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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Milestone of his Constituency

Don’t ape urban voters: Dawos
By Rintos Mail

‘Town voters live in economic-driven environment while rural areas can only develop with govt help’

KUCHING: Rural voters, particularly the younger ones, have been told not to be influenced by the political sentiments of urban voters.

GREETING: Dawos being welcomed upon his arrival at Kampung Anah Rayang.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Mambong Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit said rural voters must realise that while their urban counterparts had ‘everything’ in terms of modern facilities, most rural constituencies were generally lacking in basic amenities.

He said villagers had everything to lose if they opted to vote the opposition into office because under the present political scenario only the BN could ensure that projects were implemented in the villages.

Dawos said the villages were not in any position to attract investments and businesses to start off a development process because the political current in the rural areas was driven by social concern.

On the other hand, he said, the forces at work in the urban areas were economic-driven, meaning things were always reacting to market condition.

“In the towns and cities, development can still take place because everything is economic-driven. Everything is business.

“There are companies willing to put their money into something for as long as there are demands.

“But in the rural areas, nobody wants to do that because the market is negligible. Only the government is willing to do it for the people because it is politically and morally obliged to,” he said.

Dawos, therefore, called on the voters in Mambong not to ape their urban counterparts, saying the constituency still needed the BN to help with its economic development.

“The opposition will say he can do this and that, give this and that to the people if he wins.

The question is: How can he deliver when the opposition party does not have the fund and allocation to be given away?

“Remember, the opposition does not have any allocation from the government and they cannot ask because they are not in the team,” he said.

He called on the people not take out their anger on the government because of delays in the implementation of projects, saying: “But if you vote for the opposition, the project will never come at all.”

His campaign trail on Friday brought him to three villages along the Link Road in upper Padawan — Kampung Belimbin, Kampung Anah Rayang and Anah Bisira.

Among those with him was Tarat assemblyman Roland Sagah and his election agent Detta Samen.

Dear Mr. James,

Since when we are aped the urban voters? Since when we see more urban people coming to visit Hot Spring at Annah Rais? And your visit to Anah Rayang is so rare and yet overwhelming.

Bianah gave full support to BN and we are getting lesser and lesser. Is this another lies to the old-folks long house? I do not see any youngster in the picture. Where are they? How much government has put in to develop Padawan since you are th MP for quite long. How much government fund allocated for your constituency in every term?

Who own Trineken? Why did you allow rubbish to be thrown to your constituency? Is there anymore garbage project for Mambong?

"rural voters must realise that while their urban counterparts had ‘everything’ in terms of modern facilities, most rural constituencies were generally lacking in basic amenities."

WHY??? This is your constituency.

Have you ever seen your people give you a sincere support. You feed them then only then they will vote you. That is normal to you and Sagah. Have you send any food (poultry) to Annah Rais before you arrive? Where were you duirng school sport day? "Majlis Penyampaian hadiah"?. Well, you forget what you said. To develop the mentality not the physical environment.

The kids are more important than anything else. Better still, we are ought to be in rural. It is ok. with that. There are more government land to plant paddy and corn. But the kids need fund to further study. Motivation from you as the MP.

Do not be scared by the voters but scared by your undelivered promise. If you win Bengoh this time please remember this.

It is good to be a bidayuh with integrity, loyalty an humanity. Pity to the old folks and the small kids. We have nothing to toil in the village because SPM leavers do not have anything to develop in the Kampung. We are in town voting for opposition.

What if BN did not get 2/3 majority? What will you do to us?

Have a good campaign and God bless you.

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