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Monday, April 21, 2008

The World New Divine Order -- Updated

Learning Must Never End. Learn from the Puny!!

A movie cut from A Bug's Life
My imagination about the aborigines nowadays is similar to the animation story, “A Bug's Life”. I watched "A Bug's Life" when I was in university and I found it quite interesting especially the story line and the message of the whole story. The story goes like this:

In the Ants Island there lived a colony of ants, a big number of ants. They are required to collect food to offer to a small group of grasshoppers as they will go to the Ants Island every season to get their food from the ants. The ants worked very hard to collect food for the grasshoppers and have no time to collect food for themselves. As the time to prepare the offering of foods is up, the ants will go down into their nest and waiting for the grasshoppers to finish their foods. One of the best quotation that I like is “they come, they eat, they go.” Flick, a smart ant had invented a harvest machine to collect more foods (grains) so that they will have less time to prepare for the offering and have their time to collect their foods before the end of the season.

One day, due to Flick mistake, the offering tower was collapsed and all the offered foods fell into the water and there was not anything left for the grasshoppers. Therefore, the grasshoppers have to go down into the ants nest to ask for their offering. As the story goes on, Flick was found guilty and exiled. Though he did not know that the colony deserted him, he still come back to the Ants Island bringing with him a bunch of bugs to be their helpers in case of grasshoppers' attack. Please watch the movie to know more.

Grasshoppers have manipulated the ants by asking them to give them food offering every season. Actually, it is not about the food offering but how to keep the colony of ants to be under their control. In fact, the grasshoppers have another place to stay and eat. As gangster bugs, they have to colonize any other small bugs to survive.

In the aborigine’s world, the situation goes the same too. Though the aborigines are the majority, they could not save themselves from being bullied and marginalized by the small group of Barisan Nasional clan. Better to say that these “grasshoppers” have their command centre ran by the UMNO as a bunch of the grasshoppers. The aborigines became weak after their mind was exploited and manipulated by money politic and useless “datoship” titles. Aborigines could not do anything as they are living under the supreme laws while their leaders are living above the law. Taib Mahmud has said that he will use any kind of law to fight against the human right communities to protect his family business. As so, the aborigines have no other choice to fight for their right because police and army are well paid by the cronies of Taib Mahmud. It is a good part time job for the police and army to work under Taib Mahmud payroll.

Today, Malaysiakini reported five Ibans in Miri were arrested for demanding their NCR land to be reserved for their paddy planting. But, for the sake of plantation, they were arrested because they are convicted to hurt an Indonesian worker in the palm oil estate. Well, have a wonderful time in jail, friends and brothers. Do not worry for you guys will be released soon. Forget about your damaged paddy field for there will be cotton field for the aborigine to work out.

Will this going to be the end of the aborigines? All this while, the aborigines are struggling for their NCR lands which are not theirs. Are there anyone who will fight for these causes? It is up to us as the colony of ants. We shall never bow to the grasshoppers anymore for they needed us and we do not need them at all. It’s the time of your life, so live it well. – Think again, it's time to change.

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