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Monday, April 14, 2008

Manyin should Tell the Bidayuh Politicians

Bidayuhs urged to work together as a team

By Gerald Chung, Eastern Time Press (14th April 2008)

SIBURAN: Individuals from within the Bidayuh community must be willing to put aside their personal interests by looking towards the bigger interest of the community as a whole in maintaining cohesiveness and unity to ensure success.
In any community in a multi-racial society like Malaysia the most important thing is to be able to work together as a team.
Minister of Environment and Public Health Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong was speaking at the Bidayuh Ngarum Bisamah – Community Get Together Dinner at the community hall of Kampung Sinjok near Siburan on Saturday night.
“As an elected people’s representative, you must remember that the community you represent is bigger than yourself. It is not about individual, it is about the community, hence you must work towards improving it and uniting it by setting aside the differences.”
“Before, the Bidayuh community was identified through dialectical groups such as the Sadong, Jagoi, Salako, Biatah, to name a few. Because of the dialectical differences, unity was difficult and it was difficult for the leaders and representatives to group the community together.
“Due to those differences, the Bidayuh leaders worked together to find solutions. Hence, a common association called Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) was formed 53 years ago with the main aim of uniting the Bidayuh community and improving the literacy rate among them.



Manyin last night speech in Kampung Sinjok is just another crocking frog to the Bidayuh. What unity should he proposed to the Bidayuh? Dialect? Differences? The Bidayh is not separated by dialect and differences but by the political parties under Barisan Nasional. Why the community must be blamed on the disunity issue? Does the community put their self agenda greater than the community needs? A big fire starts with just a spark and the disunity of the Bidayuh started with the disunity of the leaders. The Jews love the Jews themselves because they have a common agenda and so to the Gentiles who are not under the law. In fact, the Jews are not mingling with Gentiles because these two tribes have never made themselves unity.

Who are the Jews? The Bidayuh PBB members are the Jews because they are living under the law of Taib regime. Now, who are the Gentiles? Tiki and Riot are the Gentiles and they are out of the Bidayuh unity tender. Have you ever seen Tiki, Riot, Dawos and you yourself sitting in a one round dinner table? Tell us when that was. SNAP and PBDS era?

The people in the village are very pure and sincere in their action and behavior. Call in dinner or gotong –royong. The people are more united compare to the leaders. We are divided by the political practices and not by the dialect and differences. The Besirian are the clan of SUPP, Padawan for PBB and Tasik Biru for SPDP. Are you happy with that? What is your proposal then? Is PBB going to be the ultimate answer for the aborigine’s separation? Why should you support the Ming Court Affair apprentice?

The separation made by the leaders showed us that they have no intention to unite the Bidayuh. We know that there is DBNA and that is very good to us the Bidayuh. Something needs to be done in it. Ask Jerip, Ranum, Federick Bayoi, Sagah, Tiki, Dawos, Patau and the rest of the Bidayuh politicians and activist to be there and fight for the Bidayuh. Please prove to us that DBNA is good for Bidayuh and still relevant as the only Bidayuh association. The truth is that we appreciated DBNA as a noble hope for the Bidayuh but sadly the leaders have no intention to unite us under this association.

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