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Monday, May 25, 2009

Selamat Ari Gawai

Happy Harvest Festival to all the readers. You are invited to "ngabang" to my wife's resident at Kampung Taee. May God gives us more harvest on next year.

The Lost Aboigines


Frank Key said...

Happy gawai.. I like your article.. I'm bdayuh serian.. Yeh we are lost but i'm grateful we still have freedom to hold our faith (Christianity).

Unknown said...

slamat andu gawai


Peros said...

Harap angan re sanang serta gau^un..
Seramat anu gawai ka sok purug bangsa dayak bidayuh da re' sambut andu rami ati.

Have a nice day..!(^__*)

bluehope said...

Happy gawai.. Wow, I'm a bit late I guess, when I saw your invitation for gawai. Anyway, enjoy your gawai!