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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Donation Needed for The Lost Aborigine

Thank you for visiting tbsbidayuh blog, tbsbidayuh for bidayuh. Indeed, it is my joy to write and post much issue regarding on Aborigines rights with no pay at all. I fell free to write though my English is not really that good. As a sense of urgency to project the Aborigines struggle, I created this blog one week before the Malaysia 13th General Election. Deep down, I believe that I do not have to be a great politician and activist in order to project the Aborigines struggles and grieves under the present government. In fact, I am not in the opposition side and I do feel that the Aborigine need the global’s attention as what Bruno have proved to me and he has sacrificed his soul for the sake of his beloved Penan friends, brothers and sisters. My will is always sincere and noble to the Aborigines.

I wish to have a lap top and a digital camera so that I can contribute more for the Aborigines. I accept no cash but a tangible notebook and digital camera for me to write and post the Aborigines message throughout this blog. As a jobless graduate, I feel struggle to buy a new notebook and digital camera as my financial is very tight. Nevertheless, as a jobless grad, I never cease to write and think of what I can do for the Aborigines. The best I can do is through blogging and internet as there is no Aborigines foundation to join in Sarawak . Please leave your comment or email me at to donate. May your kindness and generosity will be well remembered by the Lost Aborigine in His Own Country Home.

Please click here to donate now.

Thank you and God Bless you!
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