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Monday, March 31, 2008

NEP - Another Misfortune for Bidayuh II

Dayaks need the NEP, says Moggie
(News Strait Times, 30th March 2008)

KUCHING: The Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for the continuation of the New Economic Policy to help the Dayaks effectively participate in business.

Newly-elected president Tan Sri Leo Moggie said the community needed more assistance than others to succeed as businessmen.

"There may be a debate in the peninsula on whether the NEP should continue. But as far as the Dayak community is concerned, they should be given opportunities," he said yesterday after chairing his first annual general meeting -- the chamber's sixth -- here.

The former federal Minister of Energy, Communications and Multimedia said this was the spirit of the new economic policy.

Moggie, who claimed to be a "reluctant president" of the chamber, said the Dayaks were still behind in commerce and business skills as they lacked knowledge in those fields.
"Their networking capacity is very limited. They have a very steep learning curve. They need all the help, support and encouragement they can get."

Moggie took over the presidency from Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi Jugah.

"I can see it's going to be a challenging time ahead (for me)," Moggie said.

"Though there are not many Dayaks in business, we are now seeing more younger ones venturing into it.

"With the level of education among these young Dayaks being better than it was 10 to 15 years ago, we believe they can succeed in their ventures if they are given opportunities."


Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) was formed as to fulfill the requirement from Registrar of Association to fill the bumiputera-owned business registration quota. As like other commerce chambers, DCCI was made to take care of business interest of entrepreneurs according to their races. Malay Chamber of Commerce and Chinese Chamber of Commerce are also organizations that form business according to races.

Every time I listened to ‘Cotton Field’, a song sang by a classic rock group- CCR, it reminded me of the African slaves brought to America to work in the cotton fields there. Their slavery and struggles can be seen through the story ‘Amazing Grace’. My friends used to sing this song when I was working at the construction site. We spent time to sing and play guitar after a day of hard toil, while some of other friends played poker as we were waiting for the night to set itself.

NEP 's Promise for Bidayuh - Walk with laden.

Bidayuh can be found in almost every construction sites. As for the West Malaysia, these construction workers are foreign workers from Bangladesh and Indo-China. In Sarawak, these construction workers are those who have fed-up being a farmer. They find jobs in construction sites as an alternative to pay for their kids’ education. For me, working as a labor is an honor rather than asking for money from someone.

On weekends, I went to Satok Sunday Market to visit my sister who was selling rice and other jungle’s products. At the same time, I met with my co-villagers to exchange stories. These wonderful memories have always been my motivation that Bidayuh need economic attention from their fellow leaders. My sister brought together mosquito net to sleep along the footway with her other friends. The stinky smell from the drain and the chicken dung from the nearby fresh chicken shop were ignored for the sake of her children.

Bidayuh Multi-National Trading under NEP

There was one time at the Sarawak Transport Company bus station at Jalan Gamber, I saw a group of Bidayuh ladies were scattered, leaving their stuffs as they were pursued by the DBKU officers. Their tambuks were confiscated and loaded into the DBKU trucks. These ladies were from Kampung Git and Gunda. It was their fault for selling without permits but they are also poor and had families to be taken care of. I managed to ask an auntie who was selling spring onions about her husband. She told me that her husband is working at the construction site and she had 5 children who were still studying at SMK Penrissen.

It is sad to think of them (Bidayuh) who do not have the opportunity to get subsidy and help for the government under New Economic Policy (NEP). What more for me who worked under the hot sun, mixing cement to pay for my college fee? Where should I whine and complain? This is the New Economic Policy that was agreed and accepted by all Dayak’s leaders.

NEP was never on the Dayaks’ side, and they were overlooked even worst than the non-bumiputera community. DCCI is therefore, a place of cronyism and nepotism for the Dayaks. What are DCCI’s roles in advancing the Dayaks scrupulously in business arena? I agreed with Leo Moggie’s statement when he said that business opportunities and contracts should be given fairly. I do not envy Dato Leonard Linggi and his friends’ wealth at DCCI but business opportunities should be given to small contractors.

Bidayuh leaders should also bargain for more scholarship for hardcore poor students. They are in SMK Padawan, SMK Penissen, SMK Lake, SMK Paku, SMK Tebekang, SMK Serian, SMK Taee, SMK Siburan, SMK Tun Abdul Razak, SMK Semtan and so forth. Their social problems are closely influenced by the economic depression and should be given serious attention. Students in the rural are different from the students in urban area where their parents have fixed income and their social problems ware caused by too much money and entertainment.

Funds to help hardcore poor families should be given to the rural people who work as farmer and are confirmed qualified. This is one of the NEP’s objectives to help the indigenous community. Bidayuh can be categorized as one of the poorest community compared to others. It is their leaders’ responsibility to help the community instead of being tied up with their own business.

NEP is indeed not profiting the Dayak as a whole, but even become a struggle for them because they are not given the same opportunity as other indigenous group. With these evidences, DCCI should reject NEP because it is only relevant for the DCCI and not Dayak as a whole. Equity should be prevailed and cronyism and corruption among the Bidayuh leaders must be condemned for the sake of the Bidayuh’s future.

Mind Your "Crab" Supporters

Dayak ego battlegrounds
By Lucas Jalong Bato, Borneo Post Press (Monday, 31st March 2008)

Dayak bodies become battlegrounds of egos as envious members undermine leaders they elected: Mawan

MIRI: The so-called ‘crab mentality’ prevalent among members of Dayak and Dayak-based associations have turned the organisations into ‘battlegrounds of egos’, the Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation Dato Sri William Mawan observed.

“When we elect individuals to lead an association, no matter how noble its objectives and good the intentions of the elected leaders, the association is doomed to fail if the members do not support the committee,” he said.

“The ordinary members have the obligation to support the elected leaders. But sad to say, this is not the case. We have the tendency to find fault with those already elected, always having the mentality that we can do a better job than them.”

There is no need to go into high intellectual discourse on ‘crab mentality’ because no one actually knows the mentality of crabs.

The phrase was simply coined by local people who have observed the collective behaviour of crabs when placed in a confined space such as a basket.

In their efforts to get up the sides of the basket they tend to crawl over one another and in the process weigh down the ones at the top.

Unable to carry the weight and the constant struggle below, the top crabs eventually lose their grip and fall.

“Because of this crab mentality, we become envious of those leaders we ourselves elected to office, and we undermine their leadership with the intention of bringing them down,” said Mawan.

He spoke during the installation of the supreme executive council members of Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) and dinner on Saturday.

Its president Mengga Mikui and organising chairman Dr John Brian Anthony were among those present.

Regarding SDNU which was formed in 1956 with the aim of uniting the Dayaks in the state under one umbrella, Mawan said its next 50 years would be more challenging than the last 50 years.

“The challenges will be varied and challenging. Our community will live in an entirely different environment from what we are experiencing now,” he said.

Mawan said due to the dynamism within the association, the Dayak Iban played a prominent and dominant role in the association resulting in other Dayak communities like the Orang Ulu and Bidayuh staying away and eventually forming their own associations.

“The challenge before the SDNU present leadership is to find a unity of purpose, to get that cohesiveness so as to be able to draw the other Dayak communities into the association to give it greater leverage.

To the members of the supreme council, Mawan has this to say: “Victory goes to those who know which rivers not to cross, which roads not to travel and which walls not to climb.”


The Dayak has nothing to do with crabs. The truth is that the upper crabs could not holding the other crabs to get on the top. The crabs are sicked of the king of crab under the divine order of different type of crab. While the king of crab is enjoying the wealth on the shore, the underwater crabs are looking for a chance to get some shrimps to pinch. The king of crab is pinching a lobster on the shore and he tells us not to go up. Masak Dayak mentality is the best description for the poor and naive Dayak.

The victory goes to those who knows the best for the community and not for their own self. This is the basic knowledge of leadership. Mind those who voted SPDP in every Dayak's constitutions. It is not about racism but respect and appreciation to the Dayak. SNAP must be restored and strengthened again so that the Dayak will never be undermined as holy crabs.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

SPDP Anger Management - Let The Press Talks

The Party Anger Management - Now Showing Nationwide!

There is limited way to talk and express our advice to the people. For SPDP (Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party), the best way to advice its members is via Borneo Post Press. They can give counseling and rebuking their members through public media as long as there is no harm and heart feeling. Excuse me?? It is a shame to whack other Dayak fellow publicly.

It was Peter Timik fault to ask the president about the Bidayuh position in the Parliament under the SPDP recommendation. The reply seemed to be too hard to receive. Yes, Bidayuh have thanked SDPD for two terms and it has been proven by the two term victory in Mas Gading. In fact, Bidayuh proved their trust by denying Fabian and Patau hoping that they are contributing their interest to the party.

The best way for Sagan to thank SPDP is to tell the whole world that Kenyah has broke the aborigine political record after 20 years of wait. Kenyah has opening their eyes and 20 years is too long for Barisan Nasional to make fun of them all. It is now to build a proper and comfortable long house for the Kenyah after years of illegal logging. They deserve the price from the nature’s destroyer.

“Our community has been very patient. We did not complain. Now that the appointment has finally come to us, I must start by thanking the grassroots,” he added. (BP Press)

But, the best way for Bidayuh to thank SPDP is to shut-up their mouth. Though we have to speak, we should not talk to Mawan because he is a hot temper. Not like George Chan. He knows how to reply when the “Biserian” stunned him.

It is time for Bidayuh to put SPDP aside. There is no point to bark at the hill. If they (SPDP leaders) cannot listen to us, let find anyone who will listen to us. Not only to listen but to respect and appreciate our supports and sacrifices.

Bidayuh Must NOT Consider SPDP on Next State Election

Timik still blames leadership

KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Dato Sri William Mawan’s method of maintaining his party’s multi-racial spirit in the federal cabinet is hard to swallow for Peter Timik Juik.

Timik, who on Wednesday openly blamed the SPDP leadership for the loss of Bidayuh representation in the federal cabinet, could not accept Mawan’s reason for the exclusion of SPDP vice president Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe.

“I don’t buy Datuk William Mawan’s argument that SPDP need to set aside one Dayak minority community in the party in order to put up another, and in the same breath claims that the party is dedicated to equally looking after the interests of all communities,” he said.

That said, Timik pointed out that he was happy for the Orang Ulu community, particularly the Kenyahs, because SPDP senior vice president Datuk Jacob Sagan was appointed as a deputy minister.

Similarly, he said he appreciated the appointment of another SPDP vice president, Jelaing Mersat, also as a deputy minister but he could not see why Dr Tiki had to be dropped.

“When you realise that another Dayak community is so well represented not only in the federal cabinet but also in the state, there does not seem to be any real need to take out the sole Bidayuh federal cabinet representative in order to accommodate another unrepresented minority Dayak community,” said Timik.

He believed that SPDP could work together with its other BN partners to ensure that as many minority groups as possible were represented in the federal cabinet.

Timik was Dr Tiki’s principal assistant secretary while the latter was the Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister. Dr Tiki had served two terms in the federal cabinet.

On Wednesday, Timik said the SPDP leadership had “failed to maintain the Bidayuh representation by not being fully and wholeheartedly supporting Dr Tiki in the last parliamentary election”.

He added: “Some of those who make the noisy complaint of Bidayuh absence in the federal cabinet line-up might not themselves have been enthusiastic supporters of Datuk Dr Tiki’s campaign efforts in Mas Gading.

“Datuk Dr Tiki could have failed to win the Mas Gading seat if leaders of other BN component parties were not asked to help in the campaign.”

In response to Timik’s criticisms, Mawan had said on Thursday that Timik should thank SPDP for giving Bidayuhs eight years in the Federal cabinet. He pointed out that SPDP was a multi-racial party and it could not champion the cause of one particular race.

Rather, SPDP strove to ensure that the other minorities in the party were also represented in the cabinet, Mawan said.

“What about the other races? What about the Kedayans in Bekenu? What about the Bisayas in Limbang?

“What about Kayan and Kenyahs in Baram, the other Orang Ulu like Kelabit and Lun Bawang? What about the Chinese? I cannot just be taking about one issue or one single race as far as SPDP is concerned as highlighted by Dr Tiki’s secretary,” he said.


Please make it enough for now SPDP. Stop using media to whack the Bidayuh. Please tell Bidayuh that they are not needed in SPDP so that they can look for alternative party. Timik had thanked SPDP by given full support for SPDP in Bau. The prove is there for SPDP to appreciate.

Najib supposedly don’t have to come down to help Tiki during the campaign. There is no need to be scared of Patau Rubis. He is just an ordinary man like me and SPDP members. It is now for SPDP to boast of their victory in Bau by one man role. It was not about the party but the charisma of the leaders to lie to the villagers.

Printed media must be used in an appropriate manner and not to spark the hatred and rib. Bidayuh supported the other aborigines and “minority” in the parliament since SNAP and PBDS era and the prove was, Bidayuh did not complain at all.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

SPDP & SUPP - Let the Blame Game Begin!!

Thank you for your patience: Sagan
By Churchill Edward, The Borneo Post Press (Sat, 29.3.2008)

Orang Ulu have not complained publicly on their non-representation in federal cabinet: Baram MP

KUCHING: Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Jacob Dungan Sagan thanked the Orang Ulu grassroots for their patience.

The Baram MP said the community had not complained publicly for about 20 years on their non-representation in the federal cabinet.

The community’s long wait ended when the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi appointed Sagan a deputy minister on March 18.

The last Orang Ulu deputy minister was the late Datuk Luhat Wan, Sagan said during a thanksgiving party at Long Lelang Cafe here on Thursday night.

Sagan, who left the government service in 1995 to join politics, thanked voters in the Baram for being loyal, and also the Prime Minister, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Dato Sri William Mawan for having the confidence in him.

The party was jointly organised by associations representing the various ethnic groups in the Orang Ulu community.

Among those paying tribute to Sagan - a Kenyah - were organising chairman cum president of the Kenyah Association Lucas Kalang, Kelabit Association president Gerawat Gala; representative of the Orang Ulu community in Kuching Francis Nyurang Ding, and State Immigration director Datu Robert Lian.

“I am touched by your kind words. As the challenges ahead are big, I really need the support of each and every one of you. The appointment is a new experience for me.

“If you are patient enough, you will be rewarded twice. And I go by this principle,” he said quoting a verse from the Bible.

“Our community has been very patient. We did not complain. Now that the appointment has finally come to us, I must start by thanking the grassroots,” he added.

He also urged the various Orang Ulu people to close rank so that the government would continue to recognise and listen to them.

As the community is relatively small in Malaysia, he feared that the government might one day miss them.

Saying his appointment augured well for the Orang Ulu people in the business sense, Sagan noted there were many intellectuals and entrepreneurs among the community.

Nyurang, in his tribute to Sagan, said the Kenyah MP was a humble person who never failed to smile to anyone he met.

“This little essence in you has touched many human hearts. We never doubt your capability as a leader. You are the best man for the job,” he said.

Gerawat meanwhile said Sagan would be having great responsibility as the flag-bearer for the Orang Ulu at the highest level of government administration of Malaysia.

Sagan arrived here from Kuala Lumpur about 6pm on Thursday.

He was at there ever since the swearing-in ceremony on March 19.

Together with him were his wife Datin Winnie Jolly and daughter Sharon and other relatives.

More than 50 people from the community welcome Sagan at Kuching International Airport (KIA) VIP arrival lounge.

The SPDP senior vice-president won Baram with a 4,044 vote majority in the just concluded election.

He garnered 7,996 votes while his sole opponent, independent candidate Kebing Wan managed only 3,952 votes.

In the 2004 polls, Sagan won by a majority of 3,310 votes.

His opponent then was also Kebing who stood on the Sarawak National Party (SNAP) ticket.

Sagan is now into his fourth term as MP.


Bidayuh should think earlier before they vote for their representatives. Sagan has not feels any bitterness in PBB, SPDP ans SUPP as the Bidayuh had feel the struggle for years. Indeed, they (Sagan & Kenyah) have been forgotten by Tun Mahathir and Abdullah for 20 years but not Taib.

Last week, Mawan demanded “some” thank from Peter Timik and today Bidayuh has to read shameful news as they have projected their grieves publicly. This is the truth that bidayuh has to face the tease whenever they speak out their needs and demand from the party that they are supporting. They have to be silent because if they speak out Mawan and Taib will get angry. Bidayuh have to accept their marginalization under the Barisan Nasional allied parties with an open heart and arm as the other aborigines did.

SUPP was astonished when Riot intended to leave the party through media gossip. When the Bidayuh stunned the party last few weeks, SUPP immediately said that they have never deserted Bidayuh. In fact, they claimed that SUPP has a future’s plan for Bidayuh in 50 years to come as per SUPP secretary claimed in the newspaper. The late Stephen Yong planning book for Bidayuh has been re-opened by the George Chan after many years hidden under the SUPP file cabinet. It is such an affirmative affiliation for Bidayuh to support SUPP in the next election.

The different between SUPP and SPDP is that SUPP is gentler and SPDP is rough. SPDP always celebrate one man’s victory instead of team’s achievement. This is the attitude of the Dayak leaders when they are chosen to be a leader. The perception of their leaders on their duty is not the main agenda but rather making themselves as a superman and superhero for their tribes. This is not a strange attitude for the Dayak but it is the main ingredient of behavior and practices since their ancestor era.

Is there any other friendly reply from Mawan regardning on the Bidayuh demands in SPDP as they are supporting the party to the utmost? What were the moral supports for Tiki on the last General Election which has made Najib to visit Bau?

I think that Bidayuh has to re-consider SPDP since Mawan is not really interested to them. Bidayuh must learn from the history of SNAP and PBDS which were destroyed by the arrogant and naïve Dayaks. The formation of SPDP and PRS showed us that the Dayak has no intention to be a representative for the Dayak but to be a representative for their own self.

My many congratulations go to Sagan for his successful the first aborigine full minister in the Parliament after 20 years of wait. Keep the good up works and serve your people better. In fact, the Kayan deserve to be a Minster of the Cabinet as the minority need to be heard and seen.

Why should the Bidayuh has to be silent and willing to be marginalized? All this while, Bidayuh have speak-out their struggles and grieves to the CM but he ignored. Therefore, the best place for bidayuh to plead is at the coffee shops and streets. Bidayuh has given their full support to SPDP, PBB and SUPP and ignored the opposition. So they hope that their inquiries will be replied with a friendly and polite reply from the party leaders. It must be a win-win situation between Bidayuh abd SPDP.

SPDP has to review any comments or statement regarding on the SPDP issue in the media before there published. Media must not be used to tease any other party beneficial parties or group. The mainstream media should be used for public interest and no making it as the source of social war among the Dayak. Make it enough for Leo Moggie dissatisfaction and de-registration of PBDS due to Dayak stupidity and arrogance. Therefore, Mawan should review the needs of the Bidayuh in the party and it relevance objectives for the Dayak. There is no need to tease anybody or groups in the party just to make sure that the full submission is practiced without any objections and inquiries.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Bidayuh Must Thank SPDP?

Timik asked to thank SPDP
By Samuel Aubrey, The Borneo Post Press

Bidayuh representation in federal cabinet in last eight years because of SPDP: Mawan

KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Dato Sri William Mawan (pictured right) was upset yesterday following allegation that the party is to be blamed for the loss of Bidayuh representation in the federal cabinet.

“As far as Bidayuh representation is concerned, the party put up a Bidayuh in the person of Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe for the last eight years in federal cabinet. Why not highlight that?” he said to reporters after the prize presentation ceremony for Malaysian Sports School Council (MSSM) age-group golf championships at Kelab Golf Sarawak here.

Mawan was asked to comment on a statement made by Peter Timik Juin, who was Dr Tiki’s principal assistant secretary when the latter was the Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister. Timik on Tuesday said SPDP leadership was to blame for the exclusion of Bidayuhs from Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s cabinet.

“Dr Tiki’s principal assistant secretary is talking in the opposite. He should (instead) thank SPDP for putting the representation of the Bidayuhs for the last eight years,” Mawan countered.

Mawan pointed out that SPDP is a multi-racial party, but a small one in the Barisan Nasional, and thus it cannot just champion the cause of one particular race.

Rather SPDP strove to ensure that the other minorities in the party were also represented in the cabinet, Mawan said. He said the party could not afford to pay attention any single community, stressing: “What about other races? What about the Kedayans in Bekenu? What about the Bisayas in Limbang?

“What about Kayan and Kenyahs in Baram, the other Orang Ulu like Kelabit and Lun Bawang? What about the Chinese?

“I cannot just be talking about one issue, (or) one single race as far as SPDP is concerned as highlighted by Dr Tiki’s secretary.”

Mawan said in the spirit of multiracial SPDP and in the interests of all communities, the cabinet representation from the party had to be shifted to the Orang Ulu which had not been represented in the cabinet since the 1990s.

SPDP senior vice president Datuk Jacob Sagan, a Kenyah, is the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry.

Mawan, however, refused to comment on Timik’s claim that the leadership of SPDP did not fully and wholeheartedly support Dr Tiki in the last parliamentary election.

“No comment from me as of now. I think somebody from the party will comment on this soon,” he said.

Timik, in his statement published in The Borneo Post yesterday, had made this claim, indicating a rift in the party.

“Some of those who make the noisy complaint of Bidayuh absence in the federal cabinet line-up might not themselves have been enthusiastic supporters of Datuk Dr Tiki’s campaign efforts in Mas Gading.

“Datuk Dr Tiki could have failed to win the Mas Gading MP seat if leaders of other BN component parties were not asked to help in the campaign,” the report quoted Timik as saying.

Dr Tiki, who is an SPDP vice president, had served in the federal cabinet for two terms before being dropped by Abdullah from the new cabinet announced on March 17.

Despite the challenges Dr Tiki was said to have faced during the polls, he still managed to increase his winning majority. He had faced three contenders - Sarawak National Party’s (SNAP) Dr Patau Rubis and two independent candidates, Favian Tisen and Apin Baeng.

Dr Tiki polled 8,551 votes to win by a majority of 4,301 votes. In the 2004 polls, he faced Dr Patau in a straight fight and won with a majority of 2,712 votes after he garnered 10,579 votes. Dr Tiki, who has been the Mas Gading MP since 1999, was the only Bidayuh in the cabinet before the recent reshuffle.


When I was in primary school, there was one painful lesson that I had learn. When your teacher hit your palm you must say thank you for the punishment. Regardless any kind of punishments they are. One day, my friend was asked to spell “biscuit” and he could not spell it correctly. The whole class has to receive one rattan whack right on the palm. We were punished because we did not help him to spell the word correctly. It’s a punishment by one man’s fault.

Now, Peter Timik was scolded for asking for Bidayuh MP status in SPDP. Mawan is as mas as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He should give the Bidayuh full accountability on the Tiki’s dismissed in the parliament. He should be like SUPP leaders and tell the Bidayuh the vision and the plans for Bidayuh. Did SUPP?

Pity to Timik, though he is the full supporter yet being scolded in the media. What to do mentality is the only way to comfort the feeling. On the next State Election, Bidayuh must re-consider SPDP as it is too sensitive to talk about Bidayuh pleads in the party. What is the SPDP’s overall objective to unite and progress Dayaks of Sarawak?

As the president of SPDP, William Mawan should give a confidence to the Bidayuh that SPDP is indeed relevant in their struggle for the Bidayuh. Is it wrong for Peter to questioned him about Tiki’s drop-out from the Cabinet? What was Mawan’s reaction when he knew that Bidayuh representatives in SUPP and PBB were not on Pak Lah’s list?

The Bidayuh had once again being punished by SPDP because they wanted to ask the president about the need of a bidayuh being line-up in the cabinet based on their undivided support to the BN government. Now, what is PBB’s punishment where majority of Bidayuh in Mambong had support PBB, even until their graveyard like my dad.

This is Bidayuh’s sacrifice when they put SPDP, SUPP and SPDP firm under BN’s umbrella. This is the dilemma faced by the Bidayuh who support BN. Just like what Mahathir said, “If we vote for the leader, he will say that the victory is at his own effort and if we do not vote for him our beloved party will loose.” SPDP should appreciate Tiki’s effort to bring Bidayuh people to support the party. This is not his own desire but it’s the community desire to make sure SPDP (menjalankan amanah orang Bidayuh). It was not easy to win within 3-corner fight but Bau’s community still put their hope upon SPDP when they support Tiki.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Atlantis

The Atlantis

The Bengoh Dam Project that worth RM 310 million has now gone in-depth in term of research process and it will be started next year. I managed to take few pictures of the villages that will be re-located to Rural Growth Centre (RGC), namely Kampung Tun Abdul Razak from Kampung Rejoi, Sait, Semban, and Sain will be re-located to a territory around Skio and Bau. Sarawak’s Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud had named this settlement as Kampung Tun Abdul Razak as a remembrance to Tun Abdul Razak in his efforts to bring unity among different races. This is aligned to the opening of the natives’ new village at Kuala Kubu Bharu on 3rd November 1967. Accordingly, Kampung Tun Abdul Razak should be opened officially on the coming 3rd November 2008.

However, this identity had brought confusion to the Bidayuh community as Tun Abdul Razak is an unfamiliar name to them and their identity. In this website, the writer had stated his concern over the Bidayuh’s self-identity and ancestral land. Nevertheless, the majority Bidayuh leders which are with Barisan Nasional, had conferred their 101% support to this suggestion, as it has been their fright to say ‘No’ to the CM.

Tebedu State Council’s, Michael Manyin had affirmed that the project’s effects will involve only physical changes (population shift) and all other anxieties should be set aside as all this while, the State Government had put Bidayuh’s welfare in first place of state’s agenda.

Bidayuh Extreme Engineering: Bamboo Bridge

Other leaders had blindly agreed with CM’s decision and this is a coalition to destroy Bidayuh’s dignity and traditions. The Community is Born in The Borneo Post had shown some Bidayuh leaders allied to demolish Siat, Rejoi, Sain, and Semban. Is this a less brilliant attempt by the leaders in preserving the originality of Bidayuh identity?

A Community is Dead

Compensation ranged around RM 10,000 to RM 20,000 is not enough to start a new life at Skio even though the land will be explored. Comparing it to the new settlement of the natives in Pahang and Perak, it is not an assurance to unity as what Bidayuh leaders dreamt of, though church, school, clinic, and other amenities will be built there. Despite the much opposition from Bidayuh community, James Dawos Mamit (Mambong’s MP) is obstinate with his stand to support CM’s decision. As Mambong’s representatives, he should have listened to people’s suggestions and ideas about the new settlement.

The Last Fellowship of The Aborigines

Rejoi, Semban, Sait, and Sain will become the Atlantis City once the dam is completed. Will this Atlantis be another Bidayuh political agenda as how Plato used Atlantis as political theory during Trojan Horse period. This is the effect that the Bidayuh always get when development is given to them. They need to pay high price to government beneficial projects.

More details about Bidayuh Atlantis...

One, Two, Three

All pictures are the courtesy of Si-Mong at

When the Rooster Crows

SPDP blamed for Dr Tiki’s exclusion
The Borneo Post Press: - By Raynore Mering

Bidayuhs left out because differences in party: Former aide

KUCHING: The Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) was yesterday blamed for the loss of Bidayuh representation in the federal cabinet after Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe was dropped.


The Lost Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe

Peter Timik Juin, who was Dr Tiki’s principal assistant secretary when the latter was the Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister, made this claim, indicating that there could be a rift in the party.

Reacting to comments by Bidayuh social activist Datuk Peter Minos on Sunday, Timik said in a statement that he disagreed with any suggestions that the Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership was at fault.

He said the BN leadership had given recognition to the Bidayuhs after Dr Tiki, Richard Riot and James Dawos were returned as MPs in the 2004 parliamentary election.

He emphasised that the coalition’s leadership had then chosen a Bidayuh MP from SPDP in the person of Dr Tiki to represent the community in the BN central government.

“The leadership of SPDP, however, failed to maintain the Bidayuh representation by not being fully and wholeheartedly supporting Dr Tiki in the last parliamentary election.

“This had caused so much adverse report on Dr Tiki’s behaviour and his conduct of the election campaign, which eventually weakened his claim to continue to represent the Bidayuh people at the federal cabinet,” said Timik.

“Some of those who make the noisy complaint of Bidayuh absence in the federal cabinet line-up might not themselves have been enthusiastic supporters of Datuk Dr Tiki’s campaign efforts in Mas Gading.

“Datuk Dr Tiki could have failed to win the Mas Gading MP seat if leaders of other BN component parties were not asked to help in the campaign.”

In the run-up to the March 8 polls and immediately after, there were murmurings that some SPDP leaders could be working against Dr Tiki during the polls.

The party’s leadership has kept quiet about this.

Dr Tiki, who is a SPDP vice president, had served in the federal cabinet for two terms before being dropped by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad

Badawi in the new cabinet announced on March 17.

Despite the challenges Dr Tiki was said to have faced during the polls, he still managed to increase his winning majority.

He faced three contenders - Sarawak National Party’s (SNAP) Dr Patau Rubis and two independent candidates, Favian Tisen and Apin Baeng.

Dr Tiki polled 8,551 votes to win by a majority of 4,301 votes.

In the 2004 polls, he faced Dr Patau in a straight fight and won with a majority of 2,712 votes after he garnered 10,579 votes.

Dr Tiki, who has been the Mas Gading MP since 1999, was the only Bidayuh in the cabinet before the recent reshuffle.

It is believed that all three Bidayuh MPs in Sarawak were proposed by their parties for posts in the cabinet.

There were rumours last week that Dr Tiki and Riot, a Sarawak United People’s Party central working committee member, were quitting their parties because they were not appointed into the cabinet but the rumours proved to be untrue.

On Sunday, Minos had said that the appointment of at least one Bidayuh MP in the new cabinet line-up would be symbolic of the federal government’s recognition of the Bidayuh’s role as a pro-BN and pro-government community.

“If this issue is resolved and if the Bidayuhs are represented in the federal cabinet, this will give the community a greater reason and resolve to back the BN in the coming state election,” he told Bernama.

When there is one Bidayuh, there is one party, if there are plenty Bidayuh they are plenty parties. Now, SPDP is blamed when Tiki was dropped down from the Parliament’s window by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Peter blamed SPDP because SPDP is playing the same Mah Jong game with SUPP. How about PBB? Is Peter Minos going to blame Mr. Taib for not putting James Dawos in the house of frogs? I have not hear any Bidayuh No.1 activist on this PBB thing. He must be somewhere else to find more frog in Taib pond.

If you ask Bidayuh to climb a coconut three, they will climb a durian three too. Just in case you are thirsty, they will give you “raja buah” to enjoy sacred that you will not like them. This is the Bidayuh political game played by some of the “kaki bangku”. We are always giving what we have easily. SUPP asked for Borneo Highland Resort and hire us to be the dunk collector, we said yes. PBB asked for Rejoi and Semban by chasing us away, we said yes too. What if SPDP askin us to move to Sri Aman and leave our homeland? Will we agree?

The Bidayuh activists are the beggar that is not going to gain anything. I do not know why Peter Timik has to project this issue. My perceptions are like these. Either he is a real Bidayuh activist and used Borneo Post to show his stripes or begging for some money from William Mawan to shut his mouth. Hey, the Ibans are already there together with the Kenyah. Why should Peter Timik asking for Tiki to be re-instate?

Tommorrow in the Borneo Post Press front page, “Peter Minos gets mad because James Dawos is not selected to be the Parliament Cleaner!” That is a good title for tomorrow news.

Now is not the time to ask for re-instate. It is too late to do so because Badawi has selected his right people to be in his team. As the third largest ethnic Bidayuh must think further to be a part of Malaysia. Bidayuh has their own strength and courage to fight for their people. It has been so long they have been used by Barisan Nasional to gain wealth but yet the wealth is not given to Bidayuh.

The Bidayuh activists have nothing to do with Bidayuh since they are just the “ayam kampong” which only crows in the press and not in Parliament. The more are the “ayam kampong” the best are sounds. The activists have gone to nowhere whenever the money is ready to keep the mouth shut. What is the different to have a Bidayuh activist and a Bidayuh life bands? One is a rooster and another one is an entertainer group.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SUPP not disregarding Bidayuhs : Sim the liar

Senator Sim Kheng Hui, secretary general of Sarawak United Peoples’ Party, was quoted in the Borneo Post yesterday, to have denied that SUPP negelected the Land Dayaks.

The late Datuk Stephen Yong Kuet Tze, once told my father, ” Lu orang kuat pentar ho.. Kalau saya punya kawasan tiap tahun saya kasih bola dan jersey sudah cukup. Latang gawai saya kasih langkau dan babi. Lu orang Serikin mati mati minta balai raya dan jalan raya”.

Read more..

SUPP and Bidayuh - A Sham Marriage

SUPP and Bidayuh - A Sham Marriage Written by Britonger of 97

SUPP and Padawan

When the late Stephen Yong was the MP for Padawan, the Bidayuh people suffered. No development was evident. When Yong Khoon Seng took over, he was a hated figure which lasted a brief term. Again, no physical development was evident. Piece meal developments, if any were, at best staggered, which were negligible and forgettable. The only thing the Chinese representatives were able to do efficiently back then was to provide trophies and gifts for football tournaments. Stephen Yong, the former communist was also famous for sending truck loads of “kien pidea gunyeng”- salted fish, during election to fish for votes. His henchmen would scooped the salted fish by using spades, from on top of a lorry to the poor Bidayuh people, gathering below the truck, with their hands reaching out, like famine victims in Africa begging for food. The Bidayuh political naivety was also demonstrated. It was a naked yet obscene truth that for every five years, Stephen Yong got re-elected over and over again and in return he gave the Bidayuh nothing. The symbol of scourge of neglect and underdevelopment: none other than the famed Padawan road. It was put on record the Padawan road is to be improved as per the 9th M’sia plan. If so, it is indeed a record that a road would take more than 20 years under SUPP leadership to be tarred. A shocking phenomena just as it is real. After every election, Stephen Yong and Yong Khoon Seng benefited while Bidayuh, impeded. Under the BN ticket, the two Chinese live in splendor while the Bidayuh live in squalor.

That was how bad the relationship with SUPP. Old tales would have it that Tun Rahman back then knew SUPP was a hated party amongst the Bidayuh. There was simply no development. Padawan was therefore carved into Mambong and Tarat so that much needed development could be given via PBB. Indeed there were significant developments done thereafter. For Tun, it was killing two birds with one stone. He refused to get SUPP out of Padawan for fear of destabilizing the Alliance and the same time managed to placate frustrating Bidayuh people by allowing the carving of Padawan into Mambong and Tarat. SUPP, a hated party then a hated party now.

SUPP and Serian (MP Richard Riot);
Not even considered a cabinet post in recent Badawi led federal government despite having well proven track record. Unblemished excellent election results. What do you get from Dr George Chan, SUPP president? A formality: “We had submitted his name to PM. It’s PM’s prerogative.” This is an obscure statement, more so, when SUPP have three Chinese ministers appointed to Federal posts. Obviously this point to the fact that Dr Chan had lobbied hard for them but not for Riot. As for prerogative, there is no such thing as unfettered prerogative. This prerogative must be tempered with merit and justice for the Bidayuh people. If Tiki is dropped then Riot is the replacement via merit and justice. Badawi should do this but instead the opposite is true. As for Riot, this is nothing less than sheer degradation. His volte-face to leave SUPP is equally frustrating. For the Bidayuh community, coupled with the fact of Dr Tiki’s demotion, this snub is an insult, bordering on complete and total humiliation. To go one step further this is political annihilation of the Bidayuh. Is this temporary? I hope so.

I have seen nothing to convince me that the current Bidayuh leaders in power have the scrotal gumption to even speak of this injustice in the local papers. The effort of Ik Pahon, current DBNA president, is commendable but Minos, the self appointed social activists has tarnished that effort. With all due respect, nobody listens to him. He is not of respectable voice. Generally, as a whole, present Bidayuh leaders reaction to recent snub by Kuala Lumpur is extremely disappointing. No statement of whatever kind was forthcoming from them. This defeaning silence and inaction merely show their tacit approval of this mistreatment of the Bidayuh people by Kuala Lumpur. A just reward for all the difficult years under Mahathir and Badawi administrations? You readers make up your mind.

On SUPP- Bidayuh relationship as a whole, the inevitable conclusion is that Bidayuh and SUPP have coexisted uncomfortably for the past decades. This is a sham marriage. A façade. A marriage equally shambolic that it should be annulled in the very beginning. It was also a master servant relationship with a large dose of bullying committed by the master. This relationship is seriously hemorrhaging the Bidayuh while SUPP prosper. It is best that SUPP leave the Bidayuh constituency and to be replaced by either a dayak based party, SPDP or PRS.

SUPP, a hated party then, a hated party now. Nothing has changed. A tormentor of a party, an intimidator that oppressed the Bidayuh into a no win situation. The bullying of Bidayuh continues. A raison detre for change.

The Barisan Nasional's Frog Law

Masing: Morally incorrect to switch parties
The Bornoe Post Press.
By Jacob Achoi

KUCHING: It is morally wrong for elected representatives to jump to other political parties, the leader of a Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) faction Dato Sri Dr James Masing said yesterday.

“Such politicians are dishonest, and are governed by greed,” he said when speaking to reporters before handing over prizes to winners of the 11th Chief Minister’s Cup ITF Junior Circuit Group 1 Championship at the Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association (SLTA) clubhouse here.

He said all six members of parliament from PRS were staunch supporters of the Barisan Nasional (BN) and they would not jump to the opposition.

Masing described the six — Joseph Entulu Belaun (Selangau), Billy Abit Joo (Hulu Rajang), Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum (Julau), Aaron Ago Dagang (Kanowit), William Nyallau Badak (Lubok Antu) and Masir Kujat (Sri Aman) — as ‘men of principles’, who would not betray the BN.

“All have pledged their loyalty to the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi during a meeting on Saturday,” said Masing who is Land Development Minister.

On the anti-hopping law proposed by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim, Masing said he was not against the idea, “but it would be difficult because one cannot ‘legislate’ conscience”.

He said no amount of legal argument or law could stop people from party-hopping, reasoning that party-hopping started with the politicians themselves, and therefore it was important for politicians to be honest.

PRS had always been against party-hopping, he added.

Masing told reporters that the Prime Minister was receptive to the request of having more MPs from Sarawak “to have better and meaningful representation in the federal cabinet”.

He, however, said the prime minister should not be pressured for he too had to attend to other priorities.

Asked to elaborate on “better and meaningful representation”, Masing said Sarawak MPs should be appointed to helm ministries that were relevant to the development of the state.

He cited the case of Entulu, the Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development as an example of relevant ministry helmed by a local MP because he (Entulu) would be in a better position to bring about more development to the state’s rural areas which still lacked development.


All the frogs in the country now have to abide to a new law called The Frog Law. The law is to forbid any frog to hop from one pond to another pond. In certain crucial case, the frogs need to hop because the rest of the other frogs are not getting what their wanted. The opposition parties have agreed to such laws because some potential frog may join another party of frog. The DAP, Poh Kuan’s attempt to not re-contest in Batu Gajah due to the issue that we do not want to say at all. It is harm for the candidate from a party to jump first before elected. If they loose, they can jump over by resigning from any post to convey the people that this and that party are still relevant.

In Bidayuh case, hopping frog means they are timid and stupid. Therefore, the Frog Law must be implemented so that with this supreme law the Bidayuh will be put marginalized under Barisan Nasional. Immorality concerns with those who are fighting for their people right and not to the corrupted MPs. Now, Barisan Nasional has to save the corrupted frogs to jump over by condemning them with the funny law.

“You jump you die lah” has different meaning to Bidayuh. You jump and die because of Barisan Nasional or you have to jump at any cost for the sake of the people. The dilemma is within Bidayuh themselves. They have no other option and have to vote the same frog in every Election Day. Frog that can deliver the progress to all frogs in Padawan, Serian, Bau and Lundu. There is no chance for any other frogs to get their vote because all the frogs have been fed by the best insects.

If Bidayuh vote for apposition, the third largest ethnic will be in poverty and struggle. What is the different by voting Barisan Nasional and have to be in the lowest class of the society? Who must be blame then? God? Haha God has nothing to do with Bidayuh politic.

The Frog Law will determine the future of the Bidayuh that is represented by crazy frogs from different kind of ponds. Muddy pond – SUPP, dirty pond – PBB, dried pond – SPDP and no pond – PRS. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi have to force all the Bidayuh frogs to abide to such law and mould the Bidayuh in a shape of a frog which is ugly and disgusting.

Sometime Bidayuh gets what they need and always loose what they have. The muddy road to the kampong is what they get from the votes that they cast to Barisan Nasional. They get one palm oil three and lost the whole land to SALCRA. They gave Rejoi, Semban, Sait and Bengoh to Barisan Nasional and lost their names and dignity. Kampung Tun Abdul Razak will be the most precious gift from Barisan Nasional. I do not say that but Micheal Manyin said that after Tebedu was flooded by pearl rain.

Abide to the Frog Law and continue to be in marginalized is better than getting whacked by Tengku Adnan, the BN FBI Chief in Command. Disrespect to the Bidayuh future and right were the best thing that Barisan Nasional can do. Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Sarawak has to make Bidayuh as the poultry farm for the Barisan Nasional. The butcher, Micheal Manyin will take one after another to Frog Slaughtering house for the party meals. Who will enjoy the frog curry? The Chinese, Melanau, Malay, Iban, Kelabit and so forth.

The Bidayuh must take a look at Terenganu this few days. The frog law makers are breaking the supreme law by the Sultan. So to abide to the Frog Law means that we are getting our self in to death pond. Be on the ground and look for better pond to jump in.

Monday, March 24, 2008

SUPP's Late Plead to The Bidayuh

SUPP hopes Riot gets PM’s reconsideration

The Borneo Post Press

KUCHING: The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) is still hoping that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will consider its five-term Serian Member of Parliament (MP) Datuk Richard Riot for a federal post.

SUPP president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan said with his long service record, Riot should be able to serve the country well and perform better should he be given a federal post rather than just an elected representative.

“We hope he will be given some post. It is the prime minister’s prerogative, but we have already indicated our hopes and wishes,” Dr Chan told Bernama here yesterday. Riot, a veteran Bidayuh MP, has dismissed rumours that he had defected to the opposition because of frustration after not being included in Abdullah’s new administration amidst intense speculation about his appointment.

“I know Datuk Richard. He has been there for a long time and I am confident that he cannot be bought over by the opposition,” said Dr Chan who is Deputy Chief Minister.

The issue of Riot leaving SUPP, a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party, did not arise at all, he said.

Dr Chan said Riot, who was upset about the rumours and had taken some time off in Kuala Lumpur, conveyed to him over the telephone Friday that he was expected to meet Abdullah soon to explain his situation.

He said he was optimistic that Riot, whose name was in the list proposed by the SUPP to the prime minister prior to the cabinet announcement, would be given another consideration to fill one of the two deputy ministerial posts turned down by two MPs from Sabah and Pahang recently.

The two MPs are Datuk Anifah Aman who was earlier named Deputy Transport Minister and Datuk Seri Tengku Azlan Abu Bakar who was to be Deputy Foreign Minister.

In the March 8 general election, Riot received a strong mandate in the Bidayuh majority seat of Serian for a fifth term by defeating Sarawak National Party (SNAP)’s Sylvester Belayong Jayang with a majority of 13,427 votes.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Dato Sri William Mawan said he had yet to receive any indication from Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe that he was leaving the party after being dropped from the new federal administration.



The four names of SUPP candidates submitted by Dato Geroge Chan to the Prime Minister to be appointed as the federal Ministers are:

Datuk Robert Lau (Sibu) – Deputy Minister of Housing and Local government.

Datuk Peter Chin (Miri) - Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities (State)

Datuk Yong Khoon Seng (Stampin)- Deputy Minister of Work Minister

Dato Richard Riot – No Minister at all.

As George Chan already knows that Yong Koon Seng and Robert Law were appointed as the deputy minister, he tends to forget his brother Richard in the list. He should act earlier if he concerns of Bidayuh under SUPP after the rest of the other BN parties cannot recommend any Bidayuh guy to the Federal Ministry.

The Dayak has no different with snails. If you put a group of snail (tengkuyung) in a pail they will never let anyone of them to climb until the top of the pail and escape. PBB has proven that by putting on day candidate, Sulaiman and forget about Dawos. The SPDP have ignored Tiki rejection as the Deputy Minister sing the different song with fellow Iban and Kenyah to celebrate Tiki’s lost position.

SUPP should ask the same question to Mawan and Taib on the Bidayuh status in the federal ministry. This golden triangle have play an important role to put Bidayuh to the lowest ground so that the third largest will be the minority as what is happening to Kadazan, Dusun and Murut.

Why SUPP has to say about its concern to Bidayuh now? William Tanyuh was the Bidayuh’s slaughtered sheep on the SUPP altar. The Bidayuh has put risky hopes to SUPP as I know that Bidayuh constituencies are not developing under SUPP. Padawan, under Jerip is one of the example. What has Jerip done for under SUPP? Sad to see some of the Benuk people could not get a clean water supply for centuries.

The Bidayuh should learn something from SUPP. The lost SUPP candidates in much urban area must be aware off as SUPP even does not cares about the Chinese themselves. Lily Yong lost her seat to PKR in Padungan and so much more. Ranum, Jerip, Riot are not delivering the Bidayuh agenda but SUPP agenda as far as the party welfare is concern.

The last plead is to ask Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to reinstate Riot to be the Parliament Secretary? If he (AAB) even rejected Terengganu MB, than what is the different to beg for Riot to be reinstate? Will he listens to George Chan plead? He wills only if Serian can produce gasoline from durian threes. How? Let George and SUPP high council decide.

Terengganu Monsoon Medal

UNMO members have forgotten the second Rukun Negara “ Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara” or Loyalty to The King and The Country. The “riot” by the Idris Jusoh supporters showed that the UMNO fellows have neglect the secrecy and the authority of the Rukun Negara. According to the “adat perpatih”, ancient laws, those disloyal citizens must be put into beheading punishment.

The true color of the UMNO as the Barisan Nasional father is shown today as gathering should be forbidden. It remained me to the story of “Raja Bersiung” where the people have to kill him due to his brutality. He is said to be a vampire.

After the Tsunami struck peninsular Malaysia on the 8th March 2008, the Monsoon Cup now has to be hosted again without Dato Idris Jusoh on the jetty. As Lim Kit Siang was called stupid DAP by the UMNO he has to admit his mistake and made an open apology to the Malaysian. The DAP has cancel their boycott and attended the sworn ceremony in the Istana Perak.

Now Terengganu will host their Monsoon Medal by the governance of Dato Ahmad Said. Who is this Ahmad Said? The rejected UMNO member. What are the reasons that UMNO have to say on Dato Ahmad Said rejected membership? Who should we listen to? The Sultan or the PM?

Why that Dato Idris Jusoh is become so much important to the PM. Kemaman Oil and Gas or Rantau Abang Turtle Rehabilitation? Only UMNO knows the right answer as The King has appointed Dato Ahmad Said to be the MB.

Prime Minister asked Ahmad in a nice manner to leave as he should not be at the meeting (for defying Abdullah's instruction to support Jertih assemblyman Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh as Mentri Besar),” he said.

The assemblyman said Ahmad had no choice but to leave.

The assemblyman also said those who attended the meeting were uncomfortable with the presence of Ahmad.

“He went against the instruction of our leadership and he has to face the consequence, that is appropriate,” he said. The Star Press

UMNO has lost its integrity and loyalty to the Sultan. The concept of Islam Hadari in Terengganu is now getting more confusing and doubtful as the disloyal act has been projected to the public. The best is to sit down and see if the bronze Monsoon Medal going to be contested for the first time in Terengganu.

Corruption by Anonymous

We got this long comment. Better to post it here. Thank you to Anonymous.

Corruption? What Corruption?The 12th General Election was concluded 14 days ago, the cabinet had just been formed, and we have since heard many calls to curb corruption. There must be a reason for this.

I was speaking to an Assistant Minister today. I was asked for my view about the poor show of the BN in West Malaysia. My short answer was that the people are sick of corruption. The Assistant Minister replied, “Really? Corruption? What corruption?” I said that he is living under a coconut shell if he can’t see corruption in our country. In jest, he said, may be it is more in West Malaysia. There is no corruption in Sarawak!.

When the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi exercised his prerogative to appoint his cabinet, he excluded some of his old guards who were accused of corruption and scandals, but he kept some others, making Malaysians wonder whether our PM is serious in his second crusade into corruption and its ills.

Apparently having those doubts of Malaysians in his mind, in his first speech to them after their appointment, the Prime Minister asked his cabinet to stay clean and serve the people with integrity and dignity. He also asked all Ministers and Deputy Ministers to declare their assets. There is no requirement for frequent declaration, just twice in 5 years.

Joining the band wagon against corruption is the Anti Corruption Agency. Its boss said that forms will be designed for the Ministers and Deputy Ministers and their immediate families to declare their assets. These declarations will be made public.

The public do not entertain much confidence in all these. They call them post election gimmickries, saying that these moves were made only because the BN lost big, and they want to win the hearts back.

The request for clean administration was picked up by the MCA, a big loser in the election. The MCA’s education bureau chief Lee Sing Chooi, a Senator, urged the Government to make sure that all development projects by the government are awarded through open tenders and not to those with political patronage. He said that the recent general election results showed that voters had “rejected previous practice of squabbling for projects by those in power at all levels for personal gains and to continue staying in power”.

Why was the call made by a low ranked Lee and not by the MCA President is everybody’s guess. It has taken the MCA a long time to realise the discontent of the rakyat on matters concerning corruption, that few contracts had been awarded by public tender but given to those that are influential and powerful. But it is good that such discontent is realized. It is better late than never.

The SUPP, Gerakan and other leaders from BN, living like frogs under coconut shells, have not even the courage to admit the malpractices.

Is corruption so worrying now, so that everyone is talking about it? Or, has someone realized the worries only now?

Once confronted with the issue of corruption, many BN leaders would ask, “Corruption? What corruption? We are very transparent. There is no corruption”. They would not tackle it head on. They won’t see it, even less admitting it.

I can mimic those gestures in the Dewan Undangan Negeri recently. Looking toward the direction of Wong Soon Koh, a very upset Chief Minister said, “Soon Koh, you probably know better. I don’t know. You can explain”. Soon Koh rose to his feet to vouch that all contracts were above board and were given out transparently to those who can perform.

On 21st March, 2004, AAB secured an unprecedented electoral victory which saw 91% of MPs coming from the BN. He secured that unprecedented victory on his pledge to weed out corruption.

A full 4 years later, ask AAB whether he had succeeded in weeding out corruption? AAB will be very honest. No.

Ask him, whether he has reduced corruption? He will shyly tell you. No.

Ask the Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Minister, Parliamentary Secretaries (now abolished), Political Secretaries, whether there is corruption in Government Ministries, departments, offices, and the answer will always be “No”. Some would get very personal and angry, “You prove it, or we will sue you”.

Should anyone say that these people are corrupt, or insinuate that they are anywhere near dishonesty, they will sue you, until you are flat!

It is not easy to track down corruption. But it is there. Are all these people in power clean? Ask the people in the streets and coffee shops, and they will tell you, categorically, which Ministers are corrupt. I have seldom heard of impeccably clean ones. It is a shame.

If AAB had not been mindful of his failure on curbing corruption, or how those in power managed to secure assets, why should be take the trouble to require public declaration of asset by his cabinet? Or, why should he even bother to direct the ACA to prepare the forms for asset declaration?

When AAB faced the 11th general Elections 4 years ago, his resounding victory was due to people’s hatred over corruption. Under 22 years of Mahathir’s rule, the country faced unprecedented corruption. Those in power amassed unexplained wealth. The NEP produced not equality in distribution of wealth, but disparity. Only those few bumiputeras in power or connected to the powerful became rich, filthy rich.

Has things improved after 4 years of Abdullah’s premiership? All Malaysians will have to agree that nothing in the clean governance front has improved. Even former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir poised the gun squarely at AAB. He put it succinctly that corruption, as a gangrene, was rampant. It has shot over the ceiling.

But still, despite the crusade against corruption, no big fish was caught. Not many ikan bilis had been nabbed. Those ikan bilis caught are more often than not, returned to the seas, where they can swim freely and wag again.

Check out the assets of those people in power. Ministers and Assistant Ministers etc are not supposed to be in business. They depend on the “meagre” income as Ministers. Yet, they can afford to build and maintain palatial mansions, with size of the sitting room big enough for futsal. They can afford to spend RM2 million on a paino. They could afford to lose millions of Pounds in casinos in a day. They could afford to carry multi millions Australian dollars across customs check points. How would they justify their income or the manner in which they lead their lives?

Check out the assets of those family members of the Ministers and Assistant Ministers. Many of their children can have a handful of luxurious cars. Their wife or children could have tens of millions of shares in public listed companies. Their wife or sisters could be one of the richest in foreign country, owing a hotel chain. Why should these folks be so filthy rich?

Check the might and wealth of political secretaries. They can afford frequent gambling sessions at Genting Highlands. They can go to the casinos in Australia. Each stake can reach tens of thousands of Australian Dollars. Why should God be kinder to them?

Where do they get the money from? Need we ask? Business? If their business acumen is so great, shouldn’t they pass some of these secret skills to the ordinary rakyat?

Abdullah is great. He asked his cabinet Ministers to declare assets. In order to curb corruption. At first glance, it is good, because it is something new. But a closer look will reveal that it may well be a gimmickry, trying to lure back the lost votes.

The pains about corruption is that it is there, but not seen. When Rafidah Aziz was dropped from the cabinet, she said that she had always stayed clean. Despite the accusations over APs and what not, give her credit for her courage to elevate her credibility.

Those who were recently appointed to the cabinet thought that they are ingenious. Youth and Sports Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob vowed to weed out corruption within the Ministry and from all sports and youth associations. Why should this Minister single out his Ministry? Why shouldn’t he say he would cooperate with all cabinet Ministers, including with AAB, to weed out corruption and irregular practices across the board?

If sports equipment were said to have been purchased but no one knew where they were kept, were there corruption somewhere? If special containers were ordered to put sports equipment but dogs’ cages were supplied, would Ismail Yaakob order an investigation? If RM50,000 is spent on a pole vault mattress, would those officials be brought to book?

Where did our money go to? When a car jack could be bought for RM5,471 when the market price is RM50.00, would that be called corruption, or erroneous over-payment? When the Treasury paid 90 sets of faber Castell technical pens at RM1146.56 per set when the market price is RM160 each, when 152 desktop computer packages were bought for RM4.5million when the market price is only RM1.4million, whose pockets did all the money actually go into?

The alarming decline in the standards of public accountability, transparency and integrity in Government departments through misuse and mismanagement of public funds were glaringly exposed in the Auditor General Report of 2006. Malaysians were not shocked by all these exposes, for all these had become an annual ritual of shame. The Youth and Sports Ministry, for instance, had not come forth clean.

There were thunderous comments about the Auditor General’s Report 2006. There were calls for detailed and thorough investigation. On 13th September 2007, AAB said the ACA should step in and investigate any suspicion of corruption and in Ministries and Government agencies implicated in the Auditor General’s Report. Amen! The people applauded thunderously.

In no time, there was only thunderous silence. It is back to square one.

Why were not the Ministers and Deputy Ministers required to explain and account for the public fund mismanagement and irregularities?

The people are right, most of the time. They said, often, “All these are for show. Lip services only”.

Many Ministers were not re-appointed. Some were not returned after the election. Those appointed to the Ministries comprised half a cabinet of new faces. They have nothing in them to explain, yet. The saga ends. The next chapter begins from a different person appointed to the Ministry.

The Auditor General will go fly kite again. Come next year, the report will be duplicated, only figures are different, increasing. AAB will direct the ACA to investigate the suspicion. A few years later, the story remains the same.

Is there will power to weed out corruption? Not yet. It is too difficult, so they say.

What about ridding corrupt ministers? If AAB does that, a town folk told me, AAB may not have enough quorum for the Wednesday cabinet meetings.

The people are accusing the cabinet of lacking will power, even alleging that dirty Ministers swim together. They cannot be dislodged by someone who is equally not impeccably clean. If a Prime Minister had the audacity to say that his son got contracts, yes, but not as much as his predecessor’s son. How can we have legitimacy in enforcing laws against corruption?

But there is a way to go about it. The people can vote the Government out. Just that, beware, that in the transition, before the new Government takes office, all these Government files, confidential or not, will be removed, so that the evidence of corruption, malpractices, irregularities, etc, will sink like a tonne of lead.

It is a sinking feeling, isn’t it? But hasn’t that happened recently in the non-BN controlled states of Selangor, Perak and Penang?

There are of course, other departments whose expenditures were not accounted for. Malaysians almost threw out the BN Government, owing partly to the anti-corruption pledge that it did not honour.

At the state levels, we have seen virgin forests being lumbered. We have heard of helicopters being used to track illegal logging. We have heard of fraudulent deals involving land. We have heard of timber licenses being revoked due to squabble between uncle and nephew. We have seen multi-million contracts awarded to companies linked to the powers that be without tender. The lost goes on and on.

People had asked me whether corruption is across the whole spectrum of society. It is. I was also asked whether there is corruption in administration outside the Government? Who would give bribe or benefits to the Opposition knowing that the Opposition cannot give any special rights, benefits or privileges at all? But my mind was directed to someone who had left the DAP in order to prepare themselves entering the ruling BN elites. Did money change hands? I must confess I had no idea. That must be a moral issue, but certainly not corruption.

Ridding corrupt practices start with one fundamental mental frame. That is to admit that there is such a gangrene. Admit that the country suffers the ill of political patronage. Under this ill, the money and resources which are meant for the rakyat were siphoned away and many decisions made were biased with personal interest. The Government must admit that the NEP had only favoured a negligible number of bumiputeras. It has been abused by those in power to enrich themselves or their cronies.

Let’s see how the non-BN controlled states will tackle the issues of corruption and administration frauds. But the war against corruption will fail unless it is started at the federal level too.

Can that be done? If there is a will, may be it can. But no one in power should be allowed to ask, Corruption? What corruption? The people are getting sick of the denial syndrome.

DBNA Made a Wake - Up Call to BN

Bidayuh cabinet representation needed, says social activist

Borneo Post Press:

KUCHING: The Bidayuhs, Sarawak’s fourth largest ethnic community feel that having representation in the federal administration will be an impetus to back the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the state election, scheduled to be called by 2011, said Bidayuh social activist Datuk Peter Minos.

He said the appointment of at least one Bidayuh member of parliament (MP)in the new cabinet line-up would be symbolic of the federal government’s recognition of the Bidayuh’s role as a pro-BN and pro-government community in the state.

“If this issue is resolved and if the Bidayuhs are represented in the federal cabinet, this will give the community a greater reason and resolve to back the BN in the coming state election,” he told Bernama here yesterday.

The three Bidayuh MPs who won in the March 8 election, including Serian MP Datuk Richard Riot from Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) and Mambong MP Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit from Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), were not included in the new cabinet line-up.

Former deputy rural and regional development minister Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe his Mas Gading seat, was also dropped this time, adding fuel to intense speculation that he and Riot were leaving their respective BN component parties and would defect to the opposition out of frustration at their exclusion.

Both MPs, however, have denied such rumours and pledged their loyalty and support to the present BN leadership. Minos, who is also a former Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) president, said the Bidayuh were a politically-conscious community and felt their appeal for representation in the federal government should not be ignored. Reconsideration for such an appointment would go down well with the community, he said.

His views were shared by DBNA president Ik Pahon, who is also Permanent Secretary to the Social Development and Urbanisation Ministry.

Following the cabinet announcement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Tuesday, Sarawak’s representation is one full minister for the Ibans namely Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah and three deputy ministers while the Chinese have one full minister – Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Peter Chin – and two deputy ministers. The Malay/Melanau community has three deputy ministers while the Orang Ulu one deputy minister.



Finally, we get to know that there are activists in the mids of Bidayuh political struggle! Channel 501 in the Astro TV should get theirs crews for "I didn't know that" shooting for us to view. The Bidayuh activists are now getting their dusty phone and get BN on the line. Bravo! Will Bidayuh ever be put under the shame again? As long as I know there is no Bidayuh activist. They are pro- Barisan and pro-government. I am not telling that Bidayuh must fight like Taliban but the fact is that the activists are the Barisan Nasional's office boy to plead for Bidayuh support. The Cambridge and Oxford scholars are hired to be the office boys.

Dayak Bidayuh Nasional Organization (DBNA) is now resurrecting from its centuries death. It is first in my lifetime hearing that DNBA is lobbying for Bidayuh leaders position in the Parliament. After all, DBNA is the candle in the wind or be it small three on the mountain top.

The activists are now making their crawl to convey the society that DBNA cares of Bidayuh for long and forever. Well, all this while, as the political proxy it played it roll very well to dig every grave for Bidayuh. Better to make DBNA as a political party to serve the Bidayuh right and dignity. The NGO has been used by the political leaders to get as much support as they can. Every registration is counted in the ballot box. You do not have to scare too much during the election. The DBNA will give you thousand of support.

The association should be used to help the Bidayuh and the youngsters. I have heard some news from the fellow committee telling that he go to some kampong to conduct motivation talk using his own pocket money by the glorious name of DBNA? This is good enough to have such Bidayuh tyrant. Somehow, DBNA has so much to apologize on the Bidayuh marginalization and struggles.
The truth is that the Bidayuh now have to face the political and economic struggle under their leader’s governance or make it their activists. The Bidayuh has been deserted by their leaders and you can find Bidayuh in GOLKAR party. If they can, they will join Pakistan People Party too. Where there is a party there is Bidayuh. The self agenda is the first priority because poverty must be fought within the household of the leaders. If God please with their supporters, may His will be done. This is the Bidayuh leaders attitude of toward their nation building.

As the forth largest tribe, Bidayuh is now totally sunk deep under the sea where you will never hear about it again. May the leaders now aware of Bidayuh long grievances and struggles and will make no mistake to their community.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bidayuh Must Wake-Up Now or Regret Later

The above figure showing my blog statistic since it was created before the 12th General Election. It is not my pride at all as I am just nobody in the society but I make this opportunity to contribute my weaknesses to the Bidayuh. Pity to those who are in the rural area because after almost 50 years joining Malaysia, there are no internet in their house though the Bidayuh have given full support on to BN since Tun Abdul Rahman era.

It is now to think of Bidayuh future under PBB, SPDP, SUPP, PBDS and PRS (BN coalition). It is not too late as the State election will be coming soon and we will decide. Hopefully not money will decide us. I started to create the blog once I realize that it is necessary to the Bidayuh to voice out their grieves and struggles under BN. As the voices are always until the YB's reception desk and never delivered to the YB's them self. Even the activist association, DNBA has nothing to say about Bidayuh marginalization by the BN as their race are in the "yang lain-lain" list in any kind of form.

To say that Bidayuh are the third largest ethnic in Sarawak, I am not agree with the fact because the fact is that Bidayuh are the illegal immigrants from Kalimantan and having the same fate with their relatives in Kalimantan. They are hardcore poor farmers and construction site "ku-li". Their nationalityis only accepted during the election day as their Mycard is verified for casting vote. That its. The rest, uphold to Almighty God to bless them and their children. This is the fate of my father and mother in the kampung. What did they get after election? No. Same routine. Wake up in the morning, cook their food and go to paddy farm and get back home late in the evening.

To the working Bidayuh. Wake up early in the morning, start motorbike and hammering the nails until the evening comes. The graduate, coming home after school and get married. I have updated my SPA application for the 3rd year. Still jobless! Public Service Commission (SPA Negeri) for the 3rd year and never get interview. Well, the best is to be jobless or just earn RM 1000.00 as a computer programmer. The PTPTN loan has exceeded RM 30K and the letter of warning is coming. Next, see you in court and got bankruptcy in the age of 30 years old. Well done Bidayuh. You are richer than your ancestors.

How to pay for the loan if you only earn RM 1000.00 per month? Some have to support their sibling in schools and universities. As the job is getting more and more but the bidayuh jobless are even more. Where is the mistake? They applied for SPA Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) but did not even get the clerk post. Apply for private sector? Could not speak mandarin not as hardworking ad the non-bumi. The fact is that this "yang lain-lain" tribe is stuck between NEP and economic independence.

Who should be blamed? Ohhh...blame BGA because they are not perform their job fro Bidayuh Graduates. Blame SPA for being bias to Bidayuh. Blame the chinese because they do not want to hire lazy Bidayuh. Blame their parent because they have no wealth. My word is BLMAE GOD FOR CREATING BIDAYUH! I must not because God has nothing to do with NEP and independent economic practice (self provide economy practice).

Our mistake was that we gave our vote blindly and continue the struggle alone in the house. We gave all we have hoping that there will be better future under the governance of BN. In fact, this is the best offering for zero return.