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Monday, February 27, 2012


Dayak lows cultures, skepticism and fears.

1.    The idea of multiracial started in SNAP when Kalong Ningkan (former CM) agreed to open membership for Chinese (late James Wong). The party resounding victory during state 1st election was the beginning of Dayakism (according to Joseph Tawie; The Broken Shield). When James Wong joined the party he played a critical role as the financer. He believes that SNAP should be multi-racial and therefore there is no “racial” issue in the party policy.

2.    Somehow, the Dayak (Daniel Tajem and his gangs) felt that SNAP should speak for Dayak’s course which was contradicted to the James Wong inspiration to have a multi-racial party. Then, SNAP split into two groups (Wong’s clan with Ningkan support and Daniel + Moggie clan). Soon before the 1983 General Election PBDS was born as the result of SNAP refusal to speak for the Dayak and PBB rejection on Daniel Tajem and gang desire to join PBB.  Then SNAP cracked again and gave birth to SPDP. When PBDS struggle with “internal” crisis (Tajem and Masing whack each other), it gave birth to PRS.

3.    The Dayakism spirit has never ended. In fact, the Dayak have fought the toughest battle to get in line in the political, economic and social development in Malaysia. The spirit “agi idup agi ngelaban” is flowing in every single Dayak bloodstream. Some Dayak have gained their fruit from their hard works and determination. Some are great businessman, ministers, CEO’s and professional.

4.    Nevertheless, there are still many of the Dayak are marginalized, left-behind and living under the poverty line. Some are desperate to escape from poverty, illiteracy and poor health care. Those who could not get enough for big family choose to migrate out of the state for better living and wage.  They sent money back home to support the family and young generation to get the minimal live standard at the villages.

5.    The Dayak are known as a diligent, obedient and wise tribe although they are pretty much un-predictable. That is why Sarawak has never fall into opposition party since its independent within Malaysia Federation. Their “high integrity” somehow has dragged them into low-culture; where other people are easily taking advantage form their obedient. Although Dayak population is the largest in Borneo, they could not be a Chief Minister, Gabenor after their ignorance was crucified by Ming Court Affair, SNAP crisis, PBDS power overloaded and so forth. In many worst scenarios, the Dayak are immigrant in their own homeland and could not harvest form their ancestors’ abundant land. 

6.    Obedient is good but ignorance is evil. The Dayak obedient are driven by their belief in Paganism. Before the coming of Christian missionary, all the Dayak are Pagan.  They believe in low-culture; don’t go to work the paddy field within 1 week after ghost ceremony (Gawai Antu), don’t explore thick jungle as there is “Tayam or Mindo” as you might get possessed and die.  All the superstitious have made them to be obedient and fear to improve themselves. They fear of bad spirit to posses them if they cultivate their paddy field soon after the “Gawai Antu”. But within one week the weeds grow higher than the paddy. At the harvest season, the will harvest less and could run out of rice before the next cultivation season. So, they get malnutrition and rely on alternative resources; tapioca, sago, maize and forest resources.

7.    In these days, Dayaks are still living under low culture and fear.  They must not oppose the government and re-elect the illiterate representative to be their leader. Eg;Tajem was expelled by Wong because Tajem want some of the SNAP members (especially the Dayak) to stop rooster-fighting, clubbing and drinking as Endawie always did. But the old-folks (Ningkan, Endawie) must not be challenge because they are elder with the ultimate right as “orang tuai” although they are stupid and ignorance. The youngsters must not challenge any decision made by the “orang tuai” although the decision is to burn down the whole long house.  So now, the Dayak contributed 50% of parliament seat to BN including the “Senator” who defeated badly during election; not including Kadazan-Dusun’s votes. And what do they (Dayak) get in return? You ask them in Sarawak, Johore and Kuala Lumpur. Why the Dayak cannot lead the state government? Because they cannot get more seat than PBB. They cannot unite because it is a taboo to be a united Dayak. It is proven since the SNAP era, to PBDS and now the “Melting Shield” era. Joseph Tawie should release the new publication of his book “The Diluted Shield; - The Death of Dayakism”. Can they beat PBB? Yes. By unite them and stops believe in low-cultures and cock-fighting. Is that possible? Yes. Unless there all the “orang tuai” die and the young generation open their eyes to the real world and reject “Pagan Politic”. 

8.    Somehow, all those will be a great fear to them. If they united and oppose the corrupted government, they will be crippled by rule of law which forbid Racial motivation and might be arrested under emergency law. Well, in Peninsular there are homogeneous party; UMNO, MCA and MIC. In fact, there are more verbal in harping the racial issue especially racial-supremacy and special right. When one seems to be merely liberal, then there a pop-ups “NGO” to hailer the racial sentiment and they never get caught and warn by the authority. Furthermore, they are legal terrorist. Why the Dayak should fear racial issue since they are not head hunters anymore? The real racist is UMNO who introduced multi-racial party. The Malay supremacy is not valid and Sarawak and so Malay Language. How do they feel now when they are minority in BN component parties? And what amazed me the most is that they quit the party and retain their power though backbenchers and clubs. Now, which jungle have they gone to until they get posses and fell sick; then cannot judge what is wise and stupid? Why separate when the tribe is already broken into tiny pieces.

9.    The greatest fear will be money and corruption. We have learned a lot from Dayaks who are greedy. [“Someone told me; greedy is good. And the government made it legal” Micheal Douglas; - Wallstreet.Money Never Sleep.]  That made PBDS broke into pieces after the Ming Court Scandal. The frog jumping happily when money bag arrived. Those who refused the offer are left behind and the parties he led get de-registered.  All the loyalists have joined other party. Some are bought RM 13mil, RM 2 mil and some are offered with whole night sex. The Dayak leaders are easily get delusion when money speaks together with lubricated vagina. That is heaven to those who do not have integrity.  

10.    Unless the Dayak realize that they have given more than what they receive, they might get up. I don’t know how and when but someday, not too soon perhaps because the world could not change their mentality unless they learn from their ancestors’ mistake and never get fool again.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Money, Money, Money!!

And Here its goes again.

1.    It is the first time in Malaysia history that government gives a lot of money to the people. People are given RM500.00 in cash, student get RM200.00 book voucher and school children got RM100.00 before 2012 school session begin. Money is dropping from the sky like monsoon rain. People are very happy and they have never been this happy since BN ruled the country for 5 decades.

2.    The people should thank BN for the “incentives and aid”. BN has always put people’s agenda in their party’s course. It is not a political motivation to help the helpless and hopeless. If BN win the next General Election, they should give more to the people. Not RM500.00 but maybe double.

3.    Our economy is gowning steadily. Our gross domestic product (GDP) recorded the highest in Asia. The government can give anything at anytime. No worry. There are damn much money.

4.    Should we think about it? Where’s the money come from? Our GDP could not overcome our dept.  We hired many foreigners to build houses, cleaning streets, plucking palm oil and they send money back home.

5.    “It’s not about the money” said Jessy J feat B.O.B. The truth is that money is not everything when everything is money. There is more grater thing that government put into priority. They should consider better pay for teachers, nurses and police. They work more than other departments. Improving public transport in Sabah and Sarawak should be the agenda to “economies the people”. Pay high wages to MACC and enforcement to reduce corruption. Dismiss racial based wealth distribution and uphold merit system to harvest the best product of Malaysian. What is the point to give a lot of money to raise-up the lazy and underclass when time is running out? 

6.    Yes. We need to help the needy and hopeless. It is everybody’s agenda in this planet. In fact, we are thought to help and care for those who are needed. UN has UNICEF to take care for the children and Malaysia has KEMAS to provide early education for children.  World is always a better place for the needy. They don’t have to think and work much. Helps are always there for them.   

7.    We are short of medical doctors, engineers, computer specialist and the most critical; inventors. The seasoning policy on education has put back Malaysia into the plastic tank and restarts the climbing on the slippery surface. While our neighbors are stressing English language to be used in Mathematics and Science, we are looking for best reason to reverse the truth for the sake of one race civilization.

8.    We should envy Singapore’s education system.  They speak mandarin at home but in school they speak English language. The Malays should ask how racist Lee Kuan Yew’s was when he is a PM. The underclass should compete with the Chinese to be the best of Singaporean. The Malays have opened their eyes on how important it is to have a good education. They are no more underclass but stand tall among the multi-racial Singapore.

9.    In Malaysia, we never like to look further. As long as there is money, we should vote for that party. Regardless their political agenda and policies. Money always first and future will be second issue. Nevertheless, why should we reject the offer? We have lost our taxes contribution to the government and now are the time to get some rebate. Otherwise, all the damn tone of money will be spent on “phantom project” and illegal money laundering.