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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Promise Land

What is The Dayak New Hope?

According to The Holy Bible, the Hebrews started to enter Egypt during the time of Joseph. Joseph was the Prime Minister of Egypt because he was so flavoring to Pharaoh. He has been jailed by the Pharaoh due to his attractiveness which was seducing the queen. More at Genesis chapter 39. Nevertheless God has lifted Joseph up through interpretation of the king’s dream. Then he was chosen by the king to be the prime minister of Egypt. 350 years after that the Hebrews were toiling on Pharaoh huge construction project as slaves.

In the book of Exodus, Moses was described as the liberator of the Hebrews. Moses is the son of a Hebrew family but adopted by the Pharaoh during the male baby extinction in Egypt. He was found by the king’s daughter in a straw basket and was raised up together with Ramses in a wealthy way. Moses was called by God to go to Egypt to bring the Hebrew to the Promise land after he was fled to Midian and get married to Zipporah. The story goes on until the Hebrew was freed by Ramses.

Though Moses lead the people of Hebrews @ Israelites were never stop complaining on what they do not have. Some even threatened Moses to get back to Egypt so that they can enjoy cabbage and cucumber instead of manna. The great rebellion of the people has been paid by 40 years wondering in a desolate desert. Read Exodus for more details.

The Dayak have wandering around for more than 40 years under the leadership of Barisan Nasional. Years after years, their grievances are getting have been ignored. The Dayak indeed are not the Barisan Nasional guests but they are slaves. The so call “supreme rights for the Bumiputera” are not a guarantee but an exploitation of right and opportunity of the Dayak. This “rights” has been exploited by their leaders who are leading them in every constituency. Therefore, the toiling era has no end but to be continuing under the NEP.

The Promise Land is just near but the Dayak has no idea to get into it. Instead of making their way to the land, they desired to wander around to look for better place other than the Promise Land. Nevertheless, the place has not favoring them and they pack their stuff and look for another place of ease. As their complaints and arguments could not settle them down, they separated into groups and marching towards a different direction to seek for better place to live. In fact, the Dayak are very sensitive in emotional and thought and making enmity among themselves. This can be shown since the era of Leo Moggie and William Mawan. Now, the Dayak once again packing their stuff and packs their camp and looking for another place to live.

The cycle has not completed yet as the Dayak keep on repeating the mistake until they are bored of it. Once they are bored they will form another agenda for themselves to show the fellow Dayak that they are relevant to the society. The Dayak were rewarded with SNAP under Stephen Kalong Ningkan but they complained the party as the Israelites complained on the manna. There were never enough time for the Dayak to complain themselves and their leaders. When Parti Pesaka seduced them with cabbage, they left Kalong alone and follow the seducer. The cabbage was tasted well and now the Dayak have to eat cabbage for the rest of their live until the get malnutrition. The others are eating honey and drinking milk but the Dayak are enjoying their cabbage though it is plain and bored for centuries.

Then God heard the Dayak lament and dropped PBDS for them as the answer of Ming Court Affair. They enjoyed it for a while and complained that PBDS does not giving them chicken instead of quail (kind of bird). PBDS was the quail whenever the Dayak are bored of manna but they never appreciate it and complain to God why there is no roasted turkey on in the desert. Then, SPDP and PRS were from and the Dayak divided their possession and marching to a better place. God gave the Israelites manna as the Dayak received SNAP but it was worthless after they get bored of it. Then they rejected quail (PDBS) and look for turkey in the wasteland.

The Dayak are never appreciate what they have had and always look for their self satisfaction. Therefore they cannot be in unity as the self agenda is practiced in their politic and economy. The poor will remain poor and the rich will produce more wealth not by their hard work but through exploitation of the Dayak opportunities and rights. The caste system is practices among the Dayak leaders and put total blame to the Dayak themselves on their poverty and marginalization.

The Dayak do not have to take 40 years to seek for the Promise Land. In fact, the Malay, Indian, Chinese have found their promise land under their indigenous party. They are secured under their party for centuries and they are well taken care by their leaders. The years of slavery under NEP is now must be studied and banish. The Promise Land is full of milk and honey for the Dayak to live in. It’s never too late to come back to the ruined camp and rebuilt the wall of the city again. The glory and honor are belong to God and the Dayak shall claim them again for the sake of the Dayak glory.

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