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Monday, March 31, 2008

Mind Your "Crab" Supporters

Dayak ego battlegrounds
By Lucas Jalong Bato, Borneo Post Press (Monday, 31st March 2008)

Dayak bodies become battlegrounds of egos as envious members undermine leaders they elected: Mawan

MIRI: The so-called ‘crab mentality’ prevalent among members of Dayak and Dayak-based associations have turned the organisations into ‘battlegrounds of egos’, the Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation Dato Sri William Mawan observed.

“When we elect individuals to lead an association, no matter how noble its objectives and good the intentions of the elected leaders, the association is doomed to fail if the members do not support the committee,” he said.

“The ordinary members have the obligation to support the elected leaders. But sad to say, this is not the case. We have the tendency to find fault with those already elected, always having the mentality that we can do a better job than them.”

There is no need to go into high intellectual discourse on ‘crab mentality’ because no one actually knows the mentality of crabs.

The phrase was simply coined by local people who have observed the collective behaviour of crabs when placed in a confined space such as a basket.

In their efforts to get up the sides of the basket they tend to crawl over one another and in the process weigh down the ones at the top.

Unable to carry the weight and the constant struggle below, the top crabs eventually lose their grip and fall.

“Because of this crab mentality, we become envious of those leaders we ourselves elected to office, and we undermine their leadership with the intention of bringing them down,” said Mawan.

He spoke during the installation of the supreme executive council members of Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) and dinner on Saturday.

Its president Mengga Mikui and organising chairman Dr John Brian Anthony were among those present.

Regarding SDNU which was formed in 1956 with the aim of uniting the Dayaks in the state under one umbrella, Mawan said its next 50 years would be more challenging than the last 50 years.

“The challenges will be varied and challenging. Our community will live in an entirely different environment from what we are experiencing now,” he said.

Mawan said due to the dynamism within the association, the Dayak Iban played a prominent and dominant role in the association resulting in other Dayak communities like the Orang Ulu and Bidayuh staying away and eventually forming their own associations.

“The challenge before the SDNU present leadership is to find a unity of purpose, to get that cohesiveness so as to be able to draw the other Dayak communities into the association to give it greater leverage.

To the members of the supreme council, Mawan has this to say: “Victory goes to those who know which rivers not to cross, which roads not to travel and which walls not to climb.”


The Dayak has nothing to do with crabs. The truth is that the upper crabs could not holding the other crabs to get on the top. The crabs are sicked of the king of crab under the divine order of different type of crab. While the king of crab is enjoying the wealth on the shore, the underwater crabs are looking for a chance to get some shrimps to pinch. The king of crab is pinching a lobster on the shore and he tells us not to go up. Masak Dayak mentality is the best description for the poor and naive Dayak.

The victory goes to those who knows the best for the community and not for their own self. This is the basic knowledge of leadership. Mind those who voted SPDP in every Dayak's constitutions. It is not about racism but respect and appreciation to the Dayak. SNAP must be restored and strengthened again so that the Dayak will never be undermined as holy crabs.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We get different reaction when our Dayak Menteri squabble. Here are some quotes i got from my friends and colleague.

1. Age 20 - 28 : Cuba jangan bergaduh lagi. Beri malu bangsa dayak ja.

2. Age 30 - 40 : Menteri bergaduh, kampung/rumah panjang berpecah.

3. Age 40 - Beyond - I can be better than those Yb. Im standing for election.

Conclusion : No body really knows what they want in the Bidayuh politic. Every man for himself. Our bidayuh menteri and leader will spin the wheel and create the drama thru public press because the Dayak enjoy Borneo Post's Tabloid. We like gossip story.. stupid analogy like Mawan's crab story..

Its kept us entertain.

next story/musing by mawan, hmm.. i think its about babi hutan of sarawak.

Lets all dig the truth and post it here yah!

Anonymous said...

Inferiority complex aka Masak dayak mentality...the root cause of the stupidity among the Dayaks(that's Bidayuh as well).

Inferiority complex: sense of shyness, timid, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, ignorance. Mix it with stupidity then you have 'Masak Dayak'.

Dayak memang bakok. Budua odak Taib. Bakok lak kobos.

Anonymous said...

yup just some men with HUGE egos...they all don't love their bidayuh race But rather they love for power and to obtain that, they have their egos.....

Unknown said...

Mahathir is fighting very hard for the Malay while other criticized him as racist and Anwar as the Malaysian hero.

I do not know if Dawos, Riot and Tiki do the same too.