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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is There Gonna Be a Political Tsunami In Bengoh?

The most undeveloped constituency

I have heard that Majen Panyog is making his way to PKR and ready to beat Dawos on the next coming General Election. My question is, will there going to be a political tsunami in Mambong, P198? Please visit here for better assumption on this issue.

Now, firstly, we have to talk about the coming State Election. Let us focus our view on Jerip Susil and Mengan ak Ngandok during the last state election. Jerip won the constituency what majority 3,988 under SUPP party. Is Mengan Ngandok going to be nominated again to beat Jerip? We will wait and see since SNAP is now endangered by PKR. Maybe Mengan will contest with Jerip using PKR ticket if he wants to gain more support. It is just my prediction though.

It does not matter what ticket is used as long as there is an answer to the Bidayuh marginalization in Bengoh and Tarat. To me, I will vote those who are willing and capable to speak and work for the Bidayuh. He must be a genuine representative and never look down at any questions asking by the community. There is no gain to vote someone who is arrogant and corrupt because he or she is just a community’s burden and stumbling block. Therefore, he or she must think what he can do to the community and not think of what or how much he can earn from Taib Mahmud. There is no permanent independent or opposition representative within the Bidayuh community circle. Their mission in joining politic is to make their path into Barisan Nasional’s forbidden kingdom. Once they are in the forbidden party, they are untouchable and corruption will sway their intention to help or to serve their constituencies. That is why Bengoh become the most undeveloped constituency under SUPP – Barisan Nasional. Proves? Well, look at dusty gravel road to Padawan area. Their boarding schools are terrible and some of the villages are still out of electricity supply. It is so “amaze” to see these villages marginalization under Barisan Nasional.

What is the best for the Bidayuh actually?

  1. Rejoi, Semban, Pain and Sait must receive more compensation rather than RM10-20K per family. What RM10K-20K for and it is exactly insufficient compare to what they are going to loose. NCR land, pepper farms, paddy farm, fruit farm and so forth. It took years to nature fruit trees until they produce fruit and it will vanish in just a day. In Kampung Tun Abdul Razak, there will be no fruit tree because the area will be planted with Palm Oil trees.
  1. All remote schools must be provided with good library and internet access. Students must be given enough exposure to the real world especially science and technology development. The government must send the teachers who are able to speak English ad not from Semenanjung where their English is as same as my English. True, my English is a product of a teacher who had bad English language. These schools must be supplied with electricity power so that teaching and learning process will be smooth and effective. Road must be built to these remote schools as nice as a road to Borneo Highland Resort.
  1. Conversion to Muslim must be forbidden if there is any plantation project proposed by SALCRA. Kampung Darul Iman (before this it was called Kampung Kawak), Kampung Rayang and Kampung Timurang are the evident of racial and religion discrimination made by the Barisan Nasional. There must be no any terms for the Bidayuh to be developed by the government because racial and religion issue must be respect as the Bidayuh origin and dignity.
  1. The NCR must be restored back to the Bidayuh as per stated in the 20-Points Memorandum and every logged lands must be compensate equally by the logging company. We have lost a lot from Semedang rainforest and therefore, there must be no such terrorization will be made to the Bidayuh next.
There are more to talk about but it will be more complicated to the Bidayuh if those issues are brought up to the public. As for Mengan and Majen, if you are really serious to help the Bidayuh, you have to think in dept what will you do to the Bidayuh. If you only think about your own pocket and rice bowl, you better focus more on your own business. There is no different to vote Jerip and Dawos if you guys have the same mentality as theirs.

Shall we wait for political tsunami to strike Bengoh and Tarat for the first time? God does not help us if we do not help ourselves first. We must stop dreaming and decide now or else will loose again and again. It’s time to change and free from bondage of marginalization and discriminations by the Barisan NAsional crooks and bandits.
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