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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Acts of The National Terrorists

There is no precise meaning of terrorism and if you ask your students or teachers what is the best meaning of terrorism, they will not able to give the best answer that you may expect.

“In one modern sense, it is violence against civilians to achieve political or ideological objectives by creating fear.
Political Terrorism – Violent criminal behavior designed primarily to generate fear in the community, or substantial segment of it, for political purposes”. Wikipedia.

In last General election, Barisan Nasional had retained their territories in Sarawak and Sabah. As though, these two states have allowed their people to be terrorized by UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Once again, Sarawak and Sabah aborigines have to accept their fragile fate under these terrorist (Barisan Nasional and it coalitions). Though Sarawak is the second oil and gas state after Terengganu, it was surprise to see Sarawak is still undeveloped. The state is enjoying 5% oil revenue as per stated in the 20-points Memorandum. I can say that Sarawak and Sabah are the slowest developing states under the governance of the Coalition Front regime. Where did the money go to?

The situation goes like this; Barisan Nasional has to govern to ensure Sarawak will be well developed. Therefore, by voting Barisan Nasional, the state will develop tremendously within a night. Am I sick? The federal government steals our timber and oil and use the money to by their properties in Australia and New Zealand. Some of the money is use for the NEP purposes which will benefit the “Bumiputeras”. Who are the “Bumiputeras”? The lazy Malay and Melanau and they are very cunning in manipulating our mind. That is why we have Mr. White Hair to be on the throne for more than 2 decades. Who is daring to challenge this man? None. Because he is well covered and protected by UMNO since Mahathir era. UMNO have to maintain this old man in order to get their portion from timber and plantation. In fact, Mr. White Hair is always found not guilty whenever there is an investigation is done on him and his cronies. This was including the Japanese news allegation on the timber kickback worth RM 32 Mil.

Kelesau was slain by the logging terrorist under the Barisan Nasional order. How can a weak aborigine being killed by such a big man who is above the law. Rumie Azzan Mahlie was said to commit suicide because he has just about to reveal the evil acts of the illegal loggers in Sarawak. An Iban man was shot to dead by the police because he protected his paddy farm form being bulldoze for plantation. Well, this is the real terrorist act made by the Barisan Nasional crooks to get whatever they want.

Now let see how the aborigine’s crooks terrorize their clans. During campaign, they will bring up their pride by donating RM 100.00 to a village to buy a box of “Langkau”. In their speech, they will praise Barisan Nasional to the very highest level. If the aborigines do not vote for Barisan Nasional, they will be left behind especially on the physical development issue. That is the best word to terrify the poor aborigines and therefore BN won in every constituency unless Kuching City. They are told that the only solution for the aborigine’s marginalization is by voting Barisan Nasional. This threat has been repeated in every campaign after campaign especially in the remote area. They are treated with fear and uncertainties where hopes seem to be absurd if they vote for opposition. This fear has been planted in every aborigine by Barisan Nasional regime and it has been happening for many years.

What was happening to the aborigines (Bidayuh) after the 12th General election? Let us get back to my prediction here. We are threatened to accept every decision made by the Barisan Nasional in order to get develop. Tiki’s secretary was getting blasted by Mawan because he questioned SPDP on Tiki’s position in the parliament. We have to love what we hated because fear has been spoken by Barisan Nasional during the sunrise of the election. We have to love what Taib Mahmud has done to Rejoi, Semban, Pain and Sait by rename those villages to Tun Abdul Razak. Though our rights are clearly stated in the 20-Points of Memorandum, we have to accept the way UMNO threaten us by giving us 5% oil revenue and allow Taib to bare our rain forest and soon make it to be Malaysian sahara.

Though we are not satisfied with all these craps, we have nothing to say because terrorists are very dangerous and we do not want to die like Kelesau and Rumie. These two terrible death (actually, there are more hidden murder case) has been a warning sign to the Sarawakians and whomsoever try to disturb any Barisan Nasional evil operations. Taib and his cronies operations in Sarawak are well protected by the IGP and not only that, the police forces were sent into the jungles to protect the illegal loggers.

Bruno Manser wrote;

The trial arranged for the 10.03.99 against four Penan who had been arrested after an encounter with Samling Co. workers in March 1997 was postponed at short notice without further reason. One of them, Hennison Bujang from Long Benali reports:

About 70 Penan had gathered at the Segita river to hold talks with the Samling company about our forest. The head men from Long Benali, Long Sait, Long Sepatai, Long Kerong and representatives from Long Lamai, Baa Lai, Long Kerameu and Tutoh were all present. Suddenly the police arrived with workers from Samling Co. and started pointing their rifles at us. I spoke: Your customs are not ours. We do not want a war. We have come here with our wives and children to talk in peace.

This is no time for talking!retorted the chief of police whilst strangling me and commanding our arrest. The police released the safety catches on their rifles at which men, women and children alike fled, some of them panicking and injuring themselves. My uncle was thrown to the ground, his blow pipe and quiver smashed into pieces, blood ran over his face, and a policeman started kicking him. My glasses were torn from my face and trodden into the ground, and I was beaten until blood ran down my nose and mouth. Four of us were dragged away to the car, where we were handcuffed to the bumper. I was repeatedly punched in the stomach. I was only waiting for the bang.

The policeman started threatening me: You’re obstructing the workers here and making the government look bad! We know your type!
This all happened at 4:00pm. We were taken down into the valley on a bumpy road, the rifle still aimed to fire at me. On several occasions the police stopped, hit me round the face, punched me in the stomach and pulled my hair out until I collapsed. We arrived in Miri at midnight, where we were immediately locked up. After a short while we were taken out of our cells and beaten again. As I tried to help one of the others who had collapsed I was kicked and karate chopped in the neck. Due to the fact that my hands were bound I was only just able to stop myself from cracking my head against the wall as I fell. They then dragged me up the stairs by my hair. While taking photos of us they jested. Now you’ll be known everywhere! and prodded me in the stomach.

The following day we were interrogated and found guilty of stealing a power saw and setting fire to a bulldozer. We protested our innocence. After that we were taken to Marudi. Handcuffed, we were thrown to the cell floor. We had to sleep on the cold concrete floor without a shirt or blanket. I shared my very meagre ration of spicy noodles and bitter coffee with an old prisoner on whom I took pity. I was interrogated two to three times daily, and each time I protested my innocence. By the third day I had lost any imaginable appetite. After nine days I was feeling extremely weak and suffering from stomach pains. I pleaded for a doctor, but was accused of feigning illness. On the way back from the interrogation I stopped to drink from a water tap but was driven away. In the meantime our relatives had been looking for us everywhere in Miri, but in vain. Then a member of Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) visited me and asked me about my troubles: You don’t look well at all, we need to get you to a hospital! he told me.

Two policemen took me to a hospital where I was greeted by Doctor Pengiran under whom I had taken a course in medicine. What on earth are you doing here?» he asked me puzzled. He tried to assure the police that I was a good person, he knew me after all. But the damage had already been done, the police had already mistreated me.

Finally we were released with a summons before court 8 months later. After that we received a summons to Marudi again. When we arrived there however, there was nobody to take care of us. We were merely told that the appointment had been postponed to the 10.03.99. Nobody reimbursed us for our travel or eating expenses. I must add that I have participated in numerous blockades and have never broken the peace with the workers of the logging company, managers, or government officials with whom I have communicated.

Will this be the last terrorism made by the Barisan Nasional to the aborigines? Will it be enough from now on? The aborigines were tortured physically and mentally for many years and the government just made doesn’t know because aborigines have no worth and have been their burden under the Bumiputera status. Is this the best solution for those who voted Barisan Nasional? I believe that every human has their right to be respected and preserver either they are Penan or Bidayuh. Therefore, cultural genocide must be condemned fully and those who are corrupted must be judge according to the law and order. 20- Points memorandum must be reinstall and revise so that they will be no terrorism to be plan or execute by the Chief Minister of Sarawak to threatened the aborigines.
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