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Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday is Time to Rebuild the Wall of Jerusalem!

It is a right time to Richard Riot to quit yesterday since today is Good Friday and Sunday will be Easter Day. As the remembrance to Mongkos, Tebakang, Lanchang, Balai Ringin and Tebedu and their surrounding area, Good Friday must be celebrated in a spiritual and humble way. Today is the day of Crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross and therefore it is a good time to pray and ask God wisdom to awaken us from slavery and desertion. Time to return to ruined Jerusalem after the Holy War and rebuild the wall together with Nehemiah.

Today is the day of deliverance from the land of slavery and desertion by the Barisan Nasional. We are scattered away from our home land by the Ming Court Affair and today we are coming back to our ruined city and collecting all the fallen bricks. We have scattered away because we were lack of faith and determination. We left all we have in the city and followed the Syrian as the Prisoners of War and slave. Today King Artaxerxes, called us to rebuild Jerusalem and the greatest city as it was. The city of Messiah must be restore for the glory of our Lord Almighty. We will build the wall with one hand holding sword. Just in case the Syrian come for attack.

We will build it nights and days until the wall is unbreakable. Neither PBB nor SUPP will able to crush it again. Nehemiah is called to leave the king's cup and to come back to prophesy for the Jerusalem. Prophesy of glory and freedom, peace and security. Jerusalem no more a ruin brick but the strongest city. Jerusalem will be in harmony and glorious city that no one ever seen and heard.

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