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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kampung Tun Razak - Lost aborogines in their own country home.

KOTA PADAWAN: The four Bidayuh villages affected by the Bengoh Dam would be relocated to a new settlement near Kampung Skio, Bau, and compensated fairly, said Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud.
He said the new settlement to be named after the second Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak, would reflect the Government’s sincerity to assist those affected by the dam.
“Tun Razak was a well-known Prime Minister who developed millions of hectares of Bumiputera land in Semenanjung under FELDA, and now benefitted millions of people with good income,” said Taib at the launching ceremony for the tar-sealing of Padawan/Padawan Link Road and the resettlement of the four villages, at Kampung Anah Rais, some 30km from here yesterday.
He assured the four affected villagers of Kampung Rejoi, Kampung Semban, Kampung Taba Sait and Kampung Pain Bojong that they would be relocated to a new area to be developed by SALCRA before they move in.
“This way, when you move in, you can be assured of a steady income from the oil palm plantation which will be developed by SALCRA. The Government will also ensure that you will get 30% of the share from the oil plantation as in any joint-venture between the Government/private sector and the NCR land owners,” he said.
The Bengoh Dam, costing some RM320 million, once completed will be able to supply fresh water resources to Kuching and Samarahan Divisions.
“When we implement any project, definitely we will face challenges and problems, but we will not run away from them. We are not like the opposition who will appear only during election time to poison our minds with their lies,” he said.
Taib, who is also the Minister of Planning and Resourse Management, said the Bidayuh community could count themselves very lucky as their living standard was now at par with those of other communities in the State.
“Before, especially in the 60’s, the Bidayuhs were not politically united. But now, since the community has been united under the BN umbrella, you can see that you even have a State Secretary in the person of Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot from your community. This is a proof that the present State Government appreciates your contribution to both the State and the country,” he said.
The Chief Minister advised the community not to be hoodwinked by the Opposition, especially from the Parti Keadilan rakyat (PKR) candidate as all their promises were merely lies.
“Just ask the PKR candidate contesting in Mambong, if the PKR were to win in the election, who will be their prime minister. The same goes to DAP. They are not focused and all they want it to disrupt the continuous development taking place in the country,” he said.
Taib pointed out that the opposition would only appear during the elections and disappear after that.
“Who has brought development to the Bidayuh community? Has any of your projects ever come from the opposition?” he asked, to the applause of some 2, 000 strong crowd despite the heavy rain.
He added that the Government never promised the people to bring them development at one time as the State was huge with projects to be distributed equally among the communities.
“So even if you get angry with the Government over some petty issues, it is very unwise for you to completely ignore it during election time. This is the time we all must think wisely because to ignore the BN Government which has been proven to be fair to all races in the last 50 years, is akin to burning the whole mosquito net just because of one mosquito (ini seperti membakar kelambu kerana seekor nyamuk),” said Taib.
He said the BN and the people should be akin to a husband and wife who sometimes had some marital misunderstanding.
“We can always sought things out just like a husband and wife,” he said.
BN candidate for Mambong, Dato Dr James Dawos Mamit also spoke at the function.
Among those present were the Chief Minister’s wife Datuk Amar Puan Sri Hajjah Laila Taib, Minister of Environment and Public Health, Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong and State Secretary Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot and his wife Datin Amar Teresa Toyad, state assemblymen, various heads of departments and community leaders.

My Point of View:

Thank you for the proposed oil palm project and Padawan road upgrading. Indeed these what we are waiting for.

"Kampung Tun Abdul Razak"? Make it enough for Kolej Tun Abdul Razak. We are not develop my Malay ever since. We pay for taxes to develop the Malay in peninsular. Why is that we have to support this name? Is there no other name like Kampung Dayak, or Kampung Dam or Kampung Binah?

This is another way to demolish our culture. Tun Razak will not please with pigs around. Bidayuh eat and rear pigs in the village and that will be funny right? There will be funny Gawai Razak, and what else?

After converting Anah Rayang to muslim village and gave them SALCRA and so to Kampung Darul Iman and this is another phase of termination of culture and religion. Be aware of Razak villagers. No place for church anymore and Gawai Dayak will not be celebrated by this traitors. As I seen in Anah Rayang since many years. The social life still the same though there is SALCRA. Their achievement in education is far behind compare to other village and shame to say that it is a muslim village.

What the government has done to bidayuh? Termination of religion and culture and yet we are neglected. They (muslim bidayuh) must be regret of what they have sold to government. Conversion for few hundreds ringgit. In SMK Padawan, they are the weakest students and seldom could make it until university. What is going wrong? Islam Hadari?

Is Kampung Abdul Razak is for real, then we are traitor to our ancestors and heiress. We have fail to maintain our culture which is more unique than other tribe in Malaysia. From the nature we are and to the nature we are and this is our origin. And I will call for your petition to change this name or else we have to call it Canada or Alaska where the Red Indians have been terminated by the cowboys.

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Jackson Mangan said...

No wonder, the new "Malaynized" kampong will be located at the proposed Semedang-Skio (?) road! That area is rich with "brownsmith" (timber), and after land clearing (which will affects water quality, marine life, etc.), it will be converted into an oil palm plantation... Bijak, bijak for Dawos & gang!