land and Survey Department has gone to the ground to itemise the affected properties for compensation purposes."

What does Jerip know about environment and anthropology? If you get sick you should find him and not Dawos. Am I right? This is a flawless political tactic played my this team to hit us unto the ground. Well, it is our fault to entrust them our right. As the STAR ex-candidate, he has forgotten his people in Penrissen. This is not my personal attack and in fact, he was listening to us before and not now anymore.

This is another failure of the oppositions. No vision to fight and no reason to campaign. The exact example are Jerip and other ex-STAR. If oppositions want to rules, then make the rakyat first and not the master. Yes, we still have policies and laws above us but neither money nor power can protect us form the law. Therefore, there should be no fear to gain your right.

Let us mark this year as the funniest beginning for Bidayuh as we are in the line to slaughterhouse. The butcher is ready and the leaders are to pack the meat to Bau wet market (Barisan Halal Market). Mourn together with me as the weakest creature and remember this day of "slaughtery " of dignity and rights.

Let us bargain for more sacrificial for Bidayuh betterment in the future. get ready to rename Kota Padawan to "Kota Mawi" or "Kota Tiara Jacklina" for this if the propose of politic.


Aku LPKS said...

iam from UMS, graduate by next year. Im very concerned to that name of Kampung. Since i also think for 1-5 years the community will face challenge from life to find new job, build their farm in the small land acres, far from river and forest that they depend on for decades. But the most i afraid is about their life, by looking for bakun community, they are even fight to have a land, long before they formerly fight to pay land title. They are still need a compensation from government, but the question is where the money is gone?.
I afraid if Jerip are also converting religion and what will happen to our community. They can do nothing when Jerip says "why they are referring ME when they face the even small problem?" yet i think Jerip might save the PERUNTUKAN rather than give it to help RAKYAT.
Talking about LOST ABORIGINE, the community for four to ten years will decreased on their religion amount, i meant some will deprive their own faith. The first i know is, sikology might take place in the name of Kampung Tun Razak. The money will be the priority and even they can converting when USTAZ etc. renders their HELP by provide money to the bling and backwardly society. I might say that they can say that yeah in the future i will be Islam, but i mind they are also think that yeah I am an Islam, but I am God in Christian. But still, "jangan cari penyakit, sekali kena api pasti melecur, sekali keluar pasti ada luka".
Bidayuh still small in amount, even have a problem in tribe when they are scattered by their slank. Still can have a chance to Pairin Kitingan make use of Kadazan Dusun to become a large part of Muslims. That was the work of changing politic and money plus sikology. Then orang kampung might have lost aborigine!.
The bakun Orang Ulu have their own parties and also NGOs to backing them and i was afraid when i see the Bengoh affected community dahlah bilangan sedikit,harap-harap itu YB tak tipu merekala... pampasan pula berapa(RM10-20 RIBU),is categorized to be 16.6 years enought to pay just a rental cost(not include renovation, education,eat etc cost). Think about orang Ulu, until today they still debt on developer about RM 52,000 and reported some of them are not moving to their new settlement place. One of the message from the freind of RUMAH DAYAK Bakun area, just said" the project is small, but the problem is the same, walk now dont fight in the future".

Anonymous said...

I’m from this area, which is called Affected Communities (AC) thus I really know about their problems. I do agree for what TBS says, what do the BGA and DBNA done for us, but they just drop their pen at the table when the Dawos said I even don’t know about this matter(question from the villagers representative said to be Mupug from kg Sait when he present his requesting from YB called wakil Printah). Before I go to city, I just discuss with the head of villages from Bojong, he says that, “long before, I need the help from DBNA to help my son study, but what they just say, leave on me and they even do nothing to help us”, but let us give 20 and 30 % to them what we can hope for. Let us voting that, do AC support this DBNA? WAIT AND SEE…
I have do the visiting with NGO, s to kampong Sait and Bojong to get share our problems. The good news is they even help us on how to go to court to claim our right. That was I want since past Mac month, about the first payment,’ you can discuss it with Lawyer’, don’t worry about your legal fees, said to be hundred thousands, “YB or Naim or LANDAS” will pay it for you all. What we AC want now is go to the court I can listed here the failure of the dam to community:
a. They asking for what DBNA and BGA for?, why not give 30 and 20% to them and let them further drive it to give to BGA and DBNA. Because it is, the percent from their money, the compensation PERUNTUKAN!. If like that, we says, AC are to be cheating from their right to have full amount of their compensation. How AC can live at the new place, DIE MEDAN or can I say, MEDAN just TO ACTING RESCUE (TAR)?! I asking you YB, if the payment for one house is RM 5000, you just drop it 20 percent and thus 30% and then for you pocket, what this AC can have for? what is left for this AC?
b. They asking, why the NCR that they live and done hundreds of year are not going to be compensated. This is what their anxiety, how do they can live at new place when they have a few land that is not going to be compensated?...or just go back to upper area, the left NCR and lived there, government will also have their right, but you AC are the authority right according to lawyer stand point!
c. They asking, why their river, said to be hundreds year they clean and depend on for life are not going to be compensated. Is that a just to this AC when on the future your YB are receive the payment for the river that you steal it for this AC.
d. They send their representatives JKKK, to see the LANDAS but they are about to be expelled, what is that means for?, don’t they have a right to know their price for one crops, said to be durians etc, for one tree. That is why ‘ people from sungai Asap’ doing PEMULANGAN CEK! at the year past. Even what we AC can say, YOUR TEAM are so clever because you study to stealing money from thousand people from Batang Ai and Bakun area and what left to us?. Or just pay your wages, what’s that means for, or can I say bribery that is needed to bring to BPR and lawyer?. Your team just visits our head of villages, give them your bribe, assure them for every month so they will not bring the problem to cour?
e. They asking, is there anything to do with just 3 acres of land, don’t your YB Manyin and Dawos look for what happen for Sungai Asap family? are you blind, now they are deprived to have electricity and thus clean water. What about their home? you let them to pay for just 90 years, and you will get back their land and thus their crops to do your business when they leave it because they cannot pay your bill of bank charges for Rumah Mesra Rakyat, and thus indebted so far? according to EIA report do they applying RMS?
By referring to their EIA report, they are not requesting just 3 acres of land, but they are requesting about 10 acres of land, but you reporters or you Dawos relatives want us AC to DIE in you MEDAN. To be honest, we have EIA part of report at BENGOH DAM HELPING COMMUNITIES website, just for social-economic part report. EIA report that they consider they are voting for says that Option A1, Option B1, Option B2, and Option B3 says about that. You dont have to see their one by one Bujus, Takuk, Nanak and Repon to bribery them, our EIA report is consider their voice and their voted. Are you blink, YOU JUST WANT TO KILL THEM.
f. EIA report says that, approximately 36% of respondents agreed to be resettled, while 41.3% did not agree with resettlement. 54.4% of the respondents felt that the most suitable site for them to be resettled was the one that is next to their present village, that is, in the area that will not be inundated and is outside the perimeter of the dam site. This is because they can continue with the present lifestyle(agriculture) without much disturbance and it is close to their present settlement, thus they have access to their agricultural land and crops, and natural resources. Now, they asking, about your ‘Dawos Anak Mamit’ promise, they are now deprived to have their few left NCR, that is not inside the survey perimeter. But just buffering from EIA report. Can they live at there? can they use your water for walk because they cannot use the dammed land their road that they use for hundreds of years to go to sell their crops to Bengoh then you give it to Manyin and then pass it to NAIM? can AC like a Bakun community, use water resources to farming fish? you even says that you will give AC a cage or coop to them. Or it just a politically campaign to take our AC land first and when your pocket are satisfied, you just left your hand.
g. They asking, why they are politically destroyed when they go to your DIE MEDAN. The people said to be “Malay from kampong Jawa and Belimbing BidayuhMalay(BIDAMA) will join them at the site”,. They asking, why they should be moved to joing us, do they are in buffering EIA level? to be honest, we have complete PDF report for Bengoh Dam at coming soon and at BENGOH DAM HELPING COMMUNITIES website just for social-economic part report. Long before Penampang, Sabah communities are crying because they says that Pairin are sold their land at the means for development that they will be no more scattered, but they are complained that Pairin let them to live there, mixed with the migrant from Filipina that don’t have any IC or right of the land. Is that cannot be translated to AC here. What is that means, what is left for them AC here?
h. You will give them a highways, clinic, community centre. Can I say, “you give by right hand and you’ll receive by your left hand?” and when the time come pass all this thing they just enjoyed it for a few days, months or ?? until the time you drive away them when they are not to be able to pay their billing case. What is left for them??
i. They requesting that when government pay their compensation, pay with fairness, don’t simply use cheating way. They need to know how valuation department from LANDAS counting and listing their properties and crops as well.
If it is any religion, I guest that they also think that this problem is not fair at God side. Don’t ask BPR or SUHAKAM if they don’t want to investigate it fairly because they are being paid by the BN or Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud relatives. What is left for us, maybe they just busy about SPR and Attantuya matter. Don’t just look for Attantuya matter because she was personally rich and only one person, but we AC are many that is needed to be soon slaughtering at DIE MEDAN and just a few days before we are throwing there, we need to claim our right. Let us AC, crying loudly for Anuar Ibrahim because he can help us to bring us our problem to PBB or United States. Let us AC, crying for government before they paid a bribe for reporters before they can helps us. It is not a matter to be called development, but development means to destroy and to assault this AC them in DIE MEDAN. look for them at Bengoh area, they already claim their right at quarry from NAIM and now suppose to be you all AC to claim your right. Lets human right association help us and give 30% and 20% for them because they are helping us rather then give it to DBNA and BGA. Don’t forget to give it to pay our AC right at lawyer maybe just about five thousand firstly payment. The payment for lawyer fees is paid by NAIM or maybe government or defendant, you AC no need to pay that, you are not loss when you bring it to court or defeated at court. But at this proven, we AC are already winner if there are any people who can persuade and help to bring AC to court.

Anonymous said...

I also agree to what anonymous say. I just want to share my opinion, why you Manyin need to moved AC for mac 2009, have you already compensated all their properties so that they can buy you folk home Rumah Mesra Rakyat a thousand ringgit at bank? you also need them to die at your MEDAN.
You just thingking how to speeding your project, but have you ever human right rescue? or just want to added their headloaded that they facing for hundred of years and killing them softly with your voices. I just want you to consider their problem before you say like that. But, the best way is to let them to back to their upper ground level outside the survey perimeters, which is what EIA report jus say to us.
I heard about the Bengoh quarry problems, the NAIM company agree to compensated them RM 1.20 per square meter of their land. But how about other left 4 villages, you government need to pay us just only RM 0.80 per square land. Bulls! is like that, our company of AC want to buy it before you can buy it from them. Why government price are lesser than company price? what can I say, you just want to kill them with your lying.
I also heard that LANDAS workers saying to Bodui and Bungai from Bojong that your staff telling them that if there are RM 50.00 price per on trees of their durian, langsat etc, your staff will get about 20 ringgit from their price. Bulls! you staff is bribery, can us AC report you even at nearest Siburan police station? just before you killing them with you lying measured land and their crops etc. I say that you staff just want to go early and added their fat at office.
When JKKK Bojong name, Desclaude are asking their price per crops from LANDAS he just to be expelled. So, how they can know first their price for their crops so that they can agree for you offered price? Is that attitude of our government staff?. This is why they are destroyed you staff food when you at kampong Bojong year past because you also want they to headloaded you food but you staff are lying to them.