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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Aborigine Political Direction

The Bidayuh Direction to the Future

Where to go?

It has coming to an end of Bidayuh puzzling game of politic when Sarawak once again gave its full support to Barisan Nasional while the 5 states rejected Barisan Nasional and denied the 2/3 majority. It is obvious to see that the Bidayuh are seeking a hope to survive politically and economically. What are the best ingredients to revive the Bidayuh political and economic splendor under the Barisan Nasional? Will it be a solution if they shift to Pakatan Rakyat under Anwar Ibrahim management? Shall they sustain SNAP and STAR to be their new hope after their downfall?

There are many questioned to ask on WHY and less question on the HOW to make Bidayuh to be united under one political party. Their mentality is much influence by the other races and it has been a core of disunity. They are easy to follow their own way which can benefit them the most and put the community agenda far behind of their vision. This was practiced by the Bidayuh political leaders for centuries which have demolished their community. Whenever the Bidayuh leaders talk about unity, the Bidayuh will confuse and could not understand on the subject of the said unity. Therefore, the unity matter is the crucial matter to the Bidayuh if they want to regain their dignity and rights.

Behaviors and the mentality of the Bidayuh must be changed so that the common vision and goal can be established among them. In Sarawak Tribune 2001 written, “What struck me most about the Bidayuh community is their humility which enables them to have an open mind on many issues that affect their lives and they are also prepared to adjust to the needs of the time and take up courses that will improve their lot." Bidayuh are very sensitive could not accept some changes in their community. They were exploited and manipulated by other races because if their wrong mentality and no vision to improve themselves. Say it in politic, the Bidayuh could never accept opposition party because of their “unnecessary fear”. They were taught by their leader to stick on his political party and everything will fine. That is why there are many political parties in Bidayuh constitutions and Bidayuh are still struggling and marginalized. As a result, the Bidayuh could not be united because there are many propagandas and ideologies given by their political party.

The Bidayuh politicians seek their popularity though the Bidayuh community support on their association and movements. This is the only opportunity to step into the political world regardless knowing their capability and charisma to lead. This is why most of the Bidayuh leaders were born form DBNA. The Bidayuh association or NGO had manipulated itself to be a political ground of the Bidayuh Leaders and the objective of the association to sustain the Bidayuh right and welfare is faded.

These political aspirants used their position in NGOs to become well known among political circles, to be seen among the VIPs and to rub shoulders with those in power and to garner support for future moves’. Mawan

The capability and charisma of the Bidayuh political leaders were undermined by the Barisan Nasional for many years. After the 13th GE, none of the Bidayuh leaders were appointed by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to be a federal minister. Hence, their party leader could not recommend them to be appointed in the parliament due to some issue that we could not understand at all. Mawan once said that the Bidayuh should thank SPDP on what they have done to Tiki to be a federal assistant minister on last term. It is sad to see that Tiki is now jobless politician under SPDP. Maybe it is a good sign for him to concentrate on his own business. Due to dissatisfaction to the SUPP leadership, Richard Riot given a bad sign to George Chan but he (Richard) could not release himself form the Chinese dominant party. As for Taib, he preferred his son, Sulaiman to overpass Dawos who sustained his uncontested seat for Parti Pesaka Bersatu Bumiputera (PBB). In fact, all those party have no intention to give a Bidayuh politician an opportunity to lead.

What about opposition party? As I have mentioned earlier, opposition was made as an enemy to the Bidayuh “development”. This enmity has been sowed in every constitution by the coalition party’s leaders. The best way to weaken the opportunity is when it talks about money. Poverty only can be answered with money and promised “development” and it has been made as a reason to vote only Barisan Nasional. Somehow, it becomes a crisis to the Bidayuh as their future is still uncertain. Somehow, to the opposition party, they still keep hatred and dissatisfactions toward the present leaders. Therefore, the agenda to restore the Bidayuh unity has been put aside as the personal battle is still on the show. There are many things to blame on the current leaders but there is no time to think what the best for the Bidayuh. Worst come to worst, some the opposition leaders have shifted to the “unnecessary” party just to gain for themselves. These “unnecessary” parties are the parties that have never put the Bidayuh agenda into their party. In fact, these parties used the Bidayuh right to survive. As far as I know, SUPP has neglected the Bidayuh in Padawan, Bau and Serian for many years but yet the Bidayuh continue to support it blindly. It has been a leech to the Bidayuh but there is nothing they can do as they are not able to think what is better for them.

Who should be blamed on the Bidayuh marginalization? Will it be the leaders or the Bidayuh themselves? Did they vote for a wrong person to be their representative? The best way to measure the Bidayuh failure is the Bidayuh mentality to adopt changes. Their fear of the future has been a phantom for them to choose for their destiny. As they voted for the best candidate that they have think of, their rights are still being jeopardize by their leaders. This in including the NCR and NEP which have become a big lost to the Bidayuh community. Therefore, the direction has been prepared and it is up to the Bidayuh to decide their future. There must be no unnecessary fear among the Bidayuh if they want to compete with another community.

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