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Friday, February 18, 2011

Where The Money Gone?

Perhaps all Malaysian are wondering why there are large gab between the rich and the poor, unemployment, poverty and corruption. Here there story goes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear Anonymous,

1. I would like to express my gratitude of what you have said in my article regarding on or SMK Padawan. I suppose to say that SMK Padawan is producing a world class student and the best among the rest. Let me tell you something:

I have studied in that secondary school from 1995-1997 (3 years). Our PMR distinction was below the par where only 4 t0 5 out of hundreds of students are able to go to Dragon School College (College Tun Abdul Razak) to be in Science Stream class. During my time in 1997, only 5 of us out of 5 form 3 classes manage to get our place at the Science Stream at Dragon School College. This is not my pride as there are more better students than me.

The number has never increased much as far as I am concern until the school had their own Science Stream class. Now, SMK Padawan has its own science class but how many of them pass SPM with flying colors? Worst still, Science Subjects are though in English and now ministry change the language back to Bahasa Melayu. Now, what the heck is that? How much distinction this year?
I am not a member of PIBG for that school as I am still young to be there.

2. Bidayuh Idiocy statements: This is the truth even though its sound quite ruthless. I am neither a philosopher nor a noble to figure the Bidayuh idiocy. It has been decades of struggle and marginalization but yet we are still comfortable with those. We don’t care as long as we are not disturbing other people business. Then, why do we vote for our leader? For nothing? No. We hope to be no more “idiot” but to be better than before. So what do we need to be out of Idiot clan? You should know better than I do. We need better schools, clinics, jobs opportunities and most importantly, our share in this lavish land.

All Bad Thing about Christianity

The Truth of Malay's Respect.

Perhaps, we should think before we say something or giving idea in the public. I was stunned by the statement saying that Christian practices immorality by celebrating Valentine Day. What St. Valentine has done is nothing to do with Islam in whole. In fact, Christianity teaches love, harmony, peace and self-sufficient and Islam does.

I think, we should respect each other by keeping our excitement or obsession towards our religion value and understanding so that we may not insult other people. We should keep the golden rule in our heart ; "Do not do to the other what you would not like them to do to you."

There is no need to have a debate on religion issue as we have agreed to respect each other and no end or solution for any misunderstanding within Islam and Christianity. If we able to talk openly about the other religion weaknesses or the their bad things then we should make our self prepared to be the best among the rest. And not by insulting other people or accusing other religion for practicing their faith. I am not saying that Valentine day is a Christian celebration and church has never highlights valentine day or St. Valentine in their teaching.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guided Demorcacy

Barisan Nasional Way of Democracy

Taken from Tiga Abdul Film

Whenever Barisan Nasional YB's goes to every Dayak Villages for campaign this are their best statements:

1. Barisan Nasional has ruled the country for more than 50 years with no problem. This shows that BN is a capable government to drive the country to the world class country.

2. Taib Mahmud is our beloved state leader and he is generous and manage to bring Sarawak into total development under Barisan Nasional.

3. The only way for Dayak (Bidayuh) to help themselves is to support BN because only answer to their struggle and depression is BN.

4. If the villagers and the leaders support opposition they will be sidelined since opposition cannot bring development to the villagers.

5. If the villagers support BN, government will build roads, clinics and school tomorrow. Believe that.

Somehow this happens after BN wind the constitution:

1. No better road built as per their promise. Now BN is even worse than opposition.

2. The YB's lost is space.

3. More NCR land lost for the "developments".

4. Dayak is still living under the poverty line.

5. Suddenly a company arise under the YB's cronies.

6. No answer to any Dayak struggle either in house of representative or in the state assembly.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Democracy Horror

The Dayak Mindset and Democracy.

1. Democracy is a political system that suite almost 90% of the world population though some are struggling under martial law and communism. According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a government of the people, for the people, by the people. In Malaysia Democracy is practiced since the liberation day of Malaya from British colony. Somehow, Malaysia does not practice total democracy as there is Monarchy Institution plus there are some "laws" that forbid the citizen to practice total democracy.

2. The Dayak will only know democracy when it comes to election. They say that democracy is the freedom to vote and select their leader? Once their leader is selected, what next? Shall, their leader serve them according to their will and hope? What is the next step and where is the direction of the people?

3. Democracy is the only way for the Dayak to get development project. Which mean, vote for BN then only that they will get water supply, electricity and better road. A week party cannot build road, erect the electric post and pull the water pipeline because they have no money. If opposition govern, the country will get bankrupt because the opposition is evil and they are terrorist.

4. If a village head or JKK is working close with opposition, they will be sacked and lost their RM 700 monthly allowance. They don't want that happens and that is why they are bind with "intimidation and marginalization".

5. I think the Dayak should start to thing differently. They should think of their right under the agreed Federation of Malaysia; NCR land and custody. Civil rights, employment id government departments, scholarship, university and most importantly their right as citizen of Malaysia.

6. The NCR land is the unresolved issue and therefore, they must warn and wake-up the sleeping government to start release them their ancestors lands and right. NCR land law must be amend so that the Dayak will have their land for planting, building houses and as their asset for future generation.

7. The Dayak must know their rights under the Federal constitutions and right as citizen. The Dayak is merely "immigrants in their homeland". They have no land to build their house, no right to govern and no right to reap the land wealth (timber, quarry, minerals). Infact, their rights have been stolen by their own leader who does not know how to defend and server their own clans.

8. The Dayak should stop thinking that opposition is evil and terrorist. The 5 states in Malaya are govern by opposition and they are doing pretty well. They don't steal form the people. There is some issue that seems to be very ugly (sand in Selangor, hawkers in Penang and so forth). But, how much BN has steal when these states are under BN. Look at Khir Toyo fortune from Selangor, how about Terengganu oil royalty? Who are the thieve? Khairy and Jusoh.

9. Opposition is not terrorist, Jews or "sodomizers". Opposition is the other side of government that joint hand with the governing party to build a better nation. We should look at Philippine, Aquino history when a strong opposition ousted the communist regime to Hawaii.

10. It's the people's responsibility to build a nation. Not a political party or a king himself. We should now watch more Al-Jazeera or CNN or BBC rather than TV1, TV2, TV3 or NTV7. We should invest on internet connection (RM 60.00++) rather than reading Utusan Sarawak, Borneo Post, Berita Harian. It's time to learn from Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt where the voice of people are now louder than before. The Arab countries are rejecting regime and "partial-democracy" and most importantly, the Muslim people and getting smarter nowadays although Muslim has been labeled as "royal" citizens of the king. We cannot deny that when time comes the government will be in trouble because of their ignorance.