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Friday, March 14, 2008

Important Guide for SPM and STPM Leavers

When I obtained my SPM result in 1999, my first worry was where to get money for college fees. That was my first mega worry when I ask my elder sister if she can help me to the college. She recommended Kolej Abdillah or Maktab Perguruan but my heart groaned for University. It was stressful and I kept on thinking what to do next even for a whole night long. Worked as a sales assistant at Upwell Supermarket where I manage to earn RM 290.00 per month and that was for my computer training course (that time was windows 95). I resign and worked at Ee Ah Say Shell station at Jalan Song Tian Cheok and managed to get RM 400.00 per month including overtime and commission.

I'm glad to know one of my brother-in-law relative who was working as an engineer and he used to visit me at the pump station. One week before the college opened for registration, he gave me enough money to survive until the allowance release. My saving was used to pay for the 1st semester fees plus the money given by my brother-in-law and cousins. One week in the college (Kolej Chermai Jaya) was good enough for me where I managed to make friends and easy to adopt with lecture classes and tutorials.

Before I go for registration, I have a Yayasan Sarawak form with me to fill in. It is called Tabung Pelajaran ( Duit Bantuan IPTA). I received a cheque amount RM 1000.00 and that was my first time holding RM1000.00 cash in my hand. The world was mine and I was so happy for a week just because I have RM 1000.00 in my bank account. Please lah...don't laugh at me. I am just budak kampung what??..

As time goes by, I've gone through my ups and down in the college with strong determination and desire to go to university and finally I get my Bachelor Degree like others wished. I believe that the learning process must go on and I am seeking my chance and opportunity to get more and to learn more in times to come.

For those who has problem to get money to futher their study, please visit these link. Hope that it helps you.

Yayasan Sarawak :
SPA Sarawak :
MARA Negeri : (Under Construction)

Always look for newspaper updates on the scholarship matter and never drag your feet to get one for yourself.

Good Luck and God bless you journey!


Jackson Mangan said...

TBS, I just want to ask you! What’s the man (your Avatar photo) carrying inside his rattan bag (juah/raga)? It looks like two crates of beer… Heh!

Anonymous said...

Our education is just pure racist and zero meritocracy. For the sake of producing Malay graduates, they will enroll even monkeys to enter university and make them graduates regardless of quality and job worthiness, as long as you are Malay.

Other races are left to suffer and struggling.

This is a fact that's explain the state of all our local university standards.

If the monkey is a Malay, the monkey can easily graduate. (with 2nd class lower grade)

Jackson Mangan said...

WHAT!? I’ve noticed that you asked Swisserikin for Dr. Patau Rubis’ blog and yet you didn’t link it into your blog, kah?! Haiya, fren-fren… Heh!

>>> STAR (

Unknown said...

I think they are beers. Kiding is up high on the mountain top. Sometime beer is good to warm up your body.