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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NEP Rejection. - Is There Gonna Be 3rd Ops Lalang?

The national tense on the 27th October 1987 was remarkable as a dark national history. The political tense between the opposition and UMNO has been converted to the racial spark. 100 person including Lim Kit Saing and Karpal Singh have been detained under ISA.

MCA, Gerakan and DAP are the Chinese major based parties joined the protest on the October 11, 1987. The climax of the protest was 3 mans killed by M16 at Chow Kit. The UMNO Youth threatened to wash their "Keris" with the Chinese blood. That is why Dato' Hisammudin's act to brandishing of the keris in an insult to the non-Malay and some to the Malay as they remembered the UMNO Youth sign of violation.

"The use of the keris as a symbol of racial unity and identity was and is in itself problematic, considering that the keris in Malaysia today is such a politically loaded symbol that is pregnant with meaning and historical connotations. Hishamuddin’s brandishing of the keris did not take place in a historical vacuum, even if the politician had no sense of history (which is unlikely to be the case)." Farish A. Noor

"However, due to the UMNO-led government's pro-Malay policies, UMNO Youth members were let off scot-free despite their hate speeches and threats of massacre. Najib Tun Razak, then-president of the UMNO Youth wing, had led a massive Malay rally in Kampung Baru and threatened to kill the Chinese. UMNO Youth repeatedly promised to repeat the May 13 massacre, and they were even carrying signs which said "Keris ini mahu minum darah Cina" (This dagger wants to drink Chinese blood). Another variation of the story was that najib said "Kami akan mandikan keris kami dalam darah Cina!" (We shall bathe our daggers in Chinese blood!) The Chinese community was gripped with fear of the possibility of May 13 repeating, and many Chinese businesses around the city was closed for a few days to avoid any potential attacks from the Malay ultra-nationalists. " Wikipedia/Operation Lalang

If the rejection of NEP in those states is granted, it will be another racial tense as the Malay continue to claim this right and supremacy that has been launched in 1971 by Tun Abdul Razak. As DAP refuse to restore NEP in Penang, the first respondents are the Malay with the slogan Hidup Melayu. In Perak, the NEP will be for Malay, non-Malay and orang Asli. In Pulau Pinang, NEP issue is now became a sensitive issue due to the Malay claims of NEP.

It now the time for bidayuh to say NO to NEP for it has never benefit us. We work for NEP and we have nothing to do with NEP.

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