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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poster of the Day

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When The Rooster Crows - XII

Jigsaw Puzzle

I used to spend a lot of time completing 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle. Sometime it tests my passion and focus in completing the puzzle to a beautiful outcome. That was about one year ago.

Now, N29 Batang Ai by-election is another Dayak’s jigsaw puzzle to be completed in this few weeks to come. The jigsaw puzzle was tried to arrange by several of people but at the end there is no an exact picture of the Dayak identity. The piece of dignity was not matching with their piece of trust and belief in political changes. They played the same wheel of fortune at every election time. No matter how hard they spin the wheel they still get the “Badly Loose” slice and get nothing out of the game.

I would like to say that the jigsaw puzzle is a hard game to be completed even though is the simplest game. The Dayak have their every piece and they keep it for the next game. Some hold the “identity” piece, “morality” piece, “wisdom” peace and so forth. When the time comes, they come together and sit together to complete the jigsaw puzzle with the piece that have with them. They suppose to complete a fish picture jigsaw puzzle but somehow they get shrimp picture. How do they do that?

The Dayak are not blind and most of them are very wise and educated. Some are businessman, teachers, professionals, politician and some are millionaire. When it comes into agreement issue, everyone expect other to obey to their suggestion and decision. Although there are many Dayak associations, foundations, clubs, leagues and groups the Dayak still make the ugliest picture of themselves. The Bidayuh with their DBNA, The Iban with SDNU and so many kind of “association” but still they are marginalized although they are the majority. All these association or every single of Dayak must able to produce a beautiful jigsaw puzzle according to every piece they have in their hand.

These 45th years is a great lost to the Dayak. In fact, Masing said that it is illegal to talk about cronyism and corruption in Sarawak as the court of law is protecting the regimes and bandit. Good to have Masing on Aljazeera 101 East to make stupid of himself on TV. Everybody knows that the state government projects are rewarded to CM families business through open tenders. Every know that his family members hold the highest position and share in various GLC but Masing denied that. Or maybe he was made as sacred sacrifice by Taib to reproduce all those wrong information.

“Change We Must” such a good slogan by Barrack Hussein Obama is now creeping in the Dayak elite blood. Well, do we really need change or let change make its own drama in the Dayak community?

“They talk about human rights, indigenous rights, legal rights and many other rights but have they identified the real legal platform(s) to defend, protect and safeguard their so-called rights yet our current political system ensures not that the worst will get on top…though they often do…but that the best will never even apply.” Dayak Baru Weblog.

Change has been waiting since many years but the Dayak prefer top be own self or better to say self interest above all other concerns. They are blinded by money, instant noodle, salted fish, kepayang, raw fish breeding, stupid oil palm, wine and woman and so forth. Forget about the future and let enjoy this day until we get drunk and dried by the pretty ladies. Sex, money and wine are the best thing to enjoy but do we really need them to change our community and young generation?

If the Dayak can breakthrough their fear and timidity, they will survive even though they are depressed by the current political and economical dominant. They should have their identity and not only that, they should uphold it as their sacred weapon to fight against corruption, intimidation, threat of death and land thieves. Everyone my keep the and maintain their jigsaw puzzle piece and there will be the day that we will produce a perfect and beautiful outcome.

To the Dayak at Batang Ai, its time to take that money from District Officers, YB’s, SAOs, and anything that BN offers. It’s nothing wrong with that; in fact all those “gifts” are lesser than everything that we have squeezed for their wealth. Think outside the box and never get fooled. We are not changed by wealth and money but by our dignity and hopes. I have nothing to sponsor for opposition or my money to give to the opposition but this is my sincere writing hoping that there is hope for the Dayak to think about CHANGE.

Till then, God bless you all.

Win The Election Not The Money

Vote Now To Release The Dayak From Taib Legacy

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet The Sarawakian Vs Scary Movie

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The Lone Ranger

I should not forget my “When the Rooster Crow” version of entry in The Lost Aborigine. Today will be another crow but the same rooster. The rooster has been silent due to workload which requires more time to work hard and less time to write.

I have never watched any series of The Lone Ranger as I was not either in the X or Y generation but what I know The Lone Ranger is a good movie in 1930’s. Lone Ranger is a story of a cowboy fighting for injustice and discrimination in America. No wonder, some people use Lone Ranger as their nick name as their symbolic hero.

The opposition’s candidate for Batang Ai by-election is Mr. Jawah Gerang, the government’s exile after the downfall of PBDS. Now, is he going to be the Dayak’s Lone Ranger? I am convinced that this coming by-election will be meaningless as voters vote not by their political knowledge and desperation of change but slightly by money and extreme feeling of revenge to Taib legacy.

I missed the Bidayuh Pesta Birumuh yesterday as I am not really interested in such “fiesta”. I’ve heard that Taib was praising all the Bidayuh for supporting Barisan Nasional and going to support until the last colony. Now, how about NCR lands and poverty among the Bidayuh?

Let get beck to the Lone Ranger discussion. Why PKR? Well, because Anwar is good. Why Anwar is a good leader? Because he can deliver such a powerful speech and has many friend all over the world. He is quite extreme after he gets out from jail as well. SNAP withdrew its candidate. Why? Let it be one-by-one competition and put another independent candidate to sabotage the vote.

To me, PKR is PKR and Dayak has it own identity. It is obvious that the Dayak do not know that they want. Is it a total change or to revenge on Taib governance? It’s is time to work together with PKR (Multi-racial party) but we must sure there must be transparency and equality by Anwar Ibrahim. Yes, Iban, Kadazan, Melayu, India and Chinese are his sons but, we sure of this?

We should teach the BN a lesson too. There is no way to vote for BN if we are still a beggar in our own paddy field. We planted the seed but someone harvest it. That is not fair to every single dayak that own big land but converted into “Taib Land”. Of course we must kick BN out of Batang Ai.

It doesn’t matter who is going to win the constituency. The most important is who offer more money and instant noodle projects, we will get the seat unless the voter are wise enough. You get what I mean.