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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is It Another True Lie & Intimidation?

Joining opposition, not an option for Bidayuhs
Eastern Time Press (Wednesday 9 April 2008)

Left (Dawos :- Lost his Post to Sulaiman) Right (Manyin :- Traitor and Yes men)

Taib penning his signature on the plaque at Kampung Anah Rais in Padawan.

jameson.jpgThe Bidayuhs can continue to move forward, more aggressively perhaps, provided they can maintain their unity and solidarity behind the government. The opposite is, if they fall prey to political rhetoric of the opposition, they will be left out, which should not be the option for them. They should have enough embarrassment of being regarded as the most disorganised community, politically, in the periods of the 60s and 70s. Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, recalls a visit he made to Kampong Kerusin in Serian in the 60s when he was the Secretary-General of Parti Bumiputra, after the merger of Parti Negara and Parti Berjasa, to promote activities of his new party. Among the large crowd of people present to welcome him were men, who were proudly displaying badges of various political parties on their chests. Later, when he asked them whether they really wanted to join his party, since they had already joined a number of other parties, they answered him firmly in the affirmative, “sure Dato”. They believed that the more parties they joined the better it would be for them.


Whenever there is a development proposal, Bidayuh YBs will air the greatness of Barisan to the fellow Bidayuh. Thumb up to the writer, Jameson Ahip. Bravo. Bravo! What a wonderful affiliation for the poor and marginalized Bidayuh. Barisan Nasional gave RM 20,000 for every family who are affected by the Borneo Highland Resort. Thanks you!! My family received RM 200.00 and the balance went to Zorro. What a lie then? How to take legal claim if Bidayuh has no right to the NCR land? It is a land scam done by the YBs to get paid by Country Height Sdn. Bhd. Ask Peter Minos how much he get and how much they all gave to the effected Anah Rais, Abang Bura and the rest of the surrounding area.

The Mambong clinker is for CMS and not for the Mambong. They got dust and soon will get bronchitis disease due to inhaled dust into the lungs. Who cares? Nobody cares as long as CMS is well developing and everybody knows who own CMS. The rubbish site project did not give any return to Padawan but to Trineken. Who own Trineken? Everybody knows and better be silent. Nanti bapa marah. How to claim the compensation? The land is belonging to nobody because Bidayuh are not entitled for any NCR land. Once again the YBs scammed the land for their own benefit.

The Bidayuh must look at what is happening in peninsular. Mahathir introduced one policy which is called “Dasar Pandang ke Timur”. The purpose of the policy was to make Japan as our idol based on their work ethics and perseverance. Bidayuh have to know that BN is now not as stable as it was. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is now under fired by the UMNO member themselves. He is asked to resign not by the UMNO but the rest of the people in Malaysia. Jameson Ahip told us the rotten story to the Bidayuh to remain loyal to the Barisan Nasional. He should explain to us why BN refused to appointed at least one Bidayuh in the Parliament. Jameson Ahip served decayed bread for the Bidayuh to eat. Therefore, Bidayuh must hold another policy which is "Dasar Pandang Ke Barat/ Semenanjung". It is good for them to know what is going on with BN and UMNO.

Neither I am with opposition nor BN; there is one thing that I know about Bidayuh politic. They are divided by BN all the time. It has begun with Ming Court Affair and today the Bidayuh are still divided due to their fault and BN threats. Barisan Nasional in no more applicable to the Malysian and the Bidayuh has to accept that. The problem with Sarawak BN is that they exploited every right of the Dayak. NCR land is remain untitled where “state government” can make used of the land for plantation, resort, garbage site and so forth. Yes. To build jail complex too.

If state government is really care for the Bidayuh, NCR land must be given immediately and compensation must be given to the effected area of Borneo Highland Resort and Mambong Garbage site. It is a win-win situation for the Bidayuh and State BN to convey this issue to the Bidayuh. Bidayuh have to accept every empty promises by the YBs because they have no choice. Padawan road has been dusty and muddy since it was built by James Brooke and Barisan Nasional told the Bidayuh that it was excluded from any every Malaysia Plan. Term after term, the empty promises has becoming a pain killer to the marginalized Bidayuh. There is no need to demand any development due to Barisan Nasional impressive track of record for the Bidayuh. The development perspective has never existed to the Bidayuh because they are diligent compare to the other aborigines.

It is time for Bidayuh to look for alternative as Barisan Nasional had marginalized them for centuries. From Padawan to Lundu, there is no proven development by the Barisan Nasional. Small road to Sematan and Batang Kayan Bridge is another Barisan Nasional spill-over for the Bidayuh. Wilson Baya is not our pride and therefore, it is not a constructive reason to plead the Bidayuh to attach with corrupted government. The Bidayuh need a reformation in their mind and ideology. Therefore, education system must be enhancing especially those remote schools. The government supposes to have no problem in governing the country. The problem is not with the country but the leaders of Barisan Nasional. There were no riots, civil war and racial tense in Malaysia after 13th May 1969. Last year we called it rally but Badawi called it illegal assembly by the opposition party. The people deserve a clean and transparent government where justice and equality must be practiced. Barisan Nasional is making their own wealth for their clan from the national wealth and it is proven as there are no ministers with less money.

Joining opposition is an option to get out from marginalization and exploitation by the Barisan Nasional. The Barisan Nasional has failed Bidayuh for centuries especially on physical development and NCR land title. Pakatan Sarawak is an option for the Bidayuh to breathe a new breath and not to run away from problem of the government. As far as I am concerned the Bidayuh never create any problem to the state Barisan Nasional. Furthermore, Bidayuh supported every BN component party in their area though it is not relevant to them at all. The problem is with the Barisan Nasional itself for making the Bidayuh divided and marginalized.

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