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Thursday, November 26, 2009

School Holiday

I still remember my time 10 years ago (1999) during school holiday. After finished my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) at Kolej Tun Abdul Razak, I straight away make my first journey to Kuching town looking for a job. As a village boy, I do not know much about town life and what I cared the most is my job and saving for the next session of schooling. I brought with me RM 200.00, my scholarship balance to register at a computer training center at Wisma Saberkas to learn computer. At that time it was Windows 95 and Netscape Communicator. Learning computer was fun as everybody was talking about computer. Before my shift, I will go to the complete to complete my learning hour in able to get the certificate. During my off day, I spend my whole day at the center. After a month, I completed my hour and tested. I finally get my certificate and start using computer at cyber café.

Back in the supermarket, I work as hard as I can to get money for my next journey. During that time, my salary was RM 300.00 per month plus overtime. Indeed, living in town was very tough at that time. Many times I have to skip my meal in order to save money. After 4 months working at supermarket, I left and work at a pump station at Bang Hock road. My boss paid me RM 15.00 per day plus overtime. It was little higher than the supermarket’s pay.

In June 2000, I got an offer to pursue my study at a college under minister of education program and finally made my step to university. During my college time, I used to sell nasi lemak and curry puff to get extra money since the allowance is just enough for fees and books.

This tradition has becoming the practice to the next generation. Living with my sister’s family was quite tough where I have less time to play like other teenagers. At night time we must spend time to read our book. It was quiet hard to read with tiredness by the daily hard work but that the way it should be in the family. We are learnt to be diligent and intelligent. One of my nephews has followed the tradition and he was able to make it to university and now doing a good job.

This is not happening only to us but to a lot of Bidayuh families. In fact, many of our successful man and women were lived in such condition and some even can make their step to overseas universities. Not least, some gave up their study and work at coffee shop and supermarket and so forth. Those who are lucky, they work as nurses, clerk and helper at the government office.

I believe in this free country we should make an opportunity for ourselves rather than looking for it. I have made mine and its proven work well. But, there must be sacrifices and determination. Since we are not obligated to any right or privileges like other people had, I think we should start to think how to make our kid to be successful. We cannot even demand any right from our leaders since we are made “minority” by someone we love and trust. We cannot wait for DBNA and YB’s to give us money to buy flight ticket anymore. We cannot wait for the world to change but we must firstly change our attitude toward success and victory.

We cannot live without education, in fact we have seen that the whole world is evolve by the education. We cannot send our kid up to form five as there is no job for form five leavers. Unless, they are willing to work at oil palm estate or become a “mat rempit”.

This school holiday is an opportunity to find money and do not let it waste. Let the kid d some part time for their own experience. They should learn to work hard to gain for their life. Look at the Chinese kids, they even work until the midnight selling noodle and drink.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


1. In Perak State there are two funny things. Perak has two Menteri Besar. One is Nizar and one is Zamri. Furthermore, Perak has two speakers. One is Sivakumar and one is one is Ganesan. Somehow, they have only one State Assembly and I do not know how these two clowns run the state. Up to you to figure out.

2. In MCA there are to Deputy President as well. One is Chua Soi Lek and one is Tiong Lai. Chua was selected based on law and Tiong Lai was select due to vote-of no confident to Chua. Somehow, MCA is still has two DP and the party just couldn’t know how to figure this out for the sake of the party. Up to you to figure out.

3. 1 Malaysia has two statements in the slogan. Statement 1 is “Rakyat di dahulukan”, and the second one is “Pencapaian diutamakan”. Who is to be first? Malay or non- Malay? Who are non-Malay and bumiputera? Have Najib ever read the reports of Penan girls are being rape by the loggers? Everybody was busy talking about Sofea, the mathematic genius and the wife of Prime Minister has asking her mother how to produce a kid like Sofea. How crazy it is. I do not know how the government servants work at Peninsular. But, in Kuching the tea time is at 8.00 am to 9.00 am. Lunch at 12.00 am to 2.00 pm. If you do not believe me, please go to any government office in Kuching. You will say I am not so bad in criticizing. KPI is not a surprise as there is no outcome from it. Idris must be a good man to see it works but it is not. I think those who score their KPI are those who are cleaning the toilet and sweep the streets and not the government servant. Furthermore, they depend a lot to contractors to fix their equipments although there are officers assigned to take care of their computers, facilities but they are just a gainer and not a worker. Believe me.

4. Now I get to understand that thing must be in pair. We must have to Prime Ministers. One is a man and one is a lady. The man takes care of the party and the lady takes care of the kindergarten.

5. Do we need a brain to be a politician or to be a bright shining politician? It may be yes or maybe no. We have a lot of clowns in the Parliament and in the offices. But you don’t have to be a politician or a government officer to have a brain. It's the brain that make your characters and behaviors. Not your title or post. Think about it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Dayak Supremacy

1. Marina Undau is a Dayak native and she should be threatened as a native.

2. Let check this out:

Article 161a of the Federal Constitution

In this Article ‘native’ means –
• (a) in relation to Sarawak, a person who is a citizen and either belongs to one of the races specified in Clause (7) as indigenous to the State or is a mixed blood deriving exclusively from those races;

• (b) in relation to Sabah, a person who is a citizen, is the child or grandchild of a person of a race indigenous to Sabah, and was born (whether on or after Malaysia Day or not) either in Sabah or to a father domiciled in Sabah at the time of the birth.

(7) The races to be treated for the purposes of the definition of ‘native’ in clause (6) as indigenous to Sarawak are the Bukitans, Bisayahs, Dusuns, Sea Dayaks, Land Dayaks, Kadayans, Kelabit, Kayans, Kenyahs (including Sekapans, Kejamans, Lahanans, Punans, Tanjongs dan Kanowits), Lugats, Lisums, Malays, Melanaus, Muruts, Penans, Sians, Tagals, Tabuns and Ukits.

3. The Malay’s government should study more on citizenship and there are several mistakes have been made as well. If a Dayak convert into Muslim, automatically they are called Malay without prejudice. But, if Malay converted into non-Muslim religion automatically they are called “Murtad” without prejudice.

4. I did not see any problem with the constitution but there is a problem with the rulers and government under the Malay. In fact, there is no freedom of religion and so other freedoms that should be granted to every citizen.

5. Either you are native or non-native there is no any different. It is better to be a non-bumiputera rather than a bumiputera or native because we are not understood the law and right to be one. There are reserved right for natives but yet it was overcome by those who are “superior”. Therefore a native will never get a government job after repeated of interviews and examination. You go and check to every government department. Don’t you ever try to get there during raya month. Nobody there.

6. Its sound racist but this is the truth that we should know. Iban is still a Iban and so the other natives. Nothing is reserved for them neither wealth nor opportunities. The native are thought to be a survivor and that is why you might not see young adults at long houses or villages. They are migrating away because there is less opportunity in the home land.

7. Marina Undau might be a mistake made by the Department of Registrar but the native right and privileges were never been made as mistake. In fact, all the right and privileges were made to make thing equal but it seems that the natives are loosing a lot from it.

8. Should there be rights and laws to for the natives? I don’t thing they are necessary since it has nothing to benefice the natives . They are just jokes and games to make the whole pity the dayak natives.